Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Guitar hero

I have said this a long time ago that I will be doing updates on guitar hero and all that stuff. So here's another update. So as of right now I play on hard which is really hard. Of course that would make sense. Since its hard it is really hard. But nothing is unstoppable for me on guitar hero. Oh ya and all of this is actually about guitar hero 2. Not guitar hero 1. I only have guitar hero 2. So that's the update. Hope you enjoyed it.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My new Altoids

My new Altoids rock. Its chocolate covered peppermint Altoids. They are so good. Everybody wanted them at school. Even my teacher. I shared them with some people and then they wanted more. They just couldn't get enough. When I first got them my dad tried one and he was said he wanted another done so I gave him that one and I was afraid he was going to ask for more and then all the Altoids would be gone. But he didn't ask for anymore and I was relieved. He must of read my mind or just didn't really want to take anymore because he had enough. But I tasted those and they are pretty good.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Talent show

My school talent or variety show was actually the some day that I came back from outdoor school so right when I got home I had to eat get dressed in a nice black suit and practice practice practice on my piano so I would be the best piano player there, and I thought I was. We got there early. I think it was at a certain college. Well actually I know it was a college that I performed in. I just don't know which. So when we got to the college early because my dad had to get ready because he would be the person to bring out all the props for every ones performance. First there was an amazing tap dance. It was SO good. It was a girl who did that and she was the only one to tap dance but there were some singers and dancers and one performance was a part of Green acre an old TV show. It was pretty cool. My dad brought out the props for that too. And my dad also brought out the props for someone who did white and nerdy and life is a driving range. The song was actually life is a highway but they sung over the song when it came up. It was pretty good. But favorite person was girl who did 2 dances and sang a song. She was the best. I was the best piano player. I did a boogie woogie in the key of C with a 12 bar blues progression as I made the announcer (my school principle) say. It was pretty cool and funny that she had to say it. I was in the last years talent show too so everybody knew who I was and everybody that saw me said I did the best and there was this one performer from green acre a boy dressed up as a women said I am the best piano player. Some other lady said that I should keep on moving up to become a professional piano and earn some money. I was amazed by that and very proud of myself for doing my boogie woogie at my talent show.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

4th day

The 4th and final day at outdoor school was pretty good as all the others were. This time we didn't have a curriculum hike we had a Chumash hike. We saw and went in a thing That I called tipi but I think it was called an Apo or something that a naturalist made. It was pretty cool. So that took most of the 4th day. So after that we went to a big meeting thing for the end of the day and the lunch was outside. We had corn dogs and lemonade and really small cookies but I only had one because they weren't like chocolate chip cookies, they were like crackers. So then we took the bus home and It felt like a shorter time to get home the to get to outdoor school. So then got to hang out with my family and I'm home.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

3rd day

The 3rd day at outdoor school I was probably into outdoor school and I knew how everything worked. Of course we did do our curriculum hike which was the animal hike. We went to a lab kinda thing were the naturalist (the people who lead the hikes and who are in charge are the naturalists) brought out a snake and 3 girls were so scared that they scooted back like 3 feet from the table even when the snake was across the table. They didn't even touch it. But after that we went to the another lab were they put the snake down and the had all different kinds of hides from animals on the wall and the had different animals in cages. And then we took a real hike down to a place were we played a game and learned about animal scat. You probably know what that is its poop. So we played a small game were there were rabbits and a wolf. The rabbits were supposed to get to the other side of the field and back 3 times and the field wasn't that big. And if the wolf which I did tagged one of the rabbits they had to go the pit or something and they lost. It was an alright game bur I had fun. Then we just hiked back down and we ate and went to bed.

Friday, May 25, 2007

2nd day at outdoor school

The second day I got up and dressed went to breakfast in the morning and then we went to whats called friendship. Its were everybody meats up to go to there hiking groups and hear about whats going on that day. That day we went on the plant curriculum hike. You learned about all the plant communities. And we go to touch and taste the plants. We even made tea out of on kind of leaf. I forgot what it was called but lots of people use it to make things with. So after that we had lunch or whats called rec. time. Its short for recreational time. I guess. You get to play. Its like recess. And after that we take showers go to dinner and then go on the night hike. That's were we got to see animals that only come out at might like the deer. I think its called nocturnal. And the one that comes out during the day is called diurnal. And then we went to camp fire and then went to bed to get ready for the next day as always.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Outdoor school

