Thursday, April 29, 2010

Star Testing last day

Today was the last and hardest star testing day. Ugh, it was geometry. Not my best subject, if not my worst. I am great at algebra but geometry stresses me out and gives me that feeling of a knot in your stomach and neck. It makes me so stressed out. Its just ridiculous because when that happens, i pretty much forget a lot of stuff like important formulas which wasn't good for me at all. I hate getting stressed like that. I am always the last to finish. On every testing i am last. It gives me a feeling of embarrassment, but computability at the same time, because i check my answers very carefully. Today i was the second last to finish and i felt what it was like to wait to talk and hang out with your friends in the start testing class. It sucks to wait. You have to whisper so softly that you have to repeat so many things over and over. At the end of the star testing for that day, the teacher gives you a raffle ticket and you can either win a $5 Starbucks card, $10 in-n-out card, $15 i-tunes card, or a $25 visa card to use for anything which they announce on the amphitheater at lunch time. I didn't win at all! It sucked. Some of my friends did though. None of the people that i sit with at lunch though. Just "outsider" friends i guess you could call them. But Star Testing is really annoying, but maybe a relief to get over with. I will find out tomorrow then.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Fall, again

I posted about falling off my bike before already, but it happened again. Last time i fell on a Friday because of a bee. It was also Friday when i fell (yesterday). I definitely have bad luck with mongooses. Its horrible, but at least my arms aren't hurt, or sprained or what ever. Neither are my legs, i just got scraped up a a lot! Here is how it went: I was riding my bike back from the gym and this was pretty near the gym. So i was crossing the street and thankfully i crossed it but right after, my feet i guess spun out and got caught under the pedals and i fell. When i was working out on the bike at the gym, i was thinking what if i fall off and then i won't be able to go bowling with my friends. And then it happened! I(t was ridiculous. So i pretty much fell with the bike. I could even feel myself on my side caught in the bike. It was pretty cool until the hurting started to come. The guy holding the sign advertising some company came and helped me up and asked me if i was alright and all that stuff and apparently, there were two cops at the red light and one come to help me and ask what i happened. I explained how it went and called my dad and he told my dad to come pick me up. I was grateful for that because i would have had to go through a bunch of crap and arguing for my dad to come pick me up, but he will listen to the police of course. So i got scraped and tore skin in 5 places. There was bleeding in four places, and apparently, i hit my face on the pavement because there is a bump and a bruise under my eye even though i was wearing my full faced helmet. I also ripped some skin on my left Achilles tendon. The police checked out my bike and said the chain was off. I thought that it must of came off and that's why i fell. He presented the idea of it falling off after/during the fall. I still think it fell before and that's why i spun out and got trapped on it. But, i still went bowling even though it was very hard to walk at all. I did pretty good too. I won the first game, even though i came late. I didn't get to finish the second because my dad came to pick me up earlier. The disinfectant is what hurt the most out of everything. It stung so badly! It was ridiculous. I really hope i can stop falling on bikes. Also, always wear your helmet. Also, when i was about to leave, a bee landed on the police man's jacket. its like a symbol, because last time, i fell because of a bee.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Star Testing

I do the Star Testing on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Well the whole school does except for the seniors but the Freshman don't do the history and today was History star testing. I am a freshman so i watched Ratatouille the whole star testing period pretty much. I was glad i didn't have to do it this year because i don't like History classes and tests of course. I am not very good at tests at all. All i have done so far is the science test, which was medium hard. I'm not very good at science sadly. I wish i was there because i want to go to the college Caltec. I am a computer Programmer. So so far i have only done science. They don't even let you out early which sucks but that's only because they let you out early for finals. Oh well, i can deal with it. We actually do stuff in the classes after the testing though. They are like 1 hour and 17 minutes each. On a regular block day (Wednesday, Thursday) the classes are 2 hours each. Well i guess I'll keep updating for Start Testing as it goes on.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day of Silence

