Monday, September 28, 2009


So i saw the new Fame movie yesterday and it was awesome. My dad said there was one made a really long time ago and he saw it when he was a kid and that's why he wanted to see this new one they made. It is a remake of the old one obviously. It was such a great movie because all the music and dances were just so great and entertaining and a bunch of drama stuff happened. I don't know why it was rated PG though. They could have done a lot more with the movie if it was pg-13 for sure. But it was still a great movie and since it was rated PG everyone should see it. Its pretty much about a high school in which people are very talented and they are planning to have a music, or acting, or dancing or anything like that kind of a career. So you should definitely see it.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


So today i was supposed to get up at 8:30, but i kind of slept through my alarm so that was kind of troublesome. The reason why i had to get up so early was because of my 10:30 soccer game which i was supposed to be at at 10:00. So my dad called me a lot and i didn't answer the phone so he sent my mom to wake me up apparently but i woke up before she got there. Everyone was at my brother and sisters running meet and we only had one working car. My dad's car's engine was kind of broken i think. So he sent my mom from the meet! That's pretty crazy i guess but i had to get up and, eat and dress for soccer and i am kind of slow in the morning because i am tired in the morning. So i got to my soccer game, which we lost but played harder than he!!. I am the best goalie on our game. Our coach told us it was our best game played all season and it definitely was. We are definitely improving each game. So when i got home, i took a nap then got up did some homework then read and now i am blogging here. So that's how it went so far.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Activity day/ Club rush

Yesterday was the funnest school day because it was activity day, or club rush. Lunch is an extra five or ten or something extra minutes and the dance crew performs, and people sing, and during lunch you can go and check out and sign up for different clubs. I spent the whole lunch as i do with every lunch having fun with my friends and it was just really cool. They had rock band set up outside and me and my friend were singing a song and that was pretty fun. It was just the best lunch ever, but as everyday i got homework and i still have some and its a lot of work but I'm getting through. I hope there is another Activity day/ Club rush.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I just died in your arms tonight

I have a funny story about this song. Actually i didn't even know it was a song until a very long time after i heard it. Ok to i was at my friends house and he was having a fire pit and i don't remember if i slept over that night but i doubt it. So i grabbed two sticks and i like to drum so i started to drum on the metal pit and my friend started singing and rapping and it was funny and we were having fun and so he starts to sing, "you just died in my arms tonight" and that's pretty much the opposite of the real song which i just found out now. But i figured out it was a song months, maybe years after he sung it. I thought he was just making it up and so i start to sing with him and then i hear it on the radio or something and i start to laugh kind of and it was really funny to me but cool. I guess now i like the song so you should look it up on YouTube.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I have the Warriors game and it is really fun. I finally got to play it last night when my sister, mom, and dad were out eating somewhere for my Mom's birthday while i was babysitting my brother. Me and my brother played it on 2 player and it was fun but sometimes it would go to split screen when my brother wasn't in the same place as i was in the game. That gets really annoying. So then my dad called to check up on us and i said we were playing the warriors and apparently my brother isn't aloud to be around me while i am playing story mode. He can only fight me on the mini games kind of thing. He says there is some inappropriate stuff for my brother so he isn't aloud to watch. So i sent him upstairs to watch TV and he went and i beat the level i wanted too and then my dad got home and we watched JOJO Dancer. But in the warriors you can punch and spray people in the eyes with spray paint, command your team to wreck things and beat up the other gangs. You can even mug people and you get money from that. You can also pick locks and go in stores and steal money but an alarm goes off and the police come and arrest you but when you get arrested, your team un-cuffs you and then you fight the police off. You can even pick things up and throw them at people or other places to distract the other gang members. You can even tag. It is really fun so i think you should play this game if your up to it.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Settelers of Catan

This game is said to be the most popular one in Germany. It is a fun game indeed. So the goal of the game is to get to 10 points or i guess however you want to get up to because when i played last night we went up to eight bu just because our guest who came over to play had to go and he actually won. So the game is played with 3-4 people, we had four and you can get development cards which can give you Victory Points or do other stuff and you get resources by whoever rolls the dice and if you are next to that resource with the number shown on the dice you get that resource. I don't really want to explain more but you can trade resources with other players and buy settlements or cities to get VPs and win. It is really fun and you should probably play the game.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My friend

I have had this friend since about the middle of 8th grade and he is like my best friend. He transferred into my middle school in the middle of that year and he was in my History class and now we hang out almost everyday and he sits next to me in science. He says he can jerk which is a kind of dance and i think he can but its crazy because he cant even do the reject another kind of dance. He says he won this jerking contest. I believe him to and he said he won this random wear clothing like a lot of pants and shirts and I'm kind of jealous. A little. I hope he wears some of his new stuff tomorrow. Anyways he likes my x's best friend. So you know thats pretty much it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

School - work

Well i am definitely getting way too much homework and projects all at once. Its like our English just looks for projects to give us all at once. I mean i know I'm in honors English but 2 projects at once! That's just crazy and on top of that all the other homework i get from all my other teachers, plus my dad making me do stuff, plus my soccer practice!!! Its just ridiculous! Its not fair. I'm getting way too much homework and projects all at once. I feel like the president, its ridiculous! I get work in every class everyday. I don't really know what else to say except its not fair.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I went to the fair yesterday with my dad and i brought my friend but i pretty much just used my dad as a ride to get there even though he brought our whole family and had fun too. i got him some kettle corn that he said was the best kettle corn that he has ever had. I saved like half the bag for him. The fair is open today and my friend that i took yesterday is there right now. I was there yesterday until about 11:30 and had tons of fun because i knew almost everyone that was there which was really cool. The wristbands to go on every ride were $30 and i didn't want to pay that much so when my friend was leaving she gave me hers and took off carefully to make sure that there was still some stickiness so it would stay on. I even got one for my friend that i took from my friend but he got his ripped off of his wrist by a guy working a ride and that was really messed up. I went on almost every ride there except for the one that my friend got his wristband ripped of because i didn't want mine ripped off obviously. But i went a ride that goes really high up and then drops you down super fast and its called the super shot and i went on it like 20 times with my friends. It was really fun.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sonic boom

