Sunday, October 03, 2010


I was invited to my friend's birthday party yesterday at this place called Yankee Doodles. There was only about ten of us. It was a sports bar and we played some arcade games there but mostly pool. I got there about an hour late though so I had cake right after the lunch which was a Yankee burger. It was pretty much just a regular burger but I think I might have tasted some salad dressing in there. It was still good, although, it seemed like the patty was slipping out from between the two pieces of bread. I don't know why, but some of the people that were at the party put ketchup and mustard in some coke or water, and then had the idea to make a friend drink it for five dollars. It looked so nasty too and we all pitched in some money, although I was eating so I didn't, but he still got his five dollars and he didn't like it either though because he was talking about how nasty it was for the rest of the day. Then the cake came and the frosting was yellow and red to he just didn't eat the top frosting. So after we left there, we went to the school near his house to play capture the flag and after awhile, an alarm went off and we all thought it was a car alarm, but it wouldn't stop so we figured it was the school alarm because after all, one of our friend's was on the roof! So we left then and went home to play the Birthday boy's new game: Halo Reach. That game is so fun. We also played some Call Of Duty. I had another party to go to that day, but I didn't go because I spent the night at the birthday boys house and so did the kid that climbed up on the roof of the school. We stayed up until about 6:00AM playing Halo online. Then I turned everything off, because everyone else dozed off, and so I did too. We woke up at about 8:00-9:00AM so I'm pretty tired right now. I also woke up feeling sick and I feel sick right now too, and the birthday boy told me that he just got done being sick so I could have caught whatever he had. But I have a strong immune system so I'm sure it will pass by tomorrow, at least I hope because I have soccer and school tomorrow. In the morning, I realized I couldn't find my little backpack I brought with me and it turns out I left it at Yankee Doodles. I'm so glad we found it though because It had many important things in there such as two memberships and my keys. So we got that back and then came home so I could finish my homework.

Saturday, October 02, 2010


Steam is a software, I think, that you can download onto your computer and use it to play games off of, and you can buy games on there, and I found a free game called Alien Swarm, but it ran super slow on my computer so it looked like really crappy stop motion animation because the aliens would be at one place and be at another without you seeing them move there, but of course you knew where they were going. It really sucked so my dad put all the graphics really low on the game, and it got better. It was running more smoothly, but it still could have been running more smoothly, but there was nothing I could do. You could also see the small graphics difference, and I guess the graphics are only a luxury. But, my dad got this game, left for dead, awhile back when he had his own steam account, and he downloaded it, but he lost his account information, so when I typed in the bunch of letters and number to get it onto my computer, it said it had already been downloaded on another steam account, which was my dads so now we can't play it and that sucks. So I highly doubt that I will buy any games from steam because it will probably run really slowly like Alien swarm did. But maybe I just need a new graphics card, or I don't know. But steam looks like a really cool program.

Friday, October 01, 2010

My friend's influence on my taste in music

My music has went to liking everything except country, but mostly Linkin Park music. Now since sophomore year of listening to my friends i-pod, it has changed to liking more scream-o and dubstep/techno. He introduced me into dubstep the other day, and I loved it. I asked him to make me a mix of dubstep songs he has, and he was I guess you could say excited to make it because he was impressing me by doing it and probably happy that hew as the one who put that influence of music in me. He is in my AP World History class and Honors English class. Sometimes I invite him to my house, like I did Wednesday, to work on the History outline and it works out. He has only been over twice though and the first we got less done than the second time, but I did invite someone else to go the first time, so that could have affected the results of the amount of work we got done. But, I suspect that we will get more done next time he comes over since we will probably adapt better to that sort of environment of working together. I hope that it becomes like a home to him so he will feel at home when he comes so it will be good. But he has definitely changed my taste in music as well as little inputs from other friends, but mostly him.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Knott's Scary Farm

Saturday is the day I actually went and YES!, I did go in the mazes. I wasn't afraid! It was actually super fun, especially with my friends there with me. In the first maze, I went ahead first. Somewhere after we left the adult crowd, we went on the Supreme Scream ride, and I always think the intense butterflies make it too hard to scream! Plus, its just a waste of scream. All that really happened was mazes. The slaughterhouse was the scariest one because this monster jumped across a whole wall while scraping it with whatever was in his glove or hand and it was super loud. My friend (a guy) at some point during a maze, clung onto my other friend (a girl) off of impulse which was hilarious. it was such a great day and I think I am going to Halloween Horror nights at Universal Studios. Good times, Good times.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Pre-Halloween Haunt

I'm writing this the day before I go to Knott's Scary Farm's Halloween Haunt which means I am going to go tomorrow. I think this will be the first time that I go inside a scary maze because I've never had the guts to go in, but I promised my best friend I would and plus, I am bringing to of my best school friends and brother-like friend who is in 8th grade I think. So I'm not gonna be like "Nah, you guys go in, I'm too scared" or else that would just embarrass myself and they would all probably tease me and give me crap about it the whole night. I can't wait until tomorrow, now if you will excuse me, I am tired and need to go to bed. just need to rest up for tomorrow, even though we are leaving at about 4:00pm!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Work! Work! Work!

I know I haven't written in awhile but that's because of the enormous amount of work that I have been getting or that has been pending. I procrastinated a Map project for History and that was a huge ordeal with me and my self esteem but that was a HUGE lesson to me of procrastinating = Horribleness. But I had pending work, that was just neglected but I had been working on it. The Map project though, was a butt-load more than I thought. Oh my gosh, it was so much. I started it the day before it was due at 10:00pm which was after my soccer game. I also worked on it the next morning, but of course, I didn't finish it, but I showed it to my teacher and he said "Take the weekend." I was so relieved and it took a lot of stress out of me. Now I had to get it done no matter what and I was working on it over the weekend, while finishing any other work because I had learned from that experience. But my weekends are always filled up, so I probably had a soccer game over that weekend, and I think my dad's fraternity meeting, which I am semi-in so my dad makes me go, but I love going because the people are just great and I like to listen to things that I most likely wont understand or that has to do with more adult things like companies and fundraiser locations and a bunch of stuff. But I like listening to it because it helps me learn about it, and throughout the years that I have been going, I am realizing that I am understanding more and more of what they are talking about. But I also did other homework while I was there, because I wouldn't take the map with me. It would have probably been destroyed. But I am adapting more to the work load and organizing things in my agenda. And I'm finally writing again, and hopefully, even though this is a chore, hopefully I can write everyday from now on.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Fuck You by Cee Lo Green

This is an extremely catchy and clever song. It got so popular just within a week. It had I think at least 3 million youtube views, and that's before the official video came out, no the lyrics version. The video is so clever and awesome. To me it was like telling me a whole story in just about 5 minutes of music video. It covered pretty much covered his life time from a little boy to an adult. I love the way he uses the lyrics and its just a great song. Here, see and listen for yourself. Of course if you don't like profanity, then don't listen, but even if you don't, well maybe not, but its a great song. its already on the air too except their version is "Forget You". Here's the real video.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Zombie Balloon heads

This game is hilarious and Ill post a link to it, but I think its clever-ish. You area stick figure shooting ink from your ink gun at stick zombies and their heads get filled with ink and explode and there are bosses you have to kill and as you gain experience, you can upgrade your gun. I can promise you though, that the last boss is hard. Super duper hard. You can run out of ink but shoot the boxes to get refills on ink and health and thats always good. There also different monster zombies to kill as you go on through the levels. I don't think there are actually too many levels. Also, you can find little glitches I guess like stand directly under a platform thing and the monster that follows you on the platform will look like he is spazzing out just standing there so you can shoot him while he is doing that. I had to use that trick on the last boss! I had too. The beds and springs make you jump up really high so watch out for that, although that is sometimes helpful. Have fun!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


This kid on my soccer team goes to my school as a freshman. He likes it and I guess finds the most unwanted teacher there ok but I guess he doesn't know what he is in for. I actually never had him. He is a science teacher and apparently no one likes him because I guess he is a bad teacher and grades you wrong? I don't know because I have only heard talk and not witnessed it personally and know I won't and don't want too. I'm already in CP bio so I don't think he teaches that or physics which I'm probably going into after this year. But the kid apparently saw me at school because he came up to me gave me a high five, said whatsup and pounded my knuckles pretty hard in the wrong spot because it his I think the joint which is probably already messed up from me cracking m knuckles so much already.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Heartless by The Fray

There is the original Heartless by Kanye West which I actually liked, but then when I heard this version by The Fray, I was just amazed. I think it totally killed Kanye's version. The Fray's version is just so amazingly great and the music video is awesome too, so good that I had a friend draw the very last picture, the one on the chalkboard. You will see it if you watch the video which I'm trying to upload here. Actually I don't know if my friend has started yet, but he said he could do it, and my friend is just amazing at art and his drawing of the no smoking thing that goes on the back of every agenda book is on the back of our agenda which is totally awesome. Its pretty much a domo kun-looking-cigarette with a hammer about to smash reams. The title says, smoking crushed dreams. its really cool. In my posts, I really branch off from m topics a lot but I like to do that because I can just keep writing. But anyway, you have to see the video and listen to the song thoroughly. I did. I really appreciate music a lot.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First day... again

