Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Music Videos

I really don't know if every song has a music video or not but I'm pretty sure i haven't come across any. I haven't done any research on it but i probably will, who knows. If i wanted to be a serious full time musician though, and make a lot of my own songs and remixes and covers and all that, i would have to make a music video for it but every single song! I bet people put so much into the videos and special effects and everything. It is like a 4-5 minute movie. Some music videos are really awesome though. You could also think of it as an excuse to go somewhere people aren't really aloud to go but since you are famous or making a serious video, you would be able to go to the place and dance there and film and everything. I think it would be an awesome experience. I really don't know if being famous would be cool though because then people would make up random rumors about you and lies and gossip, but i guess it would be priority as a famous person to ignore all that and continue your life knowing that there are so many fans and people that love, admire, and are jealous of you and want to be you. But then you would have a bunch of reporters and fans crowding you and you know what i mean. But i really don't know a song that doesn't have a music video. If you know, please post a comment telling me if there is a song that doesn't have a music video because I'm sure there is.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Almost Famous

I saw this movie last night. So i saw two movies in one day. My dad was going to watch it a long time ago without me but it was about a writer and i am good at writing, so i have heard, and the writer is writing about a made up band called Still Water. He goes on a tour with them and there are band aids which are the girls that travel with them and the main one is a blond curly haired girl who is in love with the guitarist of the band and the writer is in love with the main band aid. The movie is hilarious too. But the writer's mom is way over protective of her son and when he goes away she tells him to call her twice a day everyday and she always tells him not to do drugs and she is just a lunatic. Whoever she talks too besides her son, when they get off the phone with her, they say that she scared them. The kid was writing for the band Creem, and then for The Rolling Stone. He acts like he is an adult and everything gets way out of proportion and its just a great movie. I really recommend it. I don't remember any nudity but I'm sure there was cursing.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine

I saw this movie today and it was hilarious. Everyone in the audience was laughing pretty much at all the jokes at the same time but i sure(as my dad said) didn't get some of the 80's reference jokes. I don't remember a time though, when i wasn't laughing and everyone else was. The movie is rated R, and definitely for a reason. Well there is a lot of cursing in the movie but also a lot of nudity and sex and drugs. Well i guess everything is in there. I was hanging out at my friend's house so we went to see it and yes, we checked with my dad but we knew he would let me see anything anyways. I covered my friend's eyes at some sex parts to be funny and he didn't make any movements to get my arm off, he tried to cover mine but i eventually got tired and let him watch the rest. It was funny. Everything about that movie was hilarious. It has the black dude from The Office who works in the basement in The Office. I don't know his name but he is hilarious. You have to see it. Trust me, and I'm sure anyone who has seen it recommends it too.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Boredom in classes

The two most boring classes that i have a chance to do something other than the work that we haven't gotten yet are in Math and PE. For the past couple of days i have brought cards to school and played go fish in math with my friend. Then it evolved into Spoons which evolved into B.S. It evolved twice yesterday. From go fish to spoons to B.S. We haven't been doing anything really in that class because the new quarter is about to start so we play cards. Its really fun. The teacher was just grading stuff and the other part of the class was watching a movie yesterday and today we just played and other people just talked. It was awesome. In P.E. the free time i have in there is to play Frisbee and listen to my mp3. I wouldn't dare bring out my full deck of cards out in P.E. because i know the type of friends in that class would mess around and bend the cards and mess with them to be funny and it would suck because i would probably lose some cards but the people in math i trust. That's what i have been doing with the boredom of my classes.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shirt woot

There is a website called that sells things over the Internet very cheaply. My dad has bought stuff for me and himself. There is also a website called that sells shirts for a reasonable price and they are designed shirts that go through a shirt derby thing that they do and a bunch of people design and enter their shirt designs into the derby and people vote for them and the top 3 get into the selling and I'm not sure about this but if you see an awesome shirt that doesn't make it into the top 3, i think you can buy it off of the maker. But whenever i go on there i see the most awesome shirts ever and there is this link on the side labeled The Reckoning and i think its all of the 1st place shirts. There are about 3 of them that i looked up today that i really want my dad to get me. Here are the links to see them. Shirt1, Shirt2, Shirt3. They are just great. I don't even know which one is my favorite, i just want them all. I'm sure my friend's would love the Jelly Donut one. Post a comment on your favorite shirt because I'm interested on what you think. Also go to this website and look into it, it updates with new stuff everyday and woot offs go on for who knows long and they just update to a new product every time the product sells out. There is this thing which is almost impossible to get because everyone wants it and its called Random Crap. You can anywhere from pencils and erasers to huge flat screen TVs and XBOX 360's and anything. Its crazy.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sunday at Mammoth