There was a sonic boom yesterday when the space shuttle landed in California. There was actually 2 of them in a row. It pretty much shook the whole house and I'm sure everyone in our neighborhood felt it and heard it. When i went to my mom to ask her if she knew what it was she said it no and looked all surprised and thought that we dropped something upstairs and i told her no that it was a sonic boom because i knew, my dad had told me ahead of time. She said really?, in a surprised tone and i said yeah. My friend came over a little after and i asked him if he knew and he said yeah that it was a sonic boom so yeah it was pretty cool. It was a pretty cool experience.

Friday, September 11, 2009


So i am obviously going to be talking a lot about school in these posts because i guess there is just a lot to post about so get used to it please. So there is definitely a lot of work and projects to do. I have already had like 5 tests already. I took 2 today so that's pretty crazy for this early in the year i think. Well i don't know so yeah. But i definitely get homework almost everyday and a lot of projects which i hate, i really don't like projects. They are a lot of work and stuff and i don't really like work. i don't really know who does. Well i don't really think i have much more to say about school but ill get back to you about it later, maybe.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Well over the weekend which was a three day weekend because yesterday was labor day i had to do homework every day because i had homework in every subject except obviously for PE and computer apps. In Geometry i had homework in the book, for science, i had a typed lab document, fro Spanish, i had to finish a poster with a picture of each letter of the alphabet, fro English i had to finish reading the book and doing to worksheet on it and that's it. So i spread those out by doing one subject each day which worked out well. I handed everything in today which was good. I just have to hope i get a good grade on everything which i probably will. So that's all i really have to say about my weekend.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Kill Bill part 2

If you haven't seen this movie i suggest you go watch it and then come back to read this because i will give away what happens unless you aren't planning on watching the movie. So in the beginning you see the kill bill girl in a car talking about what happened in the first movie so that was pretty cool. Well the whole movie was awesome just like the first one. So later on she goes to the country guy's trailer and then gets shot in the boobs with rock salt right when she opens the door and its by a double barrel shotgun and she flys backwards and then the guy injects something into her and she goes to sleep. then she is buried in the coffin and she has a flashback and i don't really want to explain the movie but yes bill definitely gets killed but he semi kills himself so your going to just have to see it to understand what i mean..

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Go Carting

OK so i went go carting with my dad yesterday after his fraternity meeting and it was super fun. The only kind of annoying part was the sock you had to put on because it went over your nose and that was really annoying but i got past it. The people could control the go cart's speed with a remote which was pretty smart and in the very beginning a girl crashed really hard into the wall and i almost crashed into her because it was pretty close to me and the wall flung out too which was crazy. The noise was super loud. It was kind of scary. I didn't get the hang of driving those until almost the very end though but it still was super fun. I was second to last because the person who crashed got dead last so i did pretty good. I learned to kind of swerve around the corners later on and that was pretty cool. The carts went really fast. I really want to do it again. So yeah. Oh and we went at K1 speed which is indoor racing so if you ever get the chance go there.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Kill Bill

I saw Kill Bill last night and it was such a great movie. I cant believe it ended like it did. I'm not going to tell you the ending because i don't want to ruin it for you but that movie is so crazy and weird. it was also funny too. That women is so crazy and how she does everything and she is just so weird and brutal. When it ended i wanted to watch the second one right then and there but it was 12:00 and we didn't have the second one yet but we will get it i hope today so i can watch it. i didn't get how when someone got severely hurt blood would spurt in like every direction at almost a hundred miles per hour, it just didn't make sense but it was an awesomely made movie and i am like obsessed with it now. So you should definitely see that movie if you can take it.

Friday, September 04, 2009


Ok so you know how some classes you just kind of don't like that much or they are boring, well we have this thing at my my school called block day and you go to half of your classes that one day and spend 2 hours in each class and that just kind of sucks because spending 2 hours in a class that's boring and just not any fun at all really sucks but the good thing is you don't get so much homework and you get of school a little bit earlier than regular days so that's really cool. So new topic homework. In almost every one of my classes before i went to high school i would never get any homework on a Friday to work on over the weekend but in high school i do but i guess that's not so bad. I thought high school was going to be pretty bad but its not so bad in fact its a little bit fun because i have a lot of friends there so that's really cool. So that's good. So yeah there you go.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

School with haircut

Okay so i arrive a school and go to hang out with my friends and they are like WHOA! You got a haircut and i said yeah and that's what pretty much happened with everyone i knew they there and i know like half of the people there. So then later on I'm talking to my friend in my computer apps class because we were aloud to at that time and he sits like two seats away horizontally so pretty everyone in between is looking at me and it was crazy and then my friend said i looked like a squirrel and that nickname actually kind of started in seventh grade and now its starting up again. People were saying i didn't really look like a squirrel and then they're like oh yeah he kinda does and its just weird because i don't look like a squirrel. But my friends of course didn't like it because it looked much better when it was long. Some people didn't even recognize me until later. my English teacher didn't recognize me. She came up to my desk and whispered to me that she didn't recognize me and that she really liked my haircut and i thought i was int trouble so I'm glad i wasn't.. My other friend said he was going to shave it all off and that's just crazy so yeah, yesterday was crazy.