Sunday, January 31, 2010

Age of empires

So there is this really old game called age of empires and i used to play it a lot and then my brother started to play pretty recently and i remembered how i used to love the game so now i started to play it yesterday and i guess got pretty into it. Its just such a fun game. Its really old though but still fun. I wanted to play my brother because i know that it is 2 players and we couldn't get it going so we asked our dad to fix it and it took a VERY long time but he did it. I don't know how because i started to think that it was impossible to play it with me because i have a more powerful computer than the both of them. But he finally got it started which was crazy. So then we started to play but i had to press pause and when i did my computer said that the game has stopped working and then i had to press close which just closed the whole program and i was kicking my dads butt and i was gone from the game but i was still killing my dad just not controlling anything. I thought it was hilarious. You pretty much make guys and build stuff and you have to upgrade your town and get more powerful people to kill the enemy. So yeah. That's all i really have to say about it.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

flash drives

So i have been looking a lot for flash drives of all kinds particularly cheap 2GB ones for my comp apps class and i searched types of animals. I searched squirrels, pandas, Dino's, domos, spiders, all kinds but they were kinda too much for me. So then i came across a grenade flash drive! Now its $20 apparently and that's not cheap but i really want that flash drive. SO badly. It looks so cool. It comes in orange, black, white, and blue! It even has a key chain ring and i wanted a flash drive like that. So i think i might have to work a deal with my dad. I'm 99% sure that he wont do anything to help me get i though. So i think i might have to do this all by myself or just ask my mom to pitch in some money. The thing is with my dad is that he had one and gave it to me but i wanted my own that looked cool that had a key chain and now Ive found it. The one he gave me didn't have a key chain or anything. So well have to see.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

TAP class

So TAP isn't the dancing class its like a school required class only on block days. Its sort of like a homeroom except in the middle of the day. It basically tells you the rules and announcements which are in a news channel sort of a format on the TV. But today we got a valentines bubble in sheet to see who we were compatible with. I felt like it was work so i decided to put the most ridiculous answers and put my name as THE ZOHAN just to be funny. I thought it was pretty funny. One question went something like this: What do you do when you forgot your homework an i put Run down the halls screaming. That was a choice! It was ridiculous but i wonder who THE ZOHAN is compatible with. Anyways i think you have buy a sheet printout and the last question asked you if you were going o buy one and i put No. So we'll see.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Today was pretty boring. It is a block day so we have periods 2,4, and 6 for 2 hours. I started my classes with Science and that was actually sort of fun because i have a lot of friends in that class and i even finished my lab and talked with my friends and made jokes and all that stuff. Then i had 2 hours of comp prog. 1. (computer programming 1) That's was a nightmare of boring. It was SO boring. All we did was watch two History informal movies about the Internet and computers and it was just killing me and my friends so then i just started to read my book. I got through a lot too. I tried to watch the movies but it was just too painfully boring. I couldn't take it. I just decided to read. I actually got through 30 or 40 pages too. I almost to page 100. I moving through the book at a good fast rate. The book is called Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry. I read the giver and it might have been my favorite book and that was also by her. So after comp. prog.1 i had my TAP class for like 15 or 20 minutes and then went to lunch. Then there was Geometry where i got a crap load of work. Easy but times consuming work. The work we are doing is square roots and ratios. Mostly dividing. Super easy stuff. I had to finish 4 math assignments today. She just likes to rain work upon us. Its so annoying and i don't like it. Also my friend drew on my face with blue ink and told me i was turning into an Avatar. I thought that was funny but i didn't really think she was writing on me. But somewhere deep down i knew she was and let her. But then i asked people if there was writing they mostly said no. Then i asked the teacher if had anything on my face mostly to be funny because i didn't think there was anything there and then she asked me who drew on my face and of course i had to tell her who it was. Plus i could tell she knew it was the girl sitting behind me because i always talk to her. Shes like my best friend. Then she moved her to the front right hand corner next to the sink. It got kind of lonely. I told her to just sit where she was originally sitting on Friday because we don't have that class tomorrow. Tomorrow is the 3,5, and 7 period block days. So then i asked my teacher if i could go to the bathroom and wash it off and she said to finish my warm up and then i could go. I thought that was pure ridiculousness. Yes that's a word. So i got down to 2 more problems left and then she said to the class to put it away because we were taking notes. So now i have to take notes and then i could go. So i did and went and looked into the mirror. It wasn't really that bad and i guess that's why the class hadn't really laughed. I was sort of confused why there wasn't much laughing going on. On my right side cheek there was a graph paper sort of shape and on the left, blue vain looking shapes. And then i found some on my nose! I don''t even remember her writing on my nose but apparently she did. So i washed it off and went back to class. And then all the rest of the stuff was just normal non important stuff that happened in my day. So that's how my day went. Phew! I didn't know i could write that much about a 3 period block day. It's crazy. I didn't reread this like most of my posts that i write so there might be a ton of mistakes.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2nd Semester

