Sunday, November 19, 2006

Lantern Festavel

The Lantern Festival was really fun to go to. My uncle told my family about it. so my family went and took me. It was Chinese but still fun. My brother got bored super fast!!! He said" Can we go home"? That was a sign that he was bored. It was actually a trick thing were they would do crazy stuff!!!, like throw stuff up in the air with their feet. The person threw threw a heavy vase and then stepped up to a table it was CRAZY!!! Then we just walked around and took pictures and stuff. Then we went home.

Monday, November 13, 2006

National Treasure

I just now finished watching National Treasure and I thought it was a great movie. I can't believe what happened in the movie. They found so many things and in some parts I guess I found it kind of funny. And I always wanted to see the movie to since I heard about it. I don't know when that was but I'm glad I heard about it. So when I heard about it and my friends told me it was pretty good, I told my dad to rent National Treasure. And I'm still glad I found out about it. I highly Suggest You watch it to. And its Rated PG. So either rent or buy National Treasure, and start watching the movie.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

SKATELAB!!!!!!!!! ROCKS!!!!!!!!

Skatelab is really fun to go to. Its only $10 to get in. I think its also very popular. You can also sign up to take lessons there. I took my friend to skatelab when he started to skate and he said he loved and wanted to go some more. So go to http://skatelab.comand check out the sessions and go skate. Oh yah you, can either rent or buy skateboards over there and you can rent pads. So go have some fun at skatelab.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I lover poker. I personally think I'm pretty good at certain types of poker. There are different kinds of poker. My favorite is Texas hold'em. I'll talk about that later. Poker is very popular. A very good poker player, he's very famous is Doyle Brunson. I actually have a signed book by him. I'm still reading though. There are many poker stars. But that's the only one I can name. That's all I really want or need to say about poker.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


OUR TRIP with My friend my dad and I ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!! It just could have been the best day of my life. Now I'm only gonna talk about the the day we left on this post. I'll talk about the other days later in other posts. So we left on hat day after school which was weird because it took only 7 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to get were we were trying to get to. Oh yah we were trying to get to phoenix Arizona dad to sell stuff for his foundation ( delta sigma pi ). So when we got to our hotel room It was only 2:30 A.M.. And that was about it for the first day.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


I think I PODS are cool. My friend has one and it has almost all my favorite songs. But my dad wont buy me one because its way too much money. More than its worth. And I PODS are very popular. My other friend at my school had one but someone stole it. That same thing happened to my other friend whose in 10 grade except he got another I POD.