Sunday, May 31, 2009

Word Searches

Well i used to love doing word searches, like they were my favorite thing to do and i used to be like the greatest at them to but now they are okay because I'm not that good at them anymore and i want to know if there is some kind of strategy to doing them or if at a certain age you are best at them. I really have no idea and sometimes when i would do word searches i would make up a game show or competition kind of thing where you have to find all the words in a word search the fastest and whoever wins gets like a lot of fame and stuff i would like to know about any strategies or facts behind word searches so just post a comment if you know anything interesting about them.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

whack a kitty

I saw part of this YouTube video on TV and i thought it was pretty funny and glad that no kitten got hurt during the making of this film. Its like whack a mole but with like a lot of kittens. I don't have anymore to say about it because here is the video. I don't know what channel i saw it on but on the right side of this page on the YouTube box, type in: Whack A Kitty and watch its really weird.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Sesame Street

I am the oldest kid in the family and i like to eat my breakfast while watching TV which i never ever get to do which sucks because my brother and sister do.. The only problem is that they watch sesame street which you think you hate, but it grows on you when you only get to see parts of it. My brother and sister love it and its like teasing me for my dad to let them watch it when its just downstairs and I'm up here wondering whats going on on  the TV knowing i wont get to find out. So it makes me want to watch it knowing it will be weird though but now i am to the point when i don't care if its weird, i want to watch TV and i don't even know anymore. Oh well.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Talent Show

The show went pretty good. A couple people didn't do theirs, but one kid was sick so he couldn't do it. He was actually in the audio room above us. So i was the last piano player and i was awesome. Everyone loved my performance. I was right after my brother who played Let It Be on the guitar. So before that my dad told me he tuned my brother's guitar because he was a stage manager. So when my brother came out and started to play, it was in the exact opposite of being in tune, you couldn't get more out of tune than that. So my dad came out with a different kids guitar and let him use that and all went well. During the show there was some technical difficulties with the mic and stuff but other than that, the show was awesome.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Talent Show

Now i got have a lot talent. So everyone says. I can play the piano real well and i know the guitar and drums. I'm alright at those. But i have been in many talent show including every year at my schools and my brother's shows too. So i did mine a while ago and now its time for my brother's which is today. I'm doing it at moorpark college. My friend is in it too and its her sister's talent show. We both went to the school that's hosting the show and that's why we get to be in it. My outfit looks so awesome. I(ts probably best one there. So yeah i don't really have much to say about it yet because i haven't done it yet, so ill get back to you on that tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

school play

I went to my school play about 4 or 5 days ago and it was called Twinderella. It was a really really funny comedy of Cinderella that my English teacher put together in her drama class. She did the greatest job. Everyone who was watching it laughed. I went with my dad and he thought it was really funny. So it started out as people telling the story of Cinderella but the three girls who were acting to be listeners asked about bob and a different story teller came and put a sign on the wall in front of the C and it said twinderella and she started to tell the story of Bob. The story tellers aren't really that important though. So Cinderella came on stage cleaning and her evil stepsisters came and started to be mean by telling Cinderella to do all these chores. Then the mail person came and gave the evil step sisters a letter which told them to go to a ball in the castle. Then Cinderella left the stage, and Bob cam on and his evil step brothers came on and telling him to do chores,  and then the a different letter came and told them to go to a ball game. So bob left the stage and a fairy and Cinderella came on and the fairy dressed her up with the glass slippers and they left the stage and bob came on and his godfather came on and he was really really funny telling everyone about not being enchanted and so he gets these huge cleats for bob and they leave the stage. The king of the castle cant tie his shoes and never has them tied, the queen is really smart and there are 6 maids a prince and a princess. The evil stepsisters show up and later on in the ball Cinderella shows up and dances with the prince and of course they fall in love. Then at the ball game the princess falls in love with the bob and other stuff and Cinderella and bob are actually twins. So A lot of stuff happens that i really cant explain everything.