Today was the first day of Sophomore year. Sophomore year is going to be fun, set aside all of the rigorous classes and the loads of rigorous work. I just feel good as a sophomore. I honestly think I'm not going to have any free time to myself except over the breaks if I'm lucky because I know I will have homework or projects then too which will suck. The only time I get to myself is after school, and honestly, that's not a lot of time at all. They always get something wrong for some reason. I'm supposed to be in PE but instead they put me in Spanish 2 which I took a semester of already online and I am gonna do the other semester online too so its really stupid that they put me in there because I really do not want to have to take the class over. So I have to talk about the switch back into PE. So I got some really awesome teachers, a couple OK teachers, and I that I think has an eye out for me, and she will be mean, but I like her for what she explains and talks about like how you're brain works. Awesome teacher's classes are Intro Web Design, same as computer programming teacher, AP World History, and Algebra 2/Trigonometry teacher. OK teacher's classes are CP Biology, and when I get PE, I will determine, but I won't rate the Spanish 2 teacher. Mean-ish would have to be English but like I said, she has interesting thoughts and ideas. So I think this year should go well.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


School is finally starting up again! Tomorrow! Usually it feels like the summer went by fast but it didn't so much. Now it is like, wow, finally. Its actually a mixed feeling between already?!, and about time! An extremely mixed feeling. I don't really know what to think except that I need to get my head straight for school. i need to get focused instead of the lazy/loose feeling of summer. Actually I had a lot of summer work so it wasn't too relaxed for me. I wish I could have hung out more and maybe had a little more fun, but I think I might actually be content with this summer. I did get to hang out with friends and go to Hurricane Harbor and do plenty of stuff. I mostly texted, chatted online, and called friends. A lot of Facebook and a game my friend showed me online. My brother got into it and apparently its very popular, but I doubt with my school friends. I don't know if I really want to back to school though. There will be so much work this year. I glad about seeing friends though because that's always fun. I'm glad to see my girlfriend, even though I'm sort of iffy about that because we haven't seen each other in a really long time and I feel like we are splitting apart but I told my friends I'd see what happened at school to see if we still like each other. I hope it still works out because it was nice to be with her during the school period, but unfortunately, we came together nearing the end of the last school year so we haven't seen much of each other. I don't think school is going to be awkward at all though because its just going to feel like last year and its going to feel like I never left but we will have to see what happens tomorrow.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Soccer Scrimmage

The other team was better than us and I think its because I pretty sure that they have been the same team for a little while but maybe not because I saw one kid who I saw on a different team but I don't think we have played the team before or any of the kids on the team but they beat us and I think the score was 2-3. Us 2, they got 3. We definitely need to talk more but we are still getting used to each other as a team and need to learn each other's name so we can yell it out on the field so they can pass it to us when we are open. I was playing really good in the first half of the scrimmage but I got tired in the second and didn't get subbed out throughout the whole game because I started out subbed. I think almost all of the kids got subbed because we only had one sub and we wanted all of the kids to play. The other team seemed like they knew each other really well because they would talk and laugh with each other and yell each other's names for the ball and they were just pretty good. I have seen better teams though but they definitely talked and for the most part stayed in their positions. The kid that I was talking about in the last 1 or 2 posts that no one liked scored a goal so I'm sure that whoever on my team that I told he was good in the games, probably referred back to that moment and hopefully will appreciate him better. Anyway, it was super fun and I can't wait for the next game because those are always the funnest.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Paranoia is when you get paranoid. Paranoia is pretty much irrational delusion of a person. I get paranoid when I am alone because I start to there things moving in the house, be it my dog or cat or just the refrigerator making ice. But I start to hear random creaking in my house, of course that could just be our house being old. But when I hear that, I think someone is coming up the stairs because the stairs creak. Deep inside me though, I really know that there isn't anyone there. The paranoia distracts me though. Severely. I start to just sit there and listen and forget about my work, so I go to the gym and get away from home. That calms me of course when I get back there is still no one there because they are at work and my siblings are at a daycare. I'm pretty sure my brother got kicked out of there yesterday though because when you get in trouble they give you what they call points. I honestly thought that they were good until I realized why they were giving them to me. But, I'm sure most people in the world have experienced some sort of paranoia but I'm sure that there's a disease that people have where they are constantly paranoid and that must really be horrible. But paranoia isn't a pleasant thing.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Training Day

Training day is a movie and it is all about this cop who wants to be a detective and he meets with one at a coffee shop the detective is really mean to him and he takes him on a ride at the streets. He makes him smoke PCP which is a really strong drug that makes you "trip out" for a long time and intensely. The cop wants to be a narcotics detective to get the stuff off the streets and that's why the detective tells him to smoke and says he can't be a detective if he doesn't do it and even puts a gun to his head. Now a lot of super crazy things happen in the movie. Everything that happens, happens for a reason that will be revealed to you and you have to pay attention to everything in the movie. I asked my dad in the beginning of the movie if he would want to be in the cop's place because he has seen it many times and then he said he would ask me that at the end of the movie, of course he didn't have to because during the movie, he knew that automatically I, or anyone else would say NO. I would most definitely not want to sustain what he had to go through in the movie. There is nudity, and drugs, and Snoop Dog is in it! So I am warning you to not let your little kids see it. (not because of Snoop Dog of course) It is a great movie though and I want to see it again because it would definitely be different to see for the second time knowing what you know after the first watch.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hansen Dan Triathlon

We got up at 4:00 as promised and as you might have guessed, I was tired and I got that dry-eyed feeling that makes you want to blink a lot. My friend and I were asked to take pictures of his dad, well mostly just my friend, and he did and I looked for him to see if he went to the transfer area already or not and the way we could tell for the transition from the swim to the bike was if the bike was still there or not and if the bike was there between the run, that means he already took off for the run. The reason we had to check was to see if he already transitioned was if we might have missed him between the swim and bike or, because we went back to the car for the 45 minute estimation, to see if he already left then. We stayed in the car too long and missed him taking off on the bike but my friend took pictures of him coming in for the run. The distance for this Tri were a bit shorter then the Malibu Nautica's Tri. It was also Hansen Dam's first Tri which was cool. This Tri was pretty much according to my friend's dad, a training for Nautica. His training group which is the NBC Universal group was there. They have a uniform for NBC so you can pick them out of the crowd. So during his bike ride, my friend and I were listening to music in the car and apparently we left the lights on and the music kept randomly turning off so we had an idea the we drained the battery but we didn't know the lights were on and so we left the car and told his dad and apparently we had to jump start the car to go to breakfast with the NBC team. It sucked that we had to do that because it was our fault and not even our car! The breakfast was good and fun because my friend's dad's friends are very social and great to talk to! What a good day!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Smaller Triathlon

I went with my dad's friend to go learn about triathlons and distances and equipment used and it was his day of training but he could only do the swim part because we had to go down to Handson Dam to check him and his friend in because there was a smaller triathlon going on there. In the first place at Malibu beach where the Nautica triathlon was happening is where my dad's friend was training in the swim. His friends and other trainers were doing the whole routine though, the swim, bike, and run. I was watching how some transferred but it wasn't a super real feeling because they went back to their cars and talked and undressed slowly but I want to see the triathlon up close and actually pay attention. So the reason we went to Handson Dam was to set up my dad's friend and his friend for the triathlon there tomorrow. I am going with them to that and we have to get up at 5:00am! So that stinks but its what would really happen. I just wish I could do sort of a mock-triathlon without having to sign in and everything and just do it but I have to rent a wetsuit to swim in the ocean in the real thing and I have to get used to it and be able to take it off and on quickly and be able to make the transition in a good time. Well, I better be off, I have to get up super duper early!

Friday, August 13, 2010


My first soccer practice for this season was last Monday and then we had practice Wednesday and the coach has a girls team that he coaches along with us and one is from my school. The practice days always Monday and Thursday now and I have all new players and coach except for 1 kid on my last team and it was the kid that always annoyed me and everybody and I was mean to him and felt bad so I decided not to do that this year. What I really hated last year though was that he would yell during the games in his annoying voice to move up and back and it was just so annoying and he even got a yellow card during a game, which is just a penalty given by the Referee. Apparently he was arguing with him. That was dumb and also he would try to be first during the practices in the runs and stretches and that didn't bother me too much or anyone else too much but this time he did it again this year in a run in front of the coach's girl's team and he ran past the cone because he wasn't following everyone because he was in front trying to impress everyone and he ran about twice the amount of the run and everyone laughed, including the girls. That's what you get for not listening. I have been nicer to him though and I told some other players that he was pretty good in the games and just yelled a lot and apparently they thought he dumb already I guess! Apparently it rubs off of him and they said that their friends told them about the kid but I kept trying to insist that he was fast and good in the games and I was trying to give him better rep. but I guess its hard. I'm still going to try to better to him and not so much of a bully.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Office

