Thursday, October 29, 2009


For Halloween i was going to slash paint around my face and maybe do the saw thing with the red swirl thing on my cheeks and then go out and trick or treat because i really don't have anything else to do and I'm definitely not going to hand out candy! I'm a kid, i shouldn't have to hand out candy. So i told my dad what i was going to do for Halloween and then he told me I'm not aloud to trick or treat! That is just inhumane. Its like I'm in trouble and hes taking away my whole entire Halloween. That's what he is pretty much doing that! He doesn't realize it because he doesn't take the time to try! It just not fair. I didn't do anything bad. Ive been a good person. No sins right? I just don't get it. Its gonna be horrible. I didn't even get to go to Knott's Scary Farm. Everything for me sucks.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I had my science midterm today and it was 125 questions. 28 of those questions were true or false. The rest were just multiple choice. The test was surprisingly easy. I know for sure that i got at least one wrong because i looked it up in the book right after i handed in the test. It had something to do feldspar and quartzite. The choices that i remember was Andesitic composition, Basaltic composition, and Ultramafic. At first i picket basaltic composition. But i went back and changed it to andesitic composition. I looked it up in the book and learned that it was actually basaltic composition so apparently i should have stuck with my first answer. I am pretty disappointed that i got that one wrong out of any of them because me and my dad studied that one over and over and then i studied it on my own a lot too and i still got it wrong so all the time i spent studying that one thing all went down the toilet. But after the test i asked my teacher if we could listen to our i-pods with one ear bud because he lets us do that after he is done giving a lecture so he said yes. So my friend and i listened to her i-pod and we actually listened to I'm bo yo and sung almost all day together. It was fun. So the midterm wasn't that bad at all.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Im Bo Yo

So i was just watching a rap by Bo Burnham and it is funny but cool to actually say. Its kind of offensive though. It uses a lot of sick words like the "sh" word and stuff and then talks about girls and sex and it just goes overboard and he could have probably replaced some of the lyrics. I mean, I'm a okay with it but some people definitely aren't. I like the way he raps though. By the way, hes not really a real rapper, but only a comedian and that's why his raps are funny, but col to say. This one particular rap is hard though. So I'm warning you, if you want to see this, just be aware that i warned before watching it.

Monday, October 26, 2009

My horror story

So i had to write a horror story for my English class which is due Thursday but i already finished it today because i like to write. When i start to write something i get pretty hooked on it. So i actually had to ideas. My first one was titled The Disappearing People and the second one was titled The Falling Death. When i was writing the first one i got only to maybe the second or third paragraph but i #1 couldn't really think of anything else to say and #2 didn't really like the story that much. But the second one was scary. Whenever i tried to write more on it i got scared and stopped because of all the freaky things running through my mind and then paranoia came and then i started to hear noises and my door was closed and i just got really freaked out probably because i had watched like 3 different previews for the fourth kind right before i started to write. My story doesn't have anything to do with the fourth kind though. I started the story out by telling how i used to have nightmarish dreams about how i would fall off of something high and then just before hitting the ground wake up. In my story you both hit the ground and don't wake. So i think it is an awesome story. I will post it when its all edited and completed because right now its 31/2 pages long and the limit is 3 pages so i think i will just change the font size to 10pt and then i should be fine. So there you go.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


So my friend has a twitter and so after i saw hers and others before hers, i started to want to get into twitter. Not really post or anything, but to follow twitters. I want to follow $h!t my dad says, and Dan Cook's twitter so far. I guess when i make one, when i find time that i want to do it, i might search for different twitters to follow. Maybe even once in a awhile ill post, but not super frequently like some people do. Some people are just constantly posting and its crazy. But i kinda can't wait to follow Dan Cook's twitter. I think you should join it, maybe if your kinda of into that kind of stuff.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Fourth Kind

Well when i got home i went on YouTube but i forgot what for because i saw the fourth kind trailer and now i have been thinking about it and how scary it is. I also have a project for my English class to write a horror story and i got an idea so i started writing it down and i was getting paranoid and scared a little because my door was closed and i kept feeling like there was something behind me and now i am freaked out. It is just crazy but i really want to see the fourth kind. If you don't know what its about ill tell you. It is said to be a true story. A woman interviews a bunch of people and the people say that they always see an owl at their window every night and its eyes are huge. Then when they go to bed they all of a sudden jump upward from their bed, float in the air and scream and i guess in their scream they are saying something or whatever posses them is saying something but it is very scary and that is all i will say for now. Bye.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I saw the movie Zombieland yesterday and it was HILARIOUS. It was such an awesome movie. Sometimes i got freaked out, either by loud unexpected gunshots, or zombies popping out of nowhere. That only happened a couple times though, after that i got used to it. At one point though, you could see the zombie, but she was really creepy to look at and it was just nasty. Whenever you saw a zombie though, weird yellowish ooze would come out of its mouth. It was pretty nasty. But the movie was really good and i loved it. There were really crazy fat zombies in there and they were crazy. I would definitely see the movie again. So if your pondering about seeing the movie, go see it. Unless you have a weak stomach.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


