Friday, February 29, 2008

Mystery box

Well my dad got a mystery box and he got some weird stuff. He got speakers that you can hook up to handheld devices including any mp3 players. he got a thing fling fan which is the website he bought It from for 20$. A monster shirt. And a 1gb mp3 player. and the mysterious suspense of waiting to get it.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Somebody i like

Well there is somebody i like and i gave her a note yesterday on her backpack at the end of my band class which was my last class. I did it mostly because my dad told me i had to cut my hair on Friday and i love my hair the way it is because it is the way i have always wanted it for my whole life. And if i cut it i will look ridiculous. So i gave her the note because i didn't want to get up every morning saying to myself i am going to tell her when i don't. So then i gave her the note on her backpack, actually i just placed it there and she didn't know till she picked up her backpack, and ran out and got caught on two things because i got scared that she would see me. So then i thought ah man, now i have to get up every day trying to avoid her and not know what is going to happen like today. I avoided her. So tomorrow i don't know what is going to happen, but we'll see.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Van Halen

OOOOOOMMMMMMGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! I get to go see Van Halen the band. I can't wait. And its in North Carolina. So i have to fly all by myself on two airplanes. And I'm going with my dad's best friend. Its going to be the best. I can't wait to even blog about it. The blog is probably going to be so long. At first it was my dad who was going to go see it, but too bad for him, he has to go in San Fransisco and do some work, actually San Fransisco is a pretty cool place, so he will still have fun over there. I just can't wait till i get to go see Van Halen

Thursday, February 21, 2008

library day

Well one of the days i had to go to the library to get information for my history project i haven't told you about yet, But i will tell you about it, i was done at the library but my dad wasn't going to pick me up for awhile so i wanted to walk home. So i called him up and told him i was going to walk home and he was alright with it. But it was a long long long way to walk home, but i really wanted to. I knew the way. So i started to walk home and it seemed like it was going to take such a long time to even get home. And it did. So i had my wallet and i got hungry, so i saw a McDonald's and asked my dad if i could buy myself some lunch and he was alright with it so i did. And then i saw my dad walk in because he said he got my sister Baskin Robins. And that i guess was pretty close. And then after i finished eating and he offered to bring me home so i said yes and got home.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

my computer

Right now i am using my dad's computer because my computer is so messed up. We think it's a virus. It is going slower than ever, the background won't change to my preferences and when my dad put google as my home page, and he went back to it, t went back to MSN. So it is screwed up. And that was just now. When that happened he said we're going to have to re-do the whole computer from scratch. So that is just what might have to happen. Right now he is doing a full scan to see if there are any problems.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cleaning my room

Well yesterday when i was in trouble for the big mistake i had to clean my room and what my dad called it, I have given up trying to pernounce and don't remember. I think you can picture how bad that must have sounded. Pretty crazy. So yeah. I am not even done cleaning my room either. I must get to it tommorrow. Tommorrow would be the 3rd day i have been working on it. So i better get to it. BYE.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Chocolate Fantasy

Chocolate Fantasy is a cold stone ice cream that is brand new. Me and my mom went for Valentine's day. The ice cream is all Ghiradelli. Ghiradelli hcocolate squares, chocolate chips, and ice cream. It is the best. I am still eating it right now.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A big mistake

Well in my pre algebra class which i have an A in I cheated on homeswork, or tried to cheat. I didn't want to do my 52 problem homework so i was coppying my friends paper and got caught. I had to call my dad and i got in a ton of trouble. Now on Saturday I have to be on my bed for the whole day. The biggest mistake I have ever made was that. A mistake that wil never be repeated in the history of my life.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Thrill of the Hunt

I have been invited to guest blog in this space and have enthusiastically accepted the honor. These thoughts are my own and should not used for any purpose other than approved specifically by me. It might be better to not use them for even those purposes.