The show The Office with Steve Carrel in it is just hilarious! It was actually taken from a British show called The Office but apparently that didn't get as famous as The Office we always think of got. I have actually watched a couple of the original British shows but they aren't as good and funny and I guess that's why The Office we know of got more popular and maybe because Steve Carrel is in it and he his just awesome. Who doesn't like Steve Carrel? Anyway, The Office seems like its real life instead of just acting only because the actors make it seem like that. They really express their emotions, I don't think there really is a boss like that though and I highly doubt it, but if there is a job opening for an office like that with those people, COUNT ME IN! My mom and i saw the show on TV about two nights go and I used to watch the show all the time but my dad and I just got into other shows and left The Office behind but I didn't remember how funny it was until I added the shows into my instant watch queue. Each show is about 22 minutes long and they are fun to watch so they go by fast. We have watched all of season one, which is only about 6 episodes and 3 or 4 of season 2 already in two days but we just really like the show a lot!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Time is crazy. I know it probably doesn't seem like it to you but I think it is. You might sometimes say time flies when you're having fun, which it seems to do, or it goes slow when you're bored but its really all in your head. As you get older time goes bye even faster and I told my dad that and then he told me that he read somewhere on the Internet that the reason time goes bye faster is because you get used to things and are forming less memories. The new memories that are being put in your head, like the new memories when you are young, seem to make the week and days seem longer. When you get older, you start to have a routine that you get used to and do most things over and over again like go to work and have a daily routine where you aren't usually forming new memories, everything seems to go bye much quicker and I look at that and it amazes me because it happens to me everyday because I have schoolwork I do everyday and chores that are part of a routine and the amount of time that I have in a day doesn't seem to be enough to do everything you either need or want to do. How fast the time goes though is all in your head and its just how you perceive how fast or slow the time is going to you. Time is an amazing thing, but more so the way your brain works!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

It was me and my mom just spending time together while the rest of the family is at Virginia visiting other parts of the family like aunts and uncles and grandmas. So while they are having a blast, we might as well too so I bought tickets online with my moms approval and credit card of course and we could just print them out and skip all the bull crap waiting in line to get a ticket which is just the best way to do it because we saved money too. We saved like 5 or 10 dollars but that's still good. It was definitely worth it since I went on almost every ride. The line just takes forever though. I went on the tallest, scariest, and fastest ones. It was super fun. My mom is apparently afraid of heights and wouldn't come with me to the top. In the long wait, I would just eavesdrop on other peoples' conversation. I almost wanted to talk to them but then his kid just walked up and I talked to him. People were scared to go on the Venom drop so after I went on the body slide tube thing, which is on the same platform, I got to skip like half of the line and go straight up to the top and do the venom drop which was the fastest and scariest, scary because its open with little walls on the side and you can feel yourself lift up at the beginning for a split second but it feels like you are about to fall off the ride which is scary! But fast and fun. It hurt near the end though because water rushed up to your back and it hurts really bad but it is still fun. My mom told me my back was really red and I wasn't surprised. Anyway, their Churros suck, they are cold and kind of stale. It sucks but near the end of the day, we got a "supreme sundae funnel cake 'with ice cream'"! Its pretty much a funnel cake covered in powdered sugar, with a lot of sugary strawberry or chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and a big scoop of vanilla ice cream that cost $11! Let me write that again 11 dollars! Super expensive food there. Its just ridiculous. A snickers bar cost $4. I could get four of them outside of the park for 4 dollars! I guess that's just how they make their money. Anyway, besides all of the expensiveness, including the $15 to park, the park is really fun and a great place to hang out.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Hot Rod

I watched Hot Rod for the second time yesterday with my mom because I told her that it is hilarious because it is. I saw it a time before that a long time ago though with my best friend. It was probably a couple years back when I saw so I only remembered parts of the movie like the cool beans part and an angry dance part. When we were watching the dance part, I remember that my friend told me that was from a good movie called footloose which I saw. That's the movie that made me want to watch Footloose and I'm glad for it too because that was also a great movie. I wanted to show my dad the movie but he said he wasn't too interested and its goofy movie which I guess he isn't into too goofy comedy movies. That's the kind of movie this is. I think the main character is the guy who does some of the hilarious skits from Saturday Night Live like the Throw It On The Ground skit. I love that one. It also has Gob from Arrested Development in it. You will probably recognize other actors from the movie if you see it. I totally recommend it though.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Summer Homework

I am on the edge of finishing at least half of my summer work! I have finished a History assigned book called The World That Trade Created which is the most boring and hardest book to read ever because it is so boring! I hope to never have to hear about that book again and I'm just glad I got through it. Next week I will finish my History textbook assignments. I will be so happy when that is done because that is what takes up most of my time and then all I have to do for History is my extra credit book called The Boys' Crusade. I a little more than half way done with that though and it is about war during WW2 and I like reading about the Nazi stuff and war stuff, because as gruesome as it is, it is interesting. It even has little descriptions in the text that the soldiers or commanders explained about scenes during the war and I like those because it gives you a first hand explanation. Some of them are very sad though and it makes me so much more glad that I am not a soldier in the war or even lived during those times. I have a lot more English to do though for the summer and then I have to finish the second semester of Spanish and then I will be done! Can't wait until that day!

Sunday, August 01, 2010


A triathlon is a multi-sport endurance event consisting of swimming, cycling, and running in immediate succession over various distances. I took that text from Wikipedia and of course that would be my citation to not be plagiarizing. In this, you have to swim a half a mile, and then bike 18 miles out and back, and then run 4 miles out and back. You can't do it without training or you will most definitely not be in shape for it and you won't get a good time at all! It would be a waste of time without training. I am going to be in it, it is one of my known life goals. I am not going to do the Triathlon this year, but most likely the next year! I can't wait. Its going to be so fun. Its gonna probably going to bring me to the peak of my excitement, or happiness. You have to find time in your schedule for the week to train for it to balance out your work/school schedule with the training. I go to the gym everyday and today after an hour at the gym, I rode my bike up to the top of the Regan Library without stopping. It was super hard because its SUPER steep and a long ride. It was much faster going down the hill then up it though, that's for sure. I little scary too but it was fun. I was going so fast that I was putting thoughts into my head about my front wheel spinning off because of going so fast! It was really fun though. I think I am going to do it tomorrow with my dad because I challenged him to do it of course I am most likely going to be in the lead the whole time because, lets just say I am more "in shape". But of course, if this goes with the saying, don't count your chickens before they hatch.

Saturday, July 31, 2010


I took a programming class in freshman year but it was all pretty much just Javascript and HTML. I programed earlier than that though in Microsoft Visual Basic .NET from a book my dad got me. I was littler though so I don't think I understood a lot of it and probably didn't appreciate it as much and I was doing it because I made a deal with my dad and I think that it was If I finished the book, he would get me a newer better computer (the one I am using right now). I probably didn't realize how powerful it was. So since yesterday I started reading the book again and realized all the stuff I missed in the book and I am understanding it all now. Its really fun and hard to stop because once it works you feel like you have achieved something so great and you can mess around with the program and show people and they are amazed according to their emotions. I want to become a programmer as my career and that's probably what it is going to be. My dad is a programmer full time and self employed and he makes a lot of money. So I thought if I became a programmer since its just great and fun, than my dad can help me and eventually I can work for my dad. I also learned that my dad programs in VB.NET. Its a really good programming language to use, of course their are tons of programming languages out there but of all the ones that I have seen, this is my favorite, but I really haven't seen too many programs. I think the next new language I will learn is Ajax. Its a relatively new language that's combines the two languages HTML and CSS. Now I know that you probably have no idea what I am talking about but I think everything or just about everything that you see on a computer or the Internet has been programmed to make it do that specific thing it does. Say if you are on the Google homepage and you type something into the search box and click search, that search button has been programmed to look for results on the subject that you typed in so programming is behind pretty everything. If you want to look at some Programming code, just right click on the screen that you are reading this on and click the option View Page Source and all that is Programming Code. Its all very complicated and there is so much code there. I'm not advanced enough to actually understand it yet and plus there is also hidden Code to so there is more than you see which is crazy. I could most definitely go on forever but I'm not. So to wrap this up, programming is the base just about everything on the computer and without it, you wouldn't have a computer or the Internet or most valuable things at all. The programming book I have is called: Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Programming for the absolute beginner, no experience required. The picture on the front is a cubed version of Tetris. The author is Jonathan S. Harbour. If you want to read it there it is!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Black Dynamite

I saw this movie called Black Dynamite 2 days ago and it was hilarious! I don't know if you've ever heard of it but its a parody of Black action movies from the past I think. Its about how Black Dynamite's brother gets killed and Black Dynamite has to avenge him and he kills a lot of people to do it. He has a little team with him too and crazy stuff happens and there are a lot of fighting scenes. Its definitely rated R because of the nudity and sex and drugs in it and language and violence. Probably everything! It was hilarious though. It might even be my favorite movie, but I am a big fan of movies so every movie that I see might as well be my favorite. I highly recommend this movie unless you are sensitive to all the rated-R related stuff that happens in it. I would definitely watch it again if I had enough time to spare for a re-watch of the movie! Black Dynamite to me is pretty much a Black Chuck Norris except Black Dynamite would kick Chuck Norris' butt!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pull Up Bar

