Sunday, August 29, 2010

Zombie Balloon heads

This game is hilarious and Ill post a link to it, but I think its clever-ish. You area stick figure shooting ink from your ink gun at stick zombies and their heads get filled with ink and explode and there are bosses you have to kill and as you gain experience, you can upgrade your gun. I can promise you though, that the last boss is hard. Super duper hard. You can run out of ink but shoot the boxes to get refills on ink and health and thats always good. There also different monster zombies to kill as you go on through the levels. I don't think there are actually too many levels. Also, you can find little glitches I guess like stand directly under a platform thing and the monster that follows you on the platform will look like he is spazzing out just standing there so you can shoot him while he is doing that. I had to use that trick on the last boss! I had too. The beds and springs make you jump up really high so watch out for that, although that is sometimes helpful. Have fun!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


This kid on my soccer team goes to my school as a freshman. He likes it and I guess finds the most unwanted teacher there ok but I guess he doesn't know what he is in for. I actually never had him. He is a science teacher and apparently no one likes him because I guess he is a bad teacher and grades you wrong? I don't know because I have only heard talk and not witnessed it personally and know I won't and don't want too. I'm already in CP bio so I don't think he teaches that or physics which I'm probably going into after this year. But the kid apparently saw me at school because he came up to me gave me a high five, said whatsup and pounded my knuckles pretty hard in the wrong spot because it his I think the joint which is probably already messed up from me cracking m knuckles so much already.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Heartless by The Fray

There is the original Heartless by Kanye West which I actually liked, but then when I heard this version by The Fray, I was just amazed. I think it totally killed Kanye's version. The Fray's version is just so amazingly great and the music video is awesome too, so good that I had a friend draw the very last picture, the one on the chalkboard. You will see it if you watch the video which I'm trying to upload here. Actually I don't know if my friend has started yet, but he said he could do it, and my friend is just amazing at art and his drawing of the no smoking thing that goes on the back of every agenda book is on the back of our agenda which is totally awesome. Its pretty much a domo kun-looking-cigarette with a hammer about to smash reams. The title says, smoking crushed dreams. its really cool. In my posts, I really branch off from m topics a lot but I like to do that because I can just keep writing. But anyway, you have to see the video and listen to the song thoroughly. I did. I really appreciate music a lot.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First day... again

Today was the first day of Sophomore year. Sophomore year is going to be fun, set aside all of the rigorous classes and the loads of rigorous work. I just feel good as a sophomore. I honestly think I'm not going to have any free time to myself except over the breaks if I'm lucky because I know I will have homework or projects then too which will suck. The only time I get to myself is after school, and honestly, that's not a lot of time at all. They always get something wrong for some reason. I'm supposed to be in PE but instead they put me in Spanish 2 which I took a semester of already online and I am gonna do the other semester online too so its really stupid that they put me in there because I really do not want to have to take the class over. So I have to talk about the switch back into PE. So I got some really awesome teachers, a couple OK teachers, and I that I think has an eye out for me, and she will be mean, but I like her for what she explains and talks about like how you're brain works. Awesome teacher's classes are Intro Web Design, same as computer programming teacher, AP World History, and Algebra 2/Trigonometry teacher. OK teacher's classes are CP Biology, and when I get PE, I will determine, but I won't rate the Spanish 2 teacher. Mean-ish would have to be English but like I said, she has interesting thoughts and ideas. So I think this year should go well.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


School is finally starting up again! Tomorrow! Usually it feels like the summer went by fast but it didn't so much. Now it is like, wow, finally. Its actually a mixed feeling between already?!, and about time! An extremely mixed feeling. I don't really know what to think except that I need to get my head straight for school. i need to get focused instead of the lazy/loose feeling of summer. Actually I had a lot of summer work so it wasn't too relaxed for me. I wish I could have hung out more and maybe had a little more fun, but I think I might actually be content with this summer. I did get to hang out with friends and go to Hurricane Harbor and do plenty of stuff. I mostly texted, chatted online, and called friends. A lot of Facebook and a game my friend showed me online. My brother got into it and apparently its very popular, but I doubt with my school friends. I don't know if I really want to back to school though. There will be so much work this year. I glad about seeing friends though because that's always fun. I'm glad to see my girlfriend, even though I'm sort of iffy about that because we haven't seen each other in a really long time and I feel like we are splitting apart but I told my friends I'd see what happened at school to see if we still like each other. I hope it still works out because it was nice to be with her during the school period, but unfortunately, we came together nearing the end of the last school year so we haven't seen much of each other. I don't think school is going to be awkward at all though because its just going to feel like last year and its going to feel like I never left but we will have to see what happens tomorrow.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Soccer Scrimmage

