Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Today in school

School is getting harder. We have a new packet that we had to work on for language arts. Its harder because we have no story to look at to help us with our anwers. Its just grammar. And I finished the pages before it became homework.
All we had to do in math was a page of 15 through 47 odd. Our teacher told us that only the anwer to the odd numbers for every page was in the back of the book. I already knew though. I didn't look back there because I wouldn't be learning anything. That would suck. If I didn't want to learn, why bother going to school.
Oh yah, before math we had science. We only have science every Tuesday And today is Tuesday. Science is usually pretty easy. All we do science projects. That's fun and easy. Today we had to see which diaper would hold the most water. The cartoon character one or the frog one. My hypothesis was that the cartoon character one would hold the most water and I was right.
Also every Tuesday we have music class and today is Tuesday so we had music. All we did was learn a bunch of intruments. We also listen to them. I couldn't remember them all because there were so many. While we were listening to them we had to point them out which was easy.
Our teacher got a lot of new videos that he said he was waiting for a long time for. We used one for social studies. It had a bunch of questions worth points. My table got 110 points. Then we got 10 points taken off because a person at our table was talking. And it wasn't me. Well that was the end of school.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Dodger Game

It was LOUD at that dodger stadium! Trust me. We also made a attendance world record! I forgot what it was but it was atleast 1000 more than the other world record. I actually won those tickets in my classroom. We have something called D.A.R.E. which were raffling the tickets if you had your parents permission and I got mine. And I got so lucky that they pulled my name. The Dodgers won 5 to 1. They were playing the Dimondbacks. The dodgers hit a grand slam at the end to win. Perfect ending. It was also the last home game of the season on last Sunday.

Very Angry Cat !!! Beware !!!!!!!!

I think this is so funny. Check it out.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Lego Starwars 2!

This is like the best game ever! You can punch people unlike lego starwars 1. You can even build stuff. The levels are longer and better. And you can ride on landspeeders. That is the best. But it costs 40$. That's a lot of money. Good thing I got it for my birthday. Which I told you in previous posts. I think you should get it.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pig roast

We do the pig roast almost every year. Except last year. I think this year was the best. We had a chocolate fountain. My friend put 4 kinds of food on his stick I don't know what kind cause when I saw it it was smothered in chocolate. But he stuffed it all into his mouth. It was so funny. Our moon bounce kept on tipping onto my friends gate. It was so cool. We like 1oo People at our pig roast to. We also roasted marshellows (spelt wrong on purpose) to make Smores. I think we did that the day before the pig roast which was actually part of the pig roast. My uncle tried to get me leggo star wars 2 for PS2 for my birthday which was 2 days before the pig roast where everybody was there but it was all locked up. So he got me a brain age for DS (which he knew we already had) to trade in for leggo star wars 2. He also got me the Sipsons Hit and Run. That rocked. He also got me a wrist band which I liked a lot including a tattoo for my birthday. That was the best pig roast ever!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I love Crystals. I collect them. They are so shiny and I like shiny things. I bet you do to. Don't most people collect crystals or do they have other things to do more important than thinking about crystals? I think I have more important things to do than to think about crystals. I just now thought of crystals. I got geodes for my birthday. I haven't broke them yet. Actually my birthday wasn't that long a go to. Oh well, I don't know when to brake my geodes.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Not blogging

Not bloggin hugh. Well when your not bloggin its probably because your already too occupied enough to not be blogging. In my case of not bloggin. Its yousually because I stay up late and I really want to sleep. But I like blogging sometimes.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I love tattoos actually collect them. I started not that long ago. I have a lot a lot. My sister is so crazy to be messing around by grabbing them and putting one on my dads desk. I wish she wouldn't. Once my dad found out that there was one on his desk he putt it on. It was a really cool one too. Dragon Tattoos are my favorite and dragons are pretty cool even if there not on a Tattoo. So in replace of my Tattoo my dad bought me a dragon Tattoo and gave me a bunch of earth Tattoos. I like Tattoos.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Word searches

I love word searches. I love to find stuff. And it gives you something to do wile your computer isn't around. I think everybody should atleast check out a word search. I checked it out when I was bored and that's how I became to like word searches.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bolo Golf

Bolo Golf is when you throw two golf balls on a string to get it on the the goals. The top is 1. point. The middle is 2 points. The bottom is 3 points. You go up to 21. If you throw your bolo on the middle and then the person your playing throws it on the middle the 2 points are cancelled out. That goes for the 3 and the 1.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Blogging is the best because you can write about anything you want and you can put pictures. Its gives another goal to set. And a lot of people like to set goals. And meet there goals. I like to set and meet goals. I think to myself sometimes why aren't my friends blogging. I think most people in the world should blog. I think blogging will get extremely popular. I think you should blog.