I only talked about the Saturday of the Mammoth weekend and now i will talk about the Sunday. Sunday was the best. The day went like this. I woke up and sat at the table upstairs with almost everyone, there was one friend still sleeping. I came to actually eat breakfast but apparently we didn't then. Instead we played cards. We actually played Texas hold 'em but we didn't have chips but we had a large bowl of pistachios so we used those. The guy on the left of me was talking about his past experiences of losing at poker and eventually he won the whole thing. We got tired of that so my dad dealt two cards to each of us and told us to put up one and he did that after the betting round and everything until we each had 5 cards with 4 turned up. I had already lost all my pistachios in Texas hold 'em and so did the guy next to me so we played but betting with the pistachios in the bowl. It was weird and the guy to the left of me still won. Then my dad told me to get dressed and told me we weren't going snowboarding because the adults didn't want to and the main guy had a fractured rib. So we went back and we started to play rummy and the two kids said alright lets go skiing and snowboarding and that got my hopes up a little and eventually we went down there and signed me up for snowboarding lessons at 12:45 until 4:00 which is when the mountain closes. We also rented the snowboard and boots and that's pretty much all we rented and we brought it back to the condo. We left the other two kids there and my dad and his friends went to eat. So we arrived at a restaurant and ordered drinks and then my dad was telling the main guy how we could get much better food and a fancier place and they were debating on leaving or not and then we left and they hadn't even served the drinks yet. We ate at a much potentially better place, we didn't really know because we didn't eat at the other place but this place had the best pancakes i had ever had in my life. They were awesome so it was most likely better than the other place. I was starting to get worried about not making it to the lesson on time but we did. We went to the condo to get the snowboard and gear and everything for me. We arrived down there and the instructor inspected what i was wearing. I was wearing two pairs of cotton socks which apparently feels and acts like sandpaper when its wet so i was supposed to get snowboarding socks. I was wearing Reebok spandex pants which were okay. Blue Jeans which weren't, and baggy blue waterproof pants which could have been less baggy. All that was tucked into the boot and it wasn't supposed to be tucked in there and he fit his hand inside the boot which he explained to me as being way to loose so he tightened it up and i was okay there. I was wearing a red turtle neck shirt, then a red long sleeve shirt, then my regular jacket, then a snowboard jacket. There wasn't anything wrong with that. Then i had my beanie with my really dark glasses under it. No helmet of snowboard goggles. Everyone else had dressed normally though. I was wearing the craziest stuff i guess. Oh well. So we started with getting up after we attached our boots to the snowboard and stopping on our heels. It was easy for me. I caught on the quickest because i just loved it. Then we learned how to turn. Everything was easy. People were falling and couldn't get up though. It was hard to walk back up the little slope we were on because of the thin air. It got really hot so i took off my snow jacket but it kept flying off the fence so i put it under the instructor's board because he was helping other people and not using his board. Eventually we went on the ski lift for awhile and we didn't even get strapped in or anything. What if we fell! I didn't though. No one did to my knowledge. I went down the slope the fastest and i turned the board to go fast and i tried to stop too fast so i fell really hard on my tailbone and lied there in pain for awhile. Then i got back up and went down and i was waiting for the rest of the group and i didn't see them at all so i went back to the lift and went down and saw the instructor with the group in the middle of the mountain and apparently we were supposed to stop there to learn something new but when he was talking about flags before we went down, i thought he was just saying not to go past them as in not falling off the cliff. So the group was learning something new which was snowboarding on your toes and stopping like that so pretty much going backwards. It was crazy and i didn't try. I was a little relieved though because i think i would have fallen a lot more but i might have gotten it quick. By then we went back to the meeting spot and we were done so i left to go back to the lift and snowboarded the mountain again and then my dad came and as i was nearing the bottom i turned the board to go fast and then stopped going really fast and the board caught snow and i fell straight onto my face like a big old smack! It was kinda cool. I went down the mountain again and then we left. We saw one of the group members in the learning session and he told my dad that i learned super quick and better than any one. We then returned everything and went on the road and apparently the people we were with had already left and packed up while we were snowboarding so we hit the road. My dad realized as we passed the restaurant that we left to go to the other one that he left his camera there So he sent me to get it so i tried opening the door and then banging on it and it didn't open and no one came. I tried the back door and heard music back there and saw lights on but no one came. My dad then called the place and they said they had it and that they weer open. I tried the front door again and it actually opened. I was mad that they didn't open it in the first place so they gave us the camera and we left. We got home by about 10:30 which was great. That's the Sunday. Hope you enjoyed the burden of reading my longest post yet. By the way, the snowboarding was probably the best thing ever and it was definitely the highlight of the day.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mammoth Mountain

