Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Work! Work! Work!

I know I haven't written in awhile but that's because of the enormous amount of work that I have been getting or that has been pending. I procrastinated a Map project for History and that was a huge ordeal with me and my self esteem but that was a HUGE lesson to me of procrastinating = Horribleness. But I had pending work, that was just neglected but I had been working on it. The Map project though, was a butt-load more than I thought. Oh my gosh, it was so much. I started it the day before it was due at 10:00pm which was after my soccer game. I also worked on it the next morning, but of course, I didn't finish it, but I showed it to my teacher and he said "Take the weekend." I was so relieved and it took a lot of stress out of me. Now I had to get it done no matter what and I was working on it over the weekend, while finishing any other work because I had learned from that experience. But my weekends are always filled up, so I probably had a soccer game over that weekend, and I think my dad's fraternity meeting, which I am semi-in so my dad makes me go, but I love going because the people are just great and I like to listen to things that I most likely wont understand or that has to do with more adult things like companies and fundraiser locations and a bunch of stuff. But I like listening to it because it helps me learn about it, and throughout the years that I have been going, I am realizing that I am understanding more and more of what they are talking about. But I also did other homework while I was there, because I wouldn't take the map with me. It would have probably been destroyed. But I am adapting more to the work load and organizing things in my agenda. And I'm finally writing again, and hopefully, even though this is a chore, hopefully I can write everyday from now on.


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