Monday, June 29, 2009

New York day # 8

Well its Day 8 as i explained at the top apparently. Funny! So today i got to chop more wood. We actually hiked in the rain first. Well i got up before anyone and saw that grandma was making up some brownies and next to that a bowl of chocolate, and i love chocolate. So i asked her if i could lick the bowl and she let me have it and when i was done my friends dad saw it and said what was i eating and i told him grandma let me have it so he told grandma not to do that. We didn't eat the brownies today sadly but ill tell you, that chocolate i licked off the bowl was so good. I knew i would be caught, but i couldn't turn down the chocolate. How could anyone, doesn't everyone like chocolate, or should like chocolate at least. Then we hiked in the rain. I was leaning up on a tree and when i did all the water from it fell on me, i thought it was pretty funny. That happened on a bridge over bog which i got to walk on again and it was pretty cool. My friend walked on it and his shoe fell off again. That was funny. After that we got home and chopped wood. Now believe this, i turned down driving a car for chopping wood! That's crazy but splitting wood is fun to me. It gains muscle and its fun to actually split huge thick logs like the ones i split. After that we made a fire and that was cool because we roasted smores again. so we had a really good day. Oh and i also taught our new friend how to play clocks by cold play on the piano. That was fun. So that's our wonderfully filled day!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

New york day 7

Well in the past few days i have been hiking again, canoeing ( made up word), making a failed fire and splitting wood with an axe. Well we went to the natural center to go canoeing and walking through the woods with a naturalist specialist and told all of us a lot of facts about the woods and bogs which is moss on the water that you can walk on which my friend and I got to actually walk on and it was really cool and after we were done and the naturalist told us to come back to the canoe. So i asked the naturalist if my friend and I could have our own canoe because the canoe we were all going to go in didn't have enough seats and it would be cramped so we did get our own canoe. When we started we kept on crashing into logs, trees, and other natural stuff. But on the way back we didn't crash into anything. When we got back we watched TV until my friends dad came with a friend. She is really really cool and nice and friendly. In fact she is in the room where the computer i am using is reading. Before all that though we made a failed fire of just fire starter so that sucked. We were going to make a fire today but it started to rain and its raining right now. So earlier today i got to split wood with an axe which was really fun but hard work at the same time. I think the achievement of splitting the wood was pretty satisfying along with the good workout and i am sore right now. My friends dad obviously split the most. I think i split the second most though. My friend did some splitting but mostly stacked wood. I am eating a lot more than at home. In fact maybe twice as much as i eat at home which is really good, i need to gain a few pounds. I definitely think i have though. So that's about it for this post. Tune in tomorrow to see what happens in my life. Good commercial break speech. LQTM (Laugh Quietly To Myself). Its a little more honest than LOL. Got that joke from Demetre Martin.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Love New York

Well last night we made a fire and roasted smores which is what we are going to do tonight. The fire was pretty good. It wasn't anything huge but it was good enough for roasting marshmallows. After we took in the crackers marshmallows and chocolate some kid came over and said that the grandma called and said there were smores and i said well you are a second late because we just took in and that me and my friend were having a water fight. We both got a little soaked. It was a fun water fight. So the kid who came over for smores spent the night and stayed with us today until about 3:00 when we finished hiking. At the top of the hill we hiked up there was a really nice view. We had to wait for the grandma who apparently went off the road and we knew that because we had walky talkies which i asked where she was and she definitely was off the road. But we brought her down and then we went back down to the car where we waited for about an hour for her eating sandwiches and ice cubes. Then we dropped off our new friend on the way home. When we got home we just played ping pong, watched TV, and looked for the BB shotgun. We found it where it was supposed to be about a half an hour ago. So we got into a couple fights where i punched my friend in the jaw, but then it we got over it after about a half hour. When i punched him, my knuckle started to bleed, so i must have punched him pretty hard. So that's how our 2 days went.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Love New York

