Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve

Well it is New Years eve. Me and my dad usually stay up all night. Well i think we actually just stayed up until midnight because in past years that was a treat for me, now i stay up until midnight all the time so maybe we will stay up the whole night. But i unfortunately doubt it. I don't even know what we are going to do today. I think my mom and dad usually stay up and drink a small glass of wine. I of course don't get any but i think it tastes gross anyway. This day might just be like everyday. But i don't know for sure. I know that i will probably hang out with my friend if he is available today. I'm not sure because its new years eve and some people stay in and i guess somehow celebrate. That's just a speculation though. I cant be sure. So happy New Years Eve.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Stand

I am currently reading The Stand by Stephen King and i think so far that it is a great book. Its really exciting and i definitely enjoy reading it. The book definitely gets you hooked on it. It has some pretty questionable content though. Like sex and major drinking. I don't think i have come across any drugs though. I guess you could say that the payday candy bar us like a drug to fat Harold Lauder. I think there is something suspicious going on with him and Nadine Cross. Those are just a couple characters. There are so many characters in that book. Nick is a deaf-mute but he can read lips perfectly. He is even part of "government" committee which they call the Free-Zone committee that him and many others set up to get things up and running. The place that they are living in along with many other survivors of the "Super flu" is called the Free Zone. There is another section which there isn't a name for yet but there are supposedly the bad guys. I'm about 3/4s of the way through the book. I think its a great book so ill get back to you when i finish the book.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I saw Avatar last night and it was just awesome. Lots of action again. And you know i love action if you've read previous posts. But there was a lot of blowing up things and destroying and killing. I thought the whole story plot was clever. The movie was a about two and a half hours long. The movie ended at about 10:40. I wasn't that tired but i read until twelve so i guess that makes me tired now. 11:00 is my real bedtime. Its pretty much much about a crippled marine who's brother died who was supposedly a great marine but he got shot or i think robbed. I'm pretty sure the guy explained it by saying he got shot "for the paper in his wallet." So that pretty much means he was robbed and now his brother is taking his place and his avatar. What the marine people want is the stuff the aliens are living on called unobtainium. Its really expensive and valuable. The movie is set pretty far into the future. The marines have big robots which the go into and connect sensors to their hands and they can control the robot by making it walk and it has a huge gun and apparently a huge knife as well. The movie reminded me of District nine. I thought it was a lot like that movie but i think i liked Avatar a lot better than District nine. I also saw Avatar in 3D and it was great. I think you should do the same and definitely see this movie.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sherlock Holmes

I saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie last night and i was there until about 1:00am. I loved the movie and the parts especially when Sherlock plans out what he does ahead of time and you get to see it in slow motion as he explains each move. And then you get to see him do it for real. I All the ear stuff that he did, i already knew about but not so much the other stuff he did to people. I loved how the movie was also a comedy. It was hilarious. I loved the one part how the guy tried to shoot Lord Blackwood and then was immediately set on fire. It was just great. I also liked all the action and fighting. I love fighting where people get beat up in movies. I thought it was funny how Sherlock was always testing his concoctions on his friend's dog. That was funny. So that's what i have to say on the movie because i don't want to spoil it for you. So definitely go see the new Sherlock Holmes movie.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


So i got this game called Redsteel for the Wii and it is super fun. Its a sword and gun game. You use the Wii remote to swing your sword and to aim your gun. Pretty much any motion you do, the game does the exact same thing. If you have a gun in our hand and you turn the Wii remote sideways, the gun will also turn sideways. When you have a gun and you go into lock on mode to follow an enemy, you can move your remote forward and it will zoom in for a more precise shot. I played with my brother on Christmas and hes now addicted to it and hes playing with my dad right now downstairs. My brother is really good at that game too. He kicked my butt on some levels on 2-player and I'm pretty sure hes kicking my dads butt right now. The game is like a Japanese samurai game. You can get respect by not striking your opponent down to kill in a sword fight when he gets on his knees. You fight him until he gets on his knees. Its a super fun game and i can't wait to play my dad who so genuinely thinks he can beat me but we will have to see about that.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas eve and Christmas

We got so many Christmas presents. I opened a couple of them on Christmas eve too. My friend and dad's friend came over. My friend is actually my dad's friend's son. So they came over for Christmas eve and for Christmas. It is was fun. On Christmas eve we watched a couple of comedy shows called the Big Bang Theory, and the IT Crowd. I had already most of the Big Bang Theory with my friend because he stayed over but then we got dropped off at Starbucks so my dad could pick up my brother and sister from the Boys and Girls club because there wasn't enough seats so my friend's dad came to pick us up and we ate Chinese food and then watched the shows over. I had already previously watched the IT crowd shows with the same friend too but we watched a new episode. So the on Christmas we opened half the presents with the, because they came late and we had already planned for them to come over for Christmas. We had presents for them and they had present for us too. From them i got a spider man bobble head pen and a couple spider man pins and binoculars. I was actually the present hand out person but my sister started to take them for her self and i got agitated and then told her to stop but she didn't and then my brother started to take them for himself too and that's when i apparently stopped being the present hand outer person. We all took pictures. Over all of what i can remember for my presents. I got a jacket, couple shirts, socks, boxers, a hat, sunglasses, flannel sheets and fur moccasins (which i picked out with my mom), a book called the Cheese, a grateful dead CD called American Beauty which i am listening to right now, a velvet poster to draw on, the binoculars, spider man pen, and pins. I think that's all of it. So how was your Christmas?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Break

So i like to get my long nice sleep that i deserve without being bothered. But apparently that cant happen unless i am in a super deep sleep. Today my mom comes in and irons her clothes for work but that is totally unnecessary. She says if she uses it in her room that the electricity will go out, which is a likely situation because that is was caused a lot of the other black outs in our house. Probably because my dad is a computer programmer and is always working in his room and has tons of devices plugged in the power strips and those power strips connected to other ones and its just crazy. Today, she didn't have to go in my room and iron, she could have done it in my brother's room which would have been a lot more convenient because my brother and sister have to wake up early because they go to a daycare thing since there isn't really they can do here except bother me and my dad. I already know not to bother my dad when it his work days. Which is the weekdays. Over the summer, since my sister wakes up early all the time anyway, she used to wake up my brother and then go and bother me in my sleep and that always used to piss me off. Now i don't let them in my room so they can't really bother me. Although they do come in when they get the chance which is when either one of my parents are in here like today when my mom was ironing, my sister came in for really no reason. I think they just like to come in here. My sister really likes to go on my bed. I don't really know why but its probably because i have a bunk bed and no one else does. But i have definitely been getting a lot of sleep and i usually appreciate waking up early because i have more time in the day to get all of my chores and stuff done earlier which allows me some free time. Of course, when i get told to get off of my free time and go down stairs which is at my brother's bedtime, i get immediately mad. I don't like to get mad like that, but its like a reflex i can;t control. I hate it but i really like it when i am doing something i like. I'm usually playing games on my computer. But it just really pisses me off and i need someway to fix it. But i really just need to control myself. That's pretty much the key point to many things.

Monday, December 21, 2009


There was a knock on the door about 10 or 15 minutes ago and it was the UPS guys delivering packages. There were 4 packages. MY grandmother always sen packages every Christmas but never this much as i can remember. There was a huge heavy box for my brother, sister, and me. There was a light box for my brother with a Lego box in it. Two other boxes were for my mom and dad. Some of the packages were ripped so i got a sort of glimpse of the presents. One of my packages was a shirt. Yesterday i went shopping with my mom to gt me presents and i picked out flannel sheets, and moccasins with fur in them and you can was around outside with them and they are super comfortable. We also got a popcorn maker for my brother and some pink binoculars for my sister. I don't know what else she got or everybody else because she dropped me off at home and then went out to do more shopping. I had to go home because i had a lot of stuff to do. My mom still wanted to wrap my present and i even helped her wrap them. So i can't wait to finally open my presents. By the way, on the post before this, I'm not taking the study skills course over the summer but actually over the winter break which is now. And on the mad science club thing, they put name that bad guy. Not so funny but i thought i might add it.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Games on PC

So on my computer which is fairly advanced has different games then on older PCs. It has this game called inkball, which i got caught playing when i wasn't supposed to. There is solitare, spidersolitare, hearts, chess titans, freecell, majong titans, minesweeper, and purble (not purple) place, which all look different and cooler than on the old PCs. Chess titans, majong titans, purble place, and inkball are all new ones. There are pretty fun too. I got the game bioshock so it adds it to the game explorer. If you get other games it adds it on there too. On Inkball there are different colored balls in some levels and you have a pen and you make lines for the balls to bounce off of and your supposed to make it go in their own color. There are like 5 different levels of difficulty obviously getting harder as the difficulty gets higher. Its sort of fun. Chess titans is just chess. Purble place is really weird and stupid. Its for little kids like asking you to make a cake according to the picture. Its just really stupid. Majong is just majong when you have to match up the tiles. You can just press hint the whole time and then you win. I did that once. Its pretty weird. So there are the newer games.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Science Test