My dad got me a pull up bar but you can so much more than just pull ups with it. You can do push, ups, pull ups (obviously), sit ups, abdominal work and pretty much anything actually! Its so great. my friend had a pull up bar that screws into his wall and I used it every time I went to his house which was a lot. Mine can easily detach because it has this bar thing on it than goes onto a weird sticking out thing above my door and when I use it the outer arm things push against the wall which pushes against the bar on the top. Its really hard to explain but that's the best I could do. Anyway sometimes I hang on it and make my arms in a 90 degree angle and hang there which works out biceps and abs. I can feel it. I use it for extra working out because I go to the gym everyday. I'm hoping to get a six pack (but isn't every guy). Every guy wants a six pack, but not everyone works toward it. I'm kind of scrawny so that's why I work out a lot. I'm actually hoping to get one by sophomore year, but that is so very unlikely! Anyway, wish me luck.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ripping CDs

I finally got to ripping all the CDs my uncle gave me over the week that I was spending in San Luis Obispo. There are over 300 hundred CDs I think. I learned how to rip CDs yesterday I think and its actually too easy! I use the free software Audiograbber. It works great! I have so much music already on my computer and I haven't even ripped half yet. There is about 3-4 gigabytes of music that is on my computer so far. I don't even think I'm 1/4th of the way to finishing! I rip a lot everyday too. I filled about 2 spindles so far. There are so many more spindles though. Its interesting to see what kind of music my uncle used to listen to. Its mostly punk rock. My dad dislikes most of whats on there though. I think a lot of it is great. I'm think I'm going to listen to it all sometime over a long period of time because I kind of have to because I am going to put it on my mp3 when I get a new one because the screen of my current one is cracked but just the screen, you can see everything that's supposed to be there perfectly. The Sansa mp3 players are very fragile! I want a Zune so I can watch movies on it. Plus, I bet they are good quality. Maybe an I-Pod, but that would be going against my dad's advice. He doesn't like Apple because they are very copy write protective if I'm saying that right. They aren't very compatible with anything else besides they're own company and I think other than that, even though that is a very big problem, they are a great company. Anyway, I will hopefully get all the CDs done this year!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Sometimes I think up little stories in my head and they don't last very long but usually come up when I'm thinking very vividly about the world. Today when I was at the gym biking and sweating a lot, an image of big gaping pores opening up dripping a lot of sweat popped up in my mind and all of a sudden I get sort of furious. It made me want to stop but I knew I didn't want to inside. I don't think that's happened to me before. And it maddens me every time I think about it like right now. Other times I go on with stories and I wonder about other intellectual life and what they would look like knowing it would look nothing like we would expect. I think about the details I would put into my stories and descriptive details as well. They only last a short period of time because I know I cant make up a whole story just walking to the gym or something but I might start to write them down if I think about them when I'm near a computer or something but I usually don't think of them when I'm somewhere where I can write it down because usually they start up spontaneously when I'm bored. I also make my little stories into visuals in my head which can sometimes be fun but not like the sweat monster thing! I thought about a smell recorder yesterday because its seems dumb to have video and sound recorders and not a smell recorder. Then I thought about a taste recorder but then I thought you can usually easily replicate that by buying the object in which you got that taste from but only some parts of, say, foreign or far-away places, can you get a certain individual smell. Maybe I would make a lot of money, or maybe some one will steal the idea from me off of this post.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


There is this dip/spread called Nutela and its a hazelnut spread and ts chocolaty. I'm sure it does have chocolate too, it is the color of chocolate (dark brown). Well I as spending the week at my Aunt and Uncles house the week before the wedding. I woke up at the rented house and I was sitting at the table with my 3 year old cousin and he asked his mom in his little cute voice for some Nutela. I asked what Nutela was thinking that it was baby gibberish but I learned later that week that I definitely underestimated the smartness of the two cousins I have. Of course I hadn't seen them for a couple years. My aunt came over with the container of it and let me put my finger in it and it was really good! She brought over a banana sandwich with Nutela. Literally. It was some 10 cut banana pieces with Nutela stuck in the middle. No bread. It was awesome. So my grandma I think bought me my own container, and I of course want some later on when I thought about it at home but my mom only eats by itself because now she loves it. She eats it with a spoon! I guess it runs in the family because I would do that but not so much as to eat the whole container in a week like that. It is good though. Try it.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Uncle's wedding

My family and I all went down to San Luis Obispo to go to my Uncle's wedding. My dad was the officiant of the wedding just like he was at my aunt's wedding. Apparently I was the usher like I was at my aunt's wedding too. We of course had a rehearsal the day before and the wedding rehearsal part was much more scattered and short than the real deal. The party after the wedding was originally planned to be upstairs on the roof deck of the hotel, which by the way was very nice and expensive. But the people during the rehearsal party were complaining about all the noise and how they couldn't sleep because it was late. It was mostly all the little running kids. So we moved the party downstairs next to where the ceremony was. It was under a huge tent which I think might have been better because we wouldn't have to lug everything upstairs like all the food and the candy bar which the bride's sister brought as a wedding gift because she owns a candy shop. There was a chocolate on every table and i set up the napkins of course with other people's help including my beautiful aunt (i know she is reading hehe). I had to dress all formal and it was kind of hot but I eventually was aloud to change into more casual clothes. I also caught garder! That was only because all of the guys that came to catch lifted me up and I caught in the air. It was all very funny. Also, many people got drunk and very drunk. I think my uncle might have gotten the most drunk and a bunch of his friends including my other uncle drew stuff with shaving cream including that the Celtics suck and the Lakers are #1 because they knew my uncle loves the Celtics and hates the Lakers. It was hilarious. A bunch of the rest of my family came too luck cousins and great aunts and uncles and nephews and just a bunch of people from my family all over the country. So it was a great wedding

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Seven Samurai

This movie is 3 hours long! We started watching it 2 days ago and watched an hour everyday or a little more because we only have 45 minutes left. Its supposed to be one of the greatest movies ever made. It is really weird though. There is this one guy who is really happy and excited when the bandits come and he is always joking and its weird. He is always mocking other peasants too and he can be very annoying. The other samurai are usually strict and calm. The samurai agreed to help the peasants for no reward or rank except they get fed by the peasants. The movie is black and white and in Japanese but there are subtitles for English. So far it is pretty interesting. The movie was re-made a lot. There are 2 famous Hollywood re-makes. The re-makes are in a modern time though. I don't know of any in Japanese. What I mean by modern is that the people are western like the horse-back riding kind of people, and they have guns and all that but the story line is pretty much the same. I haven't seen any of them but the one I know of is called the Magnificent Seven. So if you feel up to watching a 3 hour movie, the Seven Samurai should be your choice.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Every once and a while, my dad or mom tell me that the people I hang out with influence and/or dictate what I will do and who I am. Now as I kid, I wouldn't believe that, thinking I could just hang out with whoever I want and that maybe I can influence them. So I wanted to test that. At school, my friends were knuckle heads and I might have slightly slipped toward that, but not fully, noting my grades were all A's and B's. Mostly B's though and I am kind of disappointed in myself, but I have been hanging around a lot this summer with my friend that likes to read a lot. So I was thinking that he might influence me to read and I appeared to be right. I usually read 10 pages a day which is definitely not an acceptable amount to me, just because I am lazy, but this kid wants to read all the time usually. So we went to meet friends near our town library and they weren't there yet so since I had to return two books, I thought and he thought why don't we read until they get hear. And instead that day, I read 20-30 pages. It was great. We both had been carrying around our books. So I influenced him to read and another instance in which I might have influenced him was to workout since I do that a lot. I influenced him to work out with me in the wight room and do laps in the pool instead of just messing around in the pool. It worked more in the weight room instead though. We both did a lot of ab exercises and some biceps and we also went on the bike for a half an hour. I think he liked the bike because when we were done, he said "already?". We had already done a half an hour. So I don't know if you can see the influencing instances in action shown in the examples of this post, but I just thought that the influential effect people have on each other is pretty interesting and a pretty big deal.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Work

My summer work that I have to do for AP History, English Honors, and Spanish 2, is working out much better than I expected. I planned out the days that I would do the work each week and stuck to it and realized I didn't exactly have to do that, as long as I did the the work planned out for each day, in a day. Also, I realized that getting ahead is great. I have been getting ahead which definitely frees up my schedule for extra time in the days and extra days to do what I want. I like finishing my Spanish and AP hist. on Mondays. The AP Hist. takes the longest and the Spanish takes up the least amount of time. English doesn't really take that long at all but I actually think the Spanish stuff is getting longer with each chapter, not that much longer, but they add a little more material to read in each page with each chapter as I have begun to see. Last Saturday, a book called "The World That Trade Created" finally came. I'm supposed to read it for History. Its super boring and the chapters are kind of long. I don't think it takes me so much time to read, but it seems like forever when I'm reading it. I also surprisingly don't feel as relieved to be done with it for the week as anything else. On my summer assignment sheet, the directions for the book says you have to consider it and then it has a list of things to consider, and I still don't know what he means, but as I read the book, I make mental notes on what might be important. I'm pretty sure we aren't going to take a test on it, but I still make notes that I might think would be on a test. Sometimes like dates and countries but all that is hard to note and remember because the book talks about so many regions and trading items and revolutions and dates all at the same time. The book is divided into chapters and in those chapters are little sections so that helps a little with reading it. Overall though, I think the summer work is going pretty well.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My friend's father signed me up for a YMCA membership so I could go swimming with the and workout with my friend there to even though I already have a 24 hr gym membership, I guess it would just be better for my friend to not have to spend so much money on a gym membership while we could just swim at the YMCA. Well, I went with my friend to swim 3 times and tried to work out with him today but he didn't bring shoes so I had to work out there alone but I guess I didn't mind so much because when I got to the pool, we just did laps. We also ran to the YMCA and back to his house. Swimming laps is really tiring but works out every muscle in your body. At least I'm pretty sure I heard that somewhere. We actually got kicked out of the pool the first time we went because my friends dad was yelling at us. He was only telling us how much time we had left to stay at the pool. It seemed like he was telling us to get out of his lane because my friend kept accidentally shooting the little body board into his lane. But it was time to go anyway. Today was fun though.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