The day before the day of silence, my friend and i agreed on trying our best to do it and we did. My dad bought me a white board and marker with an eraser cap that day. During the beginning of the day, i forgot all about the day of silence and so when i woke up i was talking and i asked my dad to print something out for me and then i went to school and apparently my friends forgot because i talked to them, and then later when i found those friends again, they wouldn't reply to what i was saying and immediately, i remembered and closed my mouth and took out my white board and talked to them with that. I'm not gay or bisexual, I'm straight obviously, but i still wanted to do it and i guess according to the paper i would be considered an ally to those kinds of people. So i ordered food from the student store that day with the white board and they acted as if it was normal because its the day of silence. So for the rest of the day until Spanish, i talked. I had to talk during Spanish because we were doing a partner thing and i had no choice but to talk. In science we took notes and no one bothered me. In English i wrote "Can i have a paper clip please" to my teacher on my white board and she got me it and then announced how some people were honoring that day and she honors and i liked that. Actually in the morning i reminded two of my friends to do it and they did. In Comp. Prog1, my friend bothered me a lot about not talking and said it wasn't going to do anything. I don't know if it would do anything, although i was hoping it would, but i still did it anyway. In P.E. no one bothered me about it and i actually saw other people doing it. In Spanish, i obviously had to talk. Math was funny, because the teacher kept asking me questions like, whats your favorite color, and where did you get this white board. I had to look at her weird or shrug. It was funny. So then i saw my two friends who reminded me and they were talking away and then they actually criticized me for doing it after school. We walked to the bus stop with a bunch of other friends and they were all talking and criticizing me and it was annoying but i still didn't talk. I didn't talk for the rest of the day either. I was actually up until 12:00 that night so at 12:00 is when i talked because it was the next day: today. My brother and sister even copied me by not talking and it was great. By the end of the day, my pen for the white board was pretty much out of ink. So i did it and next time, i hopefully can do it for the whole entire day even in the morning.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Day of Silence

Today was the day of silence and silence upon all. Here it is: this will pretty much tell you what it means and then i will tell you about the day tomorrow, i mean, it is the day of silence. This was on a paper my friend gave to me.
Please understand my reasons for not speaking today. I am participating in the Day of Silence (DOS), a national youth movement bringing attention to the silence faced by by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans-gender people and their allies. My deliberate silence echoes that silence, which is caused by anti-LGBT bullying, name-calling, and harassment. I believe that ending the silence is the first step toward building awareness and making a commitment to address these injustices. Think about the voices you are not hearing today.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Entropy is the decaying of things over time. Everything goes through entropy. We even go through it. Everything including the planets and stars but I'm sure electronics are more widely known for entropy probably. Especially batteries but my computer is going through entropy or it is just made wrong because it i press even on the top of my desktop computer, a CD drive opens. Same with anywhere i touch on my computer. I hate it because whenever i put in my flash drive, it opens. It is so annoying. i wish it would stop. I think it is the CD drive that my dad and i put in ourselves for light scribing CDs. That means that there is a laser in there that engraves a picture on the front of the CD. Its pretty cool but I'm thinking we might have put it in wrong. The top that closes it, the last thing that folds, so you don't see the CD drive thing, also doesn't fully close. You have to finish losing it yourself. I kind of have an OCD thing so that bothers me and i close it myself but that sometimes opens it but I've gotten so much practice that I'm good at it now. I will be surprised when it stops opening where ever i push down on the outer case of the desktop! The point is, my computer is apparently going through some serious entropy. As everything is though.

Monday, April 12, 2010


On the first day back from spring break, i didn't act different as i said i might, because i just didn't feel like it. I was kind of tired and i like being myself. I felt like everything was gone though, like i had forgotten everything but it came back in the last 2 periods probably. It was sort of weird being at school though. It sure didn't seem like it was the last day of school though. In science, we just started with some warm-up questions and took notes as usual. In English, we just watched the rest of Romeo and Juliet. In PE, we just walked around the black top for about one lap until it started to rain and then we went inside and did nothing, well i sorted out songs on my mp3 into my "on the go" play list. In computer programming 1, we just finished up a program we were working on. In Spanish, we took a quiz, translated the second half of our vocab, went over it, then talked a little and then went over our homework from a couple weeks ago. In Math we just took notes and worked on a worksheet which i finished. At lunch i just sat and listened to my music and talked to friends. It was pretty weird being around these friends though but i got used to it right away. That's pretty much it.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back to school