So i had a test on Wednesday and i knew i needed to get an A on it. I had a choice the day before the test to sleep over at my friends house since it is right next to the school so i can just walk there instead of taking the bus. So i chose to go there and i knew my friends dad would study with me and he did and he is very good to study with. He definitely takes care of business. So i studied with him but we didn't quite get through both of the chapters. I also studied with my friend. Then the next morning i had a paper sitting in front of my door and it was faxed science noted from home which i was sure i didn't need. My dad had faxed them to me and i told him i didn't need them and apparently that was the worst choice of words for that moment. My dad asked me stuff on it and i didn't know any of the stuff on there because i had different definitions. I guess both of the definitions were correct. My dad didn't like too much that i didn't know the terminology on the paper. So we argued a lot that day. I went to school and since it was a 2 hour period we did a bingo study thing before the test and then we did the test. I thought i knew the answers right when i read the questions and i was going to get an A for sure. So then 2 days later on Friday we get the test scored back. I got a 34 out of 50 which is a C. I thought it was a high B. So i get a text message from my dad saying you got a C no the test, we will talk. I was very disappointed because i had never gotten a C on a test in that class. So we talked this morning when we were working on a puzzle after all the kids went upstairs and he told me everything that happened and cam to the conclusion that i am going to take a study skills course online over the summer. The whole time i nodded and said mmhhmm because i didn't want to argue because i knew it wouldn't do any good in changing any body's mind. Plus i want to do anything to get all A's in that class. I will just have to do everything my dads plans out for me that is not too extreme and i guess taking a course online isn't very extreme.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

candy canes

Yes, of course you have to get candy candy canes for Christmas. I bought a 24 pack of them from the 99 cent store last year and i gave them to my friends of course there wasn't enough because i have a lot of friends but I'm sure it was fine. But the big box full of them was sticking out of my backpack. This time i had to buy from the dollar tree and i couldn't find the big box like before so i bought every different kind there and it was three different flavors from the same company who made them. Blueberry, peppermint, and cinnamon. When i was leaving i saw a rainbow one and i was sort of disappointed that i didn't buy it. I couldn't because my dad was waiting for me outside. But no biggy. Today when i gave them away, i would ask them, peppermint, cinnamon, or blueberry and almost everyone asked for blueberry and i only had 12 of those and i had 2 blueberry ones before school even started! But everyone definitely appreciated it. I thought the peppermint was pretty gross but some people asked for it. I didn't warn them. The blueberry was definitely the best and cinnamon was good too but peppermint was just ok. There was this one girl who had been mad at me for maybe about 2 weeks because of no valid reason. Her back was turned to me and i offered her one to be friend; because i as trying to get her to stop being mad. she shook her head no with her back still turned to me. I different the people around us one and they said yes. Then she faced forward and i offered her one again because she started too look at them. I knew she wanted one. She said yes and that was pretty much the end of her being mad at me. She laughed too. I also offered our Spanish substitute teacher one and he took it with a thanks. I gave away a lot of candy canes. So i am very generous and definitely feel good about myself.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

to kill a mockingbird

Many many many people have read this book and i am reading it for my English class. I am maybe 2/3 of the way through. I just got done with the jury part and that went on for a lot of chapters. It is a really good book. Usually you would think that if you are reading a book for school that its not going to be enjoyable, but this one actually is. Its got lot of detail in it and its sort of suspenseful and its about children and its a super popular book. Sometimes our teacher laughs at some of the stuff in the book and when she reads it, she reads it with some sort of an accent. I thought it was hilarious when i first heard her read it. So yeah if you haven't read it, i definitely recommend it.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Great Balls of Fire!

Do you know this popular song by the pianist Jerry Le. Well i obviously do because i am a pianist and I've heard this song a million times. I can even play maybe half of it. Well i didn't really post about the song. But i posted about the movie. I thought it was a great movie but i usually think movies are great unless they are totally ridiculous and not that funny like Nacho Libre which was my first post. But i definitely liked this movie. Its based on a true story. Jerry Le marries his 13 year old cousin! That's ridiculous. Who would do that. Well he does say many times over and over that he really does love her and that's what makes right. I guess i agree with that. They do very much love each other. That may make it right. What do you think?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

env touch

I want the env touch because its a touch screen and it has a keyboard. And mostly because my phones about to break. They don't even make my phone anymore. I have an Alias. I sort of want the Alias 2 but i really want the env touch. I've actually wanted it ever since it came out. I cant get the new droid phone (which is the best phone ever) because it is a lot of money and you have to pay a monthly fee because it is a smart phone. The env touch isn't a smart phone and its still awesome. I want it because it takes good pictures and plays music great and its really cool. I mean it has a touch screen so it has to be cool. I've always wanted a physical keyboard phone and a touch screen phone and this is just perfect. So hopefully i will get it.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


I know some people like the rain and some people don't but i happen to be one of those people in the middle. I don't like being cold but playing in the beautiful rain is fun. I like to be wet sort of. I just think its fun. Its usually always sunny and i guess its nice to have a little change during the day. But on the other hand those changes could be fatal. They could lead to landslides. And i mean major landslides. But i like how some times thunder and lightning come. I love the flash in the sky and the sound is cool too. The colorful streak in the sky is also very beautiful. I remember that time i was in Virginia visiting my aunt and uncle and friends and two little cousins. They are so cute. But one time when i was riding my uncle's 4-wheeler i stopped to look at the lightning. I don't even think it was raining, but maybe it was. But one time i think a drop came down and got under my seat and i heard a loud sound and i was scared so i got off and it was smoking. Nothing actually happened thank god but something could have happened. But yeah, i guess you could say i love the rain.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Random Thing

So whenever i go to bed or feel excited or something or just any time i make it happen, i get a weird surge through my whole body and its super hard to explain but its weird and it feels like it shakes my whole body and my hands fingers stretch out so you can see the tendons or something that go through you fingers. Its crazy and awesome and i don't even know if i like it. I think i might though. It happens to me when I'm really hyper like when i wake up. Its crazy and it hard to explain. I sort of feels like I'm doing the worm sort of. Its just weird. So you know, just think about it.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Spanish class

So i have Spanish class and ever since one day near the beginning of the year i started to act up a little and started to make people laugh and then my teacher saw what was going on and said something to me that included Mr funny or something but that was a sign to stop and so i did but ever since then, she hasn't really liked me. And I'm not so great of a Spanish person because i don't know if I'm right or not but i try, but i just give up because i don't want to be wrong. I like to be right though. But my "friend" who sits behind me somehow gets me in trouble a lot and she told me she would because its entertaining. I find that ridiculous and i did talk to her about it and how i needed an A in that class so she should stop and i guess that actually worked and she hasn't been getting me in trouble lately. So for the moment I'm trouble free in that class and all other classes. But still my Spanish teacher isn't really too fond of me.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I remember this really old game that i used to be almost obsessed with. Well now some people actually bring their gameboys and actually play them at school. Its crazy because who would first of all bring a gameboy to school, and second bring Pokemon, and third play it during class. You are supposed to be learning during class. Its just ridiculous. My friend plays it everyday during geometry class. His girlfriend got sort of embarrassed when i told her about it because she knew he does that but hates how hes obsessed with it. She told me that she always complains to him about spending time with her and not the game. She told me about one instance when they were at her house and he was playing on her bed and she was just sitting there watching TV. I thought how boring that would be and how messed up that is too. But oh well .Some people just get hooked on that game like its some sort of drug.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Organizing with time

I think its crazy how time flies by so fast. But mostly when your having fun and I'm usually having fun. Especially with high school. I'm always hearing how your high school years go by so fast that you cant even believe it because its four year. Unless obviously if your a super genius and know everything so well that you can skip a grade. That's pretty rare though. But everyday know for me, time is sort of a dilemma. I am always trying to organize things in some amount of time. I am always thinking about time and how fast i can get something done but actually knowing the material. I like to limit my time like eating breakfast in the morning which i was very slow at and still am. But i am always organizing all my school work in some amount of time in between the due date. I am definitely organizing much better these days because that's pretty much what high school is, organizing. But i am a procrastinator which does not help me, but i am fixing that problem. I like to spread things apart and not do everything all on one day. Like yesterday i finished my math homework. Today i am going to finish my science lab. If not today, tomorrow i will finish my Spanish and reading for English. I like to plan things out ahead of time. It just makes things much easier.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Settlers of Catan

I just got finished with a game of Settlers of Catan. Which is a very popular German game where you have resources and you can trade them to the bank or to other players. Trading to the bank costs more than what you might be able to negotiate with the other players. There are development cards that let you do different things like have extra points, move the thief which don't let the player who is on that hex get the resource there and you get to steal a card from them, take two cards from the bank, build 2 free roads to extend your abilities to settle, or call a resource out and you get however many of that resource tat all players have. Your goal is to get the winning amount of points. You can get points by having settlements, cities, the longest road, or the largest army, or the special extra point card. If you have at least 5 roads and it is the longest, you get the longest road card. The largest army is if you have played the knight at least 3 times and you have the most of those. Anyways, our guests played with us and it was fun but the game took way too long. My dad was 1 point from winning so our gust called the game off and let my dad win. Everyone was getting a little fidgety anyways. That does indeed include myself though. It is pretty late. But it definitely was a pretty fun game.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Droid Phone

So my dad finally got the new droid phone which he has been wanting since it came out which is not long ago since its the newest phone out. It costs $200 but he had a $50 off thing so it cost him only $150! That's a lot of money but it doesn't stop there. Its a smart phone so you have to pay $30 every month! So there is definitely a lot of money associated with the thing but i pretty sure it was worth it because it is freaking awesome! I am so jealous now because i only have the alias which they stopped making. I want the EnV touch really badly. I mean i obviously want the droid the most but i know I'm not getting that because of all the money involved. So my next step is the EnV touch. That costs $100! So i don't really know about that.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Mad Science Club

So when i get to my Math class, there is a bunch of writing on the white board. At the top in big letters it says, Mad Science Club. I'm not a part of it and don't plan to be. What they do and think of is crazy and I'm pretty sure the club is at lunch because my math class is at lunch. They write pretty much outrageous stuff but it is funny. I cant really remember anything but there was locker-ovens, and then they do crazy drawings. Today there was a 3 or 4 headed turkey. It was weird. I think they constructed a rocket looking sort of thing. It looked like it was going to fall apart if anyone touched it so i didn't touch it. I think i once walked in on the club because i left lunch pretty early but i think they were just wrapping up. So yeah, if i see anything more that i think is at least mildly funny, ill write about it.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Modern Warfare 2