So i got an A on my science and English final. :) That's awesome. But i got a B on my Geometry final. That's not good. I wish i had gotten an A but that final was specifically hard for some unknown reason to me. The only reason i got an A on my English final was because she threw out 15 questions. She said she only threw out the questions that 10 or people got wrong and i got a lot of those wrong. So I got saved there. I still don't know what i got for my Spanish final. Lets cross our fingers i did good though. You never really know because last time i got my hopes up super high and was extremely confident that i got an A on a science test it turned out to be a C. That is horrible. But i am glad i did good in science and English. The only class that moved for me was comp. apps. because i had obviously completed that class last semester along with everyone else. I am in comp. prog.1 and i have a lot of friends in that class too so i am very glad. The teacher looks pretty cool too. The problem for my P.E. class though is a bunch of cool people that i hung out with transferred out but some of my friends stayed and complained about them leaving. I also complained though. But that's all i really have to say on that point. So ill get back to you on my Spanish final if i remember because i usually don't remember stuff well until it is sort of too late.

Monday, January 25, 2010


So there is this weird show i guess on YouTube called milkquarius and i guess a guy named White Gold has the best milk or something and a bunch of schools had a contest to make recreate an episode and the first place winner gets $20,000 toward the school and 2nd place gets $10,000 and the top ten get $2,500. The show is just ridiculous and milkquarius has a guitar filled with milk that he shoots bad people with. There is a bunch of music as well. But I'm in the drama club at school and the main person i guess made an episode for our school for his senior project and won first place! I just now found out and my dad and i burst out in excitement and happiness so i have to congratulate my drama club friend. If you want to see it type into YouTube milkquarius sshs and its starts with a guy riding a cow. Its weird and funny.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Semester

So last semester for me was pretty bad. Mostly the second quarter though because i didn't hand in a bunch of stuff. But I'm pretty sure finals went really good so that good make my grades better than the previous quarter. But apparently since its the new semester my dad told me to clean my room so i id. Then he comes in and pulls out my metal file thing and goes through everything with e and i thought it wasn't so bad but he started to just throw away crap and i really didn't like the idea of my dad throwing away everything that i had. So i got really pissed off so then that was done i thought it was all over. It wasn't. He took my backpack and then pretty much threw away everything in there and that when i got super pissed because i needed a lot of papers in there. Then he started to throw away my clothes and some shoes and pants and that REALLY set me off. I got SO pissed that i apparently kicked an indent into my wall. I was pretty much crying the angriest tears of my life because i love my clothes and especially my shoes. He pretty much raided my whole room. He even changed where my desk is to where my bed was and now its on separate sides of my room but my room looks very surprisingly clean. I worried that I'm going to need a bunch of stuff though and then not know where it is because its either in the trash or anywhere in the house pretty much! The whole day was crazy. He pretty much moved every single thing in my room. There is a lot more room here though. Its weird. But very clean. I don't know how he could put up with e the whole day but usually I'm angry for a very short period of time after hes done making me mad. I stopped being mad pretty much right when he was done with everything because i knew there wasn't anything else to throw away or change. So that day was pretty much what i thought at that time the worse day of life. I don't know about that now but it was a pretty bad day.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Everybpdy hates my Spanish teacher

So since the procrastination thing, i screwed everything up. In Spanish, my teacher yelled at me for "lying" to her. I didn't think i was lying to her. She hates me and she is a total B word. I just really dislike her very much. I don't want to really put my real attitude about her because there would be a lot of cussing on here. Probably more cussing about her than real words. Gosh, i just really hate her. She does things for other people that she wouldn't do for me. No one likes her either. She should get fired. She gives me such a bad score on pretty much all of my project scores. So i have to make up for that in tests but i have screwed up tests before too. Everyone knows that she hates me the most out of everyone. I really want to know why though. I mean yeah i kinda of put a bad impression in the beginning of school by apparently making people laugh a lot but she doesn't have to hold a fu**ing grudge forever on me. I don't even have a chance to be good because she is always picking on me for everything. Its not fair. I also definitely hope she isn't reading this. I doubt she is, but if she is, then I'm dead because she might actually figure out who it is.

Monday, January 11, 2010


This time, procrastination has affected me great deal. So i procrastinated my Cornell note project thing for English which was To Kill a Mockingbird. I was supposed to write a short summary of each chapter and then answer about 4-5 questions on each chapter. Well i only got to ch. 8. My friend even told me she stayed up until 2:00 doing the Cornell notes but i just thought i cud finish it. i am a rally huge procrastinator but it usually works out for me. Obviously not this time. I have actually been procrastinating another thing for English which is another even huger project called a Creative literature project. This is due Thursday. I have had these both since before Winter Break! I never even worked on it a bit during those times. The Cornell notes were due Friday but she gave us an extension for today but i started the notes yesterday. Yeah, not smart. The Creative Literature project requires 3 parts. 1. written component. You have to write i think 3 paragraphs about how your project relates to the story you chose. 2. Project component, choose a project out of about 100 choices, some are making a film, crossword puzzle, poem, song, timeline, all kinds of stuff. 3. Presentation component, if you have a film,insert disk or tape and watch, play, obviously act it out in front of the class. I chose my project today! Yeah and its due in 3 days! I picked a crossword puzzle. Ive made word searches online but never a crossword which is what I've wanted to do before an now i can do it for a project! I actually started it at 5:00 and finished it at 7:00. You had to do 20 up and 20 down which means 40 questions and Answers(Q and A)!!! It was actually fun. I haven't started the written component yet and for the presentation,all you do is make like 30 copies and give one to each person in your class and then grade them after they finish. That's a lot of grading! But OH well. SO this has definitely taught me not to procrastinate!!!.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Back to School

