Tuesday, July 31, 2007

honey comb

Honey comb is so good. I got a plastic box of it in Virginia. Its made strait from the bees. The comb is wax and rest is just honey. I like to chew the wax that I get when I cut off a piece. You spit out the comb though. Your not supposed to eat it. But you are of course supposed to eat the honey. You can pour some on ice cream and it tastes really good, or you could put in oatmeal and that tastes really good too. So I brought it home with me and I haven't ate it yet though. Not all of it.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

New Guitar

I got a new guitar when I got back from Virginia. Its a black and white electric guitar. It rocks, literally. I have like 4 or 5 picks and an amp and a tuner and a case, and I got a guitar DVD today too. I got everything. We don't mess around. I got a really good one too. Well at least I like it. I can play the beginning of "smoke on the water". So I guess that's a little head start.

Friday, July 27, 2007


Well tonight I left from the B.G.C. and went to eat dinner and take care of my chores so I could got to mayhem which is at the B.G.C.. And then I went and I had a lot of fun. I danced with some of friends and people I didn't even know. But I saw a really old friend there and I couldn't believe it. I was so excited and happy. We were both excited and surprised. But it rocked. And then I had to leave at 10:00 to go home. But I didn't want to leave. But I had to . And then after mayhem me and my dad got ice cream at McDonald's. and then we went home.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

end of vacation

Well near the end of my vacation in Virginia when I camped, O had tons of fun. We got there latish though but I liked that we did because we roasted smores that day on our fire that we made. And they were MM GOOD! I lover smores. And every morning we cooked eggs over the fire and vegetables and potatoes and beans and the potatoes were good. For dinner we would start another fire and I would cook a hot dog and it was good. everything that I cooked was wonderful. And one time we corn on the cob. And oh my god that was the best corn I had ever had in my whole entire lifetime. That was some good corn. And then after the camping was done we all went to my dad's best friend's house and stayed there for 2 or 3 days which was in North Carolina. And then we went to the airport and left to go home.

Friday, July 20, 2007


I am just about to leave my aunt and uncle's house to camping in Shenandoah. Its going to be fun but I could rather stay at my aunt and uncle's house because I love them so much. But had to go sometime. Cant stay forever. I tried making a deal to stay until school was out but it didn't work. I think its going to be a long drive to the campsite but I can handle it. I mean I flew by myself all the way to Virginia so I can drive to a campsite. The campsite is in Virginia and its not a long way away from the house but it takes a long time to get there because its a slow drive. But I blogging right now because there might not be any Internet an the campsite. So that's all folks.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Devil Sticks

Devil sticks are 3 sticks. You have to juggle them so its a type of juggling. You hold two in your hands and juggle the 3rd one in between the 2 others. It takes some practice to actually get it. But when you get it it becomes fun to do tricks. I do tricks. I flip it and spin and I go crazy with it. I can even juggle it under my leg. And I got some that are wrapped in silicon so its way easier to juggle. There are some that are wrapped in tape and just color so its just wood but those are almost impossible to juggle. And its not a thing that you with for an hour and then throw it away like some McDonald's toy. So they are very fun to play with.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


There are so many colors. And another way to right color or color is like his. Colour or colours. There is pink, black, green, red, blue, which is my favorite color and there's orange, brown, white, yellow, silver, tan, fascia, mauve, pumpkin, indigo, burnt sienna, lime, aqua, lime green, violet, purple. sky blue, gray, gold, copper, peach, yellow green, green yellow, and light and dark everything and a tun more but I don't know them. Do you?

Friday, July 13, 2007

Ride to Virginia

Well right now I'm in Virginia and went there all by myself in the airplane. But the airplane ride was fun. Even though I got a bloody nose on the way. I think its was because it was from the pressure. And when I got a doctor came and helped me. And my bloody nose kept on going too though. And At one time I told the doctor that I had to sneeze and she backed away and I sneezed and everything went everywhere. but the ride was fine.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Well my brother is back from Virginia. He just got back today from the airport. When he came back he ran up to me and jumped on me because he missed me so much. And I missed him. I saw his messed up ear and neck. I felt bad for him. But hes a tough boy. My brother is a very tough boy. Must of got from me. HAHAHAH!!! I am very glad he came back.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


My brother who is in Virginia at the moment got bitten my a dog named stony. The dog's owner was my aunts mother in law. The dog bit his neck and ear. He bit a hole through his ear actually and he had to get 8 stitches on his ear and he had to have his head wrapped up ear and over his eyes of course. But now its not wrapped so I guess he's doing pretty good down in Virginia.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


This is an update on my mp3. I learned just right now. Literally a minute ago how to put pictures on my mp3. It was cool. I learned how to put songs on my mp3 sometime this weak. Now I have I have exactly 6o songs on it now. I got some Jimi Hendrix on there. And Santana. And a bunch of the doors. That's what really made it up. And I have some of the Beatles. I got all the good stuff. So its all good.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Today I went back to the B.G.C. from the week that I was at camp fox.Yesterday I had a choice to go and I wanted to go when it was early and then it got late and I didn't want to go anymore. So oh well. I went today and hung out with my friends. They're pretty cool. When I got there I was looking for one and I found the first one I was looking for and ran into the other.. And he noticed that the combination was different and I don't know how he figured it out but it was good that he did figure it out. My brother must of told him. That's good though. But today one of my friends and her friends figured out the combo too so I had to change it and I saw them trying to get in and they were getting mad that they couldn't get in. It was funny. But I told my friend who was supposed to know. And then I hung with a J.L. (junior leader). And I played ping pong with her on her team against 2 L.I.T.s. Forgot what that means but I know they are in a higher rank than a J.L. And then at the end of the day My dad picked me up. I went home. And I ate dinner and my dad told me that he got me new mp3 songs which was pretty cool. He got them after I put some on myself. And He put another song that we were listening to in the car from the radio. And then we went somewhere and now I'm about to go to sleep which means I'm done here.

Monday, July 02, 2007

New bloging things

I had no Idea what to call this so I made that up. But This is now my 200th post and that's wonderful. All this time spending on post blog entries on my own website. I bet I've been doing this probably over a year. And If you noticed the new look on my website. Well it might not be that new but I think its more more advanced and cooler looking than the older one I had. So Many new things pop into this world.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Camp fox

I went to camp fox this week and got back yesterday and that's why I wasn't blogging all that time. But I still had liked he greatest time there at camp fox. It was kind of newer this year. They had tether ball, rock climbing new councilors and directors. So It was really cool. Oh ya they even got a new song. And they were more organized in the camp also. But I fished there and rock climbed there and I did archery there and I swam there and slept and ate of course. We all did camp fire at night. That's where we did skits and songs. Like repeat after me songs mostly. And at the last part of camp fire we had a thing called quiet time. Were they turned off the lights and either a director or councilor told a story or stories and to clap we would just put thumbs up. While before that time we would clap whistle and scream at the top of our lungs. And then we would go to bed.