Sunday, November 30, 2008


Well i have the game fable for my Xbox and its a really fun but kinda old game. It doesn't look like its an old game though. It has great graphics. I haven't played this game in a very long time but my friend just got an Xbox and got fable so it brought back cool memories of the game. So ill try to explain as best i can. Well when you start out you are a kid and your sister gets taken away by bandits. The you train with your master at the heroes guild and i think it explains how to do things in the game there. But you do missions and as you go you either choose to be bad by just killing people for no reason which eventually gets you horns and red eyes and flies around you and you are less attractive and people fear you. Or you can do the things your supposed to do and be good and you become very attractive and can get married and have sex, it doesn't show you having sex though. You also get a halo. So its a really fun game.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Thanksgiving as i like to call it "turkey day" was a fun day. My family and i went to our family friend's house for turkey day. He makes he best mashed potatoes. We brought our stuffing and he made his bread stuffing which was great as well. There was more food i wanted but there wasn't enough room on my plate. Anyway i think i ate at least one bite of everything. The turkey was great everything was great. After we finished dinner, we played games. We played scene it which me and my friend won. We were on teams. Then after that we played clue. It was i guess a newer way. I almost won the game. Well i had the info to win, but my other friend made an accusation first and won the game. Then my dad and my 2 friends played poker for $5. I didn't want to play. My dad let me play skate on my friends Xbox 360 with my brother. Then i played with my friend when they were done playing poker. I got to sleep over and play fable 2 in the morning and it was really fun. That's about it for Turkey day.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


I helped my dad make stuffing last night. Its not bread stuffing its a different kind of stuffing. It has sausage, and hamburger meats in it. Then there's peppers, onions, mushrooms,  and i think some other stuff. But i know its good because i helped him make it last thanksgiving. I only cooked the meats. I had to mash them all up and ya. But i think i did a great job.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

the godfather - piano

I have finally completed the godfather on my piano PERFECTLY. I have been playing it for some months and now i can play it perfectly on my piano. Its awesome. It was obviously a little challenging when i first started. Not the first page though. Its the easiest. I learned that on my own. My piano teacher helped me with the rest . there are 4 pages in the song. I was really excited when i played it perfectly this morning. The trick is to not get nervous. If you get nervous, you get shaky and its really hard to play the song when your shaking. Its ready to be played int the world now from me.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


My brother and i played soccer during the same period this year. I think mine ended but my brother gets to go to the championships because he was undefeated. He hasn't lost 1 game. My team won  a lot of games but we lost some too. I had a pretty good team and i wanted to play again with that tam but my mom told me it was unlikely. So we'll have to see ext time soccer comes around.

Monday, November 24, 2008

this morning

I did like the best this morning. I got done what i was supposed to get by a really early time of 7:10. I got up out of bed at 5:30 like I'm supposed to and i got everything done. I guess its because my dad won't let me take showers in the morning anymore. All i have to do is brush my hair and teeth, and pack up for school and have enough time to get taken to school with my friend, if his dad  drives me.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Spore is the funnest game I've ever played.  Which I guess puts Skate last.  I started out as an amoeba or as a spore.  I think it's an amoeba.  I'm not sure.  But I definitely started out in the water.  It was the funnest game ever!  I started out as a carnivore.  You can start either as a herbivore or a carnivore.  Carnivore is the funnest because you can eat people and that's a fun part of the game for me.  You can make really really weird characters and put them on the Internet for other people to use.   You can get a free version that's only a creature creator.  I played it this afternoon at my friend's house.  We were playing monopoly too and I won.  But I wanted to play spore and drop out of Monopoly but then my brother said he wanted to play skate and that pretty much screwed it up because my Dad didn't like that three of us wanted to drop out cause we went over there for the purpose of playing monopoly.  But I got level 2 on almost all my attacks.  You should probably get a newer version of a computer with Vista because that's what you need to play it.  My Dad's gonna get me a new computer so I can play it.  I can't wait!  You should get this game because it's the funnest game ever.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Wordscraper is a game almost exacty like scrabble and i play it with my dad amd sometimes my aunt on the computer. I havent gone for a very very long time. I need to go or else i can get kicked out of the game so i really need to go today. or more like right now!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

woot-off is a website that sells you things for very cheap prices. Well sometimes they do this thing called a woot-off when they sell things when they sell out instead waiting a day for it to go to the next. A woot off is happening right now and its been going on for about2-3 days. So check it out.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

pop tarts

My mom just got  pop tarts a couple days ago and there are different flavors. I think that it might only be strawberry and blueberry in that box because I'm eating one of both right now and they are really good. I haven't had pop tarts in such a long time. I think the ones that i don't like are the chocolate frosted cinnamon ones. Those are pretty weird. I think they make me really thirsty because the ones I'm eating right now are. So that's bout it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I'm sure you all know what tic-tac-toe is. Well at least i hope you do. But that's kind of off topic. So i wrote this program for tic-tac-toe from my programing book my dad gave me. He said if i finish at least half of the book he'll get me a new and way better computer. So the only problem is you can't win diagonally. I guess here's a problem with the code. I probably didn't write enough code. I guess ill just ask my dad about it. But there's only 1 more chapter to go and then i get my new computer.

