Sunday, February 28, 2010

GROW game

There is this game called GROW. Its a very clever game. Its crazy what people can think of and its super fun to see what happens too. There are different games too. Like GROW 1,2,3, etc. I once bumped into the game a long time ago by accident. I guess i did again and wanted to share it with everyone! The company the made it is EYEZMAZE. They are just awesome. The things that you grow level up as the game goes along and you have to be able to do the right combination to master all the level ups so they are all leveled up all the way. That is almost impossible. I have only done that in one and it was awesome. Here see for yourself.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Halo 3

I love to play this game when i playing multi player, probably because i kick every one's a$$. Yesterday i was playing with my brother and dad. My brother is okay, and my dad is... well, lets just say not so good. I told he sucked while we were playing. I won every round. I love ramming into my dad with any of the machines. It just so hilarious. But yesterday he was getting sort of mad. He started to say that he didn't like the game and me and my brother were just cracking up so hard. It was so hilarious. I kept killing him over, and over, and over again. He was always in last place. He was saying stuff like "How come i shoot at you like crazy and you just come and elbow me and that kills me!!!" I was laughing so hard and my brother and i would just tell him because we were shooting at him too and then elbowed him so that weakens him a lot. He would just say "Well i shooting the crap out of you both!!!. Just more laughs. I'm pretty sure he laughed in there. He wants to play again tonight. He says hes going to play everyday and practice and then kick our a$$e$. I think its funny. He knows i am the best out of everyone in my house.

Friday, February 26, 2010


I lost my science book! I think it was about a week ago and i looked throughout my whole house, my friend's house, and i even called the the bus transit that i take and they said that they haven't had a science book turned it and so i think its gone forever. But i am borrowing my friend's book for the weekend because apparently she says she likes the do the work the last day so the information stays in her head for the test. We hand in our homework on the day of the test. So she does it the day before. I was very skeptical and still are. I asked her what she had in that class and she said a C or D. I was like, wow its definitely not working but she wasn't going to take it home anyways so i might as well borrow it since i am in need of one. I study all the time and always finish my homework, the only problem i have is turning it in. But i am getting some science done with this borrowed book. I really don't have any choice. I looked everywhere for my book. I went up to the office, which had a lost and found. I also went to the library but they didn't have it. I really to fix all these problems i have though.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Soccer Practice

I have always loved soccer and i have tried out a lot of sports, well the common ones. Like baseball, and football and i liked and was best at soccer and apparently i am better than i thought i was. I was up against the coach's son in a game we played and everyone got out except for us and i tired him out good and he also tired me out good. We supposed to shoot goals on each other and if you miss on the shot then you go in the goal, if you make the shot, you go back in line, if you get your shot block then you go in the goal. If you get scored on twice then you are out and you have too collect balls for the coach to roll to us. Its a really run and tiring game. But apparently I'm really good at it. I almost won the whole thing but he made it on me because i was SO tired. We were going for a long time after the practice was done, maybe 10-15 minutes but i love the game. We ill probably scrimmage next time or we will play the same game or he might introduce a new game to us. Last practice we just scrimmaged. It was fun. I can't wait until next practice because i just love soccer.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Apparently I'm sort of getting a cold. I had a sore throat about 2 days ago and i thought it would go away and then it happened the next day and today i have been having coughing fits. I usually never ever get sick at all. I think my best friend got me sick because i hang out with her all the time and apparently shes been telling me that she sneezes on me a lot and that's true and i guess she was sick. But i just really really hope i don't get so sick that i cant go to school because i cannot miss even one day of high school because then it will be close to impossible to catch up. But i definitely can't go to the gym today because i usually go everyday. Maybe that's good because maybe i do need to lay off the gym fer some time. I hope i don't miss soccer because there are a couple really cute girls apparently. Apparently the teams had to get split into Co Ed teams which are just mixed genders obviously but we weren't expecting that at all. It will be different. But i will probably get more into that on probably Thursday because that's when i have soccer practice.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