I went on a field trip with most of my class to a place called outdoor school. It was $300 to get in though. But it was still pretty fun. I was there for 4 days. And they had really good breakfast. But on the way to outdoor school was a long about 3 hour bus drive to there. Everybody had to go to the bathroom so bad. Especially me. I can't even believe I held it for that long. But when we got there I was alright. We had to get everything out in our cabins to get ready and we ate lunch when we got there and we had a campfire and all that camp stuff and then went to bed. And that was the first day. I think we had a Curriculum hike the first day. I think I had a geology one so that was fun too.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

my soccer practice

I had to ride my bike all the way to my soccer practice with my new bike the day after I got it. It was all uphill and it was so tiring but I found a tennis ball near the tennis court. That seems kinda obvious I guess. But It was all uphill. By the time I got to my soccer practice I was all wore out from the bike ride. I had to ride my bike because my parents were at work. But my back was all sweaty and I could barely run. But I still did pretty good in the practice. But when my soccer practice was over I had to ride back and that was the fun part. It was all down hill and I was zooming down. My bike sounded like a motorcycle. But it was so cool. I guess all that hard work to the practice really did pay off.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My test

I did pretty good on my test. I got a B on it. Some I just didn't know what to put because there were 2 answers that I thought they were and I guessed it wrong. But most of all the others I knew pretty well. Like the vocab. That was really easy. I think I might have missed 4 questions. But I tried my beast. That's whats important.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

New bike

I got a new bike today from Walmart Its a mongoose rebel. And its yellow. The one in the picture is the same exact one that I have. Same color, same everything. And its the one on the second shelf so nobody has tried it and its not used. Its brand new. And its fast. And it was on sale for $100! I do not know how that could be on sale because its a pretty high priced bike. But I'm not paying for it. So I'm fine. And I guess the $100 is worth it. Its also very fast and I'm happy with it.

Monday, May 14, 2007


I have a social studies test tomorrow. I studied a lot today to get ready for tomorrow. I read the whole chapter which has 3 sections on it. It took forever to finish it and I almost fell asleep while reading. Because it was at 9:30. But then my dad woke me up and told me to go in a chair and not a bed. I almost fell asleep there too. Well I hope I do good on the test

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Skateboards rock. They are popular and many people ride them. Everyday I see someone on a skateboard. I have a skateboard. I can do some tricks on it. I can Ollie and almost kick flip. I can flip it but I cant land it. I can grind and 50 50 stall. Which is when your trucks are kinda on the rail but your just staying there. And I can do a lot of things on my skateboard. All my friends have a skateboard. Some of them are better than me and some are worse. I am just glad to have one. I use it for transportation too. But its always good to have a skateboard.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Comics are comic books to me. So I will call it that. So today I sorted out all the comics my dad had. And man was that a lot a comics. He had so many super mans, and wonder women's, and star treks. OH not to mention all of the secret wars. My dad said that was his favorite comic series of all. That's when a god named the beyonder brings all the bad and good marvel guys and girls together to fight each other for his entertainment. And that's when spider man got his original venom suit. That's the very first comic of when it popped up. Amazing huh. Well I think I should read it. My dad has millions of comics from the 2 most famous comic makers, Marvel and DC. That's a lot. I shall read them.

Friday, May 11, 2007

spring fling

Today I went to my school's spring fling. It was super fun. I played tackle football and played games to win tickets and I did what was called the cake walk. You walk around and there are numbers between 1 and12. If you land on the right number you win either a cake of your choice or a teddy bear. I picked a teddy bear. I was actually a big toad that said toad-ally in love. I thought it was pretty cool. So then at the end of the day I cashed in all of my tickets and got prizes. I got tuns of wristbands a kite, a bouncy ball and a cool pen. I found like 7 tickets on the ground plus the ones I already had. And then that was the end of the day.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm going to go to the maker fair next Friday. A week from tomorrow. I'm going to see the battle bots show. Its going to be so cool. I can't wait. Robots are going to battle like crazy. I think its a 3 day thing though. There so many things to do and see. So I can't see everything because some things are going to start at the same time or just start in the middle of something else so I won't be able to see it. But I can't wait.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My water fight

Today I had a water fight with my friends on my team and my brothers friends on the other. Plus 2 of my friends. First it was just me and a friend and then he had to do chores so it was just me. For some time and they didn't hit me once. And 2 other friends that I asked to play and they had homework came for reinforcements after their homework. And then my other friend got done doing chores so it was 4 of us. And then another friend came and said he would just watch after he got a water balloon. And once he threw it he got so into it. And then like a minute after him another friend of mine came and we were dominating. Because it was 6 of us and the had water guns and a hose. And I was filling up water balloons really fast while they were shooting the water guns I had. And they would come and get some. And then we told them that they could come on my side of the yard if we didn't go over there. And a girl from the other side come and we drove her into a corner and caught her hostage. I had people guard. There was no trouble of her trying to get out with all the people I had. And so she had to miss out by coming over to our side and breaking the rules. And she wasn't crying or anything. She was just fine. And at the end we let her out. Although she wasn't helping the other team anyways in the first place. She just had a bottle with water that she dropped and my team got. She got it back and tyred to come like before and she was hostage. Next time she'll definitely remember not to break the rules with all my peoples. Or she might not play next time. But oh well. That game was fun. And we all had a lot of fun. Even the hostage.

