Monday, July 27, 2009

Virginia day 5

The wildlife place was cool. I walked in with my aunt, her friend and baby, and two little cousins. We bought a bag of food to feed the animals there. The majority of what they had were goats. But they also had a camel, loose bunny's walking around the park, lemurs, birds, a leopard, deer, ostriches, a bear, a llama, a sloth, and other animals. It was pretty fun. I fed what you were aloud to feed, and you couldn't feed the leopard, birds, sloth, lemurs, porcupines, or the monkeys. I got to feed the deers, goats, ostrich, camel, llama, and bunny's. I pet pretty much everything you could feed except for the ostrich. After we were done at the park, i went to give the ostrich the rest of the food, who before stuck his head in the bag of food, but this time, he stuck his had in there and grabbed the bag and took it and ate it all with the llama. I managed to get the bag back though fortunately. So then that was the fun of that day. The next day i hung around, played the Wii, rode the ATV and shopped with my aunt. Nothing really special. The next day which was yesterday, my other uncle, grandma, and two friends i had from the last time i was here came to the house. We all went river rafting except for one of the friends. It was about 5 miles of river and we had some problems on the river. Well at some points there were little rapids and at the first rapid i wanted to see what it was like so my grandma told me i could get off the canoe and walk in there. Unfortunately, that was a bad idea because the rocks were slippery and they hurt and i kept falling and they kept going up the river, so my uncle in the kayak had to come and rescue me so i got on the front of the kayak and lied there until i got onto the canoe which was crazy. So then later when my uncle got into the canoe and i got into the kayak we went on some rapids and he hit a tree on the rapids so it flipped and everything in there which were a bunch of coolers, sunblock, shoes, bug spray, cans, and other stuff was floating down the river so we all had to gather it all up which was a nightmare, but everything else was okay and we made it out okay. At the end i found a20 dollar bill and a pair of some guys broken shoes. We had to go back and get my sandals but we lost my hat and sunglasses. That was about it for the day. Today i went to the caverns and the whole thing was pretty much stalactites, and stalagmites. It was pretty cool, but at the end it started to get boring because it started to get the same but it was still fun and i took a lot of pictures. So the was the meat of today and that's it.

Friday, July 24, 2009


The plane ride to Virginia was six hours but i guess it didn't really seem like it because they had a TV on which they played the Simpson's, time warp, Monsters vs Aliens and those were all entertaining. They also played music videos. Those were OK. I listened to about 2-4 songs on my MP3 and ordered a sprite and ate all of my Pringles. When i sat down though on the plane, the guy next to me looked Chinese and he couldn't talk to anyone i guess because he didn't speak English but he had a blue surgeon' mask. It was so weird and a bit freaky. when i took out my phone he put his hand on it and rubbed the screen with his thumb and i guess he was just looking at the time like i was but he had just looked at his watch so i don't know it was weird. He also touched my sprite which was weird. The whole plane ride was pretty much weird. But it didn't seem as long as i thought it would be. So my uncle picked me up at the airport and the ride to the restaurant was an hour but still it didn't seem as long, maybe it was because we talked the whole way. So i rode the 4-wheeler when we got there because i love that thing. Whenever i go i want one for home but i know i cant get one because there isn't anywhere to ride it at home. But we went to lunch with my aunt and her friends and my two little cousins and i ate like 2 dinners. It was good, i had crab cakes and my cousins food which i finished off for him had pasta and butter. So i have ridden the 4-wheeler everyday since i have been here. I played pool with myself and pinball at my uncle's parents house across the field. It was fun. I ate all the salt water taffy at my aunt's house and my uncle's parents house had more and they all good kinds. I didn't try the licorice though so i don't know about that one but i didn't think it would be good so i didn't try it. But i am about to go to a wildlife museum right now so here i go.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Well everyone is home My family is home and my best friend is even home from Colorado. I swam in his jacuzzi yesterday as a "Welcome Home Party". It was weird. My sister and brother were in the jacuzzi with but they were annoying us. They kept jumping on us and messing up things we were trying to do like start a Whirlpool. But still i had a good time when i was gone and i should have a good time while I'm here. But then I'm leaving very soon again. I only spending about 2 or 3 weeks at home and traveling the rest of the summer. The next place I'm going is Virginia. So i will have fun there.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lake Havasu

