Saturday, July 31, 2010


I took a programming class in freshman year but it was all pretty much just Javascript and HTML. I programed earlier than that though in Microsoft Visual Basic .NET from a book my dad got me. I was littler though so I don't think I understood a lot of it and probably didn't appreciate it as much and I was doing it because I made a deal with my dad and I think that it was If I finished the book, he would get me a newer better computer (the one I am using right now). I probably didn't realize how powerful it was. So since yesterday I started reading the book again and realized all the stuff I missed in the book and I am understanding it all now. Its really fun and hard to stop because once it works you feel like you have achieved something so great and you can mess around with the program and show people and they are amazed according to their emotions. I want to become a programmer as my career and that's probably what it is going to be. My dad is a programmer full time and self employed and he makes a lot of money. So I thought if I became a programmer since its just great and fun, than my dad can help me and eventually I can work for my dad. I also learned that my dad programs in VB.NET. Its a really good programming language to use, of course their are tons of programming languages out there but of all the ones that I have seen, this is my favorite, but I really haven't seen too many programs. I think the next new language I will learn is Ajax. Its a relatively new language that's combines the two languages HTML and CSS. Now I know that you probably have no idea what I am talking about but I think everything or just about everything that you see on a computer or the Internet has been programmed to make it do that specific thing it does. Say if you are on the Google homepage and you type something into the search box and click search, that search button has been programmed to look for results on the subject that you typed in so programming is behind pretty everything. If you want to look at some Programming code, just right click on the screen that you are reading this on and click the option View Page Source and all that is Programming Code. Its all very complicated and there is so much code there. I'm not advanced enough to actually understand it yet and plus there is also hidden Code to so there is more than you see which is crazy. I could most definitely go on forever but I'm not. So to wrap this up, programming is the base just about everything on the computer and without it, you wouldn't have a computer or the Internet or most valuable things at all. The programming book I have is called: Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Programming for the absolute beginner, no experience required. The picture on the front is a cubed version of Tetris. The author is Jonathan S. Harbour. If you want to read it there it is!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Black Dynamite

I saw this movie called Black Dynamite 2 days ago and it was hilarious! I don't know if you've ever heard of it but its a parody of Black action movies from the past I think. Its about how Black Dynamite's brother gets killed and Black Dynamite has to avenge him and he kills a lot of people to do it. He has a little team with him too and crazy stuff happens and there are a lot of fighting scenes. Its definitely rated R because of the nudity and sex and drugs in it and language and violence. Probably everything! It was hilarious though. It might even be my favorite movie, but I am a big fan of movies so every movie that I see might as well be my favorite. I highly recommend this movie unless you are sensitive to all the rated-R related stuff that happens in it. I would definitely watch it again if I had enough time to spare for a re-watch of the movie! Black Dynamite to me is pretty much a Black Chuck Norris except Black Dynamite would kick Chuck Norris' butt!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pull Up Bar

My dad got me a pull up bar but you can so much more than just pull ups with it. You can do push, ups, pull ups (obviously), sit ups, abdominal work and pretty much anything actually! Its so great. my friend had a pull up bar that screws into his wall and I used it every time I went to his house which was a lot. Mine can easily detach because it has this bar thing on it than goes onto a weird sticking out thing above my door and when I use it the outer arm things push against the wall which pushes against the bar on the top. Its really hard to explain but that's the best I could do. Anyway sometimes I hang on it and make my arms in a 90 degree angle and hang there which works out biceps and abs. I can feel it. I use it for extra working out because I go to the gym everyday. I'm hoping to get a six pack (but isn't every guy). Every guy wants a six pack, but not everyone works toward it. I'm kind of scrawny so that's why I work out a lot. I'm actually hoping to get one by sophomore year, but that is so very unlikely! Anyway, wish me luck.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ripping CDs