Monday, May 25, 2009

the godfather

I am fully acquainted with the godfather, and particularly the movie\book. I know how to play the theme song on the piano, i beat the game, watched the movies, and are reading the book so i definitely know a lot about the Godfather. I am also going to learn the language Italian. I cant wait because i think i might have always wanted to learn it.So that will be great because i can talk to my great aunts in Italian and I'm sure they will love. So yeah the godfather is extremely violent, buti can can live with that. So that's that.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Soloist

The Soloist was a great movie. It really moved me and my family. At times i would be smiling without even noticing until later on and i wouldn't even know how long i was smiling for. At times i would be angry or sad as well. But i was aware of the anger i felt. It was such a great movie. And its crazy to know that that's based on a real story. I didn't know all the people were still alive and after i knew that the people were still alive, i wanted to go visit Nathaniel which is the soloist. I don't know if that's how you spell because each time he spelt his name, he said it too fast. Way to fast. But that's how i think you pronounce his name.  His last name is spelt Ayers and i know that for sure because both guys spelt that a million times. And the LA Times writer's last name is Lopez, i forgot his first name. I loved the movie and i think it would have been a crazy to experience what they both went through. I don't even know if i would want to experience it, but if you haven't seen the movie, GO SEE IT!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Boggle is a game that you might have heard of where you make words out of the word cubes on the board. You make as many as you can and get points for them. The lowest amount of letters you can have in a word is three. The bigger the word the higher the points you get for that word. When my family plays my dad always wins until today. I won just now. I think i beat him by 7 points. Oh yeah. Its a pretty fun game that also teaches you words which is good. So if your thinking about getting the game, you should get it.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Ther is this game called called penhuinz and i thought it was a really fun game. You are this penguin and you have to kill all the other pnguins and eskimos, and other animals. There are bosses and you start out with a pistol and as you get money you can buy new guns and upgrades for those guns. I think its really fun and that you  should try it out. Heres a link:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Portfolio day

Yesterday was portfolio day. During the year you gather all these projects that you have done and put them in a portfolio in your homeroom. Then portfolio day comes and you have an interview with someone that asks you question about your work and yourself and you have to dress nicely. They grade you one how you  look, your enthusiasm, politeness, and some other stuff on a scale from 1-5. I thought it was going to be really hard but it was definitely surprisingly easy. I wore a white undershirt, black button up shirt, formal black pants, black shoes, and a black tie so everything was black. I brought a change of regular shoes and jeans to change into after my interview. My homeroom teacher really really liked my outfit. I think i got a really good grade on the interview. I hope i found out soon what i got.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


About 2-4 days ago i was riding my bike at this place behind a gold course where me and and my other friends made some ramps. The ones we made were really fun. But when i was riding there i thought by the time i left that my tire would be flat. Sp i took my bike the day after to the gym and when i got out and wanted to go home, my front tire was flat. I was riding on the flat tire which probably messed up my rim pretty bad. I need a bike now and i don't have one. If i ever do get another one, i am definitely not going back to that place. My friends same tire was flat though after too. So i had to call my dad to pick me up and he did and now i need a bike.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Well i think i eat more fruits than vegetables. I can name an apple which comes first to mind, a banana, a strawberry, blueberry, pear, orange, watermelon, lemon, lime, quince, kumquat, grapes.
I don't know if a tomato is a vegetable or fruit. I like fruits better but i like carrots a lot. The ones that are now small an cut up. Those are the best. I think i got my inspiration from bugs bunny when he bites his carrot and then says "Whats up doc". Those carrots are the best. But they are best and most original by themselves.

Monday, May 18, 2009


I had a really deep dream last night. I was in my dream and there was this kid named Damian and he was in my history class. My history class in the dream was taught by my science teacher in real life. So this kid Damian in the dream would open the zipper in my backpack and dump everything out and then just leave. So i would have to pick up a lot of electronic stuff in my backpack and my teacher said it was because he was in a tech class and he was jealous because i was better. But i was taking any tech classes. So when i had all my stuff i had my helmet on my head, and so i took it off and i was carrying it when i saw Damian in the hall. He wanted to fight so i put down my backpack. He swung, missed, and then i hit him in the stomach with my helmet. Then i put my helmet down and he missed again, so i hit him in the stomach again and he was down. That's when i hit him in the face with helmet and then walked away. So he went and reported i to the history teacher and she asked him a bunch of questions and something had to do with three and he got three weeks of detention with her. That's when i went to P.E. and then woke up. I was eager to know how the next day was going to be though in the dream. But oh well. I was so deep into my dream that i didn't wake up until about a half an hour late.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Star Trek

