Monday, August 31, 2009


Well i didn't get a hat yesterday because they were either too big or too small so i don't know whats gonna happen at school. Ill probably get made fun of and then the girls that used to come and talk to me will probably stop doing that. Its terrible without my hair. The girl i like probably wont like me now because i look so stupid. I just wish i didn't cut my hair so much or not even have cut it all would have been the best. None of the hats looked good on me either so that kinda sucked. i wish i cud flip my hair and when i used to wave it around it would give me wind on my head which felt good. So i don't know what to do now.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Ever since i got my haircut i have needed a hat to cover it up because it looks really bad. So Ive been begging my mom to get me one since the day i got my haircut which was two days ago and she always had an excuse as to why she couldn't get me one but today i need it because tomorrow we go back to school and i am definitely going to need a hat before then. This time i need to make sure my brother doesn't get a hold of it because when he wears it on his big head, it bends the hat to make it look stupid and he always brings it to school and loses it and that's not going to happen again. I'm going to be wearing it all the time and hiding it before i go to sleep so he doesn't get it. If i ever see him using it, its coming right up off of his head. He used to hide it in his backpack to which really bothered me and he used to hide it all the time so i need to keep my new hat safe.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


So I used to have a kind of a crappy 19 inch monitor about two days ago and my dad had this awesome 22 inch monitor but now he has this super awesome 24 inch monitor and he gave me his 22 inch one. It is super awesome and it looks better on my computer than on his. its so nice and i love it. Its huge so if you watch something on it the picture is obviously great. but my dad's monitor has something to do with HD so that's pretty cool. i don't know why he even needed his new monitor, i think he only got it because it was cheap but he didn't even need it but I'm glad he got it because i have his old awesome one and my brother has my old one. So that's cool, every ones happy.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Okay so my hair used to be long and it looked great and all my friends think so but my dad made me get a haircut today and it looks stupid. It always looks stupid when i get a haircut. I got it at supercuts. My dad said i could have got it so its a little longer than it is because it is too short. Well he thinks it could have looked better longer but i don't know. It definitely looks pretty bad rite now. I cant wait until it looks good again. Then i can actually feel good about myself and be confident about everything i did like i did when i had hair. Now i just feel like pretty much everything sucks and it does. I feel like everything going for my is bad. That's how down i am.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1st day of school

Well i call this the first day of school because it is for everyone except for the freshmen because people call the orientation the first day of school but i don't because we didn't really do much yesterday but today we worked on stuff. Well pretty much just in geometry and a little in Spanish. Our teachers told us the class rules and stuff because some people didn't go yesterday or they just didn't explain it yesterday. It was pretty boring today and i kept wanting to take a nap but i knew i couldn't because i would get in trouble but i did close my eyes for a little bit. It felt good but i knew i couldn't stay like that for even more than a minute. I got papers for my parents to sign from almost every one of my classes. today wasn't really that exciting. i remember in my elementary school in one of my grades on the first day we got candy and stuff and that was pretty cool but today wasn't exciting. So yeah.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Today at my school, we had orientation for all the freshmen going to the school. it was kind of like the first day of school because you went to all of your classes but you only spent about 10 or 15 minutes in them. I knew at least one person in all of my classes and i know a lot of people that aren't in my classes which is cool. That just means i know a lot of people. A lot of people were from my old school. My classes are computer apps, geometry, CP science, honors English, Spanish 1, PE, and TAP which is advisory. I heard that my geometry teacher wasn't so good and now i know why, well its because no one can pronounce her last name, not even herself, and i couldn't understand a word she was saying so i have a feeling i am going to have a really hard time in geometry but other than that its fine. At the end of the day they had hot dogs, water, and chips but i don't like hot dogs so i ate t home and only took a water. That pretty much sums it all up.

Monday, August 24, 2009


I got my glasses i think on Friday and it is amazing how i can see now. I have gotten glasses before but i lost them and that's why i got new ones. I never really look good in glasses and that's why i waned contacts but my parents wouldn't get them for me. But i don't need to wear my glasses all the time, just in class when i need them, in the movie theaters, or when i am just watching TV or a movie. But i don't think i would ever wear them all the time in public. But when i put on my glasses everything looks so detailed and outside it looks beautiful and i start to notice things that i didn't know were actually there which is weird. my dad got m glasses at on the Internet at like or something. I don't know id that's the actual web address but i think that's what it is. So yeah.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Inglourious Basterds

I finally got to see the whole movie yesterday. It was awesome and my friend came with me and my mom. I missed a lot. Important people got killed that i slept through the first time i saw it. The movie was awesome when you see the whole thing but some parts were a little boring so i was starting to fall asleep during those parts. My friend said that too. It was so crazy though. Its pretty graphic and gory. Still "The Bear Jew" is crazy but funny. I don't know how someone could have came up with a story like that. So many people dying but Brad Pitt or Lieutenant Al Doreine makes it funny. The ending is really graphic. Its just crazy. I think the best parts are when Brad Pitt is in it because they are always funny. So yeah see that movie for sure but i have to warn you its pretty long.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Inglorious Basterds