So now I'm back to school. it seems like nothing really changed except my geometry teacher is stricter now and she cut her hair. I definitely didn't think she needed to cut her hair even SHORTER than it was. But now its just ridiculously short. Some of my friends dyed their hair a different color. But i was expecting this day to be like leisurely back to school day and then get back to doing work the next. Well for the most part it was. We talked about our break almost he whole time in English and in Spanish we were sort of talking about it but we did work in that class. In geometry, it was strait to doing work as well as in science. Except i only got homework in geometry. After maybe the second period, it started to feel like i never eve had a break. Like i went the day before and everyday and had no break. So it is sort of a new fresh start, but i feel like i never left. So yeah, that's what back to school is like.

Monday, January 04, 2010


School is starting up again tomorrow. Well for me it is. My friend actually starts i think either near the end of this week or sometime next week. He is lucky. I don't think i really want to go back to school yet. I don't want to have to think so hard like before. But it had to start again sometime, right? So i guess that means today i have to set up my backpack for school with all of my school supplies. Get my head in a school/work sort of a gear. You know, like in elementary school how they used to tell you to get your thinking caps on. I guess i don't really know what else to say. I had a good winter break.

Sunday, January 03, 2010


So in the zombies game we played you get a game piece. The game piece is a guy holding a shotgun. They come in different colors like black, red, green, etc. You place your person on the town square map tile. That's the first development of the game. At the beginning of each turn you have to place down another map tile. Some tiles have buildings in which you put zombies on and life tokens and bullet tokens. You start out with three hearts and bullets. The order of operations of your turn goes something like this. 1. place a map tile 2. combat any zombies on your space 3. draw up to three event cards if you have less than three 4. make a movement roll 5. make a zombie movement roll 6. discard one card if you wish. Then after that the game moves clockwise around the table. You may use a card at any time during the game to help yourself or hurt someone else. You may only use one a round. So when the beginning of your turn comes, then you can use another one. When combating a zombie, you have to roll a 4, 5, or 6 to beat it. If you roll a 1, 2, or 3 then you can either use a bullets to boost your roll or choose to loose a heart and try to beat it again. If and when you kill a zombie, it becomes yours. You must combat a zombie if you move into one during the movement phase. If you lose all your lives then you lose half of your zombies rounded down and you move back to the town center and get 3 hearts and 3 bullets like in the beginning. The goal of the game is to either get to the center of the helipad map piece, or to collect 25 zombies. The helipad is placed at the bottom of the map tile deck. There are also expansions to this game and different versions. It is a super fun game and we all just love it. So have fun if you decide to play Zombies!!!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Years Day

So yesterday my family went to the 10k run. My brother is a runner and actually a great runner so he ran his second 10k and the first one was at Universal Studios i think. He ran that in about 48 minutes which is really fast. The second one which was yesterday he ran in about 58 minutes. But this one had lots of hills. The bikers probably went slower up the hills than the runners. They were pretty steep. The first person came in about 42 minutes but this guy was pretty hardcore. It was crazy. So after that we went to the beach to meet up with friends and so the polar bear swim. The water was super cold but the sun was out so it was okay. My legs actually went numb in the water. That's how cold it was. So after all that we went to our friend's party which was at her house. It was a fun party. We did all this last year as well. So we knew they had a wii so we brought our wii controllers. We played their summer sports game which we don't have. We also played a game called Zombies. The goal is to get the heli pad. Ill probably explain the game in a whole post because it is a pretty big game. I won that this year and we also played Settlers of Catan with my new expansion that i got for Christmas. I also won that so i was a double winner that night. It was awesome. I ate SO much though and my stomach hurt pretty badly. But i wanted to eat more of the junk they had. It was good food. I also ate a McDonald's cheese burger on the way home. My stomach also hurt today. It was pretty late when we got home. So apparently i fell asleep in the car singing. That's pretty funny. But i still had a great time.

Friday, January 01, 2010


I am using my mom's new netbook (small laptop) to post this right now. My dad got it for her for Christmas. It is super small and light. I'm not too fond of the keyboard though. Well i do actually really like the keyboard but when i want to press the backspace its too high up and small so it keeps pressing the equal sign, and it is super annoying. But i am actually using my dad's Droid phone to get Internet and its actually working. Its super convenient. Its wireless network everywhere! The netbook is a shiny blue. Not like a sparkly girly blue but its looks like a brand new shiny blue because it is. It is just so convenient. My dad says it costs about $250. I think that's a great price. He says it came with an accessory kit. The company is acer. So check it out online maybe, its awesome.