I saw Star Trek yesterday and it was really really good. It was so awesome and all the action and the story was awesome and all that stuff. I actually understood the movie. I think its because i actually payed attention to when they were explaining things and i understood what they were explaining. There was a lot of action i think and i thought it was awesome when Spock was beating people up. I thought it was funny when he was talking really really smart too. There was also a lot of good humor. There was time travel and stuff in that movie that i thought would make it confusing but it wasn't. I think that if you see the movie that you see it in imax. And watch it, its good.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

sleep over

I slept over at my friends house yesterday and we rode our bikes a lot. Well we had to ride our bikes to his house and so we just rode around there too. He has these speed bumps that are fun to go over because you can bunny hop and get some air off off them. Then there is this trench thing or something that has this ramp kind of thing at the end that you can jump off of and that's pretty fun too. After that we pulled each other on a Ripstick with the bike and we went pretty fast on the Ripstick and it was pretty scary but we didn't fall thank god. That would have hurt a lot. After that we went inside and played gears of war for the rest of the night then went to bed pretty late. When i woke up and turned on my phone i had a text from my dad telling me to be home at 9:00. I had woken up at 8:45 and i had to ride my bike home so i did and i got there at about 9:15. So i don't think I'm in trouble but i have to make breakfast right now.

Friday, May 15, 2009


I got to skip school for a band concert. IT was the schools though. We went all the way to Redlands which was really far and we rode in a bus that had TVs, pillows, and retractable seats and foot rests. It was pretty big and expensive for our teacher to pay for. It took so long to get to the concert. When we got there we set up our instruments and then played our pieces. We got superior on all of ours, but we got excellent on the sight reading. I knew we didn't do that well on the sight reading. So we didn't get Unanimous superior. So we got in the bus after we put all our stuff back in there, and headed for downtown Disney. We stopped on the side of the roan and our teacher was looking in the cargo space and then he came in our bus telling us we couldn't go because he forgot his phone, and all his keys so we had to go back, and we went to this place were is was just some restaurants like Elephant bar, in-n-out, and some other stuff. We got to stay for an hour than we left. Oh well. I wanted to go to downtown Disney.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My own room

While my grandma was down at my house, my dad cleaned up his old office so he could make it my brothers room so i could have my own room. He wanted to take the bunk beds apart but then i wouldn't be sleeping up high anymore. So then my grandma bought my brother a new bed for his room so i now have my own room and get to sleep up high. The only thing we have to do is finish moving my brother's stuff into his new room. The thing i worried about though, with no one occupying the lower bed, that spider webs might occur down there. That would be bad. So i don't know if that will happen or not. I guess we will have to find out. I am happy though that i get my own room and i don't feel lonely. I don't spend my whole life in the room then i would feel bored and lonely-ish. I need to clean up my room and then it should stay clean.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


The leadership people are selling huge lollipops at my school for a buck which is way over priced but they sell them for that much because people will buy them. Last year i got one and brought it home and looked on the website on the wrapper to see if i could get them because they are really good, and what i found out is that you can only get them for fundraisers so that makes sense why my school is selling them. Some of them taste pretty weird though. You cant bite them until you suck on them until they are really small. Yesterday i got a wild cherry flavor one i think and it was really good. So yeah.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stink Bombs

Yesterday morning a stink bomb was put off in the hallway and locker room. I never smelt the one in the hallway but i was there in the locker room when that one was put off and when i heard it i started to hurry so it wouldn't get to me before i finished dressing for PE. So i was putting on my shoes and the smell came closer and then i tied one shoe and the other wasn't on yet and the smell came and it was SO bad that i almost threw up on a different person. I never threw up but i did smell the horrible smell. So i had to get out of the locker room without a shoe on but that was  okay, a lot of people probably did that. So i never want to smell that again.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Santa Monica Beach