Well, its back to school tomorrow. I don't really want to go back but of course i do get to see my friends again. It feels like I'm going back to school from a summer break, yet whenever i am at school, i feel like it is the last day of school. Its really weird. Maybe its because i know everyone pretty much. I think you feel like you know everyone on the last day of school. Anyway, my point is, it feels like a really long spring break. I wish i was at the mountain snowboarding right now though. Well, i guess not right now, right now i feel like being in the nice condo hanging out. Its really cool in the there. I really like it. I don't know why, but i sort of liked shoveling some snow. Probably because its different. That's probably why i liked splitting would with the ax thing. I forgot what it was called, but on one side, it had the flat hammer part, and on the other, it had the sharper side which you use to split the logs. When i go back to school, I'm going to try to act like a whole new person and my friends will be like what the heck! I think it will be funny to be someone different and then see their reaction. I don't know if i will be able to, it will be very hard, but ill try.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Soccer Game

I just got home from my soccer game and everyone was tired. Especially me. Mostly because i went to bed really late. I guess a lot of people were out of whack that game because we didn't have practice all week and we didn't even have a game last Saturday because of the the Easter break. We did win though. I think the score was 4 - 3. We obviously got 4 goals and they got 3. I think that was the score. A couple of our players weren't there so we didn't have any subs. The coach didn't have a line up ready so he just told us where to play and we did that and it was pretty much the same positions the whole game. The goalie changed every quarter and when it did, the people that were in goal just got told to find an open spot or just the middle and go for the ball. They were pretty confused. I didn't play goal so i was left defense for the first half and right defense for the second half. It was kind of stupid, i don't really like defense. But i wouldn't rather be a goalie. I would play anything besides defense and goalie. So forward and mid field would be my preferences. But, i am usually defense. I wonder why though. I guess maybe its because i never complain. Well we won the game. So that's good.

Friday, April 09, 2010


For Easter, i didn't get to do anything. I was actually grounded the whole day. I had to spend pretty much the whole day on my bed. It was ridiculous. My brother and sister and their friend went egg hunting and ate a whole bunch of candy and i only got like three eggs because my dad brought me them when i was in my room laying on my bed doing nothing. I even packed the plastic eggs with candy to hunt for but i got in trouble some how and the eggs brought to me were half empty. One had jelly beans, the other had Hershey's kisses, and the other had probably more jellybeans. I dumped all of the candy out of the eggs and fit it all in one egg. I only got 1 egg worth of candy! Plus my siblings got to paint eggs and i didn't. There were dollar bills stuck in some of the eggs that my sister found, but i don't really care much for dollar bills. When i finally got to get off my bed which was near the end of the day, i still had to do all my chores like i regularly do. I don't even remember doing anything after all of my chores were done. It sucked but why did the one day i was grounded have to be Easter!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Mammoth Trip - Everything