So before I said that the work and everything I'm getting in my classes weren't so bad, well its gotten worse. Now i am getting tons of work all at the same time but i think my problem is procrastinating. Sometimes i have so much work all do on the same day that i forget to do some of the work like what happened to me 2 days ago. I had homework i think in every subject but my science was the main problem because i had so much to do and that's the one class I'm falling behind in. I was getting really bored and tired of of it but it was due the next day and i had some math due to and it was probably 10:30 and i was complaining to my dad how i wanted to go to bed and he was telling me that i had to assure him that i would finish all my homework the next morning. But i was only assuring him that i could finish my science for sure and that i would have to get up at 5:00 but apparently that wasn't enough for him so i fell asleep complaining to him about how i couldn't assure him. Then later that night i woke up on my with my head on my mom's shins and I just walked to my bed tiredly. So then the next morning my alarm went off at 5:00 but apparently i did something so it wouldn't ring after that and i was going to get up since my alarm light was on, but then it turned off and i fell asleep. Then at maybe about 5:30 my dad came and woke me up and I asked my dad if i could take a shower and he said yeah but it had a super quick one and I agreed. So i took a super quick shower and went straight to doing homework. It was a lot easier to do it that morning than the previous night and so i got all my science done, I still had math to do so i started to work on that, got a few problems done and then told my dad i would do it on the bus and so he agreed with me. Awhile before that i told my newly made friend since i saw him everyday almost on the morning bus that next time i saw him, since i never talk to him, that i would sit next to him on the morning bus. I guess he had to be ready. So that whole rest of the week i never saw him on the morning bus. Then that one day i saw him and he had his backpack and lunch on the seat next to him and he immediately moved it when he saw and i kind of laughed in my head and i had to tell him that i couldn't sit next to him since i had homework to do. It was pretty funny. But the point is i finished my homework on time. And that i had a science test that day too.

Monday, October 12, 2009


I cant probably say enough about music. I'm going to have to shorten up what Ive got to say about music. Well everyday i listen to music and think about music and play music. I play the piano and apparently i am very good at it. You know what, I'm actually listening to music right now. I think i listen to music as much as i can. I listen to rock. I guess any type, metal, hard rock, regular rock, and classic rock. I guess any form of rock. I don't listen to classical like Beethoven and stuff like that. I don't listen to country either. Primarily rock, but some hip hop and rap too. I just love music. Right now, me and my brother are working on the song Clocks by Coldplay. He is playing the guitar and i am singing and playing piano. He sings at certain parts of the song with me, but i song all the words in the song. I might learn the guitar of that song this week. But yeah, i love music. I mean who doesn't!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cadbury eybrows

I think this video on YouTube is a commercial for milk chocolate, but i love the commercial. It is so awesome but crazy. I wonder if the kids are really moving they're eyebrows as fast as they do. I mean the first part i think i can do, but the last part is crazy fast and i want to know if they are really doing that. I kind of did that to Technologic by daft punk. My friend video taped it with my phone. It was pretty funny. The reason I'm not putting any of those videos on here is because i don't know how. But you should definitely type Cadbury eyebrows into YouTube.

Friday, October 09, 2009


Well i am a very social person and that's why i have a lot of friends. I can just walk up to a total stranger and say hi to them and just start to hang out with them and there, I've made a new friend. I don't really know much about anti-social people because I've never been an anti-social person before. I think i might have met one though. But i guess not really. I don't know. All i pretty much know about being anti-social is that you aren't social and you don't really have many friends and you don't really socialize with people. But being social is great. It can open up new opportunities to you. So yeah.

Thursday, October 08, 2009


I love money and i don't know who doesn't. In fact i carry 50$ in wallet everyday and don't go below that! That's how much i love money. I think I'm pretty good with money because I'm not too keen on spending it. Usually if i think about buying something i talk myself out of it and that's really good. I think i do that every time i buy lunch at school. I talk myself out of spending extra money for a Gatorade or chips. or when i take the bus home, i talk my self out of getting anything from the store i get dropped off near. So i just like to collect money i guess. i got the $50 for my birthday and haven't spent it. I'm probably going to put it in the bank so i don't lose so much money if i lose my wallet. And i just shouldn't be carrying that much money around anyways. Remember, money cant buy happiness. (usually).

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

High School

So high school still isn't as bad as i thought it might be, like getting projects every single day and working until midnight trying to finish stuff but that hasn't happened. I guess i might have learned to prioritize. I do get projects every week for sure but Ive gotten used to them. They are pretty easy but sometimes i get projects in different classes due at the same time, but i can work around that and still finish them in time. Actually right now is one of those instances but i am doing fine.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Pearl Jam conert

I went to a Pearl Jam concert Wednesday with my mom and it was down at Universal Studios at the Gibson Amphitheater. It was so awesome even though we had to sit in the second to last seat on the top. I wore my glasses though so i could see the people. A different band played in the beginning though but i didn't know who it was. I was wondering why it didn't sound like Pearl Jam. So then there was the intermission and i got popcorn and coke and then Pearl Jam played. They were really good and Eddie Vedder is funny. I don't know if that's how you spell his name though. People got drunk there and the people sitting in front of me were smoking i think weed. When it was over my mom bought me a shirt and a poster but while we were waiting these three people were singing and this other guy was yelling at them and it was funny. They were obviously drunk but it was funny. So that's pretty much it.

Thursday, October 01, 2009


Today was super windy! I hate it because i am apparently allergic to the wind as my mom says. I agree for sure though. I am super dry and my throat gets dry very very quick and i hate it. My skin gets super dry too and my lips get chapped and my hands crack and bleed but that didn't happen today except for the chapped lips. That always happens though. I hate windy days, but today was just a good day at school for some reason. I don't even know why. The wind also makes me feel horrible. I experienced that phase right after my soccer practice. Actually during. But when i got home it was horrible but i took some Tylenol so i feel better. But i don't know, its just crazy.