Sunday, October 03, 2010


I was invited to my friend's birthday party yesterday at this place called Yankee Doodles. There was only about ten of us. It was a sports bar and we played some arcade games there but mostly pool. I got there about an hour late though so I had cake right after the lunch which was a Yankee burger. It was pretty much just a regular burger but I think I might have tasted some salad dressing in there. It was still good, although, it seemed like the patty was slipping out from between the two pieces of bread. I don't know why, but some of the people that were at the party put ketchup and mustard in some coke or water, and then had the idea to make a friend drink it for five dollars. It looked so nasty too and we all pitched in some money, although I was eating so I didn't, but he still got his five dollars and he didn't like it either though because he was talking about how nasty it was for the rest of the day. Then the cake came and the frosting was yellow and red to he just didn't eat the top frosting. So after we left there, we went to the school near his house to play capture the flag and after awhile, an alarm went off and we all thought it was a car alarm, but it wouldn't stop so we figured it was the school alarm because after all, one of our friend's was on the roof! So we left then and went home to play the Birthday boy's new game: Halo Reach. That game is so fun. We also played some Call Of Duty. I had another party to go to that day, but I didn't go because I spent the night at the birthday boys house and so did the kid that climbed up on the roof of the school. We stayed up until about 6:00AM playing Halo online. Then I turned everything off, because everyone else dozed off, and so I did too. We woke up at about 8:00-9:00AM so I'm pretty tired right now. I also woke up feeling sick and I feel sick right now too, and the birthday boy told me that he just got done being sick so I could have caught whatever he had. But I have a strong immune system so I'm sure it will pass by tomorrow, at least I hope because I have soccer and school tomorrow. In the morning, I realized I couldn't find my little backpack I brought with me and it turns out I left it at Yankee Doodles. I'm so glad we found it though because It had many important things in there such as two memberships and my keys. So we got that back and then came home so I could finish my homework.


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