Monday, May 31, 2010

Cajun Festival

I volunteered to work at the Cajun Festival yesterday and i handed out the program/map brochures. I thought the people were never going to stop going in and i don't think they did stop! I left at 7:00 and it ended at 8:00 and I'm pretty sure people were still coming in. It was crazy. I saw some friends come in and hung out with them after 2:30 which is when i got off work. I started at 10:00 am. I was definitely working for a very long time and i started to get bored and tired of doing it. So i was pretty relieved to get off duty. My dad worked at the beer booth too. And we both volunteered which means we didn't get paid but I'm OK with that. I ate way too many sweets there and i wish i hadn't. I don't feel very good right now. Its like a candy hang over. I didn't like the music there except for one of the places which was the rock bands, not the Cajun or country or blues music that was going on. The only problem was that the good music didn't have any shady places to sit. I knew almost everyone in each band in the good music place so that was cool. My friends band won the battle of the bands too. The festival had so many people in it and it was just so crazy how people could fit in there. It went on for the whole weekend too but i only went Sunday. Well, maybe next time my friends will be there to keep me company again.

Monday, May 24, 2010

AP World History

AP stands for advanced placement and then world history. So as a sophomore i am taking AP WH. I went to the lunch meeting for it today and apparently its going to be very hard. I have to do a whole crap load of work over the summer! Its ridiculously crazy how much i have to do. I think i have to read about half the book and do the questions and make flash cards and watch specific movies and write summaries on them. Its crazy and very rigorous but i am up for it. Plus i can get a 5.0 if i get an A. Its crazy. And once your in the class you cant get out. The teacher was talking about some kids who were hopelessly failing and wanted to switch out. The reason is because there are other people that would kill to take your place and you took it away from them. I will definitely have to be completely focused. Apparently you have to make outlines on the sections too. There is also a test every Friday. Hard enough!?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Brother

OK, now its really annoying having the best computer in the house. My brother and sister always want to use it and it is very annoying. I hate it when they use my stuff in general. Especially my brother because he uses like everything that i have and i never use any of his. I hate his stuff, and i don't know why he likes mine. I always lose my stuff because he uses it. I can't find my hat anymore, so now i have to do my hair everyday before i go to school, while when my brother didn't steal it, i could go casually and not have to miss the bus. I was looking for it today. I have found my hat multiple times in my brother's backpack too. He always uses my computer and i always need to use it. So i am constantly kicking him off and then getting in trouble for it even though i need to do homework and he is just messing around with games. So today i made an account called games account, just for him, and then when i get back form the gym, he is complaining about having his own account and i told him i made one for him. By the way, when i got back from the gym, he was playing Spore on that account too! Then he starts to complain. My dad then makes me make an account with his name and i wanted to games account to be for mostly him and for others to use, but now i have to make him one. The worst thing is, he has his own computer! Its so ridiculous. I know he uses my stuff because he looks up to me.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

End of school

Everything is winding down, even though it feels like its not school/work wise, but you can still feel it winding down because everyday at least one of my teachers tells the class we have 3 or 4 weeks left of school and not very many work days. We still have to do finals and thats when we will really feel it winding down every way. The days are half days so thats definitely a way we can notice it winding down. We will start to miss our friends even as we see them everyday of the lasts days with them for that year. Some are transferring though. I don't like that. I wish everyone would just stay and let the people from other schools transfer to our school. It is a great school. I'm definitely not transferring. I don't know whether to look forward to it or not because i will miss friends but i cant remember if i feel that way during the summer. I always miss my summer friends going back into school. Its always like that all the time. But oh well. You just have to plan with all your friends. I am definitely looking forward to summer though.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Last Friday

I saw Iron Man 2 and i thought it was fantastically awesome. I actually got invited to see it with friends but at the last second. I missed a little of the beginning of the movie but it was still awesome. When i went in the movie theater to find my friends, i couldn't find them. I walked slowly up the stairs and didn't see them. So i just sat at the top of the movie theater and looked down every once in awhile and then i got tired of looking o i just enjoyed the movie. Then after the movie was done, i called them and they thought i never even came. They said they already left the theater and were going to their car. They said they would give me a ride and they did. So we went to get Jamba Juice after. I got a Sour Patch Kids one. It was good. So then after that we ate at Rubios. They invited me to spend the night so i asked my mom and she said yes. Then when we got home, apparently the main focus was chores. Now, for some reason, i actually enjoy doing chores that aren't mine. I just like it. And what made it better, is that we got paid $5 an hour fro doing what i was enjoying. Its weird how i do enjoy it. So we did an hour that day and then watched some TV and then we went to bed. That was the end of that day.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