I saw this movie, well about an hour of the two and a half hour movie because i went to see it at 11:00 and i kept falling asleep. But i think i saw all the crazy parts because that movie was crazy. there was definitely a lot of killing in that movie. Well maybe not all of the crazy parts but the shooting was loud so that woke me up. I wished i could have seen the whole movie because it was so funny. People laughing woke me up to because they were laughing so hard. That movie was hilarious. It was pretty much a Jew gang kind of thing called the basterds and the bear Jew was crazy. He might have been my favorite because he would hit the wall with a bat and then bat the Nazis to death and that was just inhumane. But that is of course why they call him the bear Jew. The movie was separated into chapters and each one was funny. Now i didn't see much so all i can say is i want to see that movie.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Life is usually great i think. I don't really know much about life but for me i usually make it the best it can be even in hard times. It hard though when your girlfriend recently broke up with you and that's what happened to me. She was my first true love. I don't really want to get into the details but i am pretty depressed and i cant really fix my depression. I'm sure sooner or later my depression will fade away but the girl that broke up with me didn't talk to me for a week then got her friend to tell me that she just wanted to be my friend. She still likes me though i think. I don't like it when people get other people to break up, they should just do it themselves. But yeah that's pretty much all i got to say on the topic of life. its not much but i think it my be enough.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Reading in high school is going to be crazy. I mean i read at home everyday and that's not bad at all. But i am going to have to read so much in high school and then do reports and projects on them and pretty much everything i will learn will be reading. I would be reading all day everyday and then having to do work on the reading. And that's not just for English, its for every subject. In math i will be reading math equations, in history i will be reading about things that happened in the past, and so on and so on. But if i am reading everyday i will get tired of it and it will interfere with so many other things that i want and have to do. Reading can be fun though wen its about something interesting and entertaining but other than that i don't like reading.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I just saw GhostBusters last night and it was super weird. A huge marshmallow killing guy? What the heck. Whats up with that. It is pretty much the weirdest movie i have seen, maybe. I think that Peewie movie is probably the weirdest movie i have ever seen. But Ghostbusters didn't really make any sense. The weird library ghost, and then the weird green hotel ghost. And then the ghostbuster's super destructive dangerous guns. It doesn't even make sense. And then they aren't supposed to cross their streams and then they do it on purpose. But it is a funny movie for sure. And it was definitely a good movie. So that's good. But i don't understand how there is a gatekeeper and a key master that are dogs. Its just weird. But yeah I'm sure you have seen this movie because everyone pretty much has.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Its almost time for school and i don't like hearing about it because i really don't want to go back already. My friends keep talking about it even though i am in high school and they are in middle school it still gets annoying. my dad and other parents keep talking about it too. But i think high school this year is going to be really hard. With all the projects and homework, and books, and assignments, it will be a nightmare. That means i have to read a lot too because i didn't get my summer reading list but none of my friends did either. I am still wondering if they will make us take a test within the first week about any of the books. That would be messed up. I got new clothes though yesterday. I got blue, red, black, and grey pants. An Element and 2 Volcom shirts. I got to pick out all of my clothes and i was glad because i usually never do. So that's that.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

District 9

I saw District 9 yesterday and it was probably one of the best movies i have ever seen maybe. It was so awesome. There was a lot of killing in that movie though and violence. Its about how this enormous alien spaceship hovers over Arabia or something for a month and the humans cant get in so then they use force to get in and find all these bug aliens called prawns and they bring them down into a camp below their ship and the prawns cause a lot of trouble and they go crazy for cat food. So the people living where they brought these prawns down aren't too happy with them after they are there for 20 years and by then they can talk to each other. So in those 20 years this corporation called the MNU starts this project to put them into better camps so they pick this one guy to go get the prawns to sign an eviction form and they bring the army and most of the prawns resist. The prawns are very intelligent and have weaponry which only their DNA can activate and so there is this gang in District 9 who wants to use the weaponry so he eats parts of the prawns but it doesn't work. So then later the main character goes to a prawn gang and finds this black fluid and crazy stuff happens. I don't want to tell you the rest so i definitely recommend that you see this movie.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The warriors

The Warriors was an awesome movie. I thought it was only a game though because my best friend had it until my dad told me it was a movie. So usually my mom falls asleep during movies but she didn't fall asleep during this one which means it is one of the best movies ever. It definitely was. Its a movie about a lot of different New York gangs but mainly on the warriors. The warriors was a really small gang but they were definitely extremely strong but some of their members got killed or arrested. Some were stupid too. The whole movie was about how almost every gang was going after the warriors because they thought they shot Cyrus, "the one and only". Everyone should definitely see that movie. I want the game really bad now. Its supposed to very good. So go see the warriors.