Well my start of new york was pretty weird. I don't know where to start. Well when we first came i had the best pizza ever and i called it heaven and it definitely was heaven. But then there was at least 20 hours of driving to Pennsylvania to visit my friends cousin. It was fun there, i slept on the couch, jumped on the trampoline, had a party and played rock band all night. Then it was time to leave there so we visited his grandfather who is really old and called me his grandson! It was pretty funny. But then we went to breakfast with him, and he didn't complain as much as when he did after but we dropped him off at his apartment. Then we had about 10 hours of driving top the airport to drop off the rental car and get into his grandmas car and i am currently at her house. It was about 8 hours of driving from the airport to the house which is in the woods. It is a really nice place, a little small but nice. I slept upstairs on an airbed and my friend sleeps upstairs on a regular bed and i like my bed a lot better. Well when i was on the trampoline at Pennsylvania i hurt my back and it hurt for about two of three days after that and it hurts a tiny little bit right now but i am doing just fine. So at the house there is a Beebe shotgun and a ping pong ball table which is really fun to use and that's usually what i play with with my friend. We have a board set up and targets to shoot at on the board. Today we went fishing and we didn't catch any fish but i guess it was a little bit fun casting out. We went on the play set after that. Then we went into a trail then wondered off from the trail and that's when it started to get rough. We were going through trees and branches and plants and i don't thing we hit any poison ivy. WE had like 5 sticks that we picked up but they all broke while we were whacking things, i only got to keep about half of a stick but it was still a good stick to carve. Before that we went hiking further from the house though and got sticks to carry back home, and i carved that and sanded it down and its really really smooth. So while we were hiking after we went fishing when we went off the trail we were looking for the road where the grandma would pick us up i got whacked by plants, sticks, branches and got hit by rocks, my shoe actually fell off when it got stuck in mud and that kind of sucked because both of my shoes actually fell off. After that i had a bee following me and i freaked out a little bit. When we were walking up my feet were getting stuck in piles of branches. One time i got stuck and a branch stuck into my rib which didn't hurt as much as it was supposed or would seem like because of the adrenaline so yeah and after that we got up the hill and got into the car to go home, shoot the rifle and play some ping pong. The computer i am using is really slow but it is enough to use at least. OH and there is a piano in the house i use and its definitely needs some tuning. I told the grandma it needed to be tuned and she said well why its been tuned a year ago! And then i said yeah it definitely needs to be tuned but now i am doing good so no more hurt. That's a little summary of my time spent on the vacation so far. I should be able to post tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rubik's Cube

I got a Rubik's cube about 2-4 days ago because i asked my dad for it awhile ago and he ordered it on the Internet so it came about 2-4 days ago and its really hard to figure out. I have tried looking up ways to solve it but i don't understand what they are telling me about it because the Rubik's cube turns too fast for me too see and they are talking about algorithms and stuff that is really confusing but i have completed sides but separately. Right now i have the orange side done but i want to get 2 at once but that is super hard because whenever i try doing that it messes up the side i have done and then i don't know how to put it back so what i a doing now is experimenting by turning the cube in different scenarios and then putting the orange back together again in case i have the same scenario with a different side i will know how to fix it but its still really hard. I guess ill just have to figure out how to complete the cube on my own and see if i do. It isn't that frustrating because i think its fun solving side because its like something i have to do but its hard so its fun.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

promotion practice

I wet through my promotion practice yesterday and it was boring and hot outside. Actually about every minute it would get hot then a little cooler then really hot again and it would just keep going in that cycle. We would just walk in and then stand up for a few pointless wasted minutes than sit down or like 2 hours. We would actually go out to the blacktop then walk in a huge line to our rows. Then everything is just boring.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Basketball Diaries

I saw Basketball Diaries a couple days ago and i thought the movie was kind of short. Its about this guy who does a lot of drugs and he does it with his friends and stuff and its about how they get really messed up. Horrible things happen to almost everyone and the main character goes through a lot when he is getting forced to stop doing drugs and he drools and has weird dreams and he writes in is his little diary book about all the stuff that happens to him. The movie is based on a true story and i think the movie was made from the journal that the main character wrote in. So i don't know if i really like the movie because it was really weird but oh well.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


It is the end of school. Well we still have to go to promotion practice and then promotion but we wont be doing any work for those and we wont be going to classes. We get out earlier than usual on promotion practice day too so that's cool. Then after promotion day its summer break and i don't have to get up early anymore! That will be cool, maybe ill sleep downstairs like i did last summer. But ill probably just sleep in my room now that its all mine. I turned in all my books and work and cleaned out my locker and kept my lock which i have had since i started going to the school. So there really isn't anything else so yeah.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

last night

Last night i had my last band concert and it was for i guess parents and whoever came. The band and and choir people got awards. I got two of them i forgot what the first one was for but the second one was the best section which was the percussion which i was obviously in. The concert was kinda boring and i didn't really want to go but i had to. So after that i wanted to watch some TV because i did do good in the performance i guess so i asked my dad and he said no! I cant believe it actually i can but it was annoying that he had to say that. He said because i had to finish my reading requirement which i would have finished today anyways, so i just was reading until about 11:45 then i went to sleep. I got to page 500 so i am almost done. So yeah.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

reading log

I stored all of my thousand pages I'm supposed to read every quarter until now when its due on the 12. I guess i wasn't reading enough over the the days that passed by. I thought i was but then again there was that feeling that i wasn't. So i guess that second feeling was right so i just had to finish a book yesterday and i need to finish the other book I'm reading by Friday and its glass so it shouldn't be that hard. I'm already about 200 hundred pages into that book and the other one i finished yesterday was the godfather which had 446 pages so i know I'm going to make it and finish. I mean I'm going to have to if I'm to get an all A report card which is what I'm working toward and almost to. So i think i should be able to do it. We will see.