I finally got to ripping all the CDs my uncle gave me over the week that I was spending in San Luis Obispo. There are over 300 hundred CDs I think. I learned how to rip CDs yesterday I think and its actually too easy! I use the free software Audiograbber. It works great! I have so much music already on my computer and I haven't even ripped half yet. There is about 3-4 gigabytes of music that is on my computer so far. I don't even think I'm 1/4th of the way to finishing! I rip a lot everyday too. I filled about 2 spindles so far. There are so many more spindles though. Its interesting to see what kind of music my uncle used to listen to. Its mostly punk rock. My dad dislikes most of whats on there though. I think a lot of it is great. I'm think I'm going to listen to it all sometime over a long period of time because I kind of have to because I am going to put it on my mp3 when I get a new one because the screen of my current one is cracked but just the screen, you can see everything that's supposed to be there perfectly. The Sansa mp3 players are very fragile! I want a Zune so I can watch movies on it. Plus, I bet they are good quality. Maybe an I-Pod, but that would be going against my dad's advice. He doesn't like Apple because they are very copy write protective if I'm saying that right. They aren't very compatible with anything else besides they're own company and I think other than that, even though that is a very big problem, they are a great company. Anyway, I will hopefully get all the CDs done this year!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Sometimes I think up little stories in my head and they don't last very long but usually come up when I'm thinking very vividly about the world. Today when I was at the gym biking and sweating a lot, an image of big gaping pores opening up dripping a lot of sweat popped up in my mind and all of a sudden I get sort of furious. It made me want to stop but I knew I didn't want to inside. I don't think that's happened to me before. And it maddens me every time I think about it like right now. Other times I go on with stories and I wonder about other intellectual life and what they would look like knowing it would look nothing like we would expect. I think about the details I would put into my stories and descriptive details as well. They only last a short period of time because I know I cant make up a whole story just walking to the gym or something but I might start to write them down if I think about them when I'm near a computer or something but I usually don't think of them when I'm somewhere where I can write it down because usually they start up spontaneously when I'm bored. I also make my little stories into visuals in my head which can sometimes be fun but not like the sweat monster thing! I thought about a smell recorder yesterday because its seems dumb to have video and sound recorders and not a smell recorder. Then I thought about a taste recorder but then I thought you can usually easily replicate that by buying the object in which you got that taste from but only some parts of, say, foreign or far-away places, can you get a certain individual smell. Maybe I would make a lot of money, or maybe some one will steal the idea from me off of this post.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


There is this dip/spread called Nutela and its a hazelnut spread and ts chocolaty. I'm sure it does have chocolate too, it is the color of chocolate (dark brown). Well I as spending the week at my Aunt and Uncles house the week before the wedding. I woke up at the rented house and I was sitting at the table with my 3 year old cousin and he asked his mom in his little cute voice for some Nutela. I asked what Nutela was thinking that it was baby gibberish but I learned later that week that I definitely underestimated the smartness of the two cousins I have. Of course I hadn't seen them for a couple years. My aunt came over with the container of it and let me put my finger in it and it was really good! She brought over a banana sandwich with Nutela. Literally. It was some 10 cut banana pieces with Nutela stuck in the middle. No bread. It was awesome. So my grandma I think bought me my own container, and I of course want some later on when I thought about it at home but my mom only eats by itself because now she loves it. She eats it with a spoon! I guess it runs in the family because I would do that but not so much as to eat the whole container in a week like that. It is good though. Try it.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Uncle's wedding

My family and I all went down to San Luis Obispo to go to my Uncle's wedding. My dad was the officiant of the wedding just like he was at my aunt's wedding. Apparently I was the usher like I was at my aunt's wedding too. We of course had a rehearsal the day before and the wedding rehearsal part was much more scattered and short than the real deal. The party after the wedding was originally planned to be upstairs on the roof deck of the hotel, which by the way was very nice and expensive. But the people during the rehearsal party were complaining about all the noise and how they couldn't sleep because it was late. It was mostly all the little running kids. So we moved the party downstairs next to where the ceremony was. It was under a huge tent which I think might have been better because we wouldn't have to lug everything upstairs like all the food and the candy bar which the bride's sister brought as a wedding gift because she owns a candy shop. There was a chocolate on every table and i set up the napkins of course with other people's help including my beautiful aunt (i know she is reading hehe). I had to dress all formal and it was kind of hot but I eventually was aloud to change into more casual clothes. I also caught garder! That was only because all of the guys that came to catch lifted me up and I caught in the air. It was all very funny. Also, many people got drunk and very drunk. I think my uncle might have gotten the most drunk and a bunch of his friends including my other uncle drew stuff with shaving cream including that the Celtics suck and the Lakers are #1 because they knew my uncle loves the Celtics and hates the Lakers. It was hilarious. A bunch of the rest of my family came too luck cousins and great aunts and uncles and nephews and just a bunch of people from my family all over the country. So it was a great wedding