My friend spent the night at my house yesterday and he brought over Borderlands because I told him I wanted to see what it was like. So I played it with my brother on co-op mode and I found it really fun even though it is like a cartoon game, its really really fun. You start out picking which player you want, the hunter, berserker, soldier, or the girl, but I forgot what she is called. I started out with the Berserker but I didn't really like him so when I started over with my friend, I played as a soldier and I really like him. My friend picked the hunter. When you get to level five, you get to have a special power. You have to complete missions throughout the game and the first boss is a bandit named 9 toes. It says he has three balls as well. Whenever they introduce new people, they make it seem really cool. The planet you play on is called Pandora and the story line says you are looking for a vault with new alien technology and whoever finds it will have unlimited power but the planet is very savage and there are monsters that try to kill you called Scags and there are also bandits all over the place. You can buy guns and ammo and health kits and shields and when you kill something, they usually drop ammo and sometimes health vials to get some health back. If your lucky, they even drop guns. In the machines you can sell them if they aren't as strong as your other guns and you can set the guns you want to use and every level you gain after level five, you get a skill point. Its a really fun FPS and my friend let me borrow it so I cant wait to play again.

Friday, June 18, 2010


I got a Skype yesterday and more of my friends have one than I expected. Ever since I got it though, I've constantly been video chatting. My friend has the same web cam as me. I did take this one from my dad though because he never uses it and I wanted one. Its a good web cam too. The microphone on it is great and the picture is fine too and you can mess around with the picture of it. You can make yourself have huge eyes or small head or clip art glasses and there is even a face detector so it had a lot of properties. They are funny looking too. Whenever I'm not using it though, I turn it away from myself so other people can't see it on their hacked websites. Sometimes people can put an invisible screen on a button or something that can activate your web cam so they know what you are doing. Its just ridiculous, but technology has definitely gotten that advanced. I don't know how to group video chat but I don't think you can. You can group chat though. You can also play games, which I haven't tested yet but I will sometime probably. Anyway, Skype is fun and can keep you in touch with your friends over the summer.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spanish course

My dad finally signed me up for the Spanish course! I thought it was going to be easy and just pass by like nothing. But it was much much much easier than I thought! So easy. Most of it was stuff I had already learned. It was way too easy of course I only did the first chapter in the course. In the speed back assignment, which is worth 10% of the final grade for the course, I got 100%! Nothing wrong and everything right. It was so awesome and I'm glad because that's definitely an easy way to lighten my load for sophomore year and if it is this easy continuously, then it shouldn't make much of a dent in my workload for the summer. The history work is the one making a major dent. But the Spanish course should just whoosh by. I thinking about finishing it all next week. In the speed back assignments, they even let you refer back to the course to look for answers. I only did that to check a couple of my answers though. I can't wait to not have to worry about the course when its all done!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Falling Death

I just came across this story I wrote for English Class and I thought I might share it. Its a really long story so be prepared. Hopefully it will suck you into reading it. Enjoy.
The Falling Death
Have you ever had a dream where you fall off something really high and then when you're about to hit the ground, you wake up? Well I used to have dreams like that continuously over periods of days and it was crazy but then it all stopped. But now things have changed. Now there have been reports of death for no known reason and there is no one to explain it. Only tests have been run on all parts of the victims' bodies.
Many ordinary citizens have been found dead in their beds bleeding from different places. Some have been found with crooked feet, when before they went to bed, they didn't have crooked feet. Some have been found bleeding from the head, feet, chest, and even holes through their body. Some scientists suggest it might be from a serial killer, but when they look at the victims' brain cells, they find completely different things. They find it to come from their dreams. Some of the victims' therapists say that the victim has complained of continuous nightmares for unknown reasons.
Now scientists have been asking for volunteers of people who have been having nightmares to give them permission to put a night vision video camera in their room as they sleep. At first you would think, "Well why would anyone want to do that?" Well there have actually been a surprising amount of volunteers. The scientists have asked the patients to report to them every day about their dreams. Most say that they see a man dressed in all black with a hood on a hill. Others say they are at a distance but want to find out about the man.
The people who had the dream where the hooded man is the closest to them die. The scientists all look at their screen because an alarm goes off when someone dies. They play the video back and in the video they see a man dressed in a black jacket with a hood on with his hands out waving over the person who has now died. The scientists call the police and send them straight to that person's house and as fast as they can go. When the police get there, the man is gone. Nowhere to be seen.
FBI agents are sent out to find the man. Government spies keep a lookout for the person. The next day their alarm goes off again, but this time the man in black looks at the video camera and puts his hand in front of it. You couldn't see his eyes. The police retrieve the dead man and it looks as if he has drowned. So now a person is dying every day.
Until one day, a man wakes up in the middle of the dream shaking and he sees the man in black trying to kill him in his dream. The survivor chases the man but he is too fast. The police surround the house now because the scientists have been looking on their cameras the whole time and right when they saw the man, they called the police. The man in black looks at all of his surroundings. He runs straight for the police and they try to grab him but when they touch him they scream with pain and agony and the man gets away.
The police explain that the man was so cold that it burned. The survivor explains what happened in his dream. He says the man tried to push him off the hill and succeeded, but right before he hit the ground he woke up. He said it was extremely scary. The scientists now know how the other people died and they are having the same dream of the man on the same exact hill. They were pushed off the hill and when they hit the ground, BAM!, they are dead and bleeding. No one can explain how this can be, but only that it is very scary.
The survivor now is set on killing the man who tried to kill him in his dream, and in real life at the same time. That night he pretends to go to sleep. He lays on a gun while police are hiding on his roof and all around his house waiting for the man to come. The man in black is smart. He goes on the roof and silently kills the police by covering the police officer's mouth and then sticking his hand in their back so hard that it goes through them because of how cold his deathly touch is. He goes around doing this to all the policemen but then he finds himself at gunpoint by the survivor.
This is the moment where everything has stopped for the surviving man and the killer. The survivor is sweating and shaking. The man in black is just standing there, staring. The survivor speaks, "Take off your hood so I can see your face."
The man in black says, "No, I don't have a face."
"TAKE YOUR HOOD OFF!" the survivor yells.
"No," the man in black replies plainly.
The survivor, with his rifle pointed at the man, aims for his stomach and then shoots. The man in black puts his hand out and the bullet stops at his hand and freezes, and then crumbles as he grinds the bullet softly in his hand. The man in black is now laughing and then unexpectedly strides for the survivor and hits him and he is now down on his back with his rifle at his chest. The man in black says "What a nice way to die, you're like one of those army men who are buried in their coffin with his rifle at his chest." The man in black now grabs the survivors shoulders and he is screaming in pain from the cold burning.
The man in black says, "Yes, yes, you like that?" almost at a yell. The survivor is now just yelling and yelling and then, BANG!, he hears a startling shot.
The man in black now falls on top of the surviving man and he squirms and shakes free of the black hooded man on the ground. The survivor turns around and sees a scientist shaking with a police gun.
The survivor says, "I don't know how I can thank you for saving me, I mean I owe you my life and my family's life if I had one."
The scientist replies, "Well you don't have to thank me, I think I just saved my own life too and millions of others. I guess that means they all owe me their life."
"Where did you shoot him?"
"In the back of the head."
"Well the bullet came through his face and plopped nicely onto my stomach, but it was all cold and crumbled when it landed."
"I think the only vulnerable place on his body is his face."
"Well it worked and that's all that matters and thank God."
"You should take off his hood and see what his face looks like."
"Good idea." The survivor takes off his hood and then stumbles back and yells in fright "OH MY GOD!", "He wasn't lying, he really doesn't have a face, just red glowing eyes to see, but then how was he talking?" He then sees that his mouth is low on his chin but there is no nose.
The scientist says "Lets get him over to my car and take him to the lab to study him."
So they do and at the lab they cut him open and find out that he has no organs except for a heart with glowing veins going out through his body and into his hands and fingertips. Then there is a very high pitched screech from the cut open man and everyone in the room with the man falls and dies. No one could ever understand why what happened happened except that it was a tragedy hopefully never to come again.

