Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Well, I got out of Mexico and abandoned my brother. And this time There was more room than when when were arriving to Mexico or the hotel so it was way more comfortable. So life goes on and the sometimes the same happens, like when you read on and on or the on the other hand sometimes different and new things happen like you get to go to China or something. And Usually different and new things happen. And there are a million things you can have and a million things can't like in Star trek That's what cap'n Kirk said to Charlie.You just have to learn to get used to it.

Monday, December 25, 2006


Another day at Mexico! And tomorrow my family accept for my brother are leaving Mexico. Were abandoning my brother in Mexico. I hope he survives. And after yesterdays baptism we had a party and the people there threw up tons of money into the air. I want to get baptised again because the after party is the best when they throw up money. Oh ya. And they actually just give people money to. And after you get baptised you get godparents and I got the best of the best!!! You should get baptised in Mexico to. It washes away all your sins. YAYAYAYA!!!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

another day at Mexico

This day was a very special day. Today is the day I got baptized. So before anybody got baptized they had to sit in their seat for at least an hour waiting for the person to stop talking about something in spanish. Except I kept myself entertained with the baby in front of me. I kept that baby quiet out of all the other screaching babys. And then after a while the priest came around to me and put blessed oil on my neck because it was part of the ceramony. And I thought that was it. Then we had to put water on my head and I have a pictuere of it. My dad took a lot of pictures. And then That was it. I got baptised and then we went home. And there was a goat there. It was getting killed. The guy sliced its neck and waited for it to die. And whe it was dead the killer gave the head to the wolf outside. The wolf is very nice though. And then I started to post my blog. And thats it.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

More days at Mexico

The other day I watched star trek. I actually watched like three or four of the episodes and they were crazy. Find out yourself about what happened in the eposodes. And yesterday I rode a horse like 4 or 5 times and my brother went on their with me too. My brother wanted to ride the horses so many times. And we kept telling him no. And speaking of my brother, its his birthday today he´s 7 years old. Now he has to stop the habbit of sucking his fingers. He was actually suppose to stop a long time ago. Nut my brother is just so crazy. Oh ya about my sister and the horses. She was scared out of her mind!!! And now today she said¨ Dady I want to ride the horse¨. But it already past. Now lets talk about my mom. My mom was scared out of her mind more than my sister was when she saw my dad going on the horse. She was screaming. It was just so very crazy!!! She can´t always yell all the time. But she did. And Mexico is just crazy. But fun.

Friday, December 22, 2006


Today I had huevos con cammarron which means eggs with shrimp oh ya and beans, friholes. I ate it all. But didn't have more. And my brother held the baby pig. Because my grandmother gave it to him by the leg and he took it. I wasn't there at the time. I was reading. I was reading a cool book called Eragon. It rocks. And I went to see bulls and cows. We were suppose to milk the cows but me and my dad slept in like we do every morning. But later my brother and I are going to ride the horses. My dad to and my sister. I'm not sure about my mom. But we'll have to find out.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

another day at Mexico

I'm getting used to things in Mexico. I'm doing schoolwork in Mexico. And I'm getting a lot done to. And I chased some baby pigs and my grandmother was trying to let me hold one but I didn't want to grab the pig by the leg. I wanted to pick the pig up myself and not by the leg. Looked scary holding it by the leg. But new things happen every day. That's what happens in life.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

today in Mexico

Today in Mexico I ate so much breakfast and that's all I had because I'm blogging in the morning in Mexico. And the computers in Mexico are slowwwwwwww!!!! Because they are hooked a to a phone line. And I'm typing while I'm standing on a chair. But I'm fine I haven't fell yet and I hope I don't. But Mexico is still the best of the best.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

On the way to Mexico

On the way to Mexico was a DISASTER. Bags were falling on me again. Food was getting thrown on me and my hands, head, feet, face, And legs were getting crushed under the bags and I got turned upside down in the car and I got stuck. Trust when I say It was not very pleasant. And the drive was 12 hours a half a day of getting crushed. But then we finnaly got to Mexico. YAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we were going to Mexico to visit my moms family. That Mexican family rocks!!!! Oh ya im tiping this in Mexico. Thencomputer is slow to.

Monday, December 18, 2006

My trip to the hotel

My trip to then hotel was crazy!!!. I was in the back seat where all the bags were so I was squished. Bags kept falling on me, drinks kept spilling on me and it was crazy!!!! But my dad bought me a portable DVD player so I an finally watch something Because I couldn't my dad's laptop. But then I had to go to sleep and when I woke up we were at the hotel.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Movies. Movies, movies, movies. I don't know how miserable I would be without Movies. Movies are the best to watch. And I guess there the only thing to watch besides plays. Plays and movies are both very popular things. And I guess plays are the oldest because they were made first. And movies are kind of like plays because its just like filming plays except they put them on DVDs or CD's, and you watch them on a TV. So movies you watch many times and you can watch different parts over and over. So movies are the best. So be grateful that movies are around.

Monday, December 11, 2006


If you didn't know the creator of Disneyland is Walt Disney. Well yesterday on Sunday I went to Disneyland and it was the best because they put new rides and they put new things in rides because its almost Christmas. They put a bunch of The Nightmare Before Christmas characters and stuff from the movie. And in the Haunted mansion ride they put Zero the dog and all the other characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas movie. They also decorated it with other props. Not just characters but props like snow, fake pumpkins, and Christmas trees. And they put Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean Movie On the Pirate ride. And the new ride was the Buzz Light year ride were you shoot things for points and its just a lot of fun. And Disneyland was the most fun.

Monday, December 04, 2006


I thought WEST WORLD was a really good MOVIE. It was about robots that got out of control and started to kill people. My friend said it was scary at the end and I thought it was scary too. It was scary because a robot popped out at you with his face all screwed up. And i thought it was a pretty good movie. They also came out with a movie called future world. And these movies are really old too. So I want to see future world and ill tell you about it when I see it.