Friday, August 14, 2009


So i was supposed to go to my first soccer practice yesterday but my dad forgot and i never knew. But that day i was playing soccer at the place i volunteer at and i got hit in the face with the soccer ball, kicked in eye which still hurts, and fell. It was harsh but i made a really good goal. It wasn't the only goal but i had the ball at one end and i dribbled it past everyone and kicked it between the goalie's legs and it was the best goal ever. It was fun. but as it got later and later, more and more people were playing and then it got to be like 50 people on the court which is where we were playing and it filled up the gym pretty much and i just stopped playing because i was waiting for people to leave. But still no one left until the gym closed and then opened up again. It was crazy. But when it reopened soccer was over and i got picked up by my mom or dad. It was fun though.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Medieval times

Medieval times was really fun. I had been there before but i was a really small child and i don't remember it. I remember the torture museum though. I remember the metal glove they heat up and then put on your hand and it burn really really badly. But when we walked in we got a green crown. Other people got red ones, black and white striped ones, red and yellow striped ones, gold ones, blue ones, and i think that's all of them. So the crowns were for which guy on the horse you were cheering on. The green one was the kings sworn enemy. And before that the prince had gotten captured. So there were games like catching lances. Throwing the lances into a bulls eye, and jousting. The green guy which was ours was impatient to fight, so he went up to another guy and fought him and won. It was cool. So then they would joust and then fight on ground like the green guy did with the other guy. So that went on for awhile and the red guy had just beat someone else and the green guy rides really fast on his horse and stabs the red guy in the back with his joust and all the joust would break so that one definitely broke on him. So then they fought and the prince was brought out by the green guy's friend's i guess and they all pretty much fought each other and the green guy eventually got killed and the prince was saved. The end.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Soak City

Over my weekend vacation i went to stay at a hotel and walk to Medieval Times with my family and then some friends. Then the next day we all went to soak city except for my friend's dad. That was really fun. You could get tubes to rent but all the places you could use a tube they had them there for free. But sometimes they would run out or you would have to wait in line to get a tube. So if you rented one you would always have one and you could go strait to the line. But we didn't rent any tubes. We just used the ones they had for free. It was really fun. So we first went on the lazy river where you have to use a tube or walk. The lifeguards said you couldn't swim. Then i went on the mat slide and raced my brother who got a head start but i won in the end. Then we went on the white slide and used a tube in there. Then we ate lunch outside of the gates. Then we came back in and played in a mini park at soak city and then i went on a body slide. There were three of them and they were the biggest rides there. There was a yellow spinning one. A red wavy one and a red super steep drop. I was in the red line because there was a yellow line next to me and i wanted to go on the drop. So they called for anyone on the drop and i was the only one to raise my hand so i got to cut a lot of people to go on it. And then i went on it and it was crazy, scary, and fun. I loved it. I wanted to go on again but the line took forever in the first place so i didn't. So then i went in the wave pool for a very long time and then we went home. It was really fun.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Uncle Buck

I watched the movie Uncle Buck the other day and it was so funny. My dad thought it was so funny that he started to cry. He even updated his facebook with something in there from his phone like he always does. But The director of the movie Uncle Buck and The Breakfast Club died the day we watched it which is horrible. He was a great director. I think the Breakfast Club is my dad's favorite movie. He died from a heart attack. So the oldest daughter was definitely really mean. She was cursing a lot and it was just crazy. The other two little kids were not really important to me. The boy did ask a lot of questions at once though. It was pretty funny. The little girl was just bad in school. The parents didn't really mean much in the movie because they pretty much left for the whole movie. But it is a good movie.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Back home

I thought that when i got back from Virginia that a lot of things would have changed back at home but everything is pretty much the exact same. I still get in arguments with my dad and i still have to get up in the early morning, my siblings haven't changed a bit, and neither has my parents or pretty much anyone. Its pretty weird. I thought i was going to be welcomed home with a huge welcoming kind of thing sorta. i did get the best pie when i got home though. It was so good. It was a chocolate pie with Oreo cookie crust and whipped cream on the top. It was so so so good. I even had some this morning and i don't usually like sweets in the morning but that pie was definitely an exception. I did get to stay up late and watch Hancock if that's how you spell it. And that was pretty cool. So yeah everything is pretty much the same.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The last days of Virginia

Well during some of the last days we went to my grandmas and spent the night there and my uncle was there too. We went to George Washington's house and went all through that and we came back and spent some of the days just hanging around. But i finally got to go to my friend's cabin and spent the night there too and that was really fun even though her brother never really went in the water. He got in the kayak and then started to yell and cry because of the dragonflies scaring him and he wouldn't even move so i tried to climb into the kayak to take him back and i go in but accidentally flipped the kayak and then he started to yell and cry even louder and he was thrashing around so i immediately flipped the boat back again and me and my friend had to push him back. It was hilarious but i was trying not to laugh but it was so funny. He pretty much just hung out with his friend a couple doors down. Me and my friend jumped on the raft in the water, swam, went in the kayaks and later on her friend came and we hung out with her for awhile and they both wore the same swimsuit but my friend's friend never went in the water even though she got in her swimsuit. It was weird. At night after the new friend left me and my friend took the kayaks and went under this super small bridge and we had to throw the life jackets and oars and lay completely flat in our kayaks and swim with our hands. I hit the back of my feet on the bridge by accident but it was still fun. Then they took me home and now its today and i am finally home after about two fun filled weeks in Virginia.