My brother and i play the song Clocks by Coldplay. He plays the guitar and i play the piano. All we really need is the drums to complete it but none of us play the drums. My sister plays the violin and my dad and mom don't have time to learn anything obviously. I sing the song because i have never sung a song in front of people and i thought i might as well start. Plus i kind of don't like my brothers singing because he has a super high voice. It just annoys me so badly. I sometimes get a headache from just talking to him. It sucks. i can;t wait until his voice gets a lot lower. The reason i wrote about this is because my brother just now came into my room and asked me to play it with him. So then i was like, hey, i can write about it. I get pleasure from writing these posts and it gives other people pleasure to read them. I like way the words come up on the screen as i type and also the sound it makes when i hit the keys. Its sort of the same with writing with a pen or pencil and paper. But i am going to go downstairs right now and play clocks!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


There is this TV show called Supernatural and its crazy! Its about a school which has a ghost that possesses nerds and people who get picked on and messes around with the bullies. I first saw it at the gym when i was riding the bike there and it just looked super attracting and i really want to watch the whole series now. The first death was when a bully called a girl and ugly fat pig. The scene then changes to the bathroom and the bully was crying and the girl was just standing right there behind her and she said "So you think i'm ugly?". The bully then says no i'm sorry in a whining sort of a tone and then the bully turns around and the possessed girl grabs her neck and shoves it into the window and she is bleeding and then the possessed girl throws her into the stall and close it and gives the bully a swirly and then she drowns and dies. Then you see some thick black liquid just pour from her eyes. The next thing i saw was when a bully asked a nerd to give him some math homework so he wouldn't have to do it and then the nerd refuses and says some really mean stuff to the bully and he gets mad.This is all probably either in a cooking class or science class because there is a blender on right in front of them. The nerd then asks him a question and he says yes and the nerd smiles and takes his hand very quickly and shoves it straight into the blender and there is blood spurting everywhere and the bully is screaming obviously and a girl comes and helps him and everyone just vacates the room. An investigator then goes back and sees the nerd fall to the ground. The nerd then is conscious again and asks what happened and the investigator sees the same thick black liquid pour out of the nerd's ear. Hope you liked the story and if you'd like you can look it up on youtube.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Right of light

There is a band called Right of light and my friend is in the band. She is actually in my Geometry class and my she is apparently the most awesomest singer ever. She's great and she gets really into the songs and i just aw her in her band for the first time tonight. It was at a mother son dance thing for Hollow Hills and i helped out. It was for a bunch of 1st-6th graders and she told me that she just loved to do concerts with the little kids because they are super fun and get into it and dance and they are just a lot of fun she said. She kept giving High-Fives to everyone. I thought it was funny. They were selling T-Shirts too. A lot of people bought some. My dad even bought one for me. I was glad. I was going to ask him to get one after they were done. So a kid bought a T-Shirt and while he was dancing, he threw off his shirt so he was shirtless and i started to crack up and then put on his Right Of Light Shirt. I thought that kid was going to Rock Out without a shirt one. It was hilarious. The band also had a pumped up clear beach ball thing that had their stickers on it and a glow stick and they threw it out and kids were going crazy over the thing. They were hitting each other too. It was so funny. I was laughing so much. One times this kid hit the ball and it hit the kid in the face right in front of him. I LaUgHeD SO hard. It was just hilarious. But this band is so great.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I am reading The Outsiders and it is a really good book. I was talking to my dad about how people like to read and i said i hate reading i just like the content of the books, i realized how can that make sense. I've been trying to make it make sense. I just can't figure it out. What i was thinking though is that reading takes up time for other more fun things that i could do but when i am bored or in trouble and can't do anything except read, that is my choice and i kind of get hooked on it. Its just weird to not like to read yet love what you are reading. I think i like every book i have read. I really can't think of one that i didn't like. Usually if i don't like a book i stop reading it. I don't remember doing that with any book. I'm pretty sure that i have decided that The Giver is my favorite book. I don't really know how to explain it without explaining the book. Its just that the whole story and plot was awesome and there were so many secrets and crazy things going on. I just loved it. I don't know, maybe i do like to read. I know i like to read the best when I'm bored or have nothing to do.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


GTA IV as you know is Grand Theft Auto 4 is a really fun and addicting game. I only know it to be for the Xbox 360 and i played it almost all weekend. I got pretty far i guess. There is a lot of talk about sex and drugs and a lot of inappropriate stuff. There are some funny parts though. Before every mission there is a little story to it. It has great graphics which is awesome because it is pretty important to me that the graphics are good. Or great or in this case awesome. On the disk apparently there is another game called the lost and the damned and i guess the lost is a gang. I don't know about the damned though. I know the lost is a gang because in the GTA IV i had to kill that gang. They are a biker gang. I didn't really do anything on the other game because i just wanted to play GTA instead of the other game. Maybe when i beat GTA i will play the lost and the damned. But i can't really talk much about the game because of the inappropriateness.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Xbox 360