For the whole weekend my dad and i got invited to Mammoth so go skiing and snowboarding with some friends. I wanted to go snowboarding rather than skiing so Sunday i did but the mountain closed when we got there on Saturday. When we went to diner, the main friend who invited everyone bought the most expensive wine at type place we went to eat at which 'm pretty sure was Wine Creek. He bought a $300 wine called Opus one! I don't think it was exactly $300 but it sure was pretty damn close to it. It smelt wonderful apparently and my dad took it home with him. The condo was awesome. It was practically 3 stories! The main friend's worker let him rent it for half price. The owner rents his condo out to people and so he makes money off of it and also gets to use it as a vacationing place if he ever wants to go skiing or snowboarding or whatever he does. That was pretty much Saturday because the drive which took about 5 hours was most of the day. Before everything, we had to go to my brother's and Sister's wrestling tournament.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chango Bars

I'm not sure if that's how you spell it but I'm pretty sure it is. My sister found a recipe for chango bars which is some kind of fluffy bread with nuts and chocolate chips in it. Its alright. It fills you up right after you just ate a lot of dinner. She found it in a book she was reading for school called jalapeno bagels. It sounds pretty weird but the i think i saw some other recipes in there. I really don't have much to say about the chango bars except that they are fluffy bread with nuts and chocolate chips in them.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I do not have an Ipod although i wish i had an iphone or itouch because that would be awesome. I have a sansa that is good though. I think i would rather have a Zune if i couldn't have an itouch. But my problem with other people having them is that they always have them in their ear and then you are trying to talk to them but they don't hear you and then they start to say what a lot and that bothers me a little. What really bothers me is that when they see you coming they take out an ear bud but I'm not planning on speaking to them. Then later i think of something small to say and say it which causes them to take out an ear bud and then be reluctant to put it back in. I just feel like it bothers them and i don't like that so i usually have to restrain saying those small things. Also on the bus, which is my reading time. People always have their music so high everyone can hear it, but i usually am able to go deep into my book. I am reading Messenger which is awesome just like The Giver, and Gathering Blue which i intend to write about. I also sometimes look their way but not directly at them and they take out their ear bud and say what. I have to say i didn't say anything. Then they are reluctant to put it back in and in my head i am just thinking just put it back in already! It could have something to do with my minimal amount of OCD which i think is actually getting to be greater. But some of my friends just put it back in right after i talk to them. That also bothers me. OH well. There really isn't anything i can do about it. If you have a similar or same incident, post a comment about it. I would like to hear about it.

Monday, March 15, 2010


On these big topics like facebook, i am always thinking that people like you reading this expect me to say something courageous, or fancy, or great but I'm just going to say my thoughts. Just a note. I have a facebook and i love it. I never had a myspace because i didn't want to have to go through all the trouble and work to customize it and make it look cool and everything and i also heard myspace is dying anyways and facebook is the awesome thing now and i made a facebook before it got popular and i pretty much love the games. If you click on my profile, it will be all game updates, actually just mafia wars and farmville. I love farmville, its so addicting. I don't know how its fun because its very repetitive but its fun. I like to go into chats with friends sometimes. I think its kind of funny that people have chats on their wall or comments on photos or anything like that. I think its much faster and convenient to just go into a chat. Although i thought myself a hypocrite because i think its actually kind of fun to let people see your chats. I think I've only done that once with my friend about school during math class and i told her to just go into a chat and we did. But the conversation we had was long. This is how the conversation started: I found a turtle in farmville so i put it up for adoption and my friend commented saying "i have a turtle" and then we got into this weird conversation of inside jokes and all that. It was funny. I wanted that turtle too! I guess you can't adopt the animals you find. Too bad. But i have always wanted to start a group that will get millions of fans so i have been semi-talking to my friend's about it. That's pretty much my goal on facebook: to start an epic group. I sometimes update my status. Some people update it like twitter, like my dad but he doesn't have a twitter. Its crazy. He's always on facebook. Even on his phone. He used to tell me to update facebook in the car. Its crazy. I can go on and on about facebook, but i think I'll just end it here. Maybe some other time i can elaborate more on the topic of facebook.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

