Wednesday, December 31, 2008

typing tutor

I finished a program i was working on from my programming book called the typing tutor. Words that are different colors come down from the top pf the screen and you have to type them in. I can change anything i want in the program. For every one you type right you a get a point. For every one you miss you lose ten points. You can get negative points to. Its a pretty cool game for what i made.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I am sick and i guess its a cold. I have this cough that's not really a cough and it hurts when you cough. It makes that horrible ugly sick sound. Its been going on and off all the time and it sucks. I think i got it from my brother then gave it to my dad and held onto it. But it sucks. I have it right now. I think i might be the only one with the coughing thing in this house and i felt like laying down but i have to finish my chores to do what i want. So I'm just going to have to push on.

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Rocket Car

    There is a special rat family but one is most special in that family. His name is Speed. All rats get their names by their actions and this rat is fast. He had driven his own race car around a race track made for rats. If you win in first place you get a block of cheese. Speed has won every time but the block of cheese just wasn't enough for him. He heard rumors about the moon being made of cheese but never believed it. He always wondered though before he went to sleep if the moon really is made of cheese. This time he couldn't stand it anymore. The next day he asked his friend, Inventor, if he could use the ramp he made. This wasn't just any ramp though. It was a huge giant ramp. And of course Inventor didn't want Speed to break it. So Inventor said "You can have it, but you have to get me a block of cheese." Of course Speed agreed. The rat race was the next day. So the next day came and he won the race as always and brought Inventor a block of cheese. He gave him the ramp but he wanted to know why Speed wanted the ramp so Speed explained everything to him about the cheese and the moon and where he was doing it and that was in the concrete sidewalk next to Speed's house. That wasn't enough for Speed though, he needed a special super fast rocket car. So he asked Inventor to make one for him. Inventor was in a good mood eating the cheese so he said he would make it for him. It took Inventor almost 6 months to make it but he finally did make it. Inventor drove it to Speed's house. Inventor put a number 7 on the car because 7 is a very lucky number and he wanted to wish luck to Speed on going to the moon. So all night Speed was testing the car and he eventually named it. He named it Hug because that was the name of his dream girl. So the next day he set up his ramp and set up the car where he was going to start out. All the rats were running towards Speed telling him not to go and that he would die and not come back. But everyone knew he was going to go. Hug came to Speed and gave him a hug and wished him luck. Speed said she could come with him. Hug said yes because she had always loved him back so they went in the car. Then Speed took off and eventually hit the ramp and fire was coming out of the car so the ramp caught on fire. Inventor was too sad to even think about the ramp now. The car did a flip then hit a satellite and landed on the moon. Speed was from a special family and he could breath in outer space and he shared that specialty with Hug so they could survive on the moon. The rumor was true about the moon being made of cheese. Hug and Speed were so happy and they could live forever on the moon with all that cheese.


I finished the flipboook part of my math project yesterday and just now finished the narrative story that goes with it. Its titled The Rocket Car. Its all about the the rat in the car. Here is the story above.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Islands is a restaurant mainly for burgers. They have great great great burgers. I just went there. The burger i got i think was called the Rincon burger. It has meat, cheese, guacamole, bacon, onions, tomato, and mayo. I asked for no mayo or tomato and with onion rings. The thing about their burgers is, they are HUGE. I don't think I've ever gotten to finish a burger there. I came so close though. I got a diet coke with a cherry and grenadine as my drink. Its always good. Islands is expensive though. Oh well. Its still a great place to eat. Try it.

Friday, December 26, 2008


I had an awesome Christmas. Our family friends came over on Christmas eve and Christmas and i got a lot of presents. Everyone got a lot of presents. My sister got the most.Our family friends got us Wii fit. Everyone made a file and that's what inspired them to buy a wii. I think they are getting one today. That wii fit is a fun game. I didn't know it was that fun though. Actually i did, but who would have expected them t get a wii. Its crazy but that's how it went. I still have presents on the way. Maybe they'll arrive today.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

star wars the force unleashed

Yesterday y dad made me go shopping with my mom and i really didn't want to. But now i am kinda glad that i got through it because my mom got me a game for the Wii. Star wars the force unleashed. It is SO fun. You are on the dark side of the force too. You start out as Darth Vader and kill like everyone and go to fight this Jedi and kill him, but the Jedi's son is there ad is more powerful than him. The son forces the light saber into his own hands and he is just a baby. Then Vader takes the baby with him as his apprentice. Then you get to play as the apprentice. He shoots lightning ad a bunch f other stuff and its SO awesome. Try for yourself.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My dog