So there is this new game out for PS3 and Xbox360 called Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. My friends were talking about how great it is and i don't even have any of those new systems. My friend told me to ask Santa to hook me up with a 360 or he will do it for me. So apparently hes gonna do it for me. But the other day i actually got to play it on my friend's Xbox Live and it was fun and addicting and just great. I really want a 360 now. Really badly and i hope to get one, but i just don't know if i will have time to play it because i never have time to do anything with game systems really. But that's probably because i have a short focus span so i get off track really easily but the 360 would definitely be an incentive and i would most likely not ease off my homework so easily. But life is good.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Sea World

I don't even know the last time i went to sea world. All i know is that it was fun. Whenever i think of Sea World, i think boring and then i actually go and it is fantastic. I went yesterday and we arrived at the hotel which is right by Sea World. Its awesome.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hypothetical Situations

So sometimes i get these thoughts where i think of situations then stretch them out beyond what can really happen. So its pretty much making up a hypothetical situation. I kinda of make them go into the future, like i set my hypothetical situation into the future sometimes. I like to do that. But when i think of the situation, I'm usually trying to be funny and yeah, its funny. You are probably wanting me to give you some kind of situation like I'm talking about but i don't really remember it. I can only remember right when i am making up the hypothetical situation. Ill try to remember the situation so i can post it but i think I'm going to set up a twitter so i can tweet my thoughts, hopefully soon. The thing is though, its gonna be a lot of typing in those situations. Plus i don't even know if people would be entertained by them. I like to entertain people, not by making myself look stupid though. I don't do that. I like to be funny though. But ill probably post about Twitter once i get one.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Soccer Game

We finally won our soccer game for the first time and it was our last game. We should have won the others, all we had to do was play like we did today. I think we won because for the first time, i think, our side where the parents and people watching the game cheered us on. Every time we even got close to the goal they started to cheer and then when we scored, every time they got all happy and jumped up and did all of their crazy cheering that i think pumped us up for the next goal. I know it pumped me up to do great and i did. I ran my @$$ off in that game and worked so hard like i always do but this game was a special one. I'm still kind of disappointed that we never won any other game but at least we one once. Its better than none at all.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Brother and mom

My brother really has my cold now and so does my mom. I can tell that it is definitely in my mom because she was really weary and intolerable of everything around her. It was just really annoying and i could barely stand it and now I'm in trouble. i can tell that my brother definitely has it because he is coughing constantly like i was. Its kind of annoying too because its weird now that they are coughing everywhere. Even my computer apps teacher was coughing today but I'm pretty sure that wasn't my fault. I just wish no one was sick. I mean I'm pretty sure I'm immune to it now but still its germs flying around everywhere. School is really annoying because if someone coughs even a little bit like one cough, they are all on you about the swine flu and that just gets really annoying. I just feel lie telling them to shut-up because they do need to shut-up and plus the swine flu isn't even that big of a deal. Sometimes i do tell them to shut-up but oh well. So yeah, i hope my brother and mom get better soon.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I have spread my cold on to my brother and my mom. My brother has it because he saw me drink out of water bottle when i was sick and then he drank it right after me even through i was warning and telling him not to but he didn't care and now he is paying the price for it. That just shows him to listen to his brother because he is smart and knows whats good for you and should always listen to him. He cant really afford to be sick because he has got a running meet coming up and then his running practices so he better heal quick or else things are going to be a disaster for him. He should have listened to me. He is coughing a lot and his temp. is going up. My mom just occasionally coughs. No big deal but maybe she will catch it.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So the Bioshock package finally arrived on i think Monday because my dad ordered it. He opened it up and it was the Bioshock book and so we were a little disappointed so he took it back and got the game. So now we are happy and so we set it up yesterday. Apparently when you move the mouse its not smooth and its really annoying so now we need to fix that problem. We have no idea how but we really need to figure out how because it is really annoying and i don't know how we are supposed to play the game with the mouse all jacked up like it is. My dad tried fixing it yesterday but couldn't so hopefully he can fix it today.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I got a little lucky today and not so lucky as well. So i forgot that i had a 100 question Health test today after school and i forgot to study for it and so i thought i was going to b in a tough situation. I had 4 other tests today. I had my science, English, computer apps, and math test. They were all kinda of difficult except for the English test which was extremely easy. But i could have had 5 tests today if i had to take the health test but my dad emailed the proctor for my tests and explained my whole situation of not being ready and she emailed back saying i could do it next week so i could prepare for it. So actually right now i am studying and i was saved by my dad's plus my proctor's generosity.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I think i might have a cold which is rare because i never get sick. I doubt it to be the swine flu. I don't think I'm gonna get that. The problem with me getting sick is now everyone in m house is going to get it because if it hits me, its definitely going to hit them. I think i have the strongest immune system in my family. I think my sister is going to be first because i heard her coughing today after i got home. I think my dad will get it after my sister because i spend a lot of time with him. Then my brother and then my mom because spends the least time in the house than the rest of us. So yeah. Its pretty ironic because i was just studying my health course yesterday and then i get a cold. Its pretty crazy. I think i got the cold from my friend because i slept over at his house when he was sick and then slept over there again yesterday and he was coughing so i probably got it from him but my cold should go away soon.

Monday, November 02, 2009


So I'm not really great at English tests but when it comes to science tests I'm pretty good. I took my midterm a week ago on Wednesday and i got an A-! I'm very proud and happy because the test was 125 questions! But i thought we had a test today in science but apparently the website was wrong an i am happy for that. Our Spanish teacher even moved her test date to tomorrow. I am extra happy about that because i don't think i was ready at all. I should have been ready though. I was ready for my science test though. I totally studied for that a lot. I need to because i promised my dad an A in that class so i need to live up to it. He also got me Bioshock which i have been wanting. So now i really don't have a choice. So there you go.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


For Halloween i was going to slash paint around my face and maybe do the saw thing with the red swirl thing on my cheeks and then go out and trick or treat because i really don't have anything else to do and I'm definitely not going to hand out candy! I'm a kid, i shouldn't have to hand out candy. So i told my dad what i was going to do for Halloween and then he told me I'm not aloud to trick or treat! That is just inhumane. Its like I'm in trouble and hes taking away my whole entire Halloween. That's what he is pretty much doing that! He doesn't realize it because he doesn't take the time to try! It just not fair. I didn't do anything bad. Ive been a good person. No sins right? I just don't get it. Its gonna be horrible. I didn't even get to go to Knott's Scary Farm. Everything for me sucks.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I had my science midterm today and it was 125 questions. 28 of those questions were true or false. The rest were just multiple choice. The test was surprisingly easy. I know for sure that i got at least one wrong because i looked it up in the book right after i handed in the test. It had something to do feldspar and quartzite. The choices that i remember was Andesitic composition, Basaltic composition, and Ultramafic. At first i picket basaltic composition. But i went back and changed it to andesitic composition. I looked it up in the book and learned that it was actually basaltic composition so apparently i should have stuck with my first answer. I am pretty disappointed that i got that one wrong out of any of them because me and my dad studied that one over and over and then i studied it on my own a lot too and i still got it wrong so all the time i spent studying that one thing all went down the toilet. But after the test i asked my teacher if we could listen to our i-pods with one ear bud because he lets us do that after he is done giving a lecture so he said yes. So my friend and i listened to her i-pod and we actually listened to I'm bo yo and sung almost all day together. It was fun. So the midterm wasn't that bad at all.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Im Bo Yo

So i was just watching a rap by Bo Burnham and it is funny but cool to actually say. Its kind of offensive though. It uses a lot of sick words like the "sh" word and stuff and then talks about girls and sex and it just goes overboard and he could have probably replaced some of the lyrics. I mean, I'm a okay with it but some people definitely aren't. I like the way he raps though. By the way, hes not really a real rapper, but only a comedian and that's why his raps are funny, but col to say. This one particular rap is hard though. So I'm warning you, if you want to see this, just be aware that i warned before watching it.

Monday, October 26, 2009

My horror story

So i had to write a horror story for my English class which is due Thursday but i already finished it today because i like to write. When i start to write something i get pretty hooked on it. So i actually had to ideas. My first one was titled The Disappearing People and the second one was titled The Falling Death. When i was writing the first one i got only to maybe the second or third paragraph but i #1 couldn't really think of anything else to say and #2 didn't really like the story that much. But the second one was scary. Whenever i tried to write more on it i got scared and stopped because of all the freaky things running through my mind and then paranoia came and then i started to hear noises and my door was closed and i just got really freaked out probably because i had watched like 3 different previews for the fourth kind right before i started to write. My story doesn't have anything to do with the fourth kind though. I started the story out by telling how i used to have nightmarish dreams about how i would fall off of something high and then just before hitting the ground wake up. In my story you both hit the ground and don't wake. So i think it is an awesome story. I will post it when its all edited and completed because right now its 31/2 pages long and the limit is 3 pages so i think i will just change the font size to 10pt and then i should be fine. So there you go.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


So my friend has a twitter and so after i saw hers and others before hers, i started to want to get into twitter. Not really post or anything, but to follow twitters. I want to follow $h!t my dad says, and Dan Cook's twitter so far. I guess when i make one, when i find time that i want to do it, i might search for different twitters to follow. Maybe even once in a awhile ill post, but not super frequently like some people do. Some people are just constantly posting and its crazy. But i kinda can't wait to follow Dan Cook's twitter. I think you should join it, maybe if your kinda of into that kind of stuff.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Fourth Kind

