Saturday, February 28, 2009


I have been getting in a lot of trouble lately. I kinda don't know why. I got my computer taken away into my dad's office and that's where i have been doing my work and he said i can get my computer moved back into my room after i finish all my teaspot which is about 2 and a half hours. I don't like it in my dad's office because its cold in there and small. My room is bigger and i don't have to share a desk with another computer. My dad has two desks in his office and sometimes he works on the one I'm working on which is kind of annoying, but i can get past it. So i am pretty sure i can get my teaspot done today.

Friday, February 27, 2009


i have a history project and its kind of hard. I know one thing for sure, I'm probably never going to be a newspaper writer because its boring, and hard. Its even harder to write about the gold rush on a newspaper when it happened like 2 thousand years ago and trying to write as if you were there at the time writing the paper from the present tense. I hate doing it and i have to finish the four pages by Tuesday or ill lose 10% each time its late. That sucks. So i better "buckle down" like my dad says.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well my dog is having problems. Maybe because of his hypothyroidism or he is just getting old, or he ate something bad for him, or it could be a mix of those things. So he has been dropping diarrhea all over the house, and it smells really bad and so does he. my mom hates it completely. She screams about it everyday since he has been doing it. Its on the stairs, upstairs, downstairs, in he kitchen, garage, or any other room. I don't think i noticed any in the bathroom, but then again i don't think he really goes in there. I have suggested to my dad that we bring him to the Vet. I'm sure we will, but my dad is giving Pepto Bismol for the time being. So i don't know how much longer any of us can tolerate this. But we will have to see.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


So i have been reading Misery by Stephen King and it has been a great book so far. I haven't seen the movie yet but i will. If you don't want to know what happens in the first 2 Parts, then you probably shouldn't read this post. I have only read the first 2 parts. So There is a famous writer named Paul Sheldon and he gets in a car crash and breaks his legs and knee. He is rescued by his #1 fan Annie Wilkes who in fact is a nurse. But she is a very crazy nurse. She has the worst temper ever and is really weird. Well the part i wanted to talk about is when she cut off Paul's foot with an ax and them burned the wound. That's to where i am right now. So maybe when i finish the book i will write more.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Little Mouse

There is this weird show that you can find on YouTube called Look around you and it's really funny. They made this song called little mouse in the key of S. There is no key of S! But they did it. Its a really cool funny and good song too. Its weird though. Well the shows are weird so yeah. Its like a rock song and in parts of the song the person singing talks in a really high voice like a mouse. Its so weird. Go on YouTube and type in look around you little mouse and you should find it. So enjoy it if you do.

Friday, February 20, 2009

bubble tanks 2

I played this game at called bubble tanks 2 and it is a really fun game. You start out as a bubble tank obviously but as you get more bubbles you can get a level up and pick the level ups as a heavy tank, fighter tank, and i think a balanced fighter i forgot, but i suggest heavy if you ever play the game. The way you get bubbles is by destroying other bubble tanks. Some ones i call freebies because you go in a huge bubble full of easy tanks to kill and get a lot of bubbles very easily. Other bubbles contain crazy bubble tanks that are hard to kill and shoot you and there are many of those in just one bubble. So try it out.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Line Rider

Line Rider is a fun game that you can play your I-touch if you have one. You can also play it on the computer. You draw lines and a guy on a sled goes on them. The red line makes you go really fast and you just ride normally on the blue line but I'm not sure what the green line does because i tried it but he just went right through the line. Its pretty weird. I wish i knew what it did because i could probably use it. Maybe its just to set something. I'm not sure. I think i would just have to try it later but i probably wont use it ever. So just try the game and see if you want it on your a I-touch if you have one.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Well today in band my friend got his I-touch taken away. It was pretty messed up because he was turning off an alarm and the teacher got mad and started to yell at him and he eventually took it away. He said if his parents found out about it, they would never give it back to him if they took it away. So i told him i would get it for him, but i looked in the teacher's case and didn't see anything except for tons of papers, and a different I-touch but it was in leather casing and my friend's was in silicon casing. So I couldn't get it back for him. He called me later on and asked me if i could get my dad to get it back for him and i said i would try and ask, but my dad said no. I didn't think he would get It anyways so i will have to talk to my friend about it tomorrow and see what we will do.