My new clothes

Well my mom gets me clothes now like everyday. And its all Tony Hawk clothes. I got new shoes, shirts, and shorts from Tony Hawk. But I'm still getting plenty of clothing. And it looks cool to. So It's not much of a big deal. Besides all my other clothes didn't fit me. So I needed new clothes. And especially new shoes. The new Tony Hawk shoes are pretty good. But its all Tony Hawk.

Monday, May 07, 2007

finished catapult

Well today me and my dad finished the catapult. We glued everything together so it was nice and snug and so nothing was to break off when we catapultatize it. I can't wait till tomorrow comes. I think that's when were launching it really far. That's why I can't wait. And I got a picture well just today. Well both of them are from today. The unglued parts when we not assembled it. And then when it was all glued up and ready. What shall become of the catapult. Will it break, or shall it survive? Nobody knows.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Today me and my dad built a catapult. One of my dad's friends helped us a little. Well maybe a lot. But not most of the catapult. That was me and my dad. But we didn't quit finish it yet. We got to the point where we could actually fling something, but we still need a nut or nuts. And we still need to glue it. All we did was drill and dry fitted the whole thing. And once we did that, a bunch of people came to see and use it the catapult. Well they came once we brought it out. So I did it and it went really far. And then my friend did it and I caught it. and this other kid did and it bounce really close to him because he was small and didn't have as much strength so it slammed against the floor and then I caught the ammo. Oh ya and that ammo was a tennis ball. And then so we took it on when it was getting kinda late. And that was the end of the catapult day. A very fun day.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Death day

Well today is death day for us. Our family. Just in case you didn't know what that is, I shall tell you. It is the day my dad's dad died. My grandfather died. I was the only one to see him out of my brothers and sisters. He was so cool. He would have loved my brother and sister as he loved my and as I loved him. I was kinda young at the time he died, so I would have thought that he was just going home or something like that. And I really remember that night right now, even though it was a VERY long time ago. What I remember was that my grandfather decided to come to our house instead of staying in the hospital. He was on a bed that some people from the hospital pushed him in the house. I kissed him on the forehead. If it was me seeing that at this age, I would be crying like crazy. And after awhile like some years I understood and cried and cried in the middle of the night as my dad passed by my room. I went to him and told what was bothering me and cried. It is just a very sad thing to happen. I actually crying right now. But today is death day. And we celebrated today with my thought of having a cake. It was my idea to have a cake. We wouldn't have if I didn't come up with it. It is a pretty good cake. And today the day my grandfather died is Cinco de Mayo. So he got to die on a holiday. Except he died at a young age. He died at the age of 55! I guess he didn't take care of himself. He had renal failure. Which means his kidneys didn't work. He didn't want to clean his blood so much. So he decided to die. But there was nothing we could do about it. I just wish he wasn't dead. He was such a nice man. But here's a picture of the cake.

Friday, May 04, 2007


Notes are always a good thing to take notes in class. You can study the notes for a test. It helps you learn the thing your taking notes on because writing something down is always better than just reading it. I don't know why. Maybe its just because you study it more than when you just read it over. Even if you read it a million times, its still great to take notes. It doesn't always have to be about school. I could be about anything. Life. It could be about life. You could use a diary. Or what I am doing right now. I am writing on the computer. It tells about things that just do or experience. Its helping me right know with my language arts grade. I haven't been doing so well in language arts lately. And its working. All this typing is working. I actually getting better grades. And you can express meaning, or feeling and life in writing. It helps in all kinds of different things. But its always good to write notes.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Well today I had a lot pf trouble with MY icebreakers! Well today I was watching a movie and my sister had some of MY icebreaker's! And then my brother and sister had to go to bed and my dad sent me up there to see what was going on. So I quietly did my sneak upstairs. And then into my room. And saw my brother with like 10 or 15 of MY icebreakers on the bed! I couldn't believe it and the room smelt like icebreakers too! And then I did a big tap. And then he saw me. ( did the tap intentionally ). So I went to his bed and took all of MY icebreakers and noticed they were all a little wet. But I didn't care, so I put them back in the box they am in. And then that was it. Oh ya and even when I put the icebreakers back it still felt a little empty.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Well I like the game handball. You might know what handball is but I'll explain anyway. You have to a ball to a board. But you have to bounce it on the floor while making it on the board after the bounce in one hit. When that happens you can let it bounce once on the floor and then hit it again. You don't have to let it bounce once before you hit it to the board. And you can't let it bounce twice either way. I played it today too. Its a lot of fun to play handball to me.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

twisted sister

Twisted sister is a band. Think its a very good rock band. I like the song I wanna rock a lot!!! I would think you would like it too. Those people are crazy. They where a lot makeup. I'll show you in the picture I put. Its always good too put a picture. My dad said that. He just said I'm required to put a picture for this one especialy, or I jave too face him because he REALLY likes twisted sister. Mark my words, YOU DO NOT WANT TO FACE MY FATHER! SO I shall put a picture of the great twisted sister.