Sophomore Schedule

My crazy schedule for sophomore year is AP World History, Honors 10 English, Algebra 2/trigonometry, CP Biology, and PE for all year classes. For 1 semester I have Computer Programming 3/Karel J Robot(just programming a virtual robot to move and pickup up stuff on the screen) and for the 2nd semester Web Design. To lighten my load for that year, I am taking Spanish 2 over the summer. AP world and Honors Eng. have summer assignments. For AP world I have to read 9 chapters in the text book, write about the people, places, and inquiry and study questions in the workbook. I also have to read a book about world trade and then read a book for extra credit and take a test on it when I go back to school! For Honors Eng. I have to read the Iliad and identify the characters, Gods, Places, and I think the time periods as well. I also have to make Cornell notes which are just 2 columned notes. I start all that Monday. I also have to do the online Spanish class. So much to do. I really hope I have so spare time on the weekend! Hopefully. I just need to be organized and not procrastinate. Its going to be a tough year!

Friday, June 11, 2010

My sister's Birthday

Today was my sister's birthday and also the last day of school. All I pretty much did was stay in computer programming class and play Counter Strike the whole time though. So that's covered. My mom picked me up and we went to Target, Costco, and Vons for my sister's birthday. I got her a little car with candy in it. She liked it. Of course. She was actually asking me for it too. So I'm glad I found out what to get her instead of having to make a decision because I am just terrible at that. My sister got a ton of presents. She got some from my Grandma, me, mom , and dad. Apparently my brother didn't get anything for her. Too bad he didn't. I don't think he had any money. I'm sure my sister stole it anyway(laughs). We made carrot cake and it was super good. Definitely better then the red velvet cake we had last time which i didn't eat. My dad got her a new freaking violin with the case! It was pretty nice even though I play the piano, it looked pretty nice. I think it is bigger than her old one. At least I'm pretty sure that that's what my dad said to my mom. Great day.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Final Exams

We just call them finals and I had no thought of a different name for finals except: finals. Until my English teacher called them final exams and I was thinking, oh, OK, that's what they're really called. I never really cared though. Anyway, I just finished all my finals today. Monday, there weren't any finals. I had Geometry(51 question test) and Spanish 1(120 question test) finals Tuesday. Science(150 question test) and P.E.(record blood pressure, BMI(Body Mass Index), resting heart rate, height, and weight) Wednesday. And finally English(100 question test) and Programming 1(just a final project that I finished a week before) Thursday. Each class was 2 hours long. During the test, I wished I had more time, but when i finished the test, I'm thinking, UH lets get outta here! My Geometry final took me into the 30 minute passing period and that was the first final I took, so that's what probably made a little paranoid about the rest of the finals. I was OK for the rest of them though. In between periods, there was a lotta yearbook signing. I have a crap load signatures. Some people wrote some weird stuff. I still have more people to sign it. I might have to attach a paper to it because there is not too much space left. Anyway I really hope I did well on the the finals.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

For The Win

I don't remember if i blogged about this yet, but i applied to get a new book that hadn't come out yet by Cory Doctorow who wrote Little Brother which i really loved. The application that i emailed him said that i had to promise to blog about the book which i would do anyway and give him the info he needed to send the book and i was kind of worried because i never got an email back. Last week, my dad picked me up from school and he had a orange-colored package, the regular kinds, and it had bubble wrap in it as usual and i was thinking, what in the world could this be. I had been pretty sure that i wasn't getting the book by then and then i open it, and i am surprised to see that he did send me the book! For free! It hadn't even been published then or out for sale or anything! I was so happy about getting the book because i knew it was going to be good. It even said on the bottom of the front cover of the book, UNCORRECTED ADVANCE READING COPY-NOT FOR SALE. That is just awesome! I have it in paperback too which i always thought was better than hardcover because its more transportable then hardcover but hardcover lasts longer. I am expected a few mistakes in grammar or punctuation, but its the tale the book tells that matters. My dad took it and flipped through the pages and saw that the formatting of the words on the pages all together were a little crooked going down and it does that more with every page and i say AWESOME! I started reading it today and i already like it. I like how he explains the details of everything vividly. It helps to picture the story. I can't wait to finish and read the whole book and then like i promised, blog about it! Its out for sale on hardcover on amazon at this address:
Check it out!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Cajun Festival

I volunteered to work at the Cajun Festival yesterday and i handed out the program/map brochures. I thought the people were never going to stop going in and i don't think they did stop! I left at 7:00 and it ended at 8:00 and I'm pretty sure people were still coming in. It was crazy. I saw some friends come in and hung out with them after 2:30 which is when i got off work. I started at 10:00 am. I was definitely working for a very long time and i started to get bored and tired of doing it. So i was pretty relieved to get off duty. My dad worked at the beer booth too. And we both volunteered which means we didn't get paid but I'm OK with that. I ate way too many sweets there and i wish i hadn't. I don't feel very good right now. Its like a candy hang over. I didn't like the music there except for one of the places which was the rock bands, not the Cajun or country or blues music that was going on. The only problem was that the good music didn't have any shady places to sit. I knew almost everyone in each band in the good music place so that was cool. My friends band won the battle of the bands too. The festival had so many people in it and it was just so crazy how people could fit in there. It went on for the whole weekend too but i only went Sunday. Well, maybe next time my friends will be there to keep me company again.

Monday, May 24, 2010

AP World History

AP stands for advanced placement and then world history. So as a sophomore i am taking AP WH. I went to the lunch meeting for it today and apparently its going to be very hard. I have to do a whole crap load of work over the summer! Its ridiculously crazy how much i have to do. I think i have to read about half the book and do the questions and make flash cards and watch specific movies and write summaries on them. Its crazy and very rigorous but i am up for it. Plus i can get a 5.0 if i get an A. Its crazy. And once your in the class you cant get out. The teacher was talking about some kids who were hopelessly failing and wanted to switch out. The reason is because there are other people that would kill to take your place and you took it away from them. I will definitely have to be completely focused. Apparently you have to make outlines on the sections too. There is also a test every Friday. Hard enough!?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Brother

OK, now its really annoying having the best computer in the house. My brother and sister always want to use it and it is very annoying. I hate it when they use my stuff in general. Especially my brother because he uses like everything that i have and i never use any of his. I hate his stuff, and i don't know why he likes mine. I always lose my stuff because he uses it. I can't find my hat anymore, so now i have to do my hair everyday before i go to school, while when my brother didn't steal it, i could go casually and not have to miss the bus. I was looking for it today. I have found my hat multiple times in my brother's backpack too. He always uses my computer and i always need to use it. So i am constantly kicking him off and then getting in trouble for it even though i need to do homework and he is just messing around with games. So today i made an account called games account, just for him, and then when i get back form the gym, he is complaining about having his own account and i told him i made one for him. By the way, when i got back from the gym, he was playing Spore on that account too! Then he starts to complain. My dad then makes me make an account with his name and i wanted to games account to be for mostly him and for others to use, but now i have to make him one. The worst thing is, he has his own computer! Its so ridiculous. I know he uses my stuff because he looks up to me.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

End of school

Everything is winding down, even though it feels like its not school/work wise, but you can still feel it winding down because everyday at least one of my teachers tells the class we have 3 or 4 weeks left of school and not very many work days. We still have to do finals and thats when we will really feel it winding down every way. The days are half days so thats definitely a way we can notice it winding down. We will start to miss our friends even as we see them everyday of the lasts days with them for that year. Some are transferring though. I don't like that. I wish everyone would just stay and let the people from other schools transfer to our school. It is a great school. I'm definitely not transferring. I don't know whether to look forward to it or not because i will miss friends but i cant remember if i feel that way during the summer. I always miss my summer friends going back into school. Its always like that all the time. But oh well. You just have to plan with all your friends. I am definitely looking forward to summer though.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Last Friday

I saw Iron Man 2 and i thought it was fantastically awesome. I actually got invited to see it with friends but at the last second. I missed a little of the beginning of the movie but it was still awesome. When i went in the movie theater to find my friends, i couldn't find them. I walked slowly up the stairs and didn't see them. So i just sat at the top of the movie theater and looked down every once in awhile and then i got tired of looking o i just enjoyed the movie. Then after the movie was done, i called them and they thought i never even came. They said they already left the theater and were going to their car. They said they would give me a ride and they did. So we went to get Jamba Juice after. I got a Sour Patch Kids one. It was good. So then after that we ate at Rubios. They invited me to spend the night so i asked my mom and she said yes. Then when we got home, apparently the main focus was chores. Now, for some reason, i actually enjoy doing chores that aren't mine. I just like it. And what made it better, is that we got paid $5 an hour fro doing what i was enjoying. Its weird how i do enjoy it. So we did an hour that day and then watched some TV and then we went to bed. That was the end of that day.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