I went to Santa Monica beach with my dad, mom, grandma, brother and sister. So we went and saw people do tricks on the trapeze, my dad won Whack-a-mole and we had trouble going on the slow roller coaster. So i was in line with my siblings and both of them dropped their tickets which was annoying, then it came time for us to give the tickets to the person taking them so we were arguing about who would go on and my brother wouldn't listen to me because he wanted to go with me, but then i just backed out said ill wait and so i did and then the ticket person said he appreciates me waiting. So then we finally got i finally got on and it was slow and boring and i should have picked a different ride. My siblings liked it. So then i played whack-a-mole and lost. My dad won the time he played and he got a stuffed dog for my sister. After that we got a funnel cake and ices and then left to go to Rocco's.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

waffle bar

My grandma wanted me to make her a waffle bar because she knew how good i was at making waffles and i made 7 Belgian waffles because there was 7 of us and they all came out really good. After we were done there was only 1 waffle left. The choices of toppings were strawberries, blueberries, cool whip, maple and original syrup, and nuts. I put maple syrup, strawberries and blueberries on mine. I also got a slice of ham and sausage patty. Everyone loved the breakfast and i ate very well. After that my uncle left to go home and that's what was up with the waffle bar.

Saturday, May 09, 2009


Well i went to this street fair today and there was just a whole entire bunch of companies selling and advertising their products. I got Italian ice, a free comic book, and a hat. I bought the hat for  a performance i am doing in my brother's school talent show that i always go in because the person who runs the show always invites me to be in it because i used to go to that school. The Italian ice was really good. I saw a huge black or bumble bee but it was black. You could spin a wheel for five bucks and get the kind of lizard that it landed on. I didn't really want a lizard though. I went there right after the gym. i don't think I'm going back though, its kind of far away. but if your coming  i recommend it.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Police Ticket

I got a police ticket yesterday for riding my bike without a helmet. I was on my way to school and my friend gets stopped first and when i saw him get stopped i started to walk my bike and he took a long to time to write him the ticket so then he asked for my information and he put it on there and he took even longer than for my friend because a different guy not  police came to tell him that saw someone almost get hit by a car a lot on his bike and that he wasn't wearing a helmet.
Then i started to think i was going to be late for school but i didn't think there was anything the police could do about it. So i told my dad about it during nutrition and he laughed a lot and i thought he was mad but he said it was his fault for telling me i didn't have to wear one because i knew how to ride a bike without falling. I also asked him to bring my helmet after school so i could get home and he brought it and i rode safely with a helmet on home.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I went to the Iceoplex with a girl but i got there first and i saw a different girl that almost became my girlfriend a long time ago that liked me. She was with her boyfriend and i know them both really well. I met the girl at a camp and she liked me a lot. So I thought when the girl that i invited to come would probably get mad. The other girl is a hockey player so she was the best out of all of us and she started to hockey stop right in front of me and try to make me fall. She didn't make me fall, i fell on my own but the girl i went with was getting kind of mad. but we were all having a lo of fun so it didn't really matter. We all fell at different times. It was really fun. i had to take the girl in invited back home in my convertible so yeah it was pretty cool.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

star testing

Well star testing is a little challenging. Especially the math. I don't think i have ever gotten advanced in math. Maybe i have but recently i have been getting advanced in English and proficient in Math. But that was only the first part of both. I think we are doing the 2nd part so of both of them, but if we aren't then we are probably going to do the science and history. I'm not sure though. I need to do better on the math. I mean they were asking questions on there that i didn't really understand. So we will have to see if the next part will be harder or not. Lets hope that's its not harder.

Monday, May 04, 2009

star testing

I have star testing today and all through the week. I don't like star testing that much because i don't like testing and when i am taking tests all in a row like that that are really big tests, its not very appealing. Well no tests are appealing unless you know it perfectly and then you want to take a test to raise you grade but i don't like tests. I have done very well on i think all of my star tests i have had. I don't think i should be too worried about it. I think i will do very well.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

x-men origins

I saw X-Men origins last night and it was awesome because of all the action. It didn't really get very good reviews but i liked the action. My dad didn't like it because he thought there wasn't much of a story to it and he didn't like all the constant fighting but i did. The movie was so awesome and intense. People were getting killed all the time and everything. It was crazy. I didn't know wolverine first started with bone spikes and then he got metal ones. The bone spikes looked so cool though. But the metal ones were so awesome and crazy and just awesome. The movie attendant people said there was an alternate ending in a different print they had which is kind of stupid but oh well.

Friday, May 01, 2009


Well i am having oatmeal for breakfast and that's what i have every week day morning before i go to school and i don't know why but it always takes me so long to eat my food. its weird because i know its going to get all chunky and nasty but i still take a long time and then when it becomes nasty i have to eat it. Eating my fruit is fine its just the oatmeal. oh well i need o finish it now.