Monday, June 08, 2009


I have always wanted to raise a caterpillar into a butterfly because i think it would be cool and fun. But i cant find a caterpillar and i don't know where to get one and what it needs of course i can just look all of those up online but i wont know if its poisonous or not. I don't really know anything about a caterpillar except that it goes into a cocoon and turns into either a moth or butterfly. But of course i want the one i would raise to turn into a butterfly not a moth and when the butterfly would be able to fly i would let it go and if i liked raising it probably get another one. I think in some of my elementary grades some of my teachers raised caterpillars or some other animal or bug. It was pretty cool. So that's what Ive always wanted to do.

Sunday, June 07, 2009


I went to Disneyland with my school yesterday and we had to be at the buses by 6:30 and i got there at that time so i kind of barely made it and everyone was in the bus. So when we got there my group wanted pictures so we took some then we went strait to space mountain. Yeah everything we went on was pretty fun except for it a small world but that was OK too because i got all of the front row to pretty much lay down. I think we went all everything we wanted o go on except for the Finding Nemo Submarines because the line was way to long. Sometimes we split up because i wanted to go on a ride that they didn't want to go on but they wanted to go on something i didn't want to go on so we did that with teacups and roger rabbit. I went on RR and they went on teacups. But that was near the end. My friend came himself around 12:00 and we went on big thunder railroad but without them but i came back. My friend waited for his friends to finish while i went to my group. I bought ice cream, gummy worms, sprite, pizza, pasta, and a different soda, and a huge lollipop, and probably other stuff. At the end we watched the parade and went home. I was in a group with all lower grade girls which kind of sucked but i still had fun. That's all that matters. So obviously i did many other things than what i explained but i cant explain it all.

Friday, June 05, 2009


Well my brother went to the donut shop with his own money and i wanted to go but my dad didn't let me and i don't know what the reason was, I'm pretty sure there was no reason, but i asked for the twisty one, or if they didn't have, a dozen wholes, the reason i wanted to go with him was because i wanted to pick my donut because i knew my brother wouldn't get m the right one. As it turned out i was right. So whenever there are donut in the house, there's going to be arguing.  So of course there was and i tried not to be a part of it, but my brothers friend, which I'm not to fond of(kinda chubby), came in and started to beg for donuts, so my brother gave him one. Which i thought was really mean, so i told my brother why he gave that to him, he said because he thought mom had to lose wait and she wouldn't want it anyways, and i was thinking in my head, WOW. But of course when i saw my brother's friend he was definitely eating that donut. So i don't know why but my brother got a free extra donut which me, my brother, and dad all shared. So when my brother told me about mine and which one it was, he said it was a cinnamon roll one, and i said that's not the one but oh well thanks for getting them anyways. So then after dinner, since my brother's was ripped or something, he took mine and that's when i got kinda mad because of course he can do that because all of them are technically his since he bought them. But i just had to take his which was good. I didn't care if it was ripped. So i don't know what happened to my dads or if he even got one. Same with my sister. Oh well i finished my donut this morning.

Thursday, June 04, 2009


Well it is definitely almost time for summer break and we aren't really doing much. Everything is gradually slowing down, loosening up and many people are definitely ready for school to be out. Sometimes i even wondering why we are still at school. Or going to be at school for the non working days. Maybe its for the teachers to get everything graded and corrected and handed back and all that stuff but who knows. I mean yeah we are still doing stuff in the classes but its about to be all over and stuff. We are going to have about 2 extra weeks of school where we probably wont do anything. Oh well we just have to put up with it until the end, run that extra few steps and we are done.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Ray-Ban glasses

These are the ray-ban glasses i am talking about, not the seeing glasses the sunglasses. I think they are pretty cool. I used to have a pair which i lost but they were pretty cool. I have always wanted the checkered ones. Those are cool but i don't know where to get these kind of glasses. I got my pair from Universal Studios because of a show and i asked for one of them and they gave them to me. So yeah i need to find that pair.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

New Jack City

I saw New jack city on Friday or Saturday and it was a crazy movie but really good. When i was watching it, i thought it kind of had a connection with the godfather but without all the drugs because the godfather wasn't about drugs like this movie was. I thought it was kind of cool that most of the people wore the same hat and kind of glasses. I want the pair Nino has but checkered. You would know what i was talking about if you saw the movie which you should but its not in the movies. So the movie is pretty much about trying to get rid of Nino. Which is really hard so that's what the movies about.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Drag me to hell

I saw drag me to hell Sunday which is the 4th movie in the evil dead trilogy so i saw it and it was so awesome that i wanted to see it again. It seemed like there was going to be another movie after that one and i hope there is. There was definitely some comedy like talking goats and weird old people. It was great though. Although it was a horror film. So there was more horror than comedy which is good because horror is good in that movie and it needed it. But maybe there could have been more comedy. I don't really know because the movie was made great and probably made a lot of money. There are a lot of horror films being made this year though. But if your pondering about seeing Drag me to hell, go see it.