The other team was better than us and I think its because I pretty sure that they have been the same team for a little while but maybe not because I saw one kid who I saw on a different team but I don't think we have played the team before or any of the kids on the team but they beat us and I think the score was 2-3. Us 2, they got 3. We definitely need to talk more but we are still getting used to each other as a team and need to learn each other's name so we can yell it out on the field so they can pass it to us when we are open. I was playing really good in the first half of the scrimmage but I got tired in the second and didn't get subbed out throughout the whole game because I started out subbed. I think almost all of the kids got subbed because we only had one sub and we wanted all of the kids to play. The other team seemed like they knew each other really well because they would talk and laugh with each other and yell each other's names for the ball and they were just pretty good. I have seen better teams though but they definitely talked and for the most part stayed in their positions. The kid that I was talking about in the last 1 or 2 posts that no one liked scored a goal so I'm sure that whoever on my team that I told he was good in the games, probably referred back to that moment and hopefully will appreciate him better. Anyway, it was super fun and I can't wait for the next game because those are always the funnest.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Paranoia is when you get paranoid. Paranoia is pretty much irrational delusion of a person. I get paranoid when I am alone because I start to there things moving in the house, be it my dog or cat or just the refrigerator making ice. But I start to hear random creaking in my house, of course that could just be our house being old. But when I hear that, I think someone is coming up the stairs because the stairs creak. Deep inside me though, I really know that there isn't anyone there. The paranoia distracts me though. Severely. I start to just sit there and listen and forget about my work, so I go to the gym and get away from home. That calms me of course when I get back there is still no one there because they are at work and my siblings are at a daycare. I'm pretty sure my brother got kicked out of there yesterday though because when you get in trouble they give you what they call points. I honestly thought that they were good until I realized why they were giving them to me. But, I'm sure most people in the world have experienced some sort of paranoia but I'm sure that there's a disease that people have where they are constantly paranoid and that must really be horrible. But paranoia isn't a pleasant thing.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Training Day

Training day is a movie and it is all about this cop who wants to be a detective and he meets with one at a coffee shop the detective is really mean to him and he takes him on a ride at the streets. He makes him smoke PCP which is a really strong drug that makes you "trip out" for a long time and intensely. The cop wants to be a narcotics detective to get the stuff off the streets and that's why the detective tells him to smoke and says he can't be a detective if he doesn't do it and even puts a gun to his head. Now a lot of super crazy things happen in the movie. Everything that happens, happens for a reason that will be revealed to you and you have to pay attention to everything in the movie. I asked my dad in the beginning of the movie if he would want to be in the cop's place because he has seen it many times and then he said he would ask me that at the end of the movie, of course he didn't have to because during the movie, he knew that automatically I, or anyone else would say NO. I would most definitely not want to sustain what he had to go through in the movie. There is nudity, and drugs, and Snoop Dog is in it! So I am warning you to not let your little kids see it. (not because of Snoop Dog of course) It is a great movie though and I want to see it again because it would definitely be different to see for the second time knowing what you know after the first watch.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hansen Dan Triathlon

We got up at 4:00 as promised and as you might have guessed, I was tired and I got that dry-eyed feeling that makes you want to blink a lot. My friend and I were asked to take pictures of his dad, well mostly just my friend, and he did and I looked for him to see if he went to the transfer area already or not and the way we could tell for the transition from the swim to the bike was if the bike was still there or not and if the bike was there between the run, that means he already took off for the run. The reason we had to check was to see if he already transitioned was if we might have missed him between the swim and bike or, because we went back to the car for the 45 minute estimation, to see if he already left then. We stayed in the car too long and missed him taking off on the bike but my friend took pictures of him coming in for the run. The distance for this Tri were a bit shorter then the Malibu Nautica's Tri. It was also Hansen Dam's first Tri which was cool. This Tri was pretty much according to my friend's dad, a training for Nautica. His training group which is the NBC Universal group was there. They have a uniform for NBC so you can pick them out of the crowd. So during his bike ride, my friend and I were listening to music in the car and apparently we left the lights on and the music kept randomly turning off so we had an idea the we drained the battery but we didn't know the lights were on and so we left the car and told his dad and apparently we had to jump start the car to go to breakfast with the NBC team. It sucked that we had to do that because it was our fault and not even our car! The breakfast was good and fun because my friend's dad's friends are very social and great to talk to! What a good day!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Smaller Triathlon