Well when i got home i went on YouTube but i forgot what for because i saw the fourth kind trailer and now i have been thinking about it and how scary it is. I also have a project for my English class to write a horror story and i got an idea so i started writing it down and i was getting paranoid and scared a little because my door was closed and i kept feeling like there was something behind me and now i am freaked out. It is just crazy but i really want to see the fourth kind. If you don't know what its about ill tell you. It is said to be a true story. A woman interviews a bunch of people and the people say that they always see an owl at their window every night and its eyes are huge. Then when they go to bed they all of a sudden jump upward from their bed, float in the air and scream and i guess in their scream they are saying something or whatever posses them is saying something but it is very scary and that is all i will say for now. Bye.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I saw the movie Zombieland yesterday and it was HILARIOUS. It was such an awesome movie. Sometimes i got freaked out, either by loud unexpected gunshots, or zombies popping out of nowhere. That only happened a couple times though, after that i got used to it. At one point though, you could see the zombie, but she was really creepy to look at and it was just nasty. Whenever you saw a zombie though, weird yellowish ooze would come out of its mouth. It was pretty nasty. But the movie was really good and i loved it. There were really crazy fat zombies in there and they were crazy. I would definitely see the movie again. So if your pondering about seeing the movie, go see it. Unless you have a weak stomach.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


So before I said that the work and everything I'm getting in my classes weren't so bad, well its gotten worse. Now i am getting tons of work all at the same time but i think my problem is procrastinating. Sometimes i have so much work all do on the same day that i forget to do some of the work like what happened to me 2 days ago. I had homework i think in every subject but my science was the main problem because i had so much to do and that's the one class I'm falling behind in. I was getting really bored and tired of of it but it was due the next day and i had some math due to and it was probably 10:30 and i was complaining to my dad how i wanted to go to bed and he was telling me that i had to assure him that i would finish all my homework the next morning. But i was only assuring him that i could finish my science for sure and that i would have to get up at 5:00 but apparently that wasn't enough for him so i fell asleep complaining to him about how i couldn't assure him. Then later that night i woke up on my with my head on my mom's shins and I just walked to my bed tiredly. So then the next morning my alarm went off at 5:00 but apparently i did something so it wouldn't ring after that and i was going to get up since my alarm light was on, but then it turned off and i fell asleep. Then at maybe about 5:30 my dad came and woke me up and I asked my dad if i could take a shower and he said yeah but it had a super quick one and I agreed. So i took a super quick shower and went straight to doing homework. It was a lot easier to do it that morning than the previous night and so i got all my science done, I still had math to do so i started to work on that, got a few problems done and then told my dad i would do it on the bus and so he agreed with me. Awhile before that i told my newly made friend since i saw him everyday almost on the morning bus that next time i saw him, since i never talk to him, that i would sit next to him on the morning bus. I guess he had to be ready. So that whole rest of the week i never saw him on the morning bus. Then that one day i saw him and he had his backpack and lunch on the seat next to him and he immediately moved it when he saw and i kind of laughed in my head and i had to tell him that i couldn't sit next to him since i had homework to do. It was pretty funny. But the point is i finished my homework on time. And that i had a science test that day too.

Monday, October 12, 2009


I cant probably say enough about music. I'm going to have to shorten up what Ive got to say about music. Well everyday i listen to music and think about music and play music. I play the piano and apparently i am very good at it. You know what, I'm actually listening to music right now. I think i listen to music as much as i can. I listen to rock. I guess any type, metal, hard rock, regular rock, and classic rock. I guess any form of rock. I don't listen to classical like Beethoven and stuff like that. I don't listen to country either. Primarily rock, but some hip hop and rap too. I just love music. Right now, me and my brother are working on the song Clocks by Coldplay. He is playing the guitar and i am singing and playing piano. He sings at certain parts of the song with me, but i song all the words in the song. I might learn the guitar of that song this week. But yeah, i love music. I mean who doesn't!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cadbury eybrows

I think this video on YouTube is a commercial for milk chocolate, but i love the commercial. It is so awesome but crazy. I wonder if the kids are really moving they're eyebrows as fast as they do. I mean the first part i think i can do, but the last part is crazy fast and i want to know if they are really doing that. I kind of did that to Technologic by daft punk. My friend video taped it with my phone. It was pretty funny. The reason I'm not putting any of those videos on here is because i don't know how. But you should definitely type Cadbury eyebrows into YouTube.

Friday, October 09, 2009


Well i am a very social person and that's why i have a lot of friends. I can just walk up to a total stranger and say hi to them and just start to hang out with them and there, I've made a new friend. I don't really know much about anti-social people because I've never been an anti-social person before. I think i might have met one though. But i guess not really. I don't know. All i pretty much know about being anti-social is that you aren't social and you don't really have many friends and you don't really socialize with people. But being social is great. It can open up new opportunities to you. So yeah.

Thursday, October 08, 2009


I love money and i don't know who doesn't. In fact i carry 50$ in wallet everyday and don't go below that! That's how much i love money. I think I'm pretty good with money because I'm not too keen on spending it. Usually if i think about buying something i talk myself out of it and that's really good. I think i do that every time i buy lunch at school. I talk myself out of spending extra money for a Gatorade or chips. or when i take the bus home, i talk my self out of getting anything from the store i get dropped off near. So i just like to collect money i guess. i got the $50 for my birthday and haven't spent it. I'm probably going to put it in the bank so i don't lose so much money if i lose my wallet. And i just shouldn't be carrying that much money around anyways. Remember, money cant buy happiness. (usually).

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

High School

So high school still isn't as bad as i thought it might be, like getting projects every single day and working until midnight trying to finish stuff but that hasn't happened. I guess i might have learned to prioritize. I do get projects every week for sure but Ive gotten used to them. They are pretty easy but sometimes i get projects in different classes due at the same time, but i can work around that and still finish them in time. Actually right now is one of those instances but i am doing fine.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Pearl Jam conert

I went to a Pearl Jam concert Wednesday with my mom and it was down at Universal Studios at the Gibson Amphitheater. It was so awesome even though we had to sit in the second to last seat on the top. I wore my glasses though so i could see the people. A different band played in the beginning though but i didn't know who it was. I was wondering why it didn't sound like Pearl Jam. So then there was the intermission and i got popcorn and coke and then Pearl Jam played. They were really good and Eddie Vedder is funny. I don't know if that's how you spell his name though. People got drunk there and the people sitting in front of me were smoking i think weed. When it was over my mom bought me a shirt and a poster but while we were waiting these three people were singing and this other guy was yelling at them and it was funny. They were obviously drunk but it was funny. So that's pretty much it.

Thursday, October 01, 2009


Today was super windy! I hate it because i am apparently allergic to the wind as my mom says. I agree for sure though. I am super dry and my throat gets dry very very quick and i hate it. My skin gets super dry too and my lips get chapped and my hands crack and bleed but that didn't happen today except for the chapped lips. That always happens though. I hate windy days, but today was just a good day at school for some reason. I don't even know why. The wind also makes me feel horrible. I experienced that phase right after my soccer practice. Actually during. But when i got home it was horrible but i took some Tylenol so i feel better. But i don't know, its just crazy.

Monday, September 28, 2009


So i saw the new Fame movie yesterday and it was awesome. My dad said there was one made a really long time ago and he saw it when he was a kid and that's why he wanted to see this new one they made. It is a remake of the old one obviously. It was such a great movie because all the music and dances were just so great and entertaining and a bunch of drama stuff happened. I don't know why it was rated PG though. They could have done a lot more with the movie if it was pg-13 for sure. But it was still a great movie and since it was rated PG everyone should see it. Its pretty much about a high school in which people are very talented and they are planning to have a music, or acting, or dancing or anything like that kind of a career. So you should definitely see it.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


So today i was supposed to get up at 8:30, but i kind of slept through my alarm so that was kind of troublesome. The reason why i had to get up so early was because of my 10:30 soccer game which i was supposed to be at at 10:00. So my dad called me a lot and i didn't answer the phone so he sent my mom to wake me up apparently but i woke up before she got there. Everyone was at my brother and sisters running meet and we only had one working car. My dad's car's engine was kind of broken i think. So he sent my mom from the meet! That's pretty crazy i guess but i had to get up and, eat and dress for soccer and i am kind of slow in the morning because i am tired in the morning. So i got to my soccer game, which we lost but played harder than he!!. I am the best goalie on our game. Our coach told us it was our best game played all season and it definitely was. We are definitely improving each game. So when i got home, i took a nap then got up did some homework then read and now i am blogging here. So that's how it went so far.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Activity day/ Club rush

Yesterday was the funnest school day because it was activity day, or club rush. Lunch is an extra five or ten or something extra minutes and the dance crew performs, and people sing, and during lunch you can go and check out and sign up for different clubs. I spent the whole lunch as i do with every lunch having fun with my friends and it was just really cool. They had rock band set up outside and me and my friend were singing a song and that was pretty fun. It was just the best lunch ever, but as everyday i got homework and i still have some and its a lot of work but I'm getting through. I hope there is another Activity day/ Club rush.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I just died in your arms tonight