Well this morning my friend was at my house because he spent the night and so we were still in bed when my my brother started to talk to him which woke us both. But when we got up we had to make breakfast for ourselves so we made Belgian waffles. When we were done eating we cleaned up the living room and set the couch like it was before because i set up the couches like a bed. So when we were done, we started a pillow fight. And somewhere in that pillow fight, my dog cam in. He started to try to hump and bite me, but then went on to my friend and he just wouldn't stop attacking him. Eventually my dog bit him. And it hurts badly and i know because he left a mark on my butt before. But he hung on to my friend for awhile and it was hurting and that's when it ending and we started to clean up the mess from our breakfast and as the garage door was opening we were cleaning and when he walked in we were on the couch reading like we were supposed to. Perfect timing. (dad don't punish me if you read this, it was perfect).

Monday, December 22, 2008

Fur coat

Well my mom got a fur coat that i got to pick out for Christmas 2-3 days ago when it was cold, but the next day it was hot. What was i going to do with a fur coat now that it was hot that was about $100. Well i did what i should have done, told my mom to take it back. It was so warm though. I don't regret telling her to do that though, even though she did take it back. I didn't need but wanted the coat. It was fur on the inside only though, which is really warm. But i still didn't need it. My mom was saying are you sure, you really like it, and while we were getting the coat she was saying, are you sure you need that coat i know you like it but it was so expensive. But she did still take it back. So there it is about the fur coat.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Well yesterday i had to sneeze like all day but it wouldn't come out. That's kinda like right now too. But my dad says he knows how to fix it. So i asked him what he would do to fix it and he said it wouldn't work if he told me. And that i had to pay him $5 for him to do it. So that's like an extra no. And not knowing what my dad is going to do is not good. He said its $10 today. I said n and he said he just might do it anyways and i told him no don;t do it. But I'm not sure. Its kinda haunting me too. But when i went outside i look almost at the sun but to the side and it usually always allows me to sneeze and that's what i do all the time so that's what i did. Well oh well.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


This project that i just finished working on for today is actually a little bit fun. Its a flip book for math. I did it about a rocket car that goes off a ram and does a flip and goes up and then later lands on a target trampoline and then goes back up and crashes into the satellite and lands on the moon. There's more to it but that's almost all of what i put on my story board. Its pretty cool. I just finished ten cards but didn't color them yet. Its actually turning out to be pretty good.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Well yesterday i actually went to my winter band performance. Unlike last time when i got an F for missing it. What would he have done if i missed that performance. Well it was so annoying to have to put my tux because he makes us put on a cumperbun and bow tie and those were hard to get on and off. A cumperbun is the thing you put on to catch bread crumbs. I have no idea why he makes us wear them though. But i that when the intermission was almost over and i was in a line just to get back in the gym, a really really hottt girl walked by me and said i was cute.  I know her name because she went out with my friend but she probably has no idea who i am. But her and her friend giggled after she said that. Oh well.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I have had so many projects and I'm still not done with my PE one that was due lasts Friday. I hope i can still turn it in. But before that i had English and history projects. That's three projects! I turned the English and history in though. And I'm about to finish my PE one this morning when my dad prints it I got a science one on Monday i think and i already finished it yesterday. That one is due this Friday. Then i got another one yesterday for math! Its crazy! How am i supposed to do all of these. I haven't been able to do what i wanted to while those projects were due. Its like a project depression. Its just crazy.