Wake Up

Its really hard for me to wake up early in the morning like I'm supposed to. I am supposed to wake up at 5:30. For the past probably week or 2 i have been waking up at about 6:40 and that's pretty bad because all i have time to do when i wake up that late i eat and got to school and I'm in a hurry even then. So its pretty bad but today i woke up. I almost fell back to sleep but my eyes do hurt right now and they feel dry which is extremely uncomfortable. You have no idea. I cant wait for the weekend so i can sleep in.

Monday, February 16, 2009

sleep over

My friend slept over last night. He is still here. We went to the Ronald Regan library. He was going to come over for sure and it was kind of late so he just slept over. I had to finish cleaning my room and he had to help me. We had to redo everything in my room! It is so clean that you have no idea. My mom took my dirty rug that was different colors out of my room. that rug was so cool. i was kind of angry but i have pretty much learned to control my anger towards everyone. So that is really good. So after we finished cleaning my room we went down stairs and played Wii play. We first played a laser hokey game which was fun. then we played tanks and got pretty far. During tanks my dad came down and told us to go to bed. So that was that until the morning. I am finishing my chores by doing this. So that is that.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Egg House

Well this is my second time going to the Egg House. It is really really good. The first time i went i got the butternut pancakes but there were four of them and it was way too much. Today i got fresh strawberry waffles. It comes with waffles, whipped cream, fresh strawberries, melted butter, and syrup. The strawberries were SO good. Too good to imagine maybe. But there were four "small waffles". It wouldn't even fit on the plate. Probably everything from the regular menu is too much for me. But nothing is too much for my brother. he ate a little of everything. He is an eater. He just couldn't get enough. He ate one of my four waffles. He also ate a lot of my strawberries. So that's about it and i definitely suggest you go there.

Friday, February 13, 2009

History test

I had a History test that i knew most of the answers to. I think i didn't know only about 1 or 2. So i think i did really good. I mean i at least i thought i knew them and got them right but there isn't any way to know until my history teachers tells everybody their grades or hands back the paper but i am pretty sure i got an A on it. I read a section from the chapter everyday so that might have helped me and plus I'm going to do really good this semester. So there you go.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pipe Cleaner skateboard

 I made a pipe cleaner skateboard like 2 or 3 days and i was pretty proud of myself because believe it or not, it was hard to make. So i show my siblings and mom and they are wowing me too. Then yesterday when i was putting away a bike, he comes and smashes it with his hand. I get pissed off but i say to myself, all i have to do is bend the wheels back. Then he throws it on the floor, and steps on it and drags it with his foot for no absolute reason. I didn't say or do anything to him. And when i pick it up, the skateboard is detached and if i wanted to make it like before, i would have to make a whole new one. So i went to tell my dad and the way he responded was "go do your homework". I was so pissed off. So i don't think I'm going to make a new one.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So i saw Coraline about 3 or 4 days ago. I'm not sure but it was really good. it was in 3D but nothing really jumped out at you. It wasn't freaky or anything at all. Well the movie was super weird but nothing really jumped out at you. Of course it did look better and cooler with the 3D because it still did stick out of the screen a little bit. It was a really really good movie though. So if you ever are choosing to see a movie, go see Coraline.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

mind trick

So since i was on teaspot(grounded for a little bit) yesterday for about a half an hour which i started at about 8:40, I went to bed at like 9:30 and brought my blankets and phone charger downstairs. So i woke up at about 5:25 and fell right back to sleep. And i am supposed to be doing my chores. Although I was dreaming about doing them. Then i got up like when i finished my chores and realized it was only a dream. It was a mind trick.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Pipe Cleaner car