I have a funny story about this song. Actually i didn't even know it was a song until a very long time after i heard it. Ok to i was at my friends house and he was having a fire pit and i don't remember if i slept over that night but i doubt it. So i grabbed two sticks and i like to drum so i started to drum on the metal pit and my friend started singing and rapping and it was funny and we were having fun and so he starts to sing, "you just died in my arms tonight" and that's pretty much the opposite of the real song which i just found out now. But i figured out it was a song months, maybe years after he sung it. I thought he was just making it up and so i start to sing with him and then i hear it on the radio or something and i start to laugh kind of and it was really funny to me but cool. I guess now i like the song so you should look it up on YouTube.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I have the Warriors game and it is really fun. I finally got to play it last night when my sister, mom, and dad were out eating somewhere for my Mom's birthday while i was babysitting my brother. Me and my brother played it on 2 player and it was fun but sometimes it would go to split screen when my brother wasn't in the same place as i was in the game. That gets really annoying. So then my dad called to check up on us and i said we were playing the warriors and apparently my brother isn't aloud to be around me while i am playing story mode. He can only fight me on the mini games kind of thing. He says there is some inappropriate stuff for my brother so he isn't aloud to watch. So i sent him upstairs to watch TV and he went and i beat the level i wanted too and then my dad got home and we watched JOJO Dancer. But in the warriors you can punch and spray people in the eyes with spray paint, command your team to wreck things and beat up the other gangs. You can even mug people and you get money from that. You can also pick locks and go in stores and steal money but an alarm goes off and the police come and arrest you but when you get arrested, your team un-cuffs you and then you fight the police off. You can even pick things up and throw them at people or other places to distract the other gang members. You can even tag. It is really fun so i think you should play this game if your up to it.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Settelers of Catan

This game is said to be the most popular one in Germany. It is a fun game indeed. So the goal of the game is to get to 10 points or i guess however you want to get up to because when i played last night we went up to eight bu just because our guest who came over to play had to go and he actually won. So the game is played with 3-4 people, we had four and you can get development cards which can give you Victory Points or do other stuff and you get resources by whoever rolls the dice and if you are next to that resource with the number shown on the dice you get that resource. I don't really want to explain more but you can trade resources with other players and buy settlements or cities to get VPs and win. It is really fun and you should probably play the game.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My friend

I have had this friend since about the middle of 8th grade and he is like my best friend. He transferred into my middle school in the middle of that year and he was in my History class and now we hang out almost everyday and he sits next to me in science. He says he can jerk which is a kind of dance and i think he can but its crazy because he cant even do the reject another kind of dance. He says he won this jerking contest. I believe him to and he said he won this random wear clothing like a lot of pants and shirts and I'm kind of jealous. A little. I hope he wears some of his new stuff tomorrow. Anyways he likes my x's best friend. So you know thats pretty much it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

School - work

Well i am definitely getting way too much homework and projects all at once. Its like our English just looks for projects to give us all at once. I mean i know I'm in honors English but 2 projects at once! That's just crazy and on top of that all the other homework i get from all my other teachers, plus my dad making me do stuff, plus my soccer practice!!! Its just ridiculous! Its not fair. I'm getting way too much homework and projects all at once. I feel like the president, its ridiculous! I get work in every class everyday. I don't really know what else to say except its not fair.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I went to the fair yesterday with my dad and i brought my friend but i pretty much just used my dad as a ride to get there even though he brought our whole family and had fun too. i got him some kettle corn that he said was the best kettle corn that he has ever had. I saved like half the bag for him. The fair is open today and my friend that i took yesterday is there right now. I was there yesterday until about 11:30 and had tons of fun because i knew almost everyone that was there which was really cool. The wristbands to go on every ride were $30 and i didn't want to pay that much so when my friend was leaving she gave me hers and took off carefully to make sure that there was still some stickiness so it would stay on. I even got one for my friend that i took from my friend but he got his ripped off of his wrist by a guy working a ride and that was really messed up. I went on almost every ride there except for the one that my friend got his wristband ripped of because i didn't want mine ripped off obviously. But i went a ride that goes really high up and then drops you down super fast and its called the super shot and i went on it like 20 times with my friends. It was really fun.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sonic boom

There was a sonic boom yesterday when the space shuttle landed in California. There was actually 2 of them in a row. It pretty much shook the whole house and I'm sure everyone in our neighborhood felt it and heard it. When i went to my mom to ask her if she knew what it was she said it no and looked all surprised and thought that we dropped something upstairs and i told her no that it was a sonic boom because i knew, my dad had told me ahead of time. She said really?, in a surprised tone and i said yeah. My friend came over a little after and i asked him if he knew and he said yeah that it was a sonic boom so yeah it was pretty cool. It was a pretty cool experience.

Friday, September 11, 2009


So i am obviously going to be talking a lot about school in these posts because i guess there is just a lot to post about so get used to it please. So there is definitely a lot of work and projects to do. I have already had like 5 tests already. I took 2 today so that's pretty crazy for this early in the year i think. Well i don't know so yeah. But i definitely get homework almost everyday and a lot of projects which i hate, i really don't like projects. They are a lot of work and stuff and i don't really like work. i don't really know who does. Well i don't really think i have much more to say about school but ill get back to you about it later, maybe.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Well over the weekend which was a three day weekend because yesterday was labor day i had to do homework every day because i had homework in every subject except obviously for PE and computer apps. In Geometry i had homework in the book, for science, i had a typed lab document, fro Spanish, i had to finish a poster with a picture of each letter of the alphabet, fro English i had to finish reading the book and doing to worksheet on it and that's it. So i spread those out by doing one subject each day which worked out well. I handed everything in today which was good. I just have to hope i get a good grade on everything which i probably will. So that's all i really have to say about my weekend.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Kill Bill part 2

If you haven't seen this movie i suggest you go watch it and then come back to read this because i will give away what happens unless you aren't planning on watching the movie. So in the beginning you see the kill bill girl in a car talking about what happened in the first movie so that was pretty cool. Well the whole movie was awesome just like the first one. So later on she goes to the country guy's trailer and then gets shot in the boobs with rock salt right when she opens the door and its by a double barrel shotgun and she flys backwards and then the guy injects something into her and she goes to sleep. then she is buried in the coffin and she has a flashback and i don't really want to explain the movie but yes bill definitely gets killed but he semi kills himself so your going to just have to see it to understand what i mean..

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Go Carting

OK so i went go carting with my dad yesterday after his fraternity meeting and it was super fun. The only kind of annoying part was the sock you had to put on because it went over your nose and that was really annoying but i got past it. The people could control the go cart's speed with a remote which was pretty smart and in the very beginning a girl crashed really hard into the wall and i almost crashed into her because it was pretty close to me and the wall flung out too which was crazy. The noise was super loud. It was kind of scary. I didn't get the hang of driving those until almost the very end though but it still was super fun. I was second to last because the person who crashed got dead last so i did pretty good. I learned to kind of swerve around the corners later on and that was pretty cool. The carts went really fast. I really want to do it again. So yeah. Oh and we went at K1 speed which is indoor racing so if you ever get the chance go there.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Kill Bill

I saw Kill Bill last night and it was such a great movie. I cant believe it ended like it did. I'm not going to tell you the ending because i don't want to ruin it for you but that movie is so crazy and weird. it was also funny too. That women is so crazy and how she does everything and she is just so weird and brutal. When it ended i wanted to watch the second one right then and there but it was 12:00 and we didn't have the second one yet but we will get it i hope today so i can watch it. i didn't get how when someone got severely hurt blood would spurt in like every direction at almost a hundred miles per hour, it just didn't make sense but it was an awesomely made movie and i am like obsessed with it now. So you should definitely see that movie if you can take it.

Friday, September 04, 2009


Ok so you know how some classes you just kind of don't like that much or they are boring, well we have this thing at my my school called block day and you go to half of your classes that one day and spend 2 hours in each class and that just kind of sucks because spending 2 hours in a class that's boring and just not any fun at all really sucks but the good thing is you don't get so much homework and you get of school a little bit earlier than regular days so that's really cool. So new topic homework. In almost every one of my classes before i went to high school i would never get any homework on a Friday to work on over the weekend but in high school i do but i guess that's not so bad. I thought high school was going to be pretty bad but its not so bad in fact its a little bit fun because i have a lot of friends there so that's really cool. So that's good. So yeah there you go.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

School with haircut

Okay so i arrive a school and go to hang out with my friends and they are like WHOA! You got a haircut and i said yeah and that's what pretty much happened with everyone i knew they there and i know like half of the people there. So then later on I'm talking to my friend in my computer apps class because we were aloud to at that time and he sits like two seats away horizontally so pretty everyone in between is looking at me and it was crazy and then my friend said i looked like a squirrel and that nickname actually kind of started in seventh grade and now its starting up again. People were saying i didn't really look like a squirrel and then they're like oh yeah he kinda does and its just weird because i don't look like a squirrel. But my friends of course didn't like it because it looked much better when it was long. Some people didn't even recognize me until later. my English teacher didn't recognize me. She came up to my desk and whispered to me that she didn't recognize me and that she really liked my haircut and i thought i was int trouble so I'm glad i wasn't.. My other friend said he was going to shave it all off and that's just crazy so yeah, yesterday was crazy.