White hat hackers

In English class, we started on our persuasive essays. I didn't know what to pick as a topic and i wanted to pick something interesting, but none of the suggestions that were on the paper our teacher gave us appealed to me. So i went home and asked my dad to give me suggestions. He said a lot and then he came across white hats. I didn't know what they were so i asked. A white hat hacker is a person who hacks a system and then tells the owner of the system what their security flaws are. I thought that was pretty interesting. He told me that people were debating whether they would be prosecuted or not. I totally thought no! Why should they be prosecuted. They are helping. Some people even hire them to do what they do. I already have some information on them, but i probably shouldn't put it down here because its probably boring and i would have a lot. I would probably type up my whole paper because i am an extremest. Which means i do everything to the extreme. So its either the most, or the least for me. Except Sunday, i overcame that during my haircut. I had to close my eyes though to keep myself from telling the woman to cut more off. I only wanted a trim. I got a trim, but times before, i would keep asking for more to be cut off. I closed my eyes during the whole thing. People like my trim too. So i had to explain what white hat hackers were to everyone that asked me what i was doing my paper on. Which was a lot of people. I even had to explain what it was to my teacher. But i like that because i like to be unique sort of. I bet that no one has ever done a paper in that class on white hat hackers before. So i am glad that i get to explain new things to people. That might have been an interesting topic for you too.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Dave Janson's Concert

There is a place called Dave Janson's School of Music. They have lessons there for the drums, violin, guitar, bass, vocals, and other stuff. They also have a band program. They did their band concert today too. Well just the first half i think. But my brother was the first band to play today. Actually the teachers played and their band is called Music Skool. The k is there on purpose. My brother's band is called Hyperactive Overdose. My dad thought is was Hyperactive overdrive though. So my brother's band was going to play Kryptonite, Girlfriend, and Karma Police. But my brother practiced Girlfriend wrong and they didn't get to play it. He also didn't like the song Girlfriend and his drummer didn't either. I hate the song too, its really annoying. I'm kind of glad that they didn't play it. i would have had to video tape it and listen to it even more and the song is just annoying. So they just played Kryptonite and Karma police in that order. My dad told me to video tape with his camera. He set up his video camera on his tripod and then he was video taping with his phone. So he got footage with three different cameras. He must of really been crazy about getting the perfect video. He only reserved seats for himself and my mom. He knew the whole family was going too. It was ridiculous having to move around to let people sit in their reserved seats. Its horrible that he would only get 2 seats. It seems kind of selfish to me, but there might have only been 2 seats left. I just didn't like having to move around a lot and people were walking in front of the camera and it was annoying. I didn't really mind people asking fort heir seats because they payed for them, but my dad should have got 3 or 4 seats. Oh well. Nothing i can do about ti now. The band played the songs awesomely. A different band played Tik Tok by Ke$ha. When i saw the song on the catalog thing, i was thinking, how in the world are they going to do that with regular band instruments, but they did it. Amazingly enough. Anyway, Dave Janson's School of Music is the greatest place to go for lessons for learners. They are just great. My brother has definitely grew musically there and other people have too. Go check them out.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Happy Tree Firends

This is a very violent cartoon. Naming it the Happy Tree Friends is just not correct. I think its hilarious though. I found the first video that i ever watched today when my brother called to tell me to look up on YouTube about GPS devices telling people to get out of their car. I have no idea how i came across these episodes at all. The one that i posted isn't the first episode i watched though. Its about these cute cuddly animals and all Hel* breaks loose in the videos. Its just ridiculously crazy. There are a lot of the mini videos too. I don't know how people come up with them. They are hilarious though. I warn you before watching this though. These videos are extremely gruesome even though they are cartoons. VERY GRUESOME. Have fun.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Star Testing last day

Today was the last and hardest star testing day. Ugh, it was geometry. Not my best subject, if not my worst. I am great at algebra but geometry stresses me out and gives me that feeling of a knot in your stomach and neck. It makes me so stressed out. Its just ridiculous because when that happens, i pretty much forget a lot of stuff like important formulas which wasn't good for me at all. I hate getting stressed like that. I am always the last to finish. On every testing i am last. It gives me a feeling of embarrassment, but computability at the same time, because i check my answers very carefully. Today i was the second last to finish and i felt what it was like to wait to talk and hang out with your friends in the start testing class. It sucks to wait. You have to whisper so softly that you have to repeat so many things over and over. At the end of the star testing for that day, the teacher gives you a raffle ticket and you can either win a $5 Starbucks card, $10 in-n-out card, $15 i-tunes card, or a $25 visa card to use for anything which they announce on the amphitheater at lunch time. I didn't win at all! It sucked. Some of my friends did though. None of the people that i sit with at lunch though. Just "outsider" friends i guess you could call them. But Star Testing is really annoying, but maybe a relief to get over with. I will find out tomorrow then.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Fall, again

I posted about falling off my bike before already, but it happened again. Last time i fell on a Friday because of a bee. It was also Friday when i fell (yesterday). I definitely have bad luck with mongooses. Its horrible, but at least my arms aren't hurt, or sprained or what ever. Neither are my legs, i just got scraped up a a lot! Here is how it went: I was riding my bike back from the gym and this was pretty near the gym. So i was crossing the street and thankfully i crossed it but right after, my feet i guess spun out and got caught under the pedals and i fell. When i was working out on the bike at the gym, i was thinking what if i fall off and then i won't be able to go bowling with my friends. And then it happened! I(t was ridiculous. So i pretty much fell with the bike. I could even feel myself on my side caught in the bike. It was pretty cool until the hurting started to come. The guy holding the sign advertising some company came and helped me up and asked me if i was alright and all that stuff and apparently, there were two cops at the red light and one come to help me and ask what i happened. I explained how it went and called my dad and he told my dad to come pick me up. I was grateful for that because i would have had to go through a bunch of crap and arguing for my dad to come pick me up, but he will listen to the police of course. So i got scraped and tore skin in 5 places. There was bleeding in four places, and apparently, i hit my face on the pavement because there is a bump and a bruise under my eye even though i was wearing my full faced helmet. I also ripped some skin on my left Achilles tendon. The police checked out my bike and said the chain was off. I thought that it must of came off and that's why i fell. He presented the idea of it falling off after/during the fall. I still think it fell before and that's why i spun out and got trapped on it. But, i still went bowling even though it was very hard to walk at all. I did pretty good too. I won the first game, even though i came late. I didn't get to finish the second because my dad came to pick me up earlier. The disinfectant is what hurt the most out of everything. It stung so badly! It was ridiculous. I really hope i can stop falling on bikes. Also, always wear your helmet. Also, when i was about to leave, a bee landed on the police man's jacket. its like a symbol, because last time, i fell because of a bee.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Star Testing

I do the Star Testing on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Well the whole school does except for the seniors but the Freshman don't do the history and today was History star testing. I am a freshman so i watched Ratatouille the whole star testing period pretty much. I was glad i didn't have to do it this year because i don't like History classes and tests of course. I am not very good at tests at all. All i have done so far is the science test, which was medium hard. I'm not very good at science sadly. I wish i was there because i want to go to the college Caltec. I am a computer Programmer. So so far i have only done science. They don't even let you out early which sucks but that's only because they let you out early for finals. Oh well, i can deal with it. We actually do stuff in the classes after the testing though. They are like 1 hour and 17 minutes each. On a regular block day (Wednesday, Thursday) the classes are 2 hours each. Well i guess I'll keep updating for Start Testing as it goes on.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day of Silence

The day before the day of silence, my friend and i agreed on trying our best to do it and we did. My dad bought me a white board and marker with an eraser cap that day. During the beginning of the day, i forgot all about the day of silence and so when i woke up i was talking and i asked my dad to print something out for me and then i went to school and apparently my friends forgot because i talked to them, and then later when i found those friends again, they wouldn't reply to what i was saying and immediately, i remembered and closed my mouth and took out my white board and talked to them with that. I'm not gay or bisexual, I'm straight obviously, but i still wanted to do it and i guess according to the paper i would be considered an ally to those kinds of people. So i ordered food from the student store that day with the white board and they acted as if it was normal because its the day of silence. So for the rest of the day until Spanish, i talked. I had to talk during Spanish because we were doing a partner thing and i had no choice but to talk. In science we took notes and no one bothered me. In English i wrote "Can i have a paper clip please" to my teacher on my white board and she got me it and then announced how some people were honoring that day and she honors and i liked that. Actually in the morning i reminded two of my friends to do it and they did. In Comp. Prog1, my friend bothered me a lot about not talking and said it wasn't going to do anything. I don't know if it would do anything, although i was hoping it would, but i still did it anyway. In P.E. no one bothered me about it and i actually saw other people doing it. In Spanish, i obviously had to talk. Math was funny, because the teacher kept asking me questions like, whats your favorite color, and where did you get this white board. I had to look at her weird or shrug. It was funny. So then i saw my two friends who reminded me and they were talking away and then they actually criticized me for doing it after school. We walked to the bus stop with a bunch of other friends and they were all talking and criticizing me and it was annoying but i still didn't talk. I didn't talk for the rest of the day either. I was actually up until 12:00 that night so at 12:00 is when i talked because it was the next day: today. My brother and sister even copied me by not talking and it was great. By the end of the day, my pen for the white board was pretty much out of ink. So i did it and next time, i hopefully can do it for the whole entire day even in the morning.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Day of Silence

Today was the day of silence and silence upon all. Here it is: this will pretty much tell you what it means and then i will tell you about the day tomorrow, i mean, it is the day of silence. This was on a paper my friend gave to me.
Please understand my reasons for not speaking today. I am participating in the Day of Silence (DOS), a national youth movement bringing attention to the silence faced by by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans-gender people and their allies. My deliberate silence echoes that silence, which is caused by anti-LGBT bullying, name-calling, and harassment. I believe that ending the silence is the first step toward building awareness and making a commitment to address these injustices. Think about the voices you are not hearing today.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Entropy is the decaying of things over time. Everything goes through entropy. We even go through it. Everything including the planets and stars but I'm sure electronics are more widely known for entropy probably. Especially batteries but my computer is going through entropy or it is just made wrong because it i press even on the top of my desktop computer, a CD drive opens. Same with anywhere i touch on my computer. I hate it because whenever i put in my flash drive, it opens. It is so annoying. i wish it would stop. I think it is the CD drive that my dad and i put in ourselves for light scribing CDs. That means that there is a laser in there that engraves a picture on the front of the CD. Its pretty cool but I'm thinking we might have put it in wrong. The top that closes it, the last thing that folds, so you don't see the CD drive thing, also doesn't fully close. You have to finish losing it yourself. I kind of have an OCD thing so that bothers me and i close it myself but that sometimes opens it but I've gotten so much practice that I'm good at it now. I will be surprised when it stops opening where ever i push down on the outer case of the desktop! The point is, my computer is apparently going through some serious entropy. As everything is though.