In the last post, i didn't go further into the family that invited us which was the same as last time. This time the family brought everyone except the bigger brother, who didn't come last time, because of work. But the husband, wife, little brother, sister, other sister, wife's sister, and a bunch of other people came. The condo was pretty much full. The little brother's sister left before we came though. The little brother's friend's or cousins, i never knew, also came. So there were too many for me too count. I had to sleep on the couch. My brother slept on the pull out bed upstairs. The little brother slept upstairs on the bed. My dad, mom, and sister slept in the room downstairs. Actually my sister had to sleep on the floor and my mom and dad slept on the bed. The cousins slept in there own room. They had a baby, 2 little girls, a husband, and wife, and a big girl. So that room was full. Then the main family slept in their own room downstairs which consisted of the husband and wife. The main family's son's cousins and everything had their own condo. The next day, they came over and ate with us. The bigger cousin snowboarded with me even though he could have done pretty much everything on the mountain while i only could go on the smaller easiest slopes. He was giving me pointers and all that. We found his brother and went to take a little break in the lodge. Then after that me and the bigger brother went to visit my sister and brother while they were eating in the ski school. After that, we went to the ski lift and went down a couple of times. This is the point in the middle of the slope when i got the call to come eat lunch. So on my way down, i saw my brother, who i wanted to snowboard with, but i had to go eat, so we ate and met up at the lodge. After lunch, my dad went with the main family's husband and wife. The little cousin went with the main family's son. My mom and the cousin's mom went home. The cousin's dad went with the two little girls to teach them a little. The two little girls are actually 3 and 4. I don't know where the bigger girl cousin went. The bigger cousin stayed with me again. So we went down a couple times again and i got better and then i had to go to the bathroom and i was thirsty so the bigger cousin went on his own on some of the bigger slopes. So i after the bathroom break for me, i went to look for my siblings but couldn't find them so i waited in he power in the middle of the slope away from the ski and snowboarding traffic. I waited for a long time too. I never found them so then i came down and saw the main family dad. He told me my dad was waiting for me. So i went over there and while we were waiting he got a call from mom saying that my siblings wanted to show him what they learned and this was my time to board with them and actually everyone. So i waited at the top of the lift with my brother and everyone came and i started to go down and stopped pretty soon. I waiting there with the little cousin while my dad was taking pictures and then they all finally came down and about halfway, my dad stopped my brother, sister, and myself so he could take a picture of us and we finally got together and he got the picture. So after that, we left the mountain. The cousins all went home. Then we went home, ate, spent the night, ate at the stove the next day and went home.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Mammoth Trip - My family's side

We went to Mammoth mountain again for our snowboarding/skiing trip. Except this time we brought the whole family. Including my mom, dad, brother, sister, and myself. It was such a hassle and it was ridiculous getting packed up. The back of the truck had almost no room. We tried bringing all of our blankets and everything, it was just ridiculous. My dad had to take out pillows and blankets so we would have room for the snowboard and skis that we were going to rent at the sports chalet. I hated the board they gave me. I sucked. I'm sure the boots would have sucked and i probably wouldn't have been able to tie them up tight enough if i hadn't forgotten them at the condo. We had to rent them at the mountain lodge. We are extremists so we packed like we were staying for a week and we were only staying 3 days. First day was for getting settled and hanging out. And we got there when the mountain closed anyway. Second day was for snowboarding/skiing. My brother and i snowboarded. My dad and sister skied. My brother and sister went into the ski school and i snowboarded on my own. This time my mom bought me snowboarding pants. So i wore the spandex and the boarding pants. She also got me boarding socks so i wore those too. I wore the one pair, then spandex, then the boarding pants, then a white undershirt, then a long sleeve shirt, then my regular jacket, and then the snow Bruins jacket. It was really hot up there. My mom got my brother and sister almost full snow suits and my dad too. The family that invited us lent us a lot of snow stuff. They are so generous and great to be around. So i still went on the beginner easy runs but next time i will go on the harder ones. At about 12:30, my dad called but i was still on the run and he told us to come and eat lunch so i came and we ate and went back. We left when the mountain closed and spent the night at the condo. The next day which is today, we got up and went to The Stove which is a restaurant and i got chocolate chip pancakes which were great. Then we left and here i am.