Monday, August 31, 2009


Well i didn't get a hat yesterday because they were either too big or too small so i don't know whats gonna happen at school. Ill probably get made fun of and then the girls that used to come and talk to me will probably stop doing that. Its terrible without my hair. The girl i like probably wont like me now because i look so stupid. I just wish i didn't cut my hair so much or not even have cut it all would have been the best. None of the hats looked good on me either so that kinda sucked. i wish i cud flip my hair and when i used to wave it around it would give me wind on my head which felt good. So i don't know what to do now.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Ever since i got my haircut i have needed a hat to cover it up because it looks really bad. So Ive been begging my mom to get me one since the day i got my haircut which was two days ago and she always had an excuse as to why she couldn't get me one but today i need it because tomorrow we go back to school and i am definitely going to need a hat before then. This time i need to make sure my brother doesn't get a hold of it because when he wears it on his big head, it bends the hat to make it look stupid and he always brings it to school and loses it and that's not going to happen again. I'm going to be wearing it all the time and hiding it before i go to sleep so he doesn't get it. If i ever see him using it, its coming right up off of his head. He used to hide it in his backpack to which really bothered me and he used to hide it all the time so i need to keep my new hat safe.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


So I used to have a kind of a crappy 19 inch monitor about two days ago and my dad had this awesome 22 inch monitor but now he has this super awesome 24 inch monitor and he gave me his 22 inch one. It is super awesome and it looks better on my computer than on his. its so nice and i love it. Its huge so if you watch something on it the picture is obviously great. but my dad's monitor has something to do with HD so that's pretty cool. i don't know why he even needed his new monitor, i think he only got it because it was cheap but he didn't even need it but I'm glad he got it because i have his old awesome one and my brother has my old one. So that's cool, every ones happy.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Okay so my hair used to be long and it looked great and all my friends think so but my dad made me get a haircut today and it looks stupid. It always looks stupid when i get a haircut. I got it at supercuts. My dad said i could have got it so its a little longer than it is because it is too short. Well he thinks it could have looked better longer but i don't know. It definitely looks pretty bad rite now. I cant wait until it looks good again. Then i can actually feel good about myself and be confident about everything i did like i did when i had hair. Now i just feel like pretty much everything sucks and it does. I feel like everything going for my is bad. That's how down i am.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1st day of school

Well i call this the first day of school because it is for everyone except for the freshmen because people call the orientation the first day of school but i don't because we didn't really do much yesterday but today we worked on stuff. Well pretty much just in geometry and a little in Spanish. Our teachers told us the class rules and stuff because some people didn't go yesterday or they just didn't explain it yesterday. It was pretty boring today and i kept wanting to take a nap but i knew i couldn't because i would get in trouble but i did close my eyes for a little bit. It felt good but i knew i couldn't stay like that for even more than a minute. I got papers for my parents to sign from almost every one of my classes. today wasn't really that exciting. i remember in my elementary school in one of my grades on the first day we got candy and stuff and that was pretty cool but today wasn't exciting. So yeah.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Today at my school, we had orientation for all the freshmen going to the school. it was kind of like the first day of school because you went to all of your classes but you only spent about 10 or 15 minutes in them. I knew at least one person in all of my classes and i know a lot of people that aren't in my classes which is cool. That just means i know a lot of people. A lot of people were from my old school. My classes are computer apps, geometry, CP science, honors English, Spanish 1, PE, and TAP which is advisory. I heard that my geometry teacher wasn't so good and now i know why, well its because no one can pronounce her last name, not even herself, and i couldn't understand a word she was saying so i have a feeling i am going to have a really hard time in geometry but other than that its fine. At the end of the day they had hot dogs, water, and chips but i don't like hot dogs so i ate t home and only took a water. That pretty much sums it all up.

Monday, August 24, 2009


I got my glasses i think on Friday and it is amazing how i can see now. I have gotten glasses before but i lost them and that's why i got new ones. I never really look good in glasses and that's why i waned contacts but my parents wouldn't get them for me. But i don't need to wear my glasses all the time, just in class when i need them, in the movie theaters, or when i am just watching TV or a movie. But i don't think i would ever wear them all the time in public. But when i put on my glasses everything looks so detailed and outside it looks beautiful and i start to notice things that i didn't know were actually there which is weird. my dad got m glasses at on the Internet at like or something. I don't know id that's the actual web address but i think that's what it is. So yeah.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Inglourious Basterds

I finally got to see the whole movie yesterday. It was awesome and my friend came with me and my mom. I missed a lot. Important people got killed that i slept through the first time i saw it. The movie was awesome when you see the whole thing but some parts were a little boring so i was starting to fall asleep during those parts. My friend said that too. It was so crazy though. Its pretty graphic and gory. Still "The Bear Jew" is crazy but funny. I don't know how someone could have came up with a story like that. So many people dying but Brad Pitt or Lieutenant Al Doreine makes it funny. The ending is really graphic. Its just crazy. I think the best parts are when Brad Pitt is in it because they are always funny. So yeah see that movie for sure but i have to warn you its pretty long.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Inglorious Basterds

I saw this movie, well about an hour of the two and a half hour movie because i went to see it at 11:00 and i kept falling asleep. But i think i saw all the crazy parts because that movie was crazy. there was definitely a lot of killing in that movie. Well maybe not all of the crazy parts but the shooting was loud so that woke me up. I wished i could have seen the whole movie because it was so funny. People laughing woke me up to because they were laughing so hard. That movie was hilarious. It was pretty much a Jew gang kind of thing called the basterds and the bear Jew was crazy. He might have been my favorite because he would hit the wall with a bat and then bat the Nazis to death and that was just inhumane. But that is of course why they call him the bear Jew. The movie was separated into chapters and each one was funny. Now i didn't see much so all i can say is i want to see that movie.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Life is usually great i think. I don't really know much about life but for me i usually make it the best it can be even in hard times. It hard though when your girlfriend recently broke up with you and that's what happened to me. She was my first true love. I don't really want to get into the details but i am pretty depressed and i cant really fix my depression. I'm sure sooner or later my depression will fade away but the girl that broke up with me didn't talk to me for a week then got her friend to tell me that she just wanted to be my friend. She still likes me though i think. I don't like it when people get other people to break up, they should just do it themselves. But yeah that's pretty much all i got to say on the topic of life. its not much but i think it my be enough.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Reading in high school is going to be crazy. I mean i read at home everyday and that's not bad at all. But i am going to have to read so much in high school and then do reports and projects on them and pretty much everything i will learn will be reading. I would be reading all day everyday and then having to do work on the reading. And that's not just for English, its for every subject. In math i will be reading math equations, in history i will be reading about things that happened in the past, and so on and so on. But if i am reading everyday i will get tired of it and it will interfere with so many other things that i want and have to do. Reading can be fun though wen its about something interesting and entertaining but other than that i don't like reading.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I just saw GhostBusters last night and it was super weird. A huge marshmallow killing guy? What the heck. Whats up with that. It is pretty much the weirdest movie i have seen, maybe. I think that Peewie movie is probably the weirdest movie i have ever seen. But Ghostbusters didn't really make any sense. The weird library ghost, and then the weird green hotel ghost. And then the ghostbuster's super destructive dangerous guns. It doesn't even make sense. And then they aren't supposed to cross their streams and then they do it on purpose. But it is a funny movie for sure. And it was definitely a good movie. So that's good. But i don't understand how there is a gatekeeper and a key master that are dogs. Its just weird. But yeah I'm sure you have seen this movie because everyone pretty much has.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Its almost time for school and i don't like hearing about it because i really don't want to go back already. My friends keep talking about it even though i am in high school and they are in middle school it still gets annoying. my dad and other parents keep talking about it too. But i think high school this year is going to be really hard. With all the projects and homework, and books, and assignments, it will be a nightmare. That means i have to read a lot too because i didn't get my summer reading list but none of my friends did either. I am still wondering if they will make us take a test within the first week about any of the books. That would be messed up. I got new clothes though yesterday. I got blue, red, black, and grey pants. An Element and 2 Volcom shirts. I got to pick out all of my clothes and i was glad because i usually never do. So that's that.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

District 9

I saw District 9 yesterday and it was probably one of the best movies i have ever seen maybe. It was so awesome. There was a lot of killing in that movie though and violence. Its about how this enormous alien spaceship hovers over Arabia or something for a month and the humans cant get in so then they use force to get in and find all these bug aliens called prawns and they bring them down into a camp below their ship and the prawns cause a lot of trouble and they go crazy for cat food. So the people living where they brought these prawns down aren't too happy with them after they are there for 20 years and by then they can talk to each other. So in those 20 years this corporation called the MNU starts this project to put them into better camps so they pick this one guy to go get the prawns to sign an eviction form and they bring the army and most of the prawns resist. The prawns are very intelligent and have weaponry which only their DNA can activate and so there is this gang in District 9 who wants to use the weaponry so he eats parts of the prawns but it doesn't work. So then later the main character goes to a prawn gang and finds this black fluid and crazy stuff happens. I don't want to tell you the rest so i definitely recommend that you see this movie.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The warriors

The Warriors was an awesome movie. I thought it was only a game though because my best friend had it until my dad told me it was a movie. So usually my mom falls asleep during movies but she didn't fall asleep during this one which means it is one of the best movies ever. It definitely was. Its a movie about a lot of different New York gangs but mainly on the warriors. The warriors was a really small gang but they were definitely extremely strong but some of their members got killed or arrested. Some were stupid too. The whole movie was about how almost every gang was going after the warriors because they thought they shot Cyrus, "the one and only". Everyone should definitely see that movie. I want the game really bad now. Its supposed to very good. So go see the warriors.