So there it is. i had to finish it in the car when i was going to the movies. I accidentally made a big blue wheel the first time, then i just made a different one. Its pretty good. My siblings were amazed by it and they were saying stuff like wow, and how did you make that. And i just kept I don't know, or i don't know how to explain it. So yeah. there it is.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

pipe cleaners

Pipe cleaners ,if you didn't know, are these colored fur stuff over a strait thin metal that is very bendable. They are really fun to make things with and my brother and sister got a pack of them i guess at Vons they said and we have been using them pretty much ever since they got them. I just got to use them today. I first made a super simple spider. Then i thought of making a little car with it. I've been working on that for about 10 minutes. I only have the shape so far. I just need to cut the excess pipe cleaner and then put on the wheels and then it will be so awesome. So maybe when i finish i post a picture.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Sleep over

Well my brother's friend slept over last night and it was actually pretty cool even though he wasn't my age or maybe not even that close but he is really smart and cool. He brought laser tag guns and we played with them for a little while and it was really fun because I never get to do that. We don't even have laser tag, never mind those, we pretty much don't even have guns at all. Maybe really small play ones but my dad doesn't want to give our family the influence of using guns. So he came over and we played guitar hero world tour pretty much all night. And then in the morning I got woken up by the sound of my brother and his friend playing laser tag. I was kind of pissed off but I kept it to myself and didn't let it out. In fact I guess I used that anger to be nicer than I usually am. So my brother's friend is really cool and they are playing laser tag right now. They love it.

Friday, February 06, 2009


I just went downstairs to get a mandarin and it was spotless. I had oatmeal and that for breakfast. Now my brother had heavens food. I just went down there and tried his sausages, eggs, and toast. it was the best ever. I never knew my dad could cook that well. It was like tasting heaven. And my brother didn't even want any of his food. I couldn't just take it. Although if i could i would of course. So now i hope this will influence my dad to make me good breakfast tomorrow. My mom made me oatmeal and she makes the oatmeal but my brothers food was the best.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Santa Susana

Well i cant wait to go to Santa Susana. I'm 99% sure I'm getting in. They said they never had to turn anyone down before. When me and my dad walked into the choice tour for Santa Susana, the principle was there and my dad went to get water and the principle came up behind me and said what a nice shirt i had and it was my school renaissance shirt. Right then and there i said tom myself I'm definitely in. And it was most likely true. The only thing i got an F  in was band and that was only the quarter grade. So I'm pretty sure I'm  getting in.The tour was pretty cool. i thought the E-Business class was really kinda boring. The Acting class was really cool. My dad doesn't want to tell me his opinion on the tour.  I seriously don't know why. He says You need to concentrate on what your doing. And i say Yeah I am i need your opinion and of course he says NOTHING!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Back in school

Well I got back in school yesterday and since then I have been a little behind on things. Well I haven't done my daily  required reading. Actually I did Mondays yesterday and I guess I have to finish yesterday and today's daily reading. But I finished all my homework except for a study guide for science which is due tomorrow. But I only have 2 more questions left so I'm all good. So I think I might be able to catch up on everything today.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Monitor and Computer

My dad took back the monitor. That sucks because i played spore on it and it was so cool. The game image was so clear and big. He should buy me a new monitor like that one. I wish the one he had to replace was working because i could use that one and that's bigger than mine. My dad said he would give it to me if it started to work and now he wont even give it to me broken! I wanted to go recycle it  but i guess my dad is choosing either to recycle it or have somebody fix it. I want him to have someone fix it obviously because then i could use it. But what i really wanted to do was play spore on the HD TV downstairs. That would be so awesome. It would be clear and HUGE! But I'm not going to lug my desktop all the way down there and replug everything. Actually i might. But with my dad's permission and help to know where all the plug go and everything.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Cold Stone

Cold Stone is an ice cream store. Where you get ice cream obviously. You probably know them and they are the best. First of all the thing I usually get is the Chocolate Fantasy where its Giradelli ice cream, chocolate squares, and chocolate chips. Everything is Giradelli. The person who makes my ice cream is the best. She always asks if I want extra caramel and I say yes. She always gives me extra ice cream as well. I asked for a like it yesterday and she gave me the like it cup but I needed a love it cup to fit it in there. The like it and love it and gotta have it are all just sizes. Like it being the smallest, and gotta have it being the largest. I don't know why but my dad doesn't like their ice cream. Of course maybe he just has to convince himself that that is true because he is on a diet. Well Cold Stone is really expensive but their ice cream is really good. I definitely suggest you try there if you haven't already.