Monday, April 12, 2010


On the first day back from spring break, i didn't act different as i said i might, because i just didn't feel like it. I was kind of tired and i like being myself. I felt like everything was gone though, like i had forgotten everything but it came back in the last 2 periods probably. It was sort of weird being at school though. It sure didn't seem like it was the last day of school though. In science, we just started with some warm-up questions and took notes as usual. In English, we just watched the rest of Romeo and Juliet. In PE, we just walked around the black top for about one lap until it started to rain and then we went inside and did nothing, well i sorted out songs on my mp3 into my "on the go" play list. In computer programming 1, we just finished up a program we were working on. In Spanish, we took a quiz, translated the second half of our vocab, went over it, then talked a little and then went over our homework from a couple weeks ago. In Math we just took notes and worked on a worksheet which i finished. At lunch i just sat and listened to my music and talked to friends. It was pretty weird being around these friends though but i got used to it right away. That's pretty much it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back to school

Well, its back to school tomorrow. I don't really want to go back but of course i do get to see my friends again. It feels like I'm going back to school from a summer break, yet whenever i am at school, i feel like it is the last day of school. Its really weird. Maybe its because i know everyone pretty much. I think you feel like you know everyone on the last day of school. Anyway, my point is, it feels like a really long spring break. I wish i was at the mountain snowboarding right now though. Well, i guess not right now, right now i feel like being in the nice condo hanging out. Its really cool in the there. I really like it. I don't know why, but i sort of liked shoveling some snow. Probably because its different. That's probably why i liked splitting would with the ax thing. I forgot what it was called, but on one side, it had the flat hammer part, and on the other, it had the sharper side which you use to split the logs. When i go back to school, I'm going to try to act like a whole new person and my friends will be like what the heck! I think it will be funny to be someone different and then see their reaction. I don't know if i will be able to, it will be very hard, but ill try.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Soccer Game

I just got home from my soccer game and everyone was tired. Especially me. Mostly because i went to bed really late. I guess a lot of people were out of whack that game because we didn't have practice all week and we didn't even have a game last Saturday because of the the Easter break. We did win though. I think the score was 4 - 3. We obviously got 4 goals and they got 3. I think that was the score. A couple of our players weren't there so we didn't have any subs. The coach didn't have a line up ready so he just told us where to play and we did that and it was pretty much the same positions the whole game. The goalie changed every quarter and when it did, the people that were in goal just got told to find an open spot or just the middle and go for the ball. They were pretty confused. I didn't play goal so i was left defense for the first half and right defense for the second half. It was kind of stupid, i don't really like defense. But i wouldn't rather be a goalie. I would play anything besides defense and goalie. So forward and mid field would be my preferences. But, i am usually defense. I wonder why though. I guess maybe its because i never complain. Well we won the game. So that's good.

Friday, April 09, 2010


For Easter, i didn't get to do anything. I was actually grounded the whole day. I had to spend pretty much the whole day on my bed. It was ridiculous. My brother and sister and their friend went egg hunting and ate a whole bunch of candy and i only got like three eggs because my dad brought me them when i was in my room laying on my bed doing nothing. I even packed the plastic eggs with candy to hunt for but i got in trouble some how and the eggs brought to me were half empty. One had jelly beans, the other had Hershey's kisses, and the other had probably more jellybeans. I dumped all of the candy out of the eggs and fit it all in one egg. I only got 1 egg worth of candy! Plus my siblings got to paint eggs and i didn't. There were dollar bills stuck in some of the eggs that my sister found, but i don't really care much for dollar bills. When i finally got to get off my bed which was near the end of the day, i still had to do all my chores like i regularly do. I don't even remember doing anything after all of my chores were done. It sucked but why did the one day i was grounded have to be Easter!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Mammoth Trip - Everything

In the last post, i didn't go further into the family that invited us which was the same as last time. This time the family brought everyone except the bigger brother, who didn't come last time, because of work. But the husband, wife, little brother, sister, other sister, wife's sister, and a bunch of other people came. The condo was pretty much full. The little brother's sister left before we came though. The little brother's friend's or cousins, i never knew, also came. So there were too many for me too count. I had to sleep on the couch. My brother slept on the pull out bed upstairs. The little brother slept upstairs on the bed. My dad, mom, and sister slept in the room downstairs. Actually my sister had to sleep on the floor and my mom and dad slept on the bed. The cousins slept in there own room. They had a baby, 2 little girls, a husband, and wife, and a big girl. So that room was full. Then the main family slept in their own room downstairs which consisted of the husband and wife. The main family's son's cousins and everything had their own condo. The next day, they came over and ate with us. The bigger cousin snowboarded with me even though he could have done pretty much everything on the mountain while i only could go on the smaller easiest slopes. He was giving me pointers and all that. We found his brother and went to take a little break in the lodge. Then after that me and the bigger brother went to visit my sister and brother while they were eating in the ski school. After that, we went to the ski lift and went down a couple of times. This is the point in the middle of the slope when i got the call to come eat lunch. So on my way down, i saw my brother, who i wanted to snowboard with, but i had to go eat, so we ate and met up at the lodge. After lunch, my dad went with the main family's husband and wife. The little cousin went with the main family's son. My mom and the cousin's mom went home. The cousin's dad went with the two little girls to teach them a little. The two little girls are actually 3 and 4. I don't know where the bigger girl cousin went. The bigger cousin stayed with me again. So we went down a couple times again and i got better and then i had to go to the bathroom and i was thirsty so the bigger cousin went on his own on some of the bigger slopes. So i after the bathroom break for me, i went to look for my siblings but couldn't find them so i waited in he power in the middle of the slope away from the ski and snowboarding traffic. I waited for a long time too. I never found them so then i came down and saw the main family dad. He told me my dad was waiting for me. So i went over there and while we were waiting he got a call from mom saying that my siblings wanted to show him what they learned and this was my time to board with them and actually everyone. So i waited at the top of the lift with my brother and everyone came and i started to go down and stopped pretty soon. I waiting there with the little cousin while my dad was taking pictures and then they all finally came down and about halfway, my dad stopped my brother, sister, and myself so he could take a picture of us and we finally got together and he got the picture. So after that, we left the mountain. The cousins all went home. Then we went home, ate, spent the night, ate at the stove the next day and went home.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Mammoth Trip - My family's side

We went to Mammoth mountain again for our snowboarding/skiing trip. Except this time we brought the whole family. Including my mom, dad, brother, sister, and myself. It was such a hassle and it was ridiculous getting packed up. The back of the truck had almost no room. We tried bringing all of our blankets and everything, it was just ridiculous. My dad had to take out pillows and blankets so we would have room for the snowboard and skis that we were going to rent at the sports chalet. I hated the board they gave me. I sucked. I'm sure the boots would have sucked and i probably wouldn't have been able to tie them up tight enough if i hadn't forgotten them at the condo. We had to rent them at the mountain lodge. We are extremists so we packed like we were staying for a week and we were only staying 3 days. First day was for getting settled and hanging out. And we got there when the mountain closed anyway. Second day was for snowboarding/skiing. My brother and i snowboarded. My dad and sister skied. My brother and sister went into the ski school and i snowboarded on my own. This time my mom bought me snowboarding pants. So i wore the spandex and the boarding pants. She also got me boarding socks so i wore those too. I wore the one pair, then spandex, then the boarding pants, then a white undershirt, then a long sleeve shirt, then my regular jacket, and then the snow Bruins jacket. It was really hot up there. My mom got my brother and sister almost full snow suits and my dad too. The family that invited us lent us a lot of snow stuff. They are so generous and great to be around. So i still went on the beginner easy runs but next time i will go on the harder ones. At about 12:30, my dad called but i was still on the run and he told us to come and eat lunch so i came and we ate and went back. We left when the mountain closed and spent the night at the condo. The next day which is today, we got up and went to The Stove which is a restaurant and i got chocolate chip pancakes which were great. Then we left and here i am.