Thursday, March 27, 2008


Well today we were making tamales. We havent ate them yet. We were first peeling them and guess what we found inside. Yes we foung corn but we found catapillars in almost every one. I think there were about 4 or 5 that didt have any catapilars but they were sososososo cool. There about 2 or 3 different ones in there. It was really ausome. Oh yah and guess wht what the sopanish word for garlic is, Ahol, not A-hole but ahole.That was sofunny becasue i had to get them from the store for my nanna. We also got to grind every kernal, i hope we get to cook them, although they might be ready already.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Well 2 days ago we went to the beach. It was the Gulf of California. There were jellyfish in those waters, but there were none. But as alway my mom didnt let me go that fr. I only succeed to go that far when i dont her her, not purposlybut i just dont. But i fai when my premas and relatives tell me shes callin me. I hate that. I guess she it just trying to be proective of me. So i dont die by the jelly fish but i saw many many more people further than me including my primos. But its alright, i will be able to do tht stuf and go far when im older, i mean she cant be protective forever.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Well just about 10 minutes ago my dad's keyboard wasn't working. It totally broke down. My dad was sososososo freakin out because it was his newer computer with vista instead of windows xp. So it was really good. So he tried to restart his computer. Then it wouldn't turn on and he was SOSOSO freakin out. He was tellin how he was going to freak out. But then later before we went to the ciber chata it started to work so its all good now.

Monday, March 24, 2008

How we got here

Well we got to the ciber chata where i blog by walking. We had to because my mom and the others took the car to Guasave and left us with a car that doesnt work but the people who used got to the house with it. I dont know why it doesn{t work it just doesnt and it was annoying. But we had to walk about 3 miles just to get here and it was hot and we still have to walk back but its alright, it doesnt seem like 3 miles

Sunday, March 23, 2008


OMG Well yesterday i got taught to drive because i put up a big fuss about getting my harcut because i really really really didnt want to get it. So my dad made me a deal that if i didnt put up a fuss anymore about and when i was getting the hair cut too he would teach me to drive. So i caught on to it sososososososososos0o quikly and it was so easy my dad let me do it without siting on his lap. So now i know how to drive and i drove him to the ciberchata. It is SO fun to drive too.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

On the way to mexico

Well on the way to mexico i had to sit in the cramped back seat where all the luggage was as always and we stopped so many times adn we didnt get there in 10 hours but 12 after nogalas. But when we stopped at the gas station called oxxo which is the only cnvinient store Mexico really hasi got to sit in the middle. Then the next time i got to sit in the fron front. So the way there was alright and we went to the house and went to sleep.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New phone

Well i got my dream phone. The Alias. It flips both ways into a keyboard and into a regular phone, its soooososooosososo thin. Thinned than a razor!!!. And its just the best. We switched to Verizon and it rocks so much.You should switch to it. Its so advanced. And most of all it has the Alias but so is it on sprint. But seriously, Verizon is he best of the best. So yeah. That's all i got to say about it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Fight