Monday, April 05, 2010

The fall

Friday on my way back from the gym, i fell off my bike. The reason is so ridiculous and kind of embarrassing. Now this will obviously give you clue. I hate bees. I don't even know if I'm allergic to them because one time i got stung but the stinger didn't even go into me because i saw the bee on the floor next to me when i was stretching to get ready to run but this happened a very long time ago, like years ago when i was much smaller. Before the run my dad told me to run as if a bee was chasing me and now that i think of it, i think that that was a hilarious and perfect thing to say at that moment. But on my back about halfway to my house, a bee hit my arm and freaked me out a little so i started to wobble to get it off and then i didn't notice my bike was wobbling and i tried to pedal a lot harder and i guess the wheel was turned while i tried to pedal so i fell and thank god had a full faced BMX helmet because i definitely heard the ground hit my helmet . The top of my eye through the face part of the helmet hit the edge of the curb and scraped it. What hurt the most though was my arm. I didn't break it but i know i did something to it because it hurt really bad to move it. A bunch of people in cars drove next to me to ask if i was all rite and i said yeah to get them to leave me alone because i was trying to call my dad to tell him to pick me up and he did come eventually. He told me to lock my bike up at the post office because he couldn't fit my bike in his car. My mom came to pick it up later on. But before my dad came while i was waiting, my knee started to hurt because my shorts we scraping a part of it and i pulled my shorts up and noticed my knee was all bloody and apparently there were two big gashes in there with blood oozing out on top of the gashes. It wasn't dripping though, it just stayed on the wound. By the time my dad came, it was dark with blood. So he took me home and then cleaned it up which hurt the most. He was torturing me with it too like patting it down and everything. It was just ridiculous. He did that yesterday i think too. Also on Saturday he still made me go to the gym! Even though i couldn't use my arm. My arm still hurts. It only really hurts when it is outstretched. I can squeeze my hand into a fist when i bend my elbow and put my arm against my chest, but when it is outstretched. I'm pretty sure what hurts is the flexing part. My mom told me it was my muscle that was hurt. I have strong bones because i drink a lot of milk so I'm glad for that. Everything still hurts but its getting better, i can feel it. I'm also leaving to go snowboarding right now, hopefully i don't break my arm. I will definitely deal with the pain if it hurts though because snowboarding is awesome. Its the best.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Pulp Fiction

I saw Pulp Fiction in the movie theater on with my dad and it started a 10:00pm and ended at about 12:30! So we were obviously up really late. I have to say that this movie was so awesomely great and hilarious. This movie is a comedy about killing. It started out with people robbing a restaurant. The movie jumps around a lot but it is really easy to follow so don't worry about that. The main thing about the movie is getting a suitcase the crime or gang leader and there are clues to what is in the suitcase. I know because i looked it up but maybe you can find out. I wanted to actually see with my own eyes what was in there because everyone was dazzled when they saw it and whatever is inside glows. The movie is pretty violent and the language is really strong. There is a lot of cursing in the movie. I wanted to see it again the day after which was yesterday because it was only playing in the movies for two days. The reason the movie theater plays old movies is because it became a 3 dollar theater after the new theater came into town. The new theater has Imax and 3D and awesome stadium seats unlike the 3 dollar theater but it is still good. It plays the movies that were new in case you missed them. Like when the New Theater stops playing the newer movies, the 3 dollar theater gets them. Its pretty awesome and so was Pulp Fiction.

Friday, April 02, 2010

iPhone apps

My friend's have iPhones but i don't and i love the apps they have but i can't play them unless they let me but i want to have access to them all the time without having an iPhone. I thought of two ways to do this. First, since my dad has an android phone, maybe you can get some of the games for the iPhone on there, but i have found none like that. So then next was online, i found line rider and I'm pretty sure that's it but i really want apple to make the apps on the iPhone, available online! That would be so awesome. And what you might ask is, "Then whats the point of having an iTouch, or iPhone for the games purpose?", well, you can't carry your computer around everywhere you go and your monitor is most likely not touch screen so it wouldn't be as good but it would still be really cool to have them available online. And online for free hopefully. I'm not going to pay for a game to download like WoW or anything like that.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Spring Break

Spring break is here and especially for the teachers. They are super ready. We practically watched a movie in every class yesterday. In the first period (science) we watched Aliens in the Attic and in sixth period (geometry) we watched a movie called Stand and Deliver and it was ind of a coincidence because the main guy who is the teacher named Kemo in the movie but the actor died the day before we watched the movie. But that just shows the teachers are getting ready early for the break and they are excited for it too. Whenever we go on break, our science teacher tells us not to email him and even tells us not to study, probably as a joke because he cracks so many jokes, but you could tell he was tired and definitely ready for the break. You could tell that in my science teacher. Even in my Spanish teacher! You could tell because she said something accidental and cracked up laughing so hard and the class was laughing only because of how hard she was laughing, but she was laughing for almost no reason which pretty hit me as tiresome. I'm sure if you were there you would agree. I really don't know about the P.E. teachers but I'm sure they were ready too. I sure as heck know I'm ready. Let it come!