We have awaited the report card which arrived recently with great anticipation. Having monitored progress this past quarter, I was sure that the outcome would be positive. In fact, I was relatively certain that this would be the best report of the boy's academic career to date. I even went so far as to speculate about whether it would be a perfect report - that is, one with an A in every subject. Inevitably as we discussed the forth-coming report the question arose as to whether I had ever received a perfect report card. I was forced to admit that, in fact, I have not. The truth of the matter is quite a bit starker, but I was able to answer the direct question and through some great fortune, there was no follow-up that might been more revealing. Not yet, anyway. I don't doubt that it will come in due time. But it is already too late to have a detrimental impact, so I needn’t worry on it.

But this notion of the straight-A report card got me thinking. I playfully referred to it as mythical because, in fact, I have not only never received one, I have never actually seen one. I have never personally known anyone who has received one. So it is, to me, like a beast in the forest who has no name. It is stalked and hunted with fervor and skill, but is elusive. Just when you lunge right and think you are about to grab it by the tail, it darts left and it is off again leaving only a small cloud of dust. The scent that permeates the report card that was recently delivered is as close as I have ever been to the beast. The boy assuredly has the academic scrapes and bruises that are the tell-tale signs of his quest. I admire that his resolve is heightened with every attempt he makes to corner his prey. It is what convinces me that he will eventually be successful in this endeavor.

But wait…

I came to a new realization based on recent developments. The boy is being evaluated for inclusion in the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program. While I was initially being whimsical in my description of the “Mythical Straight-A Report Card” perhaps I was a bit closer to the reality of the matter than I intended. For just as he has risen from the dirt, with scuffed knee and moist brow, with a tuft of course fur in his clenched fist – just as he has figured out how to track the beast and how to out-think it and out-maneuver it – just as he is about to achieve his goal – the rules of the game are about to change!

With acceptance into GATE, the wilderness in which he hunts will become broader. The beast itself will grow larger and more cunning. The effort and stamina required will increase. The frustrations will multiply and the intimidating roar will grow louder. The boy will be required to take a few steps back to regroup and rework his strategy. It will require an investment of time and effort to build the new level strength and endurance required to capture the beast.

The timing of these events is no coincidence. For, I realize now, our mythical beast must remain ever-elusive. The satisfaction of catching it will be fleeting. It is the hunt itself that is the most important most valuable part of the endeavor.

- Rossi

Saturday, February 09, 2008

my report card

Guess what my report card said! It and A A A A A B!!!!!!!!!!OOOOOMMMMMGGGGG!!!!!! Can you believe that! 5 A's and only 1 B. No wonder my i am taking that test to go in GATE. The B was from science. Only if i got that one A in science i would have had the "mythical" strait A report card as my dad says. But all the comments on my report card were so wonderful. And none of them were bad. My dad's favorite was High level of skill. That was in band i think. So thats all i got to say about it. I hope my dad can blog as a guest blogger about it too.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Well i haven't taken the test yet but i figured out how i got offered to go to GATE. It was my English teacher. I have a 96 A currently in that class. I think i have to write a paper to see if i can go in GATE or not. I am still not sure if i have to take a test or not. But i am best at writing so i will probably get in GATE if i don't take the test. I have no idea if i will get in it or not if i do take the test.

Monday, February 04, 2008


Well today in my science class a councler came in and gave me a paper that i had to give to my dad so he could rate me to see if I could go in GATE next year i think. The paper has a bunch of questions that my dad puts a mark on one of the five ratings for each question. I was amazed that i was getting evaluated to go into GATE. I really didn't know i was that smart. But i guess i am. So i have to take the GATE test and see if i will go to GATE. I think i will pass it if i really concentrate on it. But i think its supposed to be really hard. We will have to see if i pass it or not. I will tell if i do or don't pass it.

Friday, February 01, 2008

family night

Family night is when me and my family get together downstairs on the couch and watch a movie. Right now were about to watch shrek 3. I just had to blog before i come and watch it. It soesn't have to be something that we've never watched before but we usaully watch somthing new. So yeah. Thats how it goes. bye.