Monday, November 17, 2008

World War Z

I just finished World War Z yesterday. Its a book about zombies. The book is in a documentary format. So its this guy walking around and going to different places far and near and asking people questions about what happened during the war with the zombies. People gave some pretty crazy answers on what happened. But its a really good book.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

This morning

This morning my uncle left, but i was asleep! Oh well, i don't blame him for leaving because its a Long Long way home from where we are. When i woke up i knew he was already gone because he said he would leave at about 7 and he left somewhere around 9. I woke up at like a quarter to 10!. At least that's what my gramma told me. So i didn't really get to say goodbye, but my gramma said that he told her to tell me goodbye. So ill see him another day.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

I just got got finished watching Kung Fu Panda. It was a great and funny movie. Sometimes you would feel a little bit sad ad they totally reverse that by changing it into a funny scene. Its just really weird. But it has the coolest fighting scenes. They are so fast and crazy. I was actually thinking about learning how to make those kind of scenes on my computer with my animation designer once i actually find out how if i find out how. That's all i have to say.

this morning

Well yesterday my gramma came and this morning she woke up really early. I think it could have either been my alarm or my brother and sister, because they were in the room she was sleeping in when i came upstairs. I said "why'd you wake her up"???!!! Then my gramma said they  didn't that she just woke up. Well right now i thought it was like 6: 45 or something like that. Its 7:10!!! I need to go!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Purple Rain

Well i saw purple rain last night and it was a great movie! It had all the people from Prince and the Revolution, well at least that's what i think the band is called. It had a lot of sexual parts though, but not too bad, at least not that i saw. There was a lot of kissing and making out. Hitting and cussing as well. Lots of violence in that movie. A guy shot himself! Also a girl took of her clothes, and it showed her boobs and then she jumped in the lake. That ain't too bad. it had a lot of good music too in there. So there's purple rain for you. In the end they even perform the song purple rain.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Yesterday i got my dad and i went to get sushi with his friend and his sons. It was good too. The reason we wet was because my dad lost on part of his weight contract. I think they both gained weight but my dad gained more. I really don't think he's taking the contract seriously. I mean h has to pay the person too. It sucks. DAD WIN THE CONTRACT BET!!!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

cival war reenactment

My dad and i went to see the civil war reenactment for extra credit that my History teacher assigned. It was awesome though even though my History teacher assigned it. I saw a couple people i actually knew that went to my school. i saw some other people i just knew that i didn't think went to my school. But a i got to see the war and it was crazy. The people shooting their guns mad smoke rings with their but nothing compared to the sound and rings the cannon made. the other side of the war shot the cannons first and it was loud. I suspected it to be even louder from the cannons that were next to me. And i suspected right. I got souvenirs for my brother and sister. I got a fan that i found but it was a great fan. Not an electrical fan but i think you know what I'm talking about. And i got 3 arrow heads and Lincoln pencil sharpener for my brother. And in looking for the souvenirs i found crotch powder! CROTCH POWDER!!!. It was crazy and funny. But i didn't get it. They had roasted corn there too. They had awesome food. So that's what i did all day.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

my dog

My dog was bleeding today and he still might be bleeding but i doubt it. So me and my friend were chasing eachothers dogs around and we went back t his house because his house was flooding, my dog was eating my friends cat food and thats when isaw the blood and where it was comeing from. it coming from him paw. Either his indentations in the paws between his fingers got ripped a little ( but i doubt thats the reason), or his nail was bleeding because he was digging earlier. So thayts what happened with my dog. My D O double G.

Friday, November 07, 2008


I have a sandisk sansa mp3 player and i put a bunch of songs on it yesterday. I only put songs that were already on my computer. My dad helped me with that because i didn't know how to. So i put those songs and then i asked my dad how to get other songs that weren't on my computer and he said he didn't have enough time to help me with that so hopefully he'll have time today because its ipod day at my school on Monday.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

History teacher

Well my history teacher is on jury duty, i think until the 17 because before our constitution poster was due on the 10  but she moved t to the 17. We had a substitute the whole she has been gone and she writes on the board all that stuff about the poster due date and her being on the jury. So i guess she doesn't want us to turn in such  big project to s substitute teacher. So yeah.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

evil strawberry

There is this really funny video of a baby and a strawberry and the strawberry is teasing the baby about him not eating the strawberry and calling the baby stupid and a stupid little baby man. Then the baby gets really mad and screams and squishes the strawberry. I think its really funny and so do my friends and siblings. I did it with a grape once and it got all over the place. So go on YouTube and type in evil strawberry and do the cartoon one with the baby and strawberry.

schoolhouse rock

I never knew schoolhouse rock was cartoon. I thought it was live like the electric company or something like that. But when we started watching these old tapes in my History class my dad told that the how a bill becomes a law one was schoolhouse rock and all the other ones we watched were like that so I've been watching those in History. So that's pretty weird.

Monday, November 03, 2008


Today is the first day of the new quarter at my school. That means i have to read at least 1000 pages for this quarter!!! That's a lot of pages. Well actually we don't know if it will 1000 pages because my English teacher told us that they are going to have a meeting with the English department. But it will probably still 1000 pages. Oh well.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Late Halloween

Well me and my friend were thinking about going trick or treating again today haha.We think we can get some candy and we probably could too. So we might go after i finished all my chores because i already ate lunch today. I had Burger King. So yeah. We probably wont though. But if we do ill tell you how it goes.

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Well for Halloween i wore a mask and put some glow in the dark stuff on the mouth which worked. My family(my dad, mom, brother, and sister) went to the Rec. center for Halloween while i went trick or treating with my friends. I got tired of using my mask after about 5 houses because i could barely see in it, it wasn't tight enough and i couldn't tighten it. My dad left a candy bowl outside for people to get and i came back like 10 or 15 mins. later and it was all gone. I told my dad it wouldn't last but he didn't believe me. I went to the house to put on make-up because i got tired of the mask. I put red, green, and white lines on my face and went out. When i came back at 9:30 i had tons of candy. I poured it on the table and my dad put it in the bowl for the trick or treaters and by the time nobody came anymore =there was barely any candy left and all the good stuff was gone. Oh well. I still had a really fun Halloween!!!