I have a SNES and i just love it. My dad can download the games from for the SNES on his phone because he has a SNES app. Its kind of weird to play on his phone though because of the small screen and the buttons are flat and the controls are hard to press at once because your thumb will press a lot of controls while trying to just press two at the same time but i managed for awhile and then got tired of it because i kept dying. So i found ours because i new we had one and i couldn't figure out how to plug it into our component box and make it work but then i just decided to try to plug it into an empty slot in the TV (which i think is 42"). It worked then, sound and everything and it was on the input AV1. I have two controllers for it and i think the one with the dog bite in it works the best (surprisingly) so i just used that one. I didn't try the other one yet but i will today hopefully. So it was hard to get far on the phone but on the SNES, i got far so fast. I practically beat the levels i played without dying once. The games i could find though were, Super Mario Bros, Star Wars, and i think Killing Instinct which i haven't heard of and I'm not sure if that's what it says because the tag was over it and i think i saw I'm pretty sure it said killing instinct though. Maybe i will become the only person to own one of those and make a lot of money by selling it. That would be awesome.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Blind Side

I saw the Blind side with my mom yesterday and it was so touching if you know what i mean. I don't cry during movies ever but i feel the emotion i just don't cry. I could tell that my mom was crying because of how much emotion was with this movie. So i asked her after the movie and she said yeah, a lot. I bet a bunch of other people cried too but the movie was just full of everything: emotion, action, and comedy. The whole theater would laugh at a lot of the stuff in the movie. It was awesome. The main character's name is Big Mike but his really name is just Michael. He has no home and has an IQ of i think 60. He did very poorly in everything accept protective skills which he got a 98% in. It's rated PG13 and i didn't really see anything too bad in there. I just loved it and the movie had some action. I love how the other main character who takes care of Big Mike talks and how she handles things. She can see through lies and doesn't take no for an answer and definitely knows how to take care of business. Apparently the movie is based on true facts and at the end of the movie it tells you some interesting facts about the real people in real life and shows you actual pictures of them. I definitely recommend this movie to anyone. I would definitely see it again and hope i do. I probably will.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Karma Police

I just started to learn this song Karma Police by Radiohead today. I'm only on the second line and I'm playing it with my brother. I just love it. The song is great and hearing myself play it is also awesome. Also let me note that i don't have a piano teacher so no lessons. I used to take lessons but i can't remember the last lesson i had. So that means my dad printed the song out for me and told me it had some great piano in it as well as guitar and he said one of his friend's (probably from facebook) recommended the song. Many many people know i play the piano and my dad posted me playing on his facebook page and he probably has 120 friends exactly. I just checked. Wow i have more friends than him. Anyway during the song, or the first two lines, i kept pulling songs out of the sound of the song. I pulled out only a couple that i remember and those were Knights of Cydonia, and Cold as ice. Of course i had to change some notes around a little but it turned out to be parts of those. I thought that was interesting and cool but then i would start to play those and drift off of Karma Police which i wanted to play. But It's just a great song. My brother is really good at it too.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow apparently wrote a new book. The book that i heave read of his are "Down and out in the Magic Kingdom", and "Little Brother" and they were both awesome. So he is now giving away 200 copies of his new book "For the Win"or FTW. All i had to do or you have to do if you want the book, and i do recommend his books, is email this address and you might actually be able to win. If i were you though, i would read his other two books that i posted here and see if you like what he writes because my dad and i definitely do. Here is the link to the information about what to email and say in the email and all that good stuff. If you want to try to win the book, then go ahead and email the info. I doubt that you'll get it though because its only 200 people and I'm sure by now 200 people have heard of it and emailed him already and I'd be very lucky to win it. Also to win the book, you have to promise to write about it in you blog which i promised to do since i would do that anyways there's no trouble in that for me. Also the 200 people that get it, get it for free and before it comes out. Heck, ill even blog about getting it.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Frign geometry. I hate it. I almost capitalized the g in geometry except i rethought and corrected myself because i think that lowly of geometry. The chapter I'm on is impossible. Today the teacher in the back of the class asked out loud if anyone finished the homework and no one raised their hand and the like 2 people did. Its just hard. I asked the teacher if we could skip this chapter but of course she just laughed. I was really being serious about it too. Its impossible and they should only teach us what we are going to use in our later on jobs but we aren't going to use any of that in our jobs unless of course you are planning on being a geometry teacher but I'm sure that none of us in the classroom are. Maybe our teacher is just not good at her job. But i think she is i just can't seem to understand it. I get frustrated and give up and then tears start to roll down my cheeks and i get all hot and get up and walk around and start to bump into stuff and then fall to the ground and grunt and then go in my bed and read and that calms me down and then i can't do anymore frign geometry for the rest of the day. I have always been bad at geometry and hated it. Its just ridiculous. I don't even think we should take geometry. I was much better at all the algebra courses that i took in middle school. I got straight A's in middle school. Why can't i do it now. Because it actually counts for something now, not just your parents being proud of you, of course that would happen but you will a have a good life if you set your mind to it. I really need some help with geometry because the teacher doesn't have enough time on her hands to help me the whole time. Whenever i do geometry, i feel stupid.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Shamrock Shake