Friday, December 12, 2008

adventure quest

Adventure quest is a really fun game i guess. Well dragon fable is probably funner because its basically the same thing but you get to walk around and do the same thing. All you really do is kill monsters choosing to be a mage, warrior, or thief i think. Its a really fun game though. Well you level up I think that might be the best part. Weirdly ha ha. Well it is online so yeah there you go.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

phone calendar

My phone calendar is really helpful. Since my dad told me i have to find a way to fix this F problem i suggested my phone calendar. You can put events on there and you can set an alarm for when its time for that event. Like a band performance, or when projects are due. or piano lessons. I put all of those. Not all of performances yet but I'm planning to put them in there when i find out when they are. And of course anything else.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Well i talked to my band teacher about my F and asked if there was anything i could do to help it or fix it and he said nope its a done deal. Well i had a donut it my hand. I told well you know i got a donut. All he did was laughed and said are u bribing me? during his laughter. So then i just walked out and ate the donut. It was really good too. My dad is making me tell him every single detail about whats happening in school. Its kind of annoying though. Oh well.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


the big mistake i mistake was missing a band performance at a Mormon church for band. I just totally forgot about until the next day! And after school i was helping pack up for the performance and i went to extra band practices!!! I just cant believe missed it. I was thinking about it the whole way home but forgot when i got home!!! Well my punishment in band class for missing the performance was extremely exaggerated and sever. A big fat  F  for the rest of the quarter. Which means there is gonna be an F on the report card! I had to tell my dad about it. No sense in waiting. WE had a long talk about it and i knew we would. And since i had an A for the last quarter, its going to be a C for the semester grade. It really sucks. I think he went WAY over the top with this punishment. There is nothing i can do now and except ask for anything to do to make up for the F or at least help it. Well ill try.

Monday, December 08, 2008

The boy in the striped pajamas

The boy in the striped pajamas is my favorite movie. I saw it on Friday or Saturday but its about the holocaust. This German boy who is the son of a Nazi soldier goes off and meets a Jew in striped pajamas across electric barbed wire and makes friends with him. My dad told me the place was Auschwitz because of the four burners but it doesn't tell you specifically. Bruno and his sister have a tutor who teaches them to hate the Jews. Bruno doesn't listen to him at all. The movie is very sad and dramatic but its still a really really great movie. 

Friday, December 05, 2008


My brother likes to try to sneak up on me. He never can though. My hearing is way to good. I can hear him breathing, or if he opens his mouth, or a crack in the floor or just his footsteps. I can hear it all. I have really really good hearing. He just cant sneak up on me. But i can sneak past and up to anybody. I can be really quiet. Its harder on shoes though. My shoes can be a little loud. I am good.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

pop tarts

I haven't had pop tarts in a very long time. This time my mom got strawberry and blueberry. I like to eat them together. One blueberry and one strawberry. That's what I'm doing right now. Its really good. But i think my dad told my mom not to get pop tarts first probably because of his diet and the sugar that's in it. He told her that i didn't like them. I definitely said the opposite. But oh well. My dads probably right about not getting the pop tarts. They are very full of sugar. And trust me, i don't need anymore sugar. I like the pop tart commercials though.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Yesterday in band i was supposed to be in the band room by 7:30 because the whole the percussion had to be there that early just to rehearse. I got there a 7:00! Well he said we would get donuts so yeah. Well i was waiting there by myself for a very long time until my friend called me like 15 minutes later and he was there. So then a lot of other percussion people came then my band teacher came. So we rehearsed for about 30 minutes. People came into the band room like 10-15 and they watched us. It was so weird. But sure enough we got donuts.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

fable 2

Fable 2 is like the best game ever. I think its new. I know that its for the Xbox 360 because i played it at my friends house. Its SO fun. Its kind of like a redo of fable. You start out as kid and your sister gets shot and then you do too and you fly out of the castle window and fall and die, but this women comes up to you and says "death is not your fate". Then you  are a teenager or man i guess. That's as far as i really got. But you can have guns in that game and its just really fun. So if you have an Xbox 360, i definitely suggest you get this game.

Monday, December 01, 2008

sonic boom

Well while i was about to publish the post about fable, a sonic boom happened. At first i thought it was an earthquake but i called my dad later. but right after it happened my heart was pounding because it was really really really loud and it shook the whole house like it was about to all just collapse. But after it happened i grabbed my knife just to be safe and ran downstairs, searched the house, then went to my best friend's house and asked his dad if he felt it and he said ya but its all okay. He was actually sleeping in his truck when it happened i could tell But then all was okay. I don't think my dog felt it because after it happened he was still sleeping! What a lazy dog i have. But the sonic boom was caused by astronauts landing on earth! I forgot where my dad told me they landed but they made a perfect landing! I'm pretty glad i got to experience that sonic boom.