Friday, August 14, 2009


So i was supposed to go to my first soccer practice yesterday but my dad forgot and i never knew. But that day i was playing soccer at the place i volunteer at and i got hit in the face with the soccer ball, kicked in eye which still hurts, and fell. It was harsh but i made a really good goal. It wasn't the only goal but i had the ball at one end and i dribbled it past everyone and kicked it between the goalie's legs and it was the best goal ever. It was fun. but as it got later and later, more and more people were playing and then it got to be like 50 people on the court which is where we were playing and it filled up the gym pretty much and i just stopped playing because i was waiting for people to leave. But still no one left until the gym closed and then opened up again. It was crazy. But when it reopened soccer was over and i got picked up by my mom or dad. It was fun though.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Medieval times

Medieval times was really fun. I had been there before but i was a really small child and i don't remember it. I remember the torture museum though. I remember the metal glove they heat up and then put on your hand and it burn really really badly. But when we walked in we got a green crown. Other people got red ones, black and white striped ones, red and yellow striped ones, gold ones, blue ones, and i think that's all of them. So the crowns were for which guy on the horse you were cheering on. The green one was the kings sworn enemy. And before that the prince had gotten captured. So there were games like catching lances. Throwing the lances into a bulls eye, and jousting. The green guy which was ours was impatient to fight, so he went up to another guy and fought him and won. It was cool. So then they would joust and then fight on ground like the green guy did with the other guy. So that went on for awhile and the red guy had just beat someone else and the green guy rides really fast on his horse and stabs the red guy in the back with his joust and all the joust would break so that one definitely broke on him. So then they fought and the prince was brought out by the green guy's friend's i guess and they all pretty much fought each other and the green guy eventually got killed and the prince was saved. The end.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Soak City

Over my weekend vacation i went to stay at a hotel and walk to Medieval Times with my family and then some friends. Then the next day we all went to soak city except for my friend's dad. That was really fun. You could get tubes to rent but all the places you could use a tube they had them there for free. But sometimes they would run out or you would have to wait in line to get a tube. So if you rented one you would always have one and you could go strait to the line. But we didn't rent any tubes. We just used the ones they had for free. It was really fun. So we first went on the lazy river where you have to use a tube or walk. The lifeguards said you couldn't swim. Then i went on the mat slide and raced my brother who got a head start but i won in the end. Then we went on the white slide and used a tube in there. Then we ate lunch outside of the gates. Then we came back in and played in a mini park at soak city and then i went on a body slide. There were three of them and they were the biggest rides there. There was a yellow spinning one. A red wavy one and a red super steep drop. I was in the red line because there was a yellow line next to me and i wanted to go on the drop. So they called for anyone on the drop and i was the only one to raise my hand so i got to cut a lot of people to go on it. And then i went on it and it was crazy, scary, and fun. I loved it. I wanted to go on again but the line took forever in the first place so i didn't. So then i went in the wave pool for a very long time and then we went home. It was really fun.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Uncle Buck

I watched the movie Uncle Buck the other day and it was so funny. My dad thought it was so funny that he started to cry. He even updated his facebook with something in there from his phone like he always does. But The director of the movie Uncle Buck and The Breakfast Club died the day we watched it which is horrible. He was a great director. I think the Breakfast Club is my dad's favorite movie. He died from a heart attack. So the oldest daughter was definitely really mean. She was cursing a lot and it was just crazy. The other two little kids were not really important to me. The boy did ask a lot of questions at once though. It was pretty funny. The little girl was just bad in school. The parents didn't really mean much in the movie because they pretty much left for the whole movie. But it is a good movie.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Back home

I thought that when i got back from Virginia that a lot of things would have changed back at home but everything is pretty much the exact same. I still get in arguments with my dad and i still have to get up in the early morning, my siblings haven't changed a bit, and neither has my parents or pretty much anyone. Its pretty weird. I thought i was going to be welcomed home with a huge welcoming kind of thing sorta. i did get the best pie when i got home though. It was so good. It was a chocolate pie with Oreo cookie crust and whipped cream on the top. It was so so so good. I even had some this morning and i don't usually like sweets in the morning but that pie was definitely an exception. I did get to stay up late and watch Hancock if that's how you spell it. And that was pretty cool. So yeah everything is pretty much the same.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The last days of Virginia

Well during some of the last days we went to my grandmas and spent the night there and my uncle was there too. We went to George Washington's house and went all through that and we came back and spent some of the days just hanging around. But i finally got to go to my friend's cabin and spent the night there too and that was really fun even though her brother never really went in the water. He got in the kayak and then started to yell and cry because of the dragonflies scaring him and he wouldn't even move so i tried to climb into the kayak to take him back and i go in but accidentally flipped the kayak and then he started to yell and cry even louder and he was thrashing around so i immediately flipped the boat back again and me and my friend had to push him back. It was hilarious but i was trying not to laugh but it was so funny. He pretty much just hung out with his friend a couple doors down. Me and my friend jumped on the raft in the water, swam, went in the kayaks and later on her friend came and we hung out with her for awhile and they both wore the same swimsuit but my friend's friend never went in the water even though she got in her swimsuit. It was weird. At night after the new friend left me and my friend took the kayaks and went under this super small bridge and we had to throw the life jackets and oars and lay completely flat in our kayaks and swim with our hands. I hit the back of my feet on the bridge by accident but it was still fun. Then they took me home and now its today and i am finally home after about two fun filled weeks in Virginia.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Virginia day 5

The wildlife place was cool. I walked in with my aunt, her friend and baby, and two little cousins. We bought a bag of food to feed the animals there. The majority of what they had were goats. But they also had a camel, loose bunny's walking around the park, lemurs, birds, a leopard, deer, ostriches, a bear, a llama, a sloth, and other animals. It was pretty fun. I fed what you were aloud to feed, and you couldn't feed the leopard, birds, sloth, lemurs, porcupines, or the monkeys. I got to feed the deers, goats, ostrich, camel, llama, and bunny's. I pet pretty much everything you could feed except for the ostrich. After we were done at the park, i went to give the ostrich the rest of the food, who before stuck his head in the bag of food, but this time, he stuck his had in there and grabbed the bag and took it and ate it all with the llama. I managed to get the bag back though fortunately. So then that was the fun of that day. The next day i hung around, played the Wii, rode the ATV and shopped with my aunt. Nothing really special. The next day which was yesterday, my other uncle, grandma, and two friends i had from the last time i was here came to the house. We all went river rafting except for one of the friends. It was about 5 miles of river and we had some problems on the river. Well at some points there were little rapids and at the first rapid i wanted to see what it was like so my grandma told me i could get off the canoe and walk in there. Unfortunately, that was a bad idea because the rocks were slippery and they hurt and i kept falling and they kept going up the river, so my uncle in the kayak had to come and rescue me so i got on the front of the kayak and lied there until i got onto the canoe which was crazy. So then later when my uncle got into the canoe and i got into the kayak we went on some rapids and he hit a tree on the rapids so it flipped and everything in there which were a bunch of coolers, sunblock, shoes, bug spray, cans, and other stuff was floating down the river so we all had to gather it all up which was a nightmare, but everything else was okay and we made it out okay. At the end i found a20 dollar bill and a pair of some guys broken shoes. We had to go back and get my sandals but we lost my hat and sunglasses. That was about it for the day. Today i went to the caverns and the whole thing was pretty much stalactites, and stalagmites. It was pretty cool, but at the end it started to get boring because it started to get the same but it was still fun and i took a lot of pictures. So the was the meat of today and that's it.

Friday, July 24, 2009


The plane ride to Virginia was six hours but i guess it didn't really seem like it because they had a TV on which they played the Simpson's, time warp, Monsters vs Aliens and those were all entertaining. They also played music videos. Those were OK. I listened to about 2-4 songs on my MP3 and ordered a sprite and ate all of my Pringles. When i sat down though on the plane, the guy next to me looked Chinese and he couldn't talk to anyone i guess because he didn't speak English but he had a blue surgeon' mask. It was so weird and a bit freaky. when i took out my phone he put his hand on it and rubbed the screen with his thumb and i guess he was just looking at the time like i was but he had just looked at his watch so i don't know it was weird. He also touched my sprite which was weird. The whole plane ride was pretty much weird. But it didn't seem as long as i thought it would be. So my uncle picked me up at the airport and the ride to the restaurant was an hour but still it didn't seem as long, maybe it was because we talked the whole way. So i rode the 4-wheeler when we got there because i love that thing. Whenever i go i want one for home but i know i cant get one because there isn't anywhere to ride it at home. But we went to lunch with my aunt and her friends and my two little cousins and i ate like 2 dinners. It was good, i had crab cakes and my cousins food which i finished off for him had pasta and butter. So i have ridden the 4-wheeler everyday since i have been here. I played pool with myself and pinball at my uncle's parents house across the field. It was fun. I ate all the salt water taffy at my aunt's house and my uncle's parents house had more and they all good kinds. I didn't try the licorice though so i don't know about that one but i didn't think it would be good so i didn't try it. But i am about to go to a wildlife museum right now so here i go.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Well everyone is home My family is home and my best friend is even home from Colorado. I swam in his jacuzzi yesterday as a "Welcome Home Party". It was weird. My sister and brother were in the jacuzzi with but they were annoying us. They kept jumping on us and messing up things we were trying to do like start a Whirlpool. But still i had a good time when i was gone and i should have a good time while I'm here. But then I'm leaving very soon again. I only spending about 2 or 3 weeks at home and traveling the rest of the summer. The next place I'm going is Virginia. So i will have fun there.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lake Havasu

I just got back from Lake Havasu and it was so hot. I have never been in such heat before in my life. At least i don't think i have. it was a record breaking heat for July and it was burning. I have a sunburn pretty much everywhere. Me and my friend surfed on the shore with his boogie board and surfboard and went on the boat which was really fun. It was his family's boat. We went really fast and got really good airtime on it. We pretty much just did that Friday and Saturday because we arrived on Thursday and left today, Sunday. They own a house in Havasu. It was really cool inside and really hot outside. In the truck it was cold. They drank a lot of beer. I slept on the bottom bunk. I didn't know having a boat was so much work though. But it was worth the work or sure. So yeah. There's pretty much what we did in Havasu.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Heaslth course

I am taking an online health course so i can take computer programming this year. Now taking this course online is really really boring, but i want to get ahead in my studies so i am taking it. The only boring part about it is the reading and tests. Actually that's all you do, read and take tests. I don't even know why its required to take. I think its really boring and pretty pointless. I mean yeah i have learned some stuff here and there from it, but we paid about $120! Just to take a health course online. Its crazy. We saw other ones for like $300!. Now that's just horrifically unreasonable! Yeah so you read about 40-70 pages in each lesson then take a speed back test at the end of the lesson that actually counts for your grade. I haven't done one yet but i am doing one today and it says its "open book" So it should be easy. So then after all the lessons are completed you take a final exam but you have to get more information about that tests and you don't take it online, you take it in front a person or something. I don't know but we will have to find out. So yeah.