I went with my dad's friend to go learn about triathlons and distances and equipment used and it was his day of training but he could only do the swim part because we had to go down to Handson Dam to check him and his friend in because there was a smaller triathlon going on there. In the first place at Malibu beach where the Nautica triathlon was happening is where my dad's friend was training in the swim. His friends and other trainers were doing the whole routine though, the swim, bike, and run. I was watching how some transferred but it wasn't a super real feeling because they went back to their cars and talked and undressed slowly but I want to see the triathlon up close and actually pay attention. So the reason we went to Handson Dam was to set up my dad's friend and his friend for the triathlon there tomorrow. I am going with them to that and we have to get up at 5:00am! So that stinks but its what would really happen. I just wish I could do sort of a mock-triathlon without having to sign in and everything and just do it but I have to rent a wetsuit to swim in the ocean in the real thing and I have to get used to it and be able to take it off and on quickly and be able to make the transition in a good time. Well, I better be off, I have to get up super duper early!

Friday, August 13, 2010


My first soccer practice for this season was last Monday and then we had practice Wednesday and the coach has a girls team that he coaches along with us and one is from my school. The practice days always Monday and Thursday now and I have all new players and coach except for 1 kid on my last team and it was the kid that always annoyed me and everybody and I was mean to him and felt bad so I decided not to do that this year. What I really hated last year though was that he would yell during the games in his annoying voice to move up and back and it was just so annoying and he even got a yellow card during a game, which is just a penalty given by the Referee. Apparently he was arguing with him. That was dumb and also he would try to be first during the practices in the runs and stretches and that didn't bother me too much or anyone else too much but this time he did it again this year in a run in front of the coach's girl's team and he ran past the cone because he wasn't following everyone because he was in front trying to impress everyone and he ran about twice the amount of the run and everyone laughed, including the girls. That's what you get for not listening. I have been nicer to him though and I told some other players that he was pretty good in the games and just yelled a lot and apparently they thought he dumb already I guess! Apparently it rubs off of him and they said that their friends told them about the kid but I kept trying to insist that he was fast and good in the games and I was trying to give him better rep. but I guess its hard. I'm still going to try to better to him and not so much of a bully.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Office

The show The Office with Steve Carrel in it is just hilarious! It was actually taken from a British show called The Office but apparently that didn't get as famous as The Office we always think of got. I have actually watched a couple of the original British shows but they aren't as good and funny and I guess that's why The Office we know of got more popular and maybe because Steve Carrel is in it and he his just awesome. Who doesn't like Steve Carrel? Anyway, The Office seems like its real life instead of just acting only because the actors make it seem like that. They really express their emotions, I don't think there really is a boss like that though and I highly doubt it, but if there is a job opening for an office like that with those people, COUNT ME IN! My mom and i saw the show on TV about two nights go and I used to watch the show all the time but my dad and I just got into other shows and left The Office behind but I didn't remember how funny it was until I added the shows into my instant watch queue. Each show is about 22 minutes long and they are fun to watch so they go by fast. We have watched all of season one, which is only about 6 episodes and 3 or 4 of season 2 already in two days but we just really like the show a lot!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Time is crazy. I know it probably doesn't seem like it to you but I think it is. You might sometimes say time flies when you're having fun, which it seems to do, or it goes slow when you're bored but its really all in your head. As you get older time goes bye even faster and I told my dad that and then he told me that he read somewhere on the Internet that the reason time goes bye faster is because you get used to things and are forming less memories. The new memories that are being put in your head, like the new memories when you are young, seem to make the week and days seem longer. When you get older, you start to have a routine that you get used to and do most things over and over again like go to work and have a daily routine where you aren't usually forming new memories, everything seems to go bye much quicker and I look at that and it amazes me because it happens to me everyday because I have schoolwork I do everyday and chores that are part of a routine and the amount of time that I have in a day doesn't seem to be enough to do everything you either need or want to do. How fast the time goes though is all in your head and its just how you perceive how fast or slow the time is going to you. Time is an amazing thing, but more so the way your brain works!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