Over the weekend, last weekend i think we all went to visit my uncle and soon-to-be aunt. We were visiting for my uncle's birthday which was on Ground Hog day. So we went there and spent the night and a whole day almost and has a PS3 and an Xbox 360. Well he used to have one but we will get to that. So the day we got there my brother remembered playing a game called full auto on the Xbox and he loved it and so he asked my uncle if he could play it. So we went upstairs to play and we pressed the power button and guess what, it had the Red Ring of Death. Its pretty much a red circle flashing around your Xbox power button. It means its broken. So he said he hasn't played it in a very long time so he gave it to us. I was SO happy because i have sort of always wanted a 360. So we took it home and i hoped that it had warranty on it still but we haven't tried taking it in to get a new one or fix it or anything like that. So i looked on YouTube to see how to fix it and this guy said you have to wrap a towel around it and leave it on for about 20 minutes to overheat it. He said in a comment on the video that he wrapped a couple more to make it extra toasty. I was very sceptical about that. Overheating it? Sounds bad doesn't it. So i tried it while my friend was over. I only wrapped one around it and left it for maybe 40-50 minutes because i was playing a game with my friend and his dad and pretty much our family. So then when we were done i went to check it. So i checked it and the red light was still flashing. So i turned it off and on and the light wasn't flashing anymore! I showed my dad and he was wide-eyed and his jaw was hanging like a surprised sort of a look. I was so happy and he told me to turn it off because we apparently weren't gonna play it then. So my friend's left and my dad and I put in Halo 3. Also let me remind you hat my uncle had the Xbox pretty much when it came out or a little bit after. So he had some really good games but he didn't have much games. The three that i was interested in: Halo 3, Grand theft auto IV(4), and full auto. So we put in in hoping it would work and it did. We just had to figure out how to play multi player so my dad found the Halo 3 book and found out and i kicked his butt in pretty much every round we played. Which was t2 or 3. He killed me in a round twice and that's probably about it because i won every round. But after we were done playing we went to put the game away and found GTA IV! He had the same look as when i fixed the Xbox. I was also very happy. So that's about it and everything works. I only played the games i was interested in though. But GTA was so very addicting. I played it almost all day yesterday.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Hangover

I saw the Hangover a couple nights ago i think and i heard lots of good stuff about it. I even got hit in the face with a hat by my friend for not having seen it before. It was more like a playful hit than a hurtful one. But then i watched and i really thought it was overrated. Yeah, it was funny and a good movie and i usually love all movies but i don't know about this one. It was good but not wonderful. The credits when they show you the pictures of what happened was funny. Actually maybe that i am rethinking the movie, i think i like it better than i thought. But still not as much as my friends say. It was hilarious though. There was a lot of the most random stuff in there. I wanted to know the chicken's story. How did the chicken get in there? Maybe they stole that from Mike Tyson too. Who knows. I thought the baby was hilarious too.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I get lots and lots of homework. I didn't do so well last semester because i procrastinated a lot and that hurt me some but this semester i promised to be on top of everything. And i am and i am getting much more homework than last semester and if i were to procrastinate still then i would be so behind this semester. but i think i have a lot more free time than last semester. I finished Spanish, and science homework today and Spanish is due Tuesday and science is due Friday! That means the only science that ill have to do is on Wednesday because we usually get a lab to do and write up on that day because each class is 2 hours. But i get so much Math homework. I still have a page of Math and i finished a page of it today too. Nothing in English. We rarely get anything in that class for homework.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

rubber band ball

Sp i have always wanted to make a rubber band ball out of just rubber bands. Other people make them around a ball and i think that is like cheating. So yesterday i bout 2 bags of 85 rubber bands each and they were only 50 cents each!!! I thought that was pretty cheap. So i already used up one bag of them and i started it by knotting a couple of them together and its a fairly regular size i guess i could say. I definitely want it bigger though so i am going to have to use the other bag up on the ball too. Maybe ill leave some for myself though because i like rubber bands. So i don't know what else i can say on the point of a rubber band ball.