Sunday, July 05, 2009


Which do you think are better, home made smores in the microwave or camp smores. Honestly i think camp smores are funner to make but i cant really tell which ones are better. I just tried home made smores the other day and they were really chewy and good but who knows. That question is an opinion. But which do you think if taken on a pole of 5,000 people do you think would win camp or home made smores. Well it doesn't matter because smores are always good. End of story.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

There will be blood

There will be blood was a great movie. It was so great that could watch it again. I want to watch it again tonight. I was wondering how they filmed that movie, because i bet they spent a lot of money on it and i bet it was very difficult to make a movie like that. It was so crazy. They main character is super crazy. He killed a man with a bowling pin! That's just inhumane! I think he needs to get rid of that sin. Apparently he doesn't like the church or anything that has to do with it. I must say though that he is an oil man. His son is a little crazy too. I liked how the main character spoke though, like his accent or something like that, it just sounded cool. I couldn't believe some of the stuff he did. He gets slapped in the face a lot. But he does some of his own slapping too. The movie is about oil but the guy who told the main character about the oil never shows up after he tells him where the oil is. It is a crazy movie and there definitely will be blood.

Friday, July 03, 2009


So everything i have been doing from the start of my traveling summer, until the end of it should be an adventure but everything through today this summer so far as been an adventure. Yesterday i came back from New Jersey. We went on the airplane Wednesday but there was a rainstorm with lightning and thunder and the plane couldn't fly through that so we were waiting until it ended and that drained our gas so we had to go back and fill up the plane and then we took off and missed our flight in New Jersey. So we stayed and extra day and went all around New york City. It was crowded with so many people. There was on and off rain pour but that wasn't too bad. I rode the subway a lot. I was getting really annoyed on the airplane ride back to California because my ears were hurting really bad and i was chewing gum but that just made my jaw tired and that started to ache and it still aches now very surprisingly. So then i got back slept and i woke up from my siblings i guess being excited to see me back home. Then i ate breakfast and went on my way with my mom and sister to go see my uncles new house. We actually went there to get my dad's sunglasses that he left there but while i was there i went with my uncle to the beach where there were sand dunes and we rented a dune buggy. It was awesome in the buggy. We went down really steep hills and went pretty fast. So then we returned from that trip to my uncles and now i am watching there will be blood.

Monday, June 29, 2009

New York day # 8

Well its Day 8 as i explained at the top apparently. Funny! So today i got to chop more wood. We actually hiked in the rain first. Well i got up before anyone and saw that grandma was making up some brownies and next to that a bowl of chocolate, and i love chocolate. So i asked her if i could lick the bowl and she let me have it and when i was done my friends dad saw it and said what was i eating and i told him grandma let me have it so he told grandma not to do that. We didn't eat the brownies today sadly but ill tell you, that chocolate i licked off the bowl was so good. I knew i would be caught, but i couldn't turn down the chocolate. How could anyone, doesn't everyone like chocolate, or should like chocolate at least. Then we hiked in the rain. I was leaning up on a tree and when i did all the water from it fell on me, i thought it was pretty funny. That happened on a bridge over bog which i got to walk on again and it was pretty cool. My friend walked on it and his shoe fell off again. That was funny. After that we got home and chopped wood. Now believe this, i turned down driving a car for chopping wood! That's crazy but splitting wood is fun to me. It gains muscle and its fun to actually split huge thick logs like the ones i split. After that we made a fire and that was cool because we roasted smores again. so we had a really good day. Oh and i also taught our new friend how to play clocks by cold play on the piano. That was fun. So that's our wonderfully filled day!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

New york day 7

Well in the past few days i have been hiking again, canoeing ( made up word), making a failed fire and splitting wood with an axe. Well we went to the natural center to go canoeing and walking through the woods with a naturalist specialist and told all of us a lot of facts about the woods and bogs which is moss on the water that you can walk on which my friend and I got to actually walk on and it was really cool and after we were done and the naturalist told us to come back to the canoe. So i asked the naturalist if my friend and I could have our own canoe because the canoe we were all going to go in didn't have enough seats and it would be cramped so we did get our own canoe. When we started we kept on crashing into logs, trees, and other natural stuff. But on the way back we didn't crash into anything. When we got back we watched TV until my friends dad came with a friend. She is really really cool and nice and friendly. In fact she is in the room where the computer i am using is reading. Before all that though we made a failed fire of just fire starter so that sucked. We were going to make a fire today but it started to rain and its raining right now. So earlier today i got to split wood with an axe which was really fun but hard work at the same time. I think the achievement of splitting the wood was pretty satisfying along with the good workout and i am sore right now. My friends dad obviously split the most. I think i split the second most though. My friend did some splitting but mostly stacked wood. I am eating a lot more than at home. In fact maybe twice as much as i eat at home which is really good, i need to gain a few pounds. I definitely think i have though. So that's about it for this post. Tune in tomorrow to see what happens in my life. Good commercial break speech. LQTM (Laugh Quietly To Myself). Its a little more honest than LOL. Got that joke from Demetre Martin.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Love New York

Well last night we made a fire and roasted smores which is what we are going to do tonight. The fire was pretty good. It wasn't anything huge but it was good enough for roasting marshmallows. After we took in the crackers marshmallows and chocolate some kid came over and said that the grandma called and said there were smores and i said well you are a second late because we just took in and that me and my friend were having a water fight. We both got a little soaked. It was a fun water fight. So the kid who came over for smores spent the night and stayed with us today until about 3:00 when we finished hiking. At the top of the hill we hiked up there was a really nice view. We had to wait for the grandma who apparently went off the road and we knew that because we had walky talkies which i asked where she was and she definitely was off the road. But we brought her down and then we went back down to the car where we waited for about an hour for her eating sandwiches and ice cubes. Then we dropped off our new friend on the way home. When we got home we just played ping pong, watched TV, and looked for the BB shotgun. We found it where it was supposed to be about a half an hour ago. So we got into a couple fights where i punched my friend in the jaw, but then it we got over it after about a half hour. When i punched him, my knuckle started to bleed, so i must have punched him pretty hard. So that's how our 2 days went.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Love New York

Well my start of new york was pretty weird. I don't know where to start. Well when we first came i had the best pizza ever and i called it heaven and it definitely was heaven. But then there was at least 20 hours of driving to Pennsylvania to visit my friends cousin. It was fun there, i slept on the couch, jumped on the trampoline, had a party and played rock band all night. Then it was time to leave there so we visited his grandfather who is really old and called me his grandson! It was pretty funny. But then we went to breakfast with him, and he didn't complain as much as when he did after but we dropped him off at his apartment. Then we had about 10 hours of driving top the airport to drop off the rental car and get into his grandmas car and i am currently at her house. It was about 8 hours of driving from the airport to the house which is in the woods. It is a really nice place, a little small but nice. I slept upstairs on an airbed and my friend sleeps upstairs on a regular bed and i like my bed a lot better. Well when i was on the trampoline at Pennsylvania i hurt my back and it hurt for about two of three days after that and it hurts a tiny little bit right now but i am doing just fine. So at the house there is a Beebe shotgun and a ping pong ball table which is really fun to use and that's usually what i play with with my friend. We have a board set up and targets to shoot at on the board. Today we went fishing and we didn't catch any fish but i guess it was a little bit fun casting out. We went on the play set after that. Then we went into a trail then wondered off from the trail and that's when it started to get rough. We were going through trees and branches and plants and i don't thing we hit any poison ivy. WE had like 5 sticks that we picked up but they all broke while we were whacking things, i only got to keep about half of a stick but it was still a good stick to carve. Before that we went hiking further from the house though and got sticks to carry back home, and i carved that and sanded it down and its really really smooth. So while we were hiking after we went fishing when we went off the trail we were looking for the road where the grandma would pick us up i got whacked by plants, sticks, branches and got hit by rocks, my shoe actually fell off when it got stuck in mud and that kind of sucked because both of my shoes actually fell off. After that i had a bee following me and i freaked out a little bit. When we were walking up my feet were getting stuck in piles of branches. One time i got stuck and a branch stuck into my rib which didn't hurt as much as it was supposed or would seem like because of the adrenaline so yeah and after that we got up the hill and got into the car to go home, shoot the rifle and play some ping pong. The computer i am using is really slow but it is enough to use at least. OH and there is a piano in the house i use and its definitely needs some tuning. I told the grandma it needed to be tuned and she said well why its been tuned a year ago! And then i said yeah it definitely needs to be tuned but now i am doing good so no more hurt. That's a little summary of my time spent on the vacation so far. I should be able to post tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rubik's Cube

I got a Rubik's cube about 2-4 days ago because i asked my dad for it awhile ago and he ordered it on the Internet so it came about 2-4 days ago and its really hard to figure out. I have tried looking up ways to solve it but i don't understand what they are telling me about it because the Rubik's cube turns too fast for me too see and they are talking about algorithms and stuff that is really confusing but i have completed sides but separately. Right now i have the orange side done but i want to get 2 at once but that is super hard because whenever i try doing that it messes up the side i have done and then i don't know how to put it back so what i a doing now is experimenting by turning the cube in different scenarios and then putting the orange back together again in case i have the same scenario with a different side i will know how to fix it but its still really hard. I guess ill just have to figure out how to complete the cube on my own and see if i do. It isn't that frustrating because i think its fun solving side because its like something i have to do but its hard so its fun.