I just got back from Lake Havasu and it was so hot. I have never been in such heat before in my life. At least i don't think i have. it was a record breaking heat for July and it was burning. I have a sunburn pretty much everywhere. Me and my friend surfed on the shore with his boogie board and surfboard and went on the boat which was really fun. It was his family's boat. We went really fast and got really good airtime on it. We pretty much just did that Friday and Saturday because we arrived on Thursday and left today, Sunday. They own a house in Havasu. It was really cool inside and really hot outside. In the truck it was cold. They drank a lot of beer. I slept on the bottom bunk. I didn't know having a boat was so much work though. But it was worth the work or sure. So yeah. There's pretty much what we did in Havasu.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Heaslth course

I am taking an online health course so i can take computer programming this year. Now taking this course online is really really boring, but i want to get ahead in my studies so i am taking it. The only boring part about it is the reading and tests. Actually that's all you do, read and take tests. I don't even know why its required to take. I think its really boring and pretty pointless. I mean yeah i have learned some stuff here and there from it, but we paid about $120! Just to take a health course online. Its crazy. We saw other ones for like $300!. Now that's just horrifically unreasonable! Yeah so you read about 40-70 pages in each lesson then take a speed back test at the end of the lesson that actually counts for your grade. I haven't done one yet but i am doing one today and it says its "open book" So it should be easy. So then after all the lessons are completed you take a final exam but you have to get more information about that tests and you don't take it online, you take it in front a person or something. I don't know but we will have to find out. So yeah.

Sunday, July 05, 2009


Which do you think are better, home made smores in the microwave or camp smores. Honestly i think camp smores are funner to make but i cant really tell which ones are better. I just tried home made smores the other day and they were really chewy and good but who knows. That question is an opinion. But which do you think if taken on a pole of 5,000 people do you think would win camp or home made smores. Well it doesn't matter because smores are always good. End of story.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

There will be blood

There will be blood was a great movie. It was so great that could watch it again. I want to watch it again tonight. I was wondering how they filmed that movie, because i bet they spent a lot of money on it and i bet it was very difficult to make a movie like that. It was so crazy. They main character is super crazy. He killed a man with a bowling pin! That's just inhumane! I think he needs to get rid of that sin. Apparently he doesn't like the church or anything that has to do with it. I must say though that he is an oil man. His son is a little crazy too. I liked how the main character spoke though, like his accent or something like that, it just sounded cool. I couldn't believe some of the stuff he did. He gets slapped in the face a lot. But he does some of his own slapping too. The movie is about oil but the guy who told the main character about the oil never shows up after he tells him where the oil is. It is a crazy movie and there definitely will be blood.

Friday, July 03, 2009


So everything i have been doing from the start of my traveling summer, until the end of it should be an adventure but everything through today this summer so far as been an adventure. Yesterday i came back from New Jersey. We went on the airplane Wednesday but there was a rainstorm with lightning and thunder and the plane couldn't fly through that so we were waiting until it ended and that drained our gas so we had to go back and fill up the plane and then we took off and missed our flight in New Jersey. So we stayed and extra day and went all around New york City. It was crowded with so many people. There was on and off rain pour but that wasn't too bad. I rode the subway a lot. I was getting really annoyed on the airplane ride back to California because my ears were hurting really bad and i was chewing gum but that just made my jaw tired and that started to ache and it still aches now very surprisingly. So then i got back slept and i woke up from my siblings i guess being excited to see me back home. Then i ate breakfast and went on my way with my mom and sister to go see my uncles new house. We actually went there to get my dad's sunglasses that he left there but while i was there i went with my uncle to the beach where there were sand dunes and we rented a dune buggy. It was awesome in the buggy. We went down really steep hills and went pretty fast. So then we returned from that trip to my uncles and now i am watching there will be blood.