White hat hackers

In English class, we started on our persuasive essays. I didn't know what to pick as a topic and i wanted to pick something interesting, but none of the suggestions that were on the paper our teacher gave us appealed to me. So i went home and asked my dad to give me suggestions. He said a lot and then he came across white hats. I didn't know what they were so i asked. A white hat hacker is a person who hacks a system and then tells the owner of the system what their security flaws are. I thought that was pretty interesting. He told me that people were debating whether they would be prosecuted or not. I totally thought no! Why should they be prosecuted. They are helping. Some people even hire them to do what they do. I already have some information on them, but i probably shouldn't put it down here because its probably boring and i would have a lot. I would probably type up my whole paper because i am an extremest. Which means i do everything to the extreme. So its either the most, or the least for me. Except Sunday, i overcame that during my haircut. I had to close my eyes though to keep myself from telling the woman to cut more off. I only wanted a trim. I got a trim, but times before, i would keep asking for more to be cut off. I closed my eyes during the whole thing. People like my trim too. So i had to explain what white hat hackers were to everyone that asked me what i was doing my paper on. Which was a lot of people. I even had to explain what it was to my teacher. But i like that because i like to be unique sort of. I bet that no one has ever done a paper in that class on white hat hackers before. So i am glad that i get to explain new things to people. That might have been an interesting topic for you too.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Dave Janson's Concert

There is a place called Dave Janson's School of Music. They have lessons there for the drums, violin, guitar, bass, vocals, and other stuff. They also have a band program. They did their band concert today too. Well just the first half i think. But my brother was the first band to play today. Actually the teachers played and their band is called Music Skool. The k is there on purpose. My brother's band is called Hyperactive Overdose. My dad thought is was Hyperactive overdrive though. So my brother's band was going to play Kryptonite, Girlfriend, and Karma Police. But my brother practiced Girlfriend wrong and they didn't get to play it. He also didn't like the song Girlfriend and his drummer didn't either. I hate the song too, its really annoying. I'm kind of glad that they didn't play it. i would have had to video tape it and listen to it even more and the song is just annoying. So they just played Kryptonite and Karma police in that order. My dad told me to video tape with his camera. He set up his video camera on his tripod and then he was video taping with his phone. So he got footage with three different cameras. He must of really been crazy about getting the perfect video. He only reserved seats for himself and my mom. He knew the whole family was going too. It was ridiculous having to move around to let people sit in their reserved seats. Its horrible that he would only get 2 seats. It seems kind of selfish to me, but there might have only been 2 seats left. I just didn't like having to move around a lot and people were walking in front of the camera and it was annoying. I didn't really mind people asking fort heir seats because they payed for them, but my dad should have got 3 or 4 seats. Oh well. Nothing i can do about ti now. The band played the songs awesomely. A different band played Tik Tok by Ke$ha. When i saw the song on the catalog thing, i was thinking, how in the world are they going to do that with regular band instruments, but they did it. Amazingly enough. Anyway, Dave Janson's School of Music is the greatest place to go for lessons for learners. They are just great. My brother has definitely grew musically there and other people have too. Go check them out.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Happy Tree Firends

This is a very violent cartoon. Naming it the Happy Tree Friends is just not correct. I think its hilarious though. I found the first video that i ever watched today when my brother called to tell me to look up on YouTube about GPS devices telling people to get out of their car. I have no idea how i came across these episodes at all. The one that i posted isn't the first episode i watched though. Its about these cute cuddly animals and all Hel* breaks loose in the videos. Its just ridiculously crazy. There are a lot of the mini videos too. I don't know how people come up with them. They are hilarious though. I warn you before watching this though. These videos are extremely gruesome even though they are cartoons. VERY GRUESOME. Have fun.