The Shamrock shake which is the best shake are made at McDonalds. Just like everything that tastes good but is bad for you. But i am Irish. Gotta have the shamrock shake. We pretty much get it every year. Except this time i bought it with my own money. Worth it though as it always is. It is green and its like ice cream when its almost all frozen except its impossible to eat in the cup because if you get the chance to freeze it it will most likely be all frozen at the bottom. By the way, I'm drinking/eating one right now. Its frozen so its hard to eat/drink. Its like heaven. Green of course though, not white and fluffy or however heaven is supposed to look like. To cover it all, its a green minty heaven in a cup.

Sunday, March 07, 2010


This morning at 11:00 my brother and i went flying in an airplane. Not like an airport airplane but a small one. It was at the Santa Paula airport and a car show was going on as well. They had some pretty sweet cars, but the plane in the picture isn't the exact one we went in, but it looks like it. It was white and the pilot owned the airplane and said he flew about 100 hours every year. He said he flew it as much as he could and he has actually been in a crash before. He named it Lola. So we would refer to the plane as she. We would say has she ever crashed or something like that. He would say ya and i had to put a new propeller on her and whatever she wants she gets. He said that she likes to fly in the cool weather. It was cool when we flew. My dad told me we were going to fly the airplane and we did it was awesome. My brother got to sit in the passenger seat though. I wanted to and we couldn't switch seats because he said it was too small and complicated so i had to steer kneeling behind his chair which was pretty uncomfortable but i was glad i still got to fly it. Another kid from a different family joined us apparently and this kid was annoying. The pilot gave us headsets to talk to each other through and to protect our ears from the loud engine. So the kid every half a minute or so would say whhhoaaa. In a sort of a whisper. Not a loud WWHOOOAA! That would just drive me crazy. Buy in a sort of quiet but annoying tone. This kid was a little chubby and young. He was also too scared to fly the plane! That was just ridiculous. So then later on the pilot asked us if we wanted to go in 2 G's which is double gravity which would make our double our wait and we all said yeah, cool. So we did and that was cool. Then he asked us if we wanted to go in 0 G's! And he explained how when he held his pen up it would float like in space but he wasn't perfect at it so it would go back. So then my brother and i said yeah while the other kid said no because he didn't want to drive it. So we explained to him how he wasn't going fly it the pilot was and he kept on with his argument and then maybe a little later after explaining to him that he wasn't going to fly it he finally gave in and started to take his seat belt off and i had to keep telling him that the pilot was going to fly and he said OK and still didn't know what was going on but then he went in zero G's and let his pen go and it floated for awhile and then went in the back like he said. It was pretty cool. Probably the best part of the ride and then we landed. In the beginning before we lifted off, i had to push the wing to turn it and he pulled from the other side, and that plane was SO light. It was super easy to push the wing. I was so surprised. When we landed we got our certificates for flying in the plane apparently. And then we went home. That was so great and i definitely hope to do it again next year.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Soccer Game