Well me the kid since our lockers are right next to each other had to plan a fight for after school. Well at first he said he would surprise me and get me at any time and i wouldn't know. I really don't like to be surprised and i think nobody likes to be surprised. So i told i wanted to see it. So we planned a fight after school behind the gym. And there were so many people because the friends told other friends and it went on and on and there turned out to be about 20 people there or more. I knew most of them. So i really didn't think the kid would fight me at all. I honestly thought that. So i went down there after school because i thought that he would just say alright we don't need to do this whatever. But we got into the fight. I wasn't going to hit him at all. But then he started to hit me. I blocked 2 punched on my arm and the third on my eye. So now i have a black eye. I say no I'm done, I'm not fighting anymore but he just keeps saying come on let;s go and throws some more punches and i just back away. And i start to walk away and he says no 1 more minute 10 more seconds. Come on. Then he just tripped me. And said the same stuff. But then he got tired of it and finally walked away. And i finally got to go home with my black eye. Me and my dad told the principal and now he has to go to the principal in the morning in homeroom. So i don't know whats going to happen today but we'll have to see.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Well there is this kid who goes to my school and his PE Locker is right next to mine and he likes to mess around with me and he is like to bully. And I saw him at mayhem and his gang. It was as if he was in a gang t me. His gang kept surrounding me. They were all kids from either Sinaloa or some other school. He wanted to fight me because he said that i was talking crap about him and that i told the principal from my school on him. I didn't do any of that but when he said i told the Principal on i right away knew who it was. About a week ago from then this kid said i don't have to worry about him because he told the principal and i just whatever. And i never knew that the kid would start to talk crap about him. And i didn't know i would get blamed for it at least. But at Mayhem The staff came over and i tried o keep it cool and not say anything about it and not rat on him but some other kids found out and came over told her what was going on and this kid wanted to know who ratted on him and i said i didn't know and it wasn't me but he didn't believe me. So i went away from the crowd and immediately a kid in a black hood came over and this kid was tall strong and he was probably an eighth grader and he grabbed me by me head and back and smacked me into the wall with my back facing him. I was SO scared i started to cry and shiver and the crowd surrounding me and him was saying let go of him he is just a little kid to the hooded kid while the kid was yelling at me "did you rat on him" over and over and over again. And finally he ran away and i didn't get a good look art him so i didn't know who he was and i was so scared. The staff came over again and brought me up to the office and i told my friend who i brought their to call his dad to take me home, because he was going to in the first place. And all this started at about 9:00 and went on till 10:00. A full hour. It was crazy. But i survived. I just don't know whats going to happen at school. If he bully's me again. I going to have to do something about it. I don't know what i am going to do, But i am going to have to stand up to him.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


My dog Orson is a crazy, lazy, fazy trazy, camazy, somazy, farter. He loves to fart for some reason that we haven't figured out yet but it shtanks soooo much. you have no idea. I smell it right now and my dad kicked him down stairs(not literally) because he shtanked sooooo much. I can't take it anymore. Well actually as long as he lives i can take it. I'll just do what my dad did. Hey tomorrow, you will look forward to this blog for it is about school and Mayhem (at boys and girls club) problems, and gangs.

Friday, March 14, 2008


We got homework over the three day weekend. Why would they give us homework over the weekend? I don't know why. Maybe it was because it was a Thursday. I don't know but i got math homework and science homework. They were pretty easy though so it wasn't really much of a problem.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I am always is trouble. trouble trouble trouble. Over my whole weekend i was in trouble. Right now I'm in trouble. My dad lets me blog while I'm in trouble. I mean I'm always getting good grades, By the way in my history class i have a 108.3 out of 100!!!!!!. That is just crazy. So yeah. But i just got to pull my behaviour together, But its just so hard. Oh well. Maybe one day.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

downloading knights online

Well i have been trying to download knights online which is this free Internet game like maplestory just without the cartoon. But the problem is the first one that i tried everyone has been turning of my computer after i tell them not to for 3 days and then i get to find out that that patch file doesn't work and i tried a new one that takes way less time. Guess what. My sister turns my computer off after i told her personally not to. And so i just tried a different patch with the same one i did earlier. So i will tell you if it works or not.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

pimple thingon my tongue

Do you ever get this weird little pimple on your tongue sometimes? Well i do all the time and it is so annoying and it kinda hurts. Well i have one right now and so does my dad. Its so weird. I hate it. The worst thing is i don't know why its there. The reason its there. I wish i knew so i could stop it. Maybe its from something i ate. Or maybe some sugar that i ate. I don't know but its so annoying.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Chronicles of Narnia te game.

the Chronicles of Narnia the game is really fun. my brother got it as a reward. I just started to play it today and i got pretty far. I got inspired after my brother started to beg and beg and beg me to play with him. I just finally played his file and fought a bunch of monsters and it was really fun. So now that's what i am going to play when i finish all my chores, projects and homework. When I'm free. Oh yeah, we got it for the Xbox.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

the person i like

Well i still like that girl but i not afraid of her anymore. The last time i was playing the drums i was right in back of her. o i am not afraid. And i got to use it as an excuse for the kid who broke or sprained his leg to take me out 5 minutes early of school. And the next day i just went in right by her to get my band book. Now I'm actually trying to get near her. Kinda. so yeah. That's how its going.