It was me and my mom just spending time together while the rest of the family is at Virginia visiting other parts of the family like aunts and uncles and grandmas. So while they are having a blast, we might as well too so I bought tickets online with my moms approval and credit card of course and we could just print them out and skip all the bull crap waiting in line to get a ticket which is just the best way to do it because we saved money too. We saved like 5 or 10 dollars but that's still good. It was definitely worth it since I went on almost every ride. The line just takes forever though. I went on the tallest, scariest, and fastest ones. It was super fun. My mom is apparently afraid of heights and wouldn't come with me to the top. In the long wait, I would just eavesdrop on other peoples' conversation. I almost wanted to talk to them but then his kid just walked up and I talked to him. People were scared to go on the Venom drop so after I went on the body slide tube thing, which is on the same platform, I got to skip like half of the line and go straight up to the top and do the venom drop which was the fastest and scariest, scary because its open with little walls on the side and you can feel yourself lift up at the beginning for a split second but it feels like you are about to fall off the ride which is scary! But fast and fun. It hurt near the end though because water rushed up to your back and it hurts really bad but it is still fun. My mom told me my back was really red and I wasn't surprised. Anyway, their Churros suck, they are cold and kind of stale. It sucks but near the end of the day, we got a "supreme sundae funnel cake 'with ice cream'"! Its pretty much a funnel cake covered in powdered sugar, with a lot of sugary strawberry or chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and a big scoop of vanilla ice cream that cost $11! Let me write that again 11 dollars! Super expensive food there. Its just ridiculous. A snickers bar cost $4. I could get four of them outside of the park for 4 dollars! I guess that's just how they make their money. Anyway, besides all of the expensiveness, including the $15 to park, the park is really fun and a great place to hang out.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Hot Rod

I watched Hot Rod for the second time yesterday with my mom because I told her that it is hilarious because it is. I saw it a time before that a long time ago though with my best friend. It was probably a couple years back when I saw so I only remembered parts of the movie like the cool beans part and an angry dance part. When we were watching the dance part, I remember that my friend told me that was from a good movie called footloose which I saw. That's the movie that made me want to watch Footloose and I'm glad for it too because that was also a great movie. I wanted to show my dad the movie but he said he wasn't too interested and its goofy movie which I guess he isn't into too goofy comedy movies. That's the kind of movie this is. I think the main character is the guy who does some of the hilarious skits from Saturday Night Live like the Throw It On The Ground skit. I love that one. It also has Gob from Arrested Development in it. You will probably recognize other actors from the movie if you see it. I totally recommend it though.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Summer Homework

I am on the edge of finishing at least half of my summer work! I have finished a History assigned book called The World That Trade Created which is the most boring and hardest book to read ever because it is so boring! I hope to never have to hear about that book again and I'm just glad I got through it. Next week I will finish my History textbook assignments. I will be so happy when that is done because that is what takes up most of my time and then all I have to do for History is my extra credit book called The Boys' Crusade. I a little more than half way done with that though and it is about war during WW2 and I like reading about the Nazi stuff and war stuff, because as gruesome as it is, it is interesting. It even has little descriptions in the text that the soldiers or commanders explained about scenes during the war and I like those because it gives you a first hand explanation. Some of them are very sad though and it makes me so much more glad that I am not a soldier in the war or even lived during those times. I have a lot more English to do though for the summer and then I have to finish the second semester of Spanish and then I will be done! Can't wait until that day!

Sunday, August 01, 2010


A triathlon is a multi-sport endurance event consisting of swimming, cycling, and running in immediate succession over various distances. I took that text from Wikipedia and of course that would be my citation to not be plagiarizing. In this, you have to swim a half a mile, and then bike 18 miles out and back, and then run 4 miles out and back. You can't do it without training or you will most definitely not be in shape for it and you won't get a good time at all! It would be a waste of time without training. I am going to be in it, it is one of my known life goals. I am not going to do the Triathlon this year, but most likely the next year! I can't wait. Its going to be so fun. Its gonna probably going to bring me to the peak of my excitement, or happiness. You have to find time in your schedule for the week to train for it to balance out your work/school schedule with the training. I go to the gym everyday and today after an hour at the gym, I rode my bike up to the top of the Regan Library without stopping. It was super hard because its SUPER steep and a long ride. It was much faster going down the hill then up it though, that's for sure. I little scary too but it was fun. I was going so fast that I was putting thoughts into my head about my front wheel spinning off because of going so fast! It was really fun though. I think I am going to do it tomorrow with my dad because I challenged him to do it of course I am most likely going to be in the lead the whole time because, lets just say I am more "in shape". But of course, if this goes with the saying, don't count your chickens before they hatch.