I had a soccer game today and we kicked serious @$$! They didn't even score once! One of their teammates always practices with us because apparently his team sucks and i guess no one notices. He's really good too. He's a god dribbler and fast. But of course that's because he practices with us. He was the one on the other team shooting the whole time but our goalies blocked 'em all. It was raining really hard throughout the whole game and when it was done, it got all sunny. Its OK though because i like the rain. I made some really good passes and the best was when i was running to the ball and the kid that practices was too from the left of me and i got there first and i kicked it straight to the kid on our team and i tripped over the kid who practices with us but i knew we scored because it was a perfect pass and as i predicted we did. It was just awesome. Another time i dribbled past this one guy and then through another kid's legs perfectly to a teammate but i don't think we scored right then. It was an awesome game. I started out as defence and told the girl that was next to me to cover the right which was her position and she did and it was a good call because the ball came straight there and she kicked it away from out goal. I was proud of everyone one. We won the game like 10 to 0.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Blue Car Syndrome

Apparently the blue car syndrome is when you buy a blue car, you start to notice them all over the place. Before you bought the blue car, you didn't notice them and really didn't care if they were blue. But that sort of thing happens to people all the time. I know it did to me. Today even, maybe. So this morning i had a science test that was really vital for me to get an A on since i didn't even have my science book for 2 weeks or so and i couldn't study that so i used my friend's book but that obviously wasn't enough. I needed it for the whole time. But she needed it at some point of course. So i studied as much as i could. So this morning while i was waiting for the bus, i got bored and decided to pray mostly for the joy of being ironic. Praying for a Science test is pretty ironic. I'm not even religious. Well i guess i really haven't chosen yet. But it was probably my first time praying on my own. So then later on after the second class i had, i found a silver ring with a cross on it and a flower in the middle. I was sort of freaked out. I told my dad about it later and he said it was creepy and then said Blue Car Syndrome and told me to look it up. I did, but didn't really realize how this related to that. I like to pick stuff off of the ground, but i wasn't noticing anything really religious. I just happened to pick up this ring off the floor that had a cross on it. It is pretty creepy though. I hope it means i got an A on the test though.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Customizing shoes

I love shoes. I always look at peoples shoes and sometimes judge them by their shoes. I found two companies that you can customize shoes on, Nike, and Vans. I learned about Vans first and then heard about Nike but never checked it out until today. I think Nike's is much more advanced but a lot more expensive. I customized a shoe on Vans and it costs $60 bucks. With Nike it costs $110! That's a lot of money to pay for a shoe. I also found these shoes with my friends in prog1 class called Vans Chukka Fleece shoes they are Vans shoes with fuzziness inside! Right when we found them we kinda started to fight. My friends were like to each other and me, if you get those shoes, I'm gonna kill you. They were obviously not being serious... hopefully. But i really want those shoes so badly. I'm pretty much dying over them. The website with them has been left on my computer for like a day because i just put my computer to sleep. I guess I'm just too lazy to save it to a download file or something. OH well. I even put a picture of them on my flash drive which i use for school. I think i am obsessing over them. Plus i think they are sold out.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Game

For those of you who don't know the game. You are now a part of it. If you think of the game, then you lose. Since i am writing this, it pretty much means i lost today. It is almost impossible to not think about the game. Also all of you just lost. I want The Game T-shirt. The green one. I put in a picture so i should be good on that. It is a mental game. To win, all you have to do is forget the game even exists. Almost impossible for em since my two friends always try to make each other lost by saying "The Game". So i pretty much lose everyday except for weekends because i think about what i am going to do on the weekend instead of the game. The goal of whoever made the game was to spread it out throughout the whole planet pretty much which would be awesome. Its like a mind virus. It spreads very easily. Because once you know about it, you lose for every time you think about it and you can't forget about it because pretty much every time you here something about a game, you immediately think about The Game and lose. So good luck with The Game.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Songs stuck in your head

Don't you just hate when songs get stuck in my head. My dad told me that when songs get stuck in your head then do math. I replied, I'd rather have the song stuck in my head. I thought that was pretty funny to say and it was true. But even if its a good song that is stuck in your head, it gets annoying after a short period of time. I usually try to sing the song and end it to get it out of my head. I'm pretty sure it works. I can't remember. I think i did it today but that is probably because i like to sing. When I'm alone of course. I also talk to myself before i sing. I don't know why though. I like to hear myself sing. But i have multiple songs stuck in my head probably because i just got out of the car and listened to a couple songs. I like to a song with two different parts to it like a background singer singing at the same time as the main singer but they are singing different words or lines or whatever you want to call them. I like it because i think its pretty cool that i can multi task in my head because i can't sing two parts out loud of course. I would be amazed if anyone